And I really mean unleash. B.A.P‘s comeback was preceded by an hour long Twitter exchange in which fans asked the six members questions tagged with #BAP1004. The members replied to several with responses varying from Yong-guk‘s serious ones to some of the more simple questions that were easier to answer or counter, but they obviously couldn’t make much of a dent in the number of tweets they received.

The music video, “1004 (Angel)” and first, full-length album, First Sensibility, were both released at 12 PM KST, followed by a couple behind the scenes videos, behind the scenes photos, a LOEN TV CSI segment where B.A.P interviewed B.A.P about Bang Yong-guk’s “girlfriend,” and a separate video of typical comeback greetings.

The music video is below, and like their “One Shot” MV, it uses more than just the title track. Album song “Save Me” makes an appearance the beginning and also around the 3:20 mark. As a warning, the end of the music video involves potential triggers for suicide (4:38 and on) and gun use (2:57 and on).


The MV focuses mostly on the individual members, with Him-chan really shining in his role. Since the dance portions were limited, I’m hoping for a dance version in the near future. Jong-up and Zelo started off the song so well with their coupled work, and I want another look at that move where they crawl from side to side. And, well, all other parts of the song.

B.A.P was going for “dandy sexy,” which I assume means rocking a song while looking good in tailored clothing. But did they accomplish that? Readers, what do you think of their comeback song and album?

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