• hapacalgirl

    You should probably check your facts because you are talking about the wrong Jung Yumi. You have the correct picture but your description is wrong. A simple google search of the movie the crucible would show you that you mixed up the actress. The Jung Yumi in WGM is from Rooftop Prince among others and born in 1984 and is actually a pretty mediocre actress. The critically acclaimed actress Jeong Yumi born in 1983 is the actress in The crucible, que sera sera , I need romance 2, among other hits and has nothing to do withe kvariety.

    • http://seoulbeats.com/ Linds_SB

      Thank you for pointing out our error! The facts have been remedied.

  • Creamomo

    i’m not interested at the new couples at all. never heard any of them before. that’s why i don’t watch them. despite maybe they being an enjoyable couple or not. i know that this show always bring the not-so-famous person so they can shine. but i guess the best way is to pair a superstar with the not-so famous one. or pick the one with fun personality, not afraid to look fool on tv, eventhough they in love. its entertainment by the way. the crazy Adam Couple and Sunhee Couple proved in bringing the rating up.

    so please, put Daesung and Hyoyeon together on the show!

  • RC_RC

    I want a gay couple.

    • http://www.facebook.com/sonwabile.antonie Sonwabile Sony Antonie

      AMEN to a gay couple. maybe then I can have a reason to watch this show

  • Myriam Abassi

    I’m really disappointed with yoon han !!