• SB_Mark

    Sistar is magic on the charts! Between the main group, sub-unit, and Hyorin and Soyou’s “extracurriculars,” they probably have more number 1s than any tree of performers in the past year and a half.

  • mangchi

    “…but it’s just not a memorable song…” I can see how it wouldn’t be for some people, especially those who saw it performed first, but I actually could remember how the chorus of this song goes after hearing it just once. That makes it memorable and catchy for me, at least, since most songs take multiple listens before I can remember them accurately several hours later. The live performances come off a little flat compared to the recording, but I think this song really is better than most similar Korean songs, which are often female non-idol singer/male underground rapper collaborations that are nice enough but totally forgotten 30 seconds later. My personal rating is 4/5.

  • CY

    I’m glad that Soyou’s talents are now in the spotlight – of course, Hyorin’s voice is magic, but Soyou’s falsetto is to die for. Their voices are both beautiful but different, with each their own merits.

  • shannie4888

    I like the song. It’s soft, yet strong and beautiful. The rap is good, but sometimes Mad Clown sounds like he’s yelling on stage when he’s rapping. He needs to work on his performance, but nevertheless, he’s a good rapper and I’m glad he’s finally having some mainstream success. It’s nice that Starship signed him to diversify their music roster a bit. It was a great decision because this song is doing really well on the charts.

    By the way, Soyou is looking amazing in that stage performance. I loved everything about her outfit and her performance. She definitely deserves more shine because Hyorin is my girl, but Soyou has a nice voice and talent to hold her own.

  • Dione

    His voice is pretty unique, as in i think i haven’t heard it yet in mainstream kpop. It actually reminds me of eminem. Serious. The sharper tone is almost the same!! But yea, i totally understand what you means when its difficult to love. =X doesnt hit the right spot.

  • bangsstory

    For me hearing the song first I couldn’t get it out of my head. It’s been on repeat for weeks. And I still love it. I admit it’s one of the songs that I, personally, tend to forget after a certain period of time. But I know that once I hear it playing again, it’ll be on repeat once again.