• sleepyneve

    As a fan of Runningman, I, too, always wanted Yoon Eun Hye to guest on the show. How epic would that be? Following the interview I felt the same. As much as I wanted her to be on the show and reunite with fellow X-man members, when she stated that she didn’t want to relive that loveline I had to agree with her points too. I can see why she was reluctant. The scandal between them really must have been too much. I felt bad for the both of them that their relationship–whatever it was–was made awkward because of the media. I think Runningman creates these lovelines to just provide more footage because let’s be real here, a lot of the guests aren’t athletic and probably can’t really compete eye-to-eye with the RM members so they just create the lovelines to get the show moving. I hope if she does guest on the show they also show her athletic side. Maybe a show revolving wrestling or something…although I’m not sure if she’d still like that image. :)

  • http://twitter.com/akikisetsu joy

    From Yoon Eun Hye’s perspective, I don’t think it would do her any good especially if she really wants to distance the actress Yoon Eun Hye from the idol/variety persona/KJK’s ear covering YEH. It just wouldn’t die down and If ever she’ll be on RM, it would be 100% about her love line with Sparta Jong-Kook, so it would just flame an already undying “scandal”.

    BUt as a fan of RM, I would love to see her on it. It would be HILARIOUS. I bet the ratings would be off the chart.^^

  • Haibara Christie

    This obsession with creating “love lines” is something I don’t understand. RM is awesome when there is a competitive atmosphere that isn’t overshadowed by something like the “Monday Couple” and other love lines. Female guests can all be like Ace Jihyo if people gave them the chance. Right now, they’re just not treated the way boys are. I don’t know if it’s because they’re sexists (I really don’t want to go there) but there does seem to be a discord between how male guests are part of the show and how female guests are, i.e. basically just standing there. (Not all, but a lot of female guests are made into love interests before they are actual competitors.)

  • Squarah

    I immediately thought of the episode with Moon Geun-young. The whole love line there was just lame and a distraction from all of the actual entertaining things going on. That was the same episode with HoMin, right? There was such a strong contrast between how they were treated as guests.

    I can’t blame her at all. I really don’t think love lines have a place in RM. They detract from what makes that show fun rather than enhance it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Nate-Broadus/100003245734823 Nate Broadus

    So… What I gathered from the article is that you WANT Yoon Eun-hye to be on the show, but there isn’t really a logical way in which she ever… could… be on the show…

    That’s quite a dilemma.

    • Haibara Christie

      LOL. I feel like a lot of things in Kpop work that way. What you want is often unfeasible.
      Unless you went with a massive sledgehammer to whack all the K-ent Companies into shape, that is. XD

  • LikeXClockwork

    I always imagined the way to combat the overwhelming love line which would come about from Yoon Eun Hye joining Running man would be to counter it with a new more stupid love line which would allow Yoon Eun Hye to show her skills, example being….episode starts, Yoon Eun Hye joins, obvious jokes are made for a few minutes, then the PD says this will be a date episode so on and so on, however Yoon Eun Hye is paired with Kwang Soo, Yoon Eun Hye being her witty charming self jumps at the chance saying that Kwang Soo has stolen her away, effectively putting her out of loveline reach with Kim Jong Kook, with Kwang Soo and Yoon Eun Hye going around together showing Yoon Eun Hye’s own ace status, Kwang Soo would love this as he then gets to basically pick on Kim Jong Kook for an entire episode making the audience laugh while Yoo Jae Suk spending the entire episode making fun of Kim Jong Kook with the fact that the Giraffe has stolen his love away.

  • http://twitter.com/Nani_Urbuznezz Nani Urbuznezz

    I’m really glad that she stated why she is hesitant in guesting on Running Man…… Her concern is real and cannot be easily solved. I also felt this way before she even said it. Also, in almost every news that is reported about her, a KJK reference will be made, which is really getting annoying.
    Still, I do want her to guest on the show but I am totally fine if she doesn’t….

  • ybkdik91

    I’ve always wanted YEH to be a guest on RM and even FO but I knew in the back of my mind it wouldