A little over a week ago, SM Entertainment announced a mystery male soloist by way of a couple faceless teaser images. And though the mystery was quickly solved through some careful observation of telling body art, almost everyone was nonetheless ecstatic to hear that Super Junior-M maknae and everyone’s favourite mochi Henry had been released from the dungeons to release his debut solo mini album, Trap.

Though the MV for title track “Trap” was delayed — though the amusing replies to SM’s announcement on Twitter managed to keep people occupied — the rest of Henry’s debut has gone without a hitch. The album dropped today, and Henry also made his solo debut on KBS Music Bank, performing “Trap” with fellow maknaes Taemin and Kyuhyun.

And because SM seems to like driving fans mad with excess, they also dropped the MV only a couple of hours before Henry went on stage.

Congratulations to Henry on his successful debut! A full review of Trap will on Seoulbeats soon, but in the meantime: what are your thoughts on his debut stage, and the MV? My favourite part right now has to be the appearance of Moses Kyuhyun. What’s yours?

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