seoulbeats_20150812_b1a42B1A4 are the next group to undergo a summer comeback with their track, “Sweet Girl.” The song and MV definitely have a sweetness to them, and some of us might even be in danger of getting an addiction to it!

The song is sweet like melted chocolate; it is rich, smooth and delicious. The combination of simple backings and superb vocals make “Sweet Girl” incredibly irresistible. The member’s vocals effortlessly flow through the song, using accapella techniques to accentuate different parts of the song. B1A4 has a very unique sound that is easily identifiable; it has a boyish charm to it that makes their rich vocals seem light and effortless. The backings are simple but expressive, to accentuate the vocals. Each element is distinct and adds a new colour to the song from the piano and violins to the electric guitar. Put together, this song is both rich and refreshing. So maybe the song is more like chocolate ice cream than melted chocolate. You decide.


It’s love at first sight for the boys of B1A4; they see a girl and instantly fall for her charms. They proclaim that she is a necessary aspect of their lives as she is their fantasy girl, a “Sweet Girl.”

Sweet girl, I wanna fly away like a butterfly
If only I could be in your arms that are like the clouds
Fly baby I can fly

seoulbeats_20150812_b1a41The lyrics paint a picture with the use of imaginative language. It presents the girl as a fantasy, saying that the light reflected in her eyes blinds them or her embrace is like clouds. It is an embellished way of wooing a girl and I think it may of worked on many of us. Am I right?

MVs like to expand on the meaning of the lyrics through a story and this MV tends to lean towards the literal depiction. For instance, when the lyrics talk about seeing a girl for the first time, the boys walk into a bar and are immediately enamored by Oh My Girl’s Jiho, who plays the female lead. There is an excess of moments where this happens. For instance, they talk of clouds and they are in a cloud world.

The MV has taken bits from the lyrics and woven them into the MV, visually adding to the lyrics rather than adding more to the meaning or the story. This isn’t a bad thing because the end result is an aesthetically stunning MV.

seoulbeats_20150812_b1a4The concept for the MV is incredibly simple; the members of B1A4 have fantasies about a girl. They first meet in a bar, pose and then try woo the girl by singing to her. While they sing each member goes through their fantasy of the girl. Gong-chan believes in fairy tales, having a princess and prince fantasy. The two dance around the room all night while staring into each other eyes; it is an old fantasy but a classic that many Disney consumers possibly share.

CNU dreams of being a magician who gets to show off amazing tricks in front of the one he loves. Dressed like the part, he performs many visually stimulating tricks involving smoke, magic wands and butterflies. Jin-young shares the close space of a pillow fort with the girl he likes. Sandeul is floating in the clouds, having fun exploring its possibilities with his girl. Baro chases after his girl, but every time he walks through a door, he gets right back to where he started. Each scene is about discovery, with the best part being discovering each other. Though it is a fantasy, each unique story gives the song life.

Filled with beautiful scenes that will make your jaw drop, it is hard to look away from this MV. Colour is what makes this video what it is — that and a lot of CGI. A lot of work has been put into to making a distinct fantasy world for each member. From a world made of clouds to stunning sun sets, each set is unique and stunning. Well, except for Baro’s hallway. The MV perfectly compliments the song; it is filled with fantasy worlds that anyone would want to get lost in.

“Sweet Girl” is the full package, pairing together a great song and MV. While both are simple in concept, the quality of what is being presented is very clear. B1A4’s vocals are superb, easily enchanting those who listen, while the MV is stunningly beautiful, becoming the fantasy of those who watch it. Overall, this is definitely a sweet comeback for B1A4. So was it sweet enough for you?

MV Rating: 4.5/5

Song Rating: 5/5

(YouTube, Images via WM Entertainment)