On today’s Inkigayo: SHINee performs their goodbye stage for Lucifer (Jonghyun’s vocal cords should be happy about that), and 2NE1 takes up a full three song time-slot for their comeback, which we’ve already covered here, and which some fans have complained about. Here’s a full list of performances:

SHINee’s “Lucifer”

Taeyang’s “I’ll Be There”

G-NA’s “Super Solo”

TRAX’s “Oh! My Goddess” (which is totally my jam right now)

Wheesung’s “I Thought to Marry”

F.T. Island’s “LOVE LOVE LOVE”

D-NA’s “No One Anyone”

Rainbow’s “A”

Sistar’s “Shady Girl”

2NE1’s “Clap Your Hands,” “Go Away,” and “Can’t Nobody”

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