20120925_seoulbeats_bap_zeloWhen it was first announced that B.A.P was coming to the USA it seemed too good to be true, but now the that Verizon has officially announced tour dates all us American B.A.P fans can begin celebrating! The boys of B.A.P will begin their invasion in Los Angeles on May 7th and will then hit up San Francisco on the 10th, Washington DC on the 14th, and New York City on the 17th. The month of May is going to be a busy time for B.A.P and a busy time for all the Babys waiting to see them. Mnet will be producing all four shows.

Verizon has a special Facebook event page for each location so fans can get in touch with each other and keep updated on the concert at the location of their choosing. Prices are currently unknown, but tickets go on sale at 12pm local time this Saturday (April 6th), so get your computer and internet connection ready. There has been some talk of the NYC show being 16 years and older, but it is unclear if there is an age restriction for the other venues at this time.

Needless to say, this scale of international promotion is an exciting and bold marketing move for a rookie group, even one as popular as B.A.P. Participating in the Asian Pacific American Heritage Month concert tour is a huge opportunity for B.A.P, so let’s hope get our American fan spirit going and support them at every concert location. B.A.P fighting!

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