JYP has gone with the flow and titled their release as “The First Album 1.59PM”. One look and all that comes to mind is… Is JYP trying to “spite” the fans who’ve turned their backs or is he really just heeding their misgivings?

Nevertheless, that’s just the cover. Typical of all his previous compositions, their newly appointed title song sees a refreshing take on melodies as the (synthetic?) human heartbeat is incorporated into rhythm. JYP even reportedly invested in orchestrated background instrumentals for an aptly titled “Heartbeat”. The only disappointment, however, is the fact that half the album (13 tracks long) consists of remixes of their mini album songs.

Speculations and complaints aside, for those who’ve already previewed (and per-ordered) the album and are yearning for the real thing in their hands, you can rest assured that a nice little package will soon be despatched to your house as the album hits stores on November 13. Make sure to mark that down guys, as that’ll also be the day that 2PM makes their official comeback on KBS Music Bank.