• Gaya_SB

    Well, now I know why Ahreum was chosen for this subunit. I see you CCM, trying to have it both ways by having her as the innocent alongside the other three’s “screw you” attitude. It didn’t work on me, unfortunately.

    Jiyeon’s expression at 3:50 of the dance MV is my favourite thing out of this whole shebang. My second favourite is the Drama MV, and third is the actual song itself. I feel the T-araness(?) when Hyomin is singing (her voice stands out to me) but otherwise this is Duble Sidekick’s party. Taewoon’s rap would be my fifth favourite thing (choreo is fourth).

    My least favourite thing? Probably the editing. Too many cut-aways, though if this is Hyomin’s handiwork then it’s an improvement.

  • happy_slip

    A few years ago, CCM said T-ara would release the next “Gee”…we got YaYaYa.

    Some weeks ago, CCM said T-ara N4 would release the next “Gangnam Style”…now we get this.

    I’m not sure, but maybe CCM should stop referencing past national hits because the group actually releases better music when they stray away from those.

    The song has a lot of energy to it though and I believe that alone can make a lot of listeners enjoy it, but I wonder if they could translate this to their live performances, because T-ara isn’t really known for giving the most energetic lives.

    I don’t like the song, so thank God for Can We Love, because that one was pretty fantastic.

    • Gaya_SB

      “Yayaya” billed as the next “Gee”?

      • happy_slip

        Yes, if I remember correctly. E-Tribe did YaYaYa, and he was the one who did Gee, too. It was mentioned in some of the articles before.

  • http://blossom423.tumblr.com/ Elizabeth

    i don’t really the song as much even if it’s different from T-ara the drama version of the song i liked i don’t know if it you recover t-ara from the scandal though maybe?

  • http://colourmesplendid.wordpress.com Ree

    After the chanting at the beginning, I thought the rap was a bit excessive.

    There are parts of the song I really dig. Like, I enjoy the second verse and pre-chorus, and I like the ring-a-ding chorus. I just think if it was simpler and had more direction it could have been really good. Maybe add a a stronger first half of the chorus apart? I also wish they’d stop processing Hyomin’s voice so much :/ It sounds really compressed. The lyrics are super ballsy though.

    I hate all of T-ARA’s MVs. I really like the Country version of it though, but the cuts were way too fast. :/

  • Streby

    I actually thought it was cute, generic as hell?, yes. But nonetheless it was a break from all the blatantly sexualized dance and lyrics that girl groups are delivering lately.

  • leadaegyu

    LOL so agree with the last paragraph. I think T-ara would be okay with just Eunjung, Jiyeon, Hyomin and Soyeon… And it’s not like the other nugu members have made a huge impact for the group anyway, popularity aside.

  • http://twitter.com/jms177 Justy

    Compared to Secret and 4minute’s recent efforts, I actually like “Jeon Won Diary” the best. Am I weird?

    • Guest

      Not at all. The other two sucked.

  • SB_Mark

    Girl groups that rely on star hitmakers and overly processed vocals are basically telling us that they have no vocal talent whatsoever. I’m looking at you T-ara and that other group that recently released a song, if only I could remember who you are…”What’s Your Name?” I’ll stick to Secret for some decent unprocessed vocals.

    As for songs like this, you’re right that it’s basically a showcase for Duble Sidekick. The girls do very little singing and mostly chant. They’re basically backup dancers for their own song. The live is going to sound like a Duble Sidekick concert because there is nothing in this song, aside from a few short verses, that you can actually perform live.

    • http://twitter.com/IgnisInvictus Ignis Invictus

      Looking forward to Secret’s review. Hopefully there’s one for their entire mini album. I think it was the only decent release among the hyped girl group releases this week.

      • Gaya_SB
        • Maria Rose

          Are you one of the writers for Seoulbeats if so can you guys (who ever wants to) review the rest of bunny style (Solo songs and sub unit songs) and the rest of Countryside life, Can We Love? I really like Seoulbeats reviews although I don’t agree sometimes I like to read what other people think too.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Nate-Broadus/100003245734823 Nate Broadus

      “I’m looking at you T-ara and that other group that recently released a song, if only I could remember who you are…”What’s Your Name?””

      What you did there…I see it…I see it and I gave a vote up for it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Nate-Broadus/100003245734823 Nate Broadus


    The next Gangnam Style it ain’t.

    Kwangy, Kwangy, Kwangy…You know if you really want to make a fresh new start with a beleaguered group, it might be better accomplished if you DON’T stick them into the same ridiculous aegyo-hop concept that several other girl groups are doing. God knows I could live a happy lifetime without ever seeing another YaYaYa, but this almost feels lazy — like a post-college slacker eating Slim Jim in his crusty ass boxer shorts lazy. I wouldn’t have made it through the entire dance version without Hyomin (one of the prettiest girls in Kpop), and even then I almost hit the mute button 6 times. I am dead-fucking-serious, I actually counted. The best part of the drama version for me was the same as the teaser: the old couple — and only when I turned off the captions and inserted my own dialogue.

