• 2SHINee1

    the reason i found out about the awesome Raspberry Field was because of those Etude House Kiss Note CF’s!!
    i’m so glad they used it!!

  • whoa1205

    Dropping in to leave this:
    A cover with Soy and Alex Hwang, the lead singer of a great new band named Run River North (used to be Monsters Calling Home/Honda commercial, anyone?).

  • http://twitter.com/Iwoveyeollie Jinee Scarlet

    oh so now i remember where i heard that song!!

  • Clahita

    Rasperry field… I just love it. Every time I hear their songs, I think I can fly ~~

    They make me feel in peace.

    *I am sorry for my poor english, i am peruvian :D

    Les mando las mejores vibras :)

  • http://twitter.com/asri_thiny11 Asri A. Gustini

    Initially I was interested because there are a single song was duet with one of Sweet Sorrow’s member. But I’d fallen in love with a couple of single on another song, “She Was Right”. The sounds very smoothing …

    Oh yeah those Soy is former VJ on Pops In Seoul?