Crazy poll time!!! I can never get enough. I just had to add this; the hypocrisy, it’s so delicious it’s fattening.

DC Inside conducted another one of their world-shaking polls, this time asking which celebrities would look better if they gained weight ( somewhere, Uee is throwing a box of Godivas at a TV set in rage). The winner with 378 votes out of 1909 is Jessica the Grouch! Let’s all go by her magical trash can and find out how she fits the other members of SNSD in there.

Other stars people think need a trip to Denny’s:

  1. SNSD Jessica (19.8%)
  2. Gan MiYeon (13.7%)
  3. BoA (12.9%)
  4. SNSD YoonA
  5. KARA Goo Hara

I’m not even going to bother discussing the obvious today, instead you know who I’m sad slimmed down? Secret’s Zinger. And I think Hyo-sung has slimmed down as well. Which is a damn shame, because during their ‘Magic’ promotions, I loved the fact that they were two girls with curvy, fit bodies. Now Zinger has a chin that can cut class. But I still love’em (more on that later). There’s more than could fit on the entirety of the interwebs, but why the heck not: which celebrities need to gain weight? I’m only asking because DC Inside told me to.

Source: Osen