A second teaser for the Kdrama Playful Kiss starring Kim Hyun Joong and Jung So Min has just been released.  This teaser shows more actual scenes and dialogue from the drama than the first teaser did.  Other than some hideous school uniforms, Hyun Joong and So Min look pretty good in the teaser.  I think So Min has the adorable babo role down and I think I actually saw some emotion from Hyun Joong (yay!).  I’m still hopeful that the drama will be better than everyone expects and anticipate its debut on September 1st.  Check out the teaser here.

Here’s the first teaser which was released last week in case you missed it. I love the little cartoon characters on the envelope, so cute.

p.s.  The live press conference being streamed on Facebook is going on now (8/26 in Korea @ 1400)  you can try connecting here http://www.facebook.com/mbckiss?v=app_104664772923903, but good luck connecting.  I haven’t been able to see anything other than the connecting message, I think KHJ fans may have crashed the servers, lol.

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