The Korea National Tourism Organization wants you to be inspired to experience that.  The organization’s media campaign in the form of a drama entitled Haru includes some of Korea’s top stars in its cast Big Bang, Yunho, Lee Da Hae, Kim Bum, Han Chae-young, and Park Shi-hoo.  The story unfolds with Korea itself as one of the stars highlighting it’s culture and beauty in various scenes and includes visits to some of its most famous spots like the Han River.  Here’s some pics from the set and the official teaser.

The drama is set to air on September 24th, for more information you can visit its site here.  If by chance you are inspired to visit Korea, be sure to check out the organization’s visit Korea site.  I’m inspired to visit, it’s just that my bank account isn’t, *sigh*.

cr:  Newsen, TheKoreaEconomicDaily, PrimeEconomic