• Creamomo

    The only one I’ve watched only Taemin-Naeun one in WGM. I have to say I have expectatio for those two. they didn’t take the same role with SunHee couple as the silly but adorable one (who I think most suitable and well-taken by Jungchi-Jungin couple), but they sure have the other interesting side.

    what I saw from the preview and their first episode, they really remind me a lot of Ramantic and Idol. maybe because the same filming location in Jeju island. they bring out the bubbly feeling I felt when I watched R&I.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001430085442 Nilly I’ly

    MuDo members interpretation on that les miserables song is LMAO, even the lyrics is so funneh!