Wow, what a week in music! With all these summer comebacks and released, you might be finding it hard to keep track of all your faves, but have no fear, Seoulbeats is here to deliver on the goods. In recent news, 2PM is back, back, back and ready to slay hearts with their ultra-sexy concept, and rookies B1A4 win their first weekly music show award since their debut! Music Bank was also celebrating their 700th episode, and came stocked with special stages!

130517 Music Bank 700th Episode Special, SHINee, “Replay”


Oh, here come the circa 2008 feels. For this special stage, SHINee goes back to their roots — aka their debut single “Replay (Noona Is So Pretty)” — making fans like me feel old and fans that have never heard this jingle feel embarrassingly new. This will always be a huge throwback for me.

130517 Music Bank 700th Episode Special, Dynamic Duo, Simon D, Rhythm Power , “Rhythm Power” “Daeng, Daeng, Daeng,” “Chool Check,” and “Friday Night”


These K-hip-hop staples gather for this special collab stage and light the arena with their electric charisma and energy. Glad to see more K-hip-hop getting some spotlight on these music shows.

130517 Music Bank 700th Episode Special, 4Minute, “Wild Eyes” and “Perfect Man”


The ladies of 4Minute (minus Hyuna, who’s out for exhaustion) cover Shinhwa classics, rocking suits and sex appeal like never before.

130518 Music Core, Hello Venus, “Do You Want Some Tea?”

I hate the choreography, hate the styling, and hate everyone’s hair, but this song won’t stop growing on me. It’s the right amount of cute and catchy and I just can’t leave it alone.


130518 Music Core, 2PM, “A.D.T.O.Y.”


Jun.K in a sleeveless shirt is pretty much like porn to me. And that’s all the reason I need for this performance.

130518 Music Core, B1A4, “What is Happening?”

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As a huge BANA myself, this was a pretty big week for B1A4, and I couldn’t be happier for them right now. These guys always, always bring their A-game to every single stage they do, and they deserve all the success to come.

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