    Anyway, if CCM was trying to repair the image of the group, they didn’t accomplish it for this guy with this song and these videos.

    I have never bought into the idea that Hwayoung is a Botticelli angel and the other members were the spawn of Satan; it is never that black and white. While I do think it is completely idiotic and absurd of CCM to expect Hwayoung to apologize for being bullied, I am not in favor of crucifixion for the other members. (It also didn’t help that CCM handled the entire fiasco like someone pouring kerosene on a fire because it looks like liquid.) But I digress. My point is, whatever mistakes they made (they’re young not-so adults — mistakes are a part of their fabric), they should have a shot to establish a new identity for themselves.

    This shot, sadly, didn’t even come close to the side of the barn for me; it’s like they took the shot and the bullet veered off and hit a cow.

  • TurnUptheAC

    I agree with the assessment of the song. I have to note I found the chorus to be interesting message to fans…”why you hating?”….I think this was definitely purposefully chosen for the backlash they have received from last year’s scandal.

  • ErinMHz

    I really loved the song. It’s funny because I agree with the whole review, except that pretty much everything that Nicholas thinks is negative I see as positive. I love the “euro-club anthem” sound, even if it seems generic to other people.

    Maybe people are disappointed because they thought T-ara N4’s song would be different from a regular T-ara song but isn’t. Personally, I think T-ara does perfectly fine with electropop dance songs with catchy hooks and dances, and making T-ara N4 venture into ballads or hip-hop would be a mistake. The only problem with this is what’s mentioned in the last paragraph: are the other 3 members really needed? As someone who loves T-ara songs but doesn’t know much about their members, only having 4 members doesn’t really bother me.

    I think the strongest part of the song itself are the lyrics, which were unfortunately not mentioned here. Even though the lyrics are simple, they’re a big FU to all T-ara haters.

    • http://www.facebook.com/lucaswoodstock Lucas Oliveira Dantas

      “big FU to t-ara haters” including seoulbeats! hahahahahaha

      okay i joke, but not. i’m totally with you here because, all the things nicholas pointed as negative are exactly what i like the best from the whole t-ara n4 idea. and its the lyrics and attitude the main difference between the sub-unit and the mother-group.

      t-ara is all about sheer ear-worm mindless tracks and for these 4 girls CCM goes and takes all the realness of the past events, turning it into gold concept: how many time have we seen idol groups talking back controversy through music, instead of exiling themselves from the public eye? ESPECIALLY GIRL GROUPS?!

      and all of this with wacky and fun attitude that tones down a song that could be easily taken as pure bitchiness. but well nicholas was successful in noticing how the girls don’t take themselves seriously on the MV, but forgot to check his opinions and expectations.

      t-ara time to slay!

  • Shyshy

    I actually liked this very much and in some part this was a bold move for them. The song does make them look like bitches, but it is true. What do we really know? I never held the girls at blame but I held CCM accountable because they didn’t make a real effort in cleaning up the problem.

    How do people manage to still talk about this and forget about the whole guy from 2pm issue. Maybe T-ara should have picked up their bags and disappeared in Japan too.

  • Guest

    I loved it and I have such a hard time taking this site seriously when 4Minute gets a higher rating. Are you serious?

  • Black_Plague

    I honestly found the song rather forgettable. Overly processed vocals are probably among the main reasons why. It’s bearable for the first few listens but definitely not something I’d want to listen every day.

    By this point, it’s getting quite obvious that even major groups (yes, T-ara is still one, arguably) are starting to run out of concepts to use and going down this…this, oh I’m not even sure what genre to fit this song in. For all I know, to claim it has the ‘best of hiphop’ is obviously a sham from the start.

    I won’t even hold my breath as to how the lives turn out. If the group’s past performances have shown anything, much of the time, the background music is far too loud and even when their voices are heard, they either sound too tired, out of breath or just plain unmotivated.

    CCM, please go back to the drawing board and spend more time and effort to it.

  • atwood

    I appreciate them for not taking themselves seriously and trying their best to overcome this situation. people are so stressed and depressed over trivial things these days, this song encourages them to let it all go and enjoy life. i like the message and the fun antics in the video. theyre not going anywhere for many years to come. also add soyeon and that’s all they need.

  • http://twitter.com/Myrmicinae Brendicienta

    Among the three releases I like T-rar the best now because of the traditional instruments added to the electro beats. But i miss Soyeon´s voice a lot. :(

  • Carita Felish

    if you now t-ara country side life is composed by shinsadong tiger but he left the project (he did the demo),duble sidesick finished that song , they take all the credits because they “did” that song (lyrics and music) but the melody of the song was a project of shinsadong tiger