Spanky pants, or “spankies,” for those of you who are not familiar with the term, are tight short-shorts or briefs worn by cheerleaders underneath their cheerleading skirts. They are worn in thoughtful coordination of an outfit, particularly accompanying a mini-skirt, to prevent any proverbial “whoopsy-daisy!” moments from happening. Thus, SNSD, who themselves are quite fond of wearing short skirts in their many exhilirating performances, are also avid wearers of matching spanky pants, or as they refer to them, “safety shorts.”

During a rehearsal for the song “Etude” on June 27th on MBC’s Music Core, a roving and very observant fancam (ahjusshi?!) captured Yoona lifting up Tiffany‘s skirt. The look on Yoona’s face was worth 3,781,995+ words and said it all: it looks like Missy Tiffany was not wearing her spankies!!!

Fanatic netizens are now in a tizzy over the incident, many saying that Yoona had not right to lift up Tiffany’s skirt and be so disrespectful to someone a year older… yadda yadda yadda. I think Yoona was just looking out for the group’s image-she didn’t want to be associated with any panty-flashers!!! So then, what was Tiffany thinking? Did she just not have time to put some spankies on or was she looking for a little attention?! The world will never know. Gotta love Yoona’s face though-priceless.