Best of Weekly Music Shows is back for another round of entertaining performances! Spring is in full swing as more groups gear up for comebacks. Laboum and CNBlue are just a couple of names who returned to the scene. On the other hand, Mamamoo is wrapping up their promotions with goodbye stages after a successful run.

Got7 took home their 5th win for “Fly” on SBS MTV The Show while BtoB scored three trophies for “Remember That” on Mnet M!Countdown, MBC Show Champion, and KBS Music Bank. The SBS Inkigayo victory went to Block B for their song, “A Few Years Later.” Congratulations to all!

Readers, you know how this goes. I share a few of my favorite performances of the week, and you are welcomed to enjoy/disagree with my selection. These choices do not represent the musical tastes of the other writers, nor does it mean I hate your bias groups. Actually, it’s nice when our readers link their favorites in the comments, so please let us know what you loved this week!


CNBlue’s “You’re So Fine,” KBS Music Bank, April 8, 2016

I love the setup for the beginning of the song. It starts off with the band playing under strategically placed spotlights until the chorus hits. That’s when the entire stage lights up along with the members’ faces. The stage design isn’t the most original, but the compact spacing lends itself to a sense of intimacy. The best part of this performance has to be the members’ expressions. They are really enjoying themselves on stage, which is always something fans love to see. In a week where it felt like other groups were plowing through fatigue, it was great to be injected with energy by CNBlue’s smiles.


Laboum’s “Journey to Atlantis,” SBS Inkigayo, April 10, 2016

Cheers to any group that isn’t doing another school uniform concept! Listen, it’s not that I hate those concepts, but it becomes so monotonous after a while. The innocent tropes don’t need to involve a school theme, as seen here with Laboum rocking a nautical one. The stage is as bright and colorful as the girls themselves who are giving delightful expressions. I know it’s part of the choreography, but it was executed without me cringing over exaggerated aegyo. Speaking of the choreography, it looks like more girl groups are coming out with intricate routines that make full use of the group’s size. Thank goodness for this trend!


Oh My Girl‘s “Liar Liar,” MBC Show! Music Core, April 9, 2016

Although I prefer the nostalgic whimsy of “Closer” over this, there is still a lovely charm about “Liar Liar.” The choreography continues to be effortlessly fun as the girls interact playfully with each other. Now, if something looks a bit strange in their attire, it could be their shoes. At first glance, one could mistake them for roller skates, but they’re just regular shoes painted to look that way. It’s a clever idea that adds to the youthfulness of this performance by creating an illusion of them dancing with skates. It really suits their cheerful image.


Astro‘s “Hide & Seek,” MBC Show! Music Core, April 9, 2016

What more can I say about this group? They are definitely one of my favorite rookies of 2016 so far. We don’t often see male groups going for the innocent concept, and when they do, it’s usually saturated in aegyo that causes slight nausea. Using their youth to their advantage, they come off spunky and approachable on stage. I’m not tired of watching them because they never look tired of performing. This group understands the importance of playing to the audience, which seems to be gaining them more young fans and possibly a few older ones as well.


Boys Republic‘s “Get Down,” MBC Show! Music Core, April 9, 2016

Once in a while, a group comes along to slap you out of bed for sleeping on their talents. For me, Boys Republic is such a group. Don’t ask me how I overlooked them all this time; it happens to everyone, so don’t act extra hipster if you were a fan since their debut. Point is, I like what I’m seeing here now. Their dance is really ambitious and dynamic, but more importantly, I’m feeling this song. When I pressed play initially, I don’t even recall looking at the screen, but the moment the video started, I was hooked. Obviously, there’s only one thing left to do now — pick a bias.

What performances caught your eye this past week? Did you discover any gems? Please share them in the comments!

(YouTube [1][2][3], Image via SBS)