• Casey

    I didn’t realize teen top had a mystery translator?? I watched it and assumed that L.joe was translating (since he seemed to be translating and speaks some english since he lived here for a few years)….

    • Miyoko

      I thought it was the mystery translator because there wasn’t Korean-to-English or English-to-Korean translation spoken. A lot of Korean was said that didn’t get translated, and no one audibly said Korean translations for Teen Top, though L.Joe did some of the hosting in English. But if someone has more info on that, let me know. ^^

  • Lavlavs

    I haven’t watched the hangouts but it reminds me of the Gurupop show where Danial from DMTN and San E hosted. Did anyone else watch that?

    • http://twitter.com/lillian23910 Sharon

      Ya, i did. They used to translate everything the guys said, which made it longer than it was supposed to. I actually like eng subs better.

      • Lavlavs

        Yeah sometimes they didn’t seem to translate well enough and they got distracted a lot so I was curious if people liked that better or the google hangouts better

        • http://twitter.com/lillian23910 Sharon

          I found the google hangout to be so awkward too. I prefer Naver Line Chat. If they eng sub it, it would be great. I don’t mind waiting for subs.

          I only watched a small part of suju and Jaejoong’s line chat. I got my hands on fully translated video of Jaejoong’s line chat. Even though I have to wait for it a long time, its more fun and interesting. All the staff is behind the scenes and it focuses on just the artist themselves.

          I think that’s what fans essentially want.

  • ajj

    Haven’t watched any of it, but my sister watched the one with 2PM and said it was fun because they were hilarious just a little sad Chnasung wasnt there.

  • Gina

    I find most direct interactions between fans and idols uncomfortable to watch. I think it’s because the idols have some experience and skills regarding how to handle these kinds of shows, whereas the fans often don’t.

  • http://twitter.com/Iwoveyeollie Jinee Scarlet

    my reaction: “SHINee had a hangout?” LOL i didn’t even realize they were having one where as i watched the infinite one live… fail fan…

    • ErinMHz

      SHINee’s hangout was so disappointing. The MC/translator was awkward and not amazing at English (I think he’s a Spanish/Korean translator, actually). The guys didn’t talk much (even Jonghyun was quieter than usual), and the fans tried to slip in fandom inside jokes that the guys just didn’t understand. And then when they started talking to the one girl who spoke fluent Korean, nothing got translated. Maybe they were just tired, but they were so quiet and froze up at any attempts to speak English.

      • http://twitter.com/Iwoveyeollie Jinee Scarlet

        ah really? it’s so disappointing to hear that… didn’t expect anything like this from shinee but they must have been very tired…

  • http://twitter.com/untill_when_eva dash of love dust

    Arirang just started something called “after school club” which is a hangout a bit like the grupop had. They have two English speaking MC’s (hanbyul of ledapple and eric nam) they bring one fan at a time into the “hangout” and let them ask questions or make a request to the guest, but the hosts also ask questions. Language is still an issue because you can only have fans that can speak some english and the hosts don’t really translate too much but I appreciate these shows anyway.

  • ctrawberry

    Eunhyuk did eye lasik surgery so he has to wear the glasses to protect his eyes from all the stage lighting or filming lighting.