• M.D.

    Uh yeah, The Wolverine isn’t part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The rights to Xmen belong to Fox. There’s a reason why Wolverine wasn’t in the Avengers: he’s not Marvel’s property when it comes to the cinema.

    • Gaya_SB

      Thanks for letting us know! The post has been amended.

    • http://noona4mthablock.tumblr.com/ Your Noona’s Unnie

      Also totally different teams (X-men and Avengers) and different universes in the comic realm that have a shit ton of their own story lines… that’s kind of a big screw up…

      • Yeah

        Not really. The new avengers movie has two new characters that are mutants. (Magneto’s kids) One of the characters actually appears in the new xmen movie as well. Wolverine has also been a part of the avengers in the comic books. Marvel (Disney) is just not allowed to use the word mutant in their films.
        Since South Korea is trying to emphasize the country as a technically advanced country, I’m hoping that the movie’s main antagonist, Ultron, was created in South Korea.

        • http://noona4mthablock.tumblr.com/ Your Noona’s Unnie

          Movies bastardize the comic universe anyway, so I don’t pay any attention to the storylines… They are created for profit only. I do know in the comics there has been crossover of characters many a time, but Jesus… a little common knowledge or a simple Google search would have shown that Wolverine is an Xman and not an Avenger.

          • Yeah

            i never mentioned that wolverine was not an xman, I meant that in the comic books wolverine as an xman/mutant has also become part of the avenger, same with many other known characters like the fantastic four and spider man. Take your own advice and google that.

  • rentrule12

    There are movies that cause tourist increase for example New Zealand lord of the rings. I don’t think it will do much for tourism but it helpful for locals buy hiring extras and staff even though there not shooting that long. I don’t think anything wrong with filming being done their it not like marvel came out of no where one morning and cause traffic the next day it was announce. I am spoiled cause I am from NYC and it always get exploded so it nice seeing another city dome for destruction like we are.