Members: Meng Jia (Chinese), Wang Fei Fei (Chinese), Min (Korean), and Suzy Bae (Korean)
JYP strikes again with the release of his new girl group Miss A and their debut single “Bad Girl Good Girl.” The group is being managed by JYP Entertainment‘s sub label AQ Entertainment. Now, if you remember before being re-introduced as Miss A they were the 5 member group Sisters whose 5th member Hye Lim was chosen to replace Sun Mi in the Wonder girls. After two of the other members left the group, JYP reformed the remaining girls into Miss A and added two new singers including long time trainee Min.

The group has already modeled for the Chinese Samsung Anycall ads circulating the net.

“Bad Girl Good Girl”

MV with English captions here … you may have to change the caption preference from Korean

Debut Stage Tomorrow on M! Countdown