And they certainly were not tears of joy. One would think there would only be good memories associated with the song that sky-rocketed Big Bang to success back in 2007, but G-Dragon reveals the reason behind his tears in the series of exclusive interviews with

It turns out that the fruits of G-Dragon’s labor came at price at his own expense. After Big Bang’s debut, they had a lot of attention being an idol group based on their skills rather than their looks. G-Dragon is known for his strict work ethic and made all of the members work even harder during their early days, even if he had to act like the bad guy. G-Dragon also admits to being an “immature hyung” during their break times, but is an intense perfectionist when it comes to producing work.

Despite the frenzied practice sessions and hours of writing songs, G-Dragon ultimately wrote “Lies” as his solo track, not Big Bang’s. Yet once he emailed the song to YG President Yang Hyun Suk, he basically kissed his solo track good-bye and was forced to rewrite it to fit the rest of the group members. He shares,

“I’d spent days and nights writing that song, and I had to rewrite it as a song the group could sing together. He’d basically said ‘This isn’t your song, it’s Big Bang’s’. I’d made the music since our first album, and as a producer I did think that Big Bang was more important, but I still found myself tearing up.”

In retrospect Big Bang was the main priority and it did more good than harm. It was a great decision and it became a turning point in the group’s career. My love for Big Bang was probably at its peak back then. The bottom line is that it paid off really well and he was still able to debut as a solo artist, albeit a controversial one. But on a personal note, talk about bittersweet.

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