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    I became a 2PM fan ever since discovering them after the Jay Park/MySpace controversy and has departed 2PM by then and their abs didn’t hurt and then re-discovered them again through Hands Up and listening more to their music (with Again & Again being one of my faves), variety shows, b-boy in their choreography mostly because of Jay.

    Maybe it’s just me I like 2PM either way before and after Jay Park departure in the same vein as I like Jay Park as a 2PM member and soloist as well.

    I’m look forward to this comeback as it looks promising judging by the teaser or trailer with them in SUITS and abs hopefully it’ll be good

  • cocoralcara

    I don’t think the response to 2PM’s initial debut was very receptive at all. To the fans maybe, (I became a hardcore HOTTEST during the Idol Army, pre Again and Again era), but definitely not to the public. I mean JYP nearly cut them after both 10 out of 10 AND Only You failed to make an impression. 2PM managed to stay together because the staff at JYP rallied for the boys and said that they could do it. Pretty lucky since 2PM’s next release, which was Again and Again, was their breakthrough song and is still to this day, in my opinion, the best lead single 2PM have had. 2PM debuted with SHINee and SHINee took home literally all the rookie awards that year. I remember 2PM saying how they felt pretty upset that they didn’t get a newcomer award because they’d worked so hard. Things all changed when Again and Again came out though and their popularity went through the roof. They were the hot beastly guys and older female celebrities regularly would say ‘You may like guys like SHINee in your 20’s but you like guys like 2PM in your 30’s’ . However, it was only after Again and Again, this huge rise in popularity, not only for 2PM, but for the image they portrayed, became well received. Before Again and Again, most people had no idea who they were, they were quite honestly, as KPOP fans like to say, ‘nugu’s’ (apart from Khun that is. Khun appeared on YSMM 2 and his face is one that is hard to forget).

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      I thought 10 out of 10 made quite a good impression? And their Wild Bunnies show was popular too (that’s how I fell in love with the boys).

      • cocoralcara

        I don’t really think it did. SHINee, who debuted the same year as 2PM, swept the rookie awards at the end of the year. I remember the boys saying how tjey were pretty upset they didn’t win anything when they’d worked so hard. Yes, Wild Bunny was popular, but that was after Again and Again. We never even got to see the last episode because the Jay controversy happened.

  • Holiday0609

    I think 2PM wants to show their growth (whether in musical or personal term) in this comeback, kinda like a transition from boys to men. Which I think is appropriate cos they can’t & shouldn’t stay as “boys” forever.

    They may not started out as the most talented group (as some ppl who are very fond to bring up) but I’ve seen them striving to improve & their hard works throughout the years.

  • dimins

    I only became a fan in mid-2011, shortly after Hands Up. I was a reluctant Kpop fan, I had rejected most of Kpop since it invaded my SE Asian country years ago. I had only delved into 2PM material solely because I was attracted to Nichkhun’s looks. They were interesting, and they kept me interested, but I still told myself I wasn’t going to become a Kpop fan. Happily, 2PM decided to come to my country as part of their Hands Up Asia Tour, and after attending their concert, I was a full-on fan. Their energy on stage is indescribable.

    I was addicted to them after I watched 2PM Show, and after backtracking their earlier material (including the ones with Jay Park), I concluded that I preferred them the way they are now (and this was before I even knew how big a controversy Jay Park’s departure was – at that time, I didn’t question a member leaving a group, it was normal enough in the Western entertainment industry from whence I came). I personally didn’t like the idea of having 6 other people being forced to emulate an image centered around 1 person, because let’s face it, nobody except Jay Park was a bboy or could pass off as one. After Jay Park left, whether people liked it or not, they gave up going down that route. I was one of those who liked it. Their dynamics now is impeccable, and they are finally comfortable with the concepts and image that is put on them.

  • http://twitter.com/EnilyC €nily♥

    Nabeela I adore you as a fellow Jun K lover but for once i disagree with you on something. I don’t think MinJun would have done a good a job as a leader. For the same reasons that you think he would be good it makes me think otherwise. His too passionate about his music I always get this feeling that he much rather work behind the scenes creating music.

    I honestly prefer them not having a leader, but if anyone were to take up that spot it would have to be Taecyeon. He’s more articulate and more prom to take the initiative to speak up, as as goofy and ridiculous as he can be he’s also proven he can be serious when need be.

    And I agree with Ambika’s take on Jay yes he brought something different to the group but seen their old shows and comparing them to the ones now I always get this feeling 2PM use to revolved around Jay back then, as supposed to 2PM that shine individually now. I mention this once before and got bash b/c of it but it’s how i see things. I became a fan of them around Hands up era so what do i know (?)

    I’m looking forward to their comeback and I’m wishing them the best of luck!

    I enjoy reading this type of articles because it shows different points of views that although contradicting at times are basically the reality in KPOP we don’t always agree and don’t always see things in the same light.

    Thanks for writing this ^^

  • ajj

    They have this VCR during concerts with the song ‘Thank You’ and it was cute. So for the question if they can do aegyo concept they sure can pull it off that is if they can convince Taec not to be over the top lol. I’ve become quite a fan of 2PM lately and yes also marathoned some of their variety shows. They are a fun group to follow and 3 of them speaks English so its a huge plus.