Song of the Year


Reasons why this is my song of the year: 1)Of the KPOP “hits” of 2009, this one has been played most on my ITunes (but that’s not saying much as I rarely listen to anything in ITunes off of my computer but rather mostly off of my Ipod/speakers). 2)Because it is less annoying than “Gee” after 4 consecutive plays. And lastly- 3)because I couldn’t choose just one song from 2PM or G-Dragon’s repertoire of hits from this year. As such, SUJU and “Sorry, Sorry” win by default. (The really bizarre thing is that as I was digging through my personal music history of 2009 in order to answer this question, I realized that I played KARA’s “Honey” waaaaaay more than any mature twenty-something should have.)

Artiste of the Year

soysaucy_fave artist_12312009_seoulbeats

Any haters can just skip this section because I don’t want to hear it. G-Dragon is my favorite artist of the year and I am so glad he pursued a solo venture and album. And such an incredible album at that. This kid has more talent in his pinky finger than all you antis have put together, and times 7 million, plus or minus a few. I have always thought that he is an incredible lyricist; I would say he’s a fantastic composer, but as he’s been in such hot water this year, I’ll just say he’s developing into an even better one. I find his fashion, music, and just general attitude, refreshing. He’s not perfect and he may not be your cup of KPOP tea, but he’s who he is and I freaking love every bleached, permed, dyed, faux-hawked, bowl-cut (or whatever style he’s wearing today) hair on his little head.

Best Girl Group

soysaucy_fave girl group_12312009_seoulbeats


I never thought that I would really like 2NE1 but they have turned me into a fan in 12 months. Like some (ok most) of YG’s other artists, they aren’t amazing idols who are perfect in every single way; and I appreciate that. They just seem like talented kids working incredibly hard to do what they love (not that perfect idols don’t). Also, I have been proven wrong because as artists-separately or as a group-these ladies have seemingly found their niche, and have obviously made waves on the magical shores of KPOPland- almost all the other girl groups are following in their footsteps in one way or another, from the eclectic urban style to the strong rapper with shades. But, no one could bring FIERCE like these queens of KPOP. Not. Even. Close.

Best Boy Group

soysaucy_fave boy group_12312009_seoulbeats

I’m going to keep this short and sweet (like Jaebeom)-I hated “10 out of 10” but I grew to love 2PM for their goofy personalities anyway. Ok, annndd because they were hot with chocolate abs and I LOVE ME A B-BOY. Those slight details aside, with “Only You” I started to turn around, and as with 2NE1, they proved to be much, much more talented than I had originally thought. Over the last 12 months I laughed at their antics behind the scenes, got giddy at seeing their success with “Again and Again” and “I Hate You” during the hottest summer ever for Hottests, and then got teary-eyed at seeing their strength, and hearts worn on their sleeves, on stage this fall, as six. It seems like they went from boys to men overnight.

Kpop MVP


JYP how I am not worthy of thee-let me list the ways: 1) You are the ex-father of Rain who not only had a re-released hit album in the last year, but also a Hollywood starring role and debuted his own MBLAQ Mini-Me’s, 2) You got the Wonder Girls on tour with the Princes of Tweenybopperland and on Primetime US television (not to mention on the Billboard Top 100 List with a song we are all bored to tears with), 3) Jo. Kwon. GENIUS- letting him be his fantabulous self was probably one of the smartest things you ever did. Although I am still unsure as to how the drama will unfold, I respect your composure throughout the Jaebeom situation and that you came back with 4) an incredible 2PM anyway. Lastly, I have no idea as to how you do it all, but somehow you even managed to squeeze out 5) your very own album. I. Am. Not. Worthy. If only I had 10% of your talent, drive, and work ethic…oh the things I could do!

Drama of the Year

soysaucy_fave drama_12312009_seoulbeats

I literally tossed and turned over this one because I spent way too many hours this year watching Kdramas and loving almost every single minute of it. Should I pick the one I was (and still am, honestly) most emotionally attached to-“City Hall”? Or the most beautifully done-“Return of Iljimae”? The most popular, frenzied and fanatical-“Boys Over Flowers”? The most riveting-“Story of a Man”? Or the most fun and lighthearted-“You Are Beautiful”? In the end I am going with the longest Kdrama I have watched to date-“Smile, You”. Surely watching all 27 aired episodes of the slated 46, means something, right? And I know that I will stick with this ‘til the very end when my beloved SooIn couple (Lee Min Jung and Jung Kyung Ho) can live happily ever after with their ever-so-dysfunctional families and friends.

