R&B crooner, Taeyang, is hoping to release an international album after yet another successful solo run. YG stated that the album will be released on the 19th of this month and will feature 12 songs, 2 of which are brand new. It will also include a bonus DVD with all of Taeyang’s MVs and some behind-the-scenes.

Taeyang is also seeing success on the iTunes charts and because of that, YG plans to release English versions of their artists’ songs and MVs with Taeyang being their first artist to do so. A lot is in the works for this shining star so his first solo concert, originally set for September 4-5, will be postponed to give him more time to perfect his work. It’s not YG if they don’t postpone something, right? But here’s to hoping the cutie will perfect his English because I would love to be able to pump up my Taeyang jams in the car with the windows down without getting the stink eye from people.

cr: 10Asia