‘Cause he may have put a ring on it. “It” being SNSD’s Jessica’s finger, I mean. I remember seeing this story make the rounds a couple of months ago, and now it seems it’s cropped up again. Netizens have unearthed more “proof” that JaeJoong from Dong Bang Shin Ki and Jessica from Seo Nyeo Shi Dae are secretly dating, saying the pair are sporting a second set of couple rings that look exactly alike! Ok, first of all, how can people even differentiate the first pair of rings from the second? They could both be the same pair of rings! Also I’ve noticed that while the fans seem fond of shipping Korean stars and smooshing their names together *cough, TopYoobin, Toobin, cough*.

I have to wonder, if Cassiopeans and SONEs and whomever else are getting this worked up over a couple of photos, what would happen if they had their suspicions confirmed? A cosmic implosion of some sort within the k-pop fandom, I’m sure. If JaeJoong and Jessica are really doing the couple thang, then good for them. But, then they should strike while the iron’s hot and take advantage of the free publicity the way any normal American celebrity would – by releasing a sex tape. Think that would be enough evidence?

pic cr: kbites