What 5 Things stood out this past week in Kpop land?  The end of a dough filled drama, a violation of a Dream Teamer, a turning point in a “Playful” relationship, some haunted fun, and the return of Daesung.  These are the 5 things that happened in Kpop this week that I think were just a little bit more special than the rest.

Bread, Love, and Dreams

Baker King, Kim Tak-Gu was this year’s surprise hit drama reaching “National Drama” status and a 50.8% nationwide rating for its finale.  The story about the illegitimate son of the president of a large baked goods company and his fight to find his place in the world stole the hearts of viewers in Korea.  In the end, love and good won and everyone in the family found a place they could be happy in.

Director Han’s crimes finally caught up with him and he went to jail, but the evil step mother got away (although the life she’s left with might be worse than being in jail).  I’m a sucker for happy endings so I’m glad everything worked out in the end for Tak-gu.  I thought Yoon Si-yoon was excellent in the role of Tak-gu, the warmth, enthusiasm, and passion that his Tak-gu had was definitely what pulled fans in.  Lastly, I just have to say that I love a man who knows how to properly hold a woman’s hand (fictional or not).

Jinon violated on Dream Team

In a hilarious mishap during one of the games, F.CuzJinon gets a little more than he bargained for from 8eight‘s Lee Hyun.  Check out the clip.

The both of them sure went for it.  This does nothing to help Lee Hyun’s rep especially after the homoerotic mess that was Homme‘s MV.  I wouldn’t mess with Lee Hyun though, he has some mad strength and skills when it comes to ssireum.  He went undefeated in the show’s tournament, even beating Sangchu twice in a row.  Did you notice Sangchu in the background singing along with Lee Hyun, what a fanboy.

Ha-ni gets a honi

Kisses, kisses, everywhere (honi in Hawaiian means kiss)!  In the Kdrama Playful Kiss, Ha-ni takes on a part time job to earn money to buy Seung-jo a graduation gift which of course he doesn’t appreciate, or does he?  Ha-ni slips into one of those dream sequences while receiving their classes’ diplomas during their graduation ceremony which of course leads to an embarrassing situation for them both.

But, after the ceremony Seung-jo only takes a picture with Ha-ni even dissing  mean girl Jang-mi.  Things seem like they might be going Ha-ni’s way until events at their post-graduation celebration set off both an embarrassed Ha-ni and a mean (jealous) Seung-jo.  He drags her outside after they mock each other in front of their classmates and Ha-ni says that she’s tired of liking him and will move on in college.  Seung-jo dares her to forget him and seals the deal with a kiss.  The world has changed for Ha-ni, or so she thinks.  After the kiss, Ha-ni worries of how to act around Seung-jo now, but she gets a cold dose of reality and a new rival Lee Shi-Young as Yoon He-ra.

Almost halfway through the drama we finally get the first kiss.  I believe in the Japanese and Taiwanese adaptations the kisses occurred sooner in the stories, but of course Korea is a bit more conservative.  I like that the episode didn’t end with the kiss and we got to see what happened next.  I have to say that Shi-young looked stunning in the drama, but she needs to be to take on the effervescent Jung So-min as Ha-ni.

Skinship inducing Haunted Fun

The three couples on We Got Married went on a trip together for a sports competition and with the added bonus of a haunted school task or what I call “Yong-hwa‘s chance for some skinship.”  All three couples had to carry out tasks in a darkened school building while actors tried their best at scaring them.  Seo-hyun and Victoria were definitely the biggest scaredy-cats while all the boys did well protecting their wives.  The most contact Yong-hwa had was in the above pic while the other two couples got much closer, that’s why guys always want to take girls to scary movies, duh.  The funniest bit though, was Kwon confronting a classroom of staring zombie school girls and taking them down with his kkapness.

The Return of Daesung

Since leaving with the rest of the family at the end of Family Outing, Daesung has been hard to find on the small screen.  Although busy with Big Bang in Japan, a planned comeback in Korea, and a solo album, Daesung is also set to star in a new drama What’s Up written by Song Ji-na.  On her me2day account, Song Ji-na released the following pics of Daesung from the set.

As a Daesung fan, I gotta admit I was a bit pissed when photos of him in this get up first came out because they covered up his face with the stupid mask.  I began to think though, that maybe the look was for a musical in the drama because Daesung is supposed to be a student in a university’s music department.  But, after seeing this pic, I changed my mind.

Could he be pulling a Hannah Montana and trying to get the “best of both worlds” in the drama?  With fans holding signs for him to take off the mask it makes it seem more like he’s a rock star covering up his identity.  Ah, I can’t wait for the drama which will be Daesung’s debut as an actor and is supposed to begin airing late 2010 or early 2011.

So, those were my top 5 things I loved in Kpop this past week, were they yours?

cr:  StarNews