Now, for soy-saucy at her sauciest. The REAL hits and misses of 2009 and what we can only conjecture as to what 2010 has in store for us (a successful Se7en comeback?!).

The Most Polemic KPOP Story of the Year

Jaebeom‘s Myspace misdemeanor hands-down. I knew this was a big deal when my friend, who does not follow KPOP whatsoever, out of nowhere, chats me saying “I heard about Jay-whoa!” The reason this struck a chord with me is because it seems like it was all a big mistake. An immature mistake on Jae’s part early on in his career, a HUGEMONGOUS mistake on angry netizens’ parts for not being more understanding or compassionate, and a swift and devastating spiral downhill from there. Hopefully this is not the end of the story, although how it can be reconciled best, I do not know. Right now all parties seem happy and at peace, and for that, I am content.

Most Annoying Persons/People/Entities in KPOP

soysaucy_most annoying_12312009_seoulbeats

This one was really hard because netizens, swine flu, and The Commission of Youth Protection and other censorship powers that be all really pissed me off this year. The one body of evil KPOP destruction that seemed the least potent this year, surprisingly enough, was that yucky H1N1-2009 virus. I mean, those idols took a few days off, and just bounced right back! In second place, I would have to say those over “protective” powers of censorship slash curtailers of KPOP creativity. I mean, I was annoyed but what harm is a sticker on a CD? Or not letting artists perform certain songs? Everything is available online these days anyhow…so they didn’t really do too much damage, right? Netizens, however, have never disgusted me more. And I will just leave it at that.

Most Salacious Stages


Not gonna lie, but this one was easy. G-Dragon‘s on-stage sexcapade at his all ages concert takes Taecyeon‘s on-stage (strip)teasing anyday (you gotta do better than that Taec!). GD+bed+hot girl definitely PWNS Ivy molesting poor Khunnie too.

Best Song Lyric

Gee Dee, Gee Dee, Ba-by Ba-by” from ” The Leaders”

That is pure WIN-you cannot argue that it isn’t. I love parodies and I think this one hits all the right notes. If you’re going to knock off someone else’s song or lyric, GEE… why not the most infectiously popular song of the year?! He’s paying homage, while still poking fun, I think. So very Gee Dee. (You see what I’m saying when I said he was a great lyricist?! Oh the cleverness of him. And the awesomeness of the “Leaders” in general.)

Best/Worst Use of On-Stage Accessories




Worst-definitely T-ara‘s overuse of random accessories for “Bo Peep Bo Peep”. I really am starting to think that their stylists hate them. And after such stylish success with “Time to Love” too. Sad. Well, at least they’re young. They’ll learn.


Best-Brown Eyed Girls‘ use of male dancers as chairs in “Abracadabra”, and the fans in “Sign”. These girls had some smokin’ hot choreography this year! (They could teach T-ara a thing or two. Or a lot.)

Best (Worst?!) “What the Bak?!” Moment that I can only pray we leave behind in 2009:


Bloody fan letters. What. The. Bak. Please stop shedding more blood in the world, people. ‘Nuff said.

What I can only hope 2010 brings more of:

T-ara, Davichi, 2AM, and others with powerfully angelic (and methinks underrated) voices; Jung Yong Hwa (pretty please!); TabloxKang Hye Jung (and baby!) cuteness; oh and some more exciting couples on We Got Married would be nice.

And I suppose if you have the time, saving SM artists from the clutches of their oppressive tyrant might be good. I would hate to see Cassies, ELFs and Soshies falling apart at the same time. So please keep DBSK, SUJU, and SNSD together.

Also, if it’s not too much to ask, can I get just one stage as amazing as this one please?

YG FAMILY circa 2007. It just doesn’t get better than that does it? And as always, more Big Bang (or even Wonderbang!), and less bad Engrish never hurt anyone.

Anyway SB readers, thank you for a wonderful year and here’s to a very happy New Year full of even saltier and saucier posts! Don’t forget to party like it’s twenty-zero-nine! ^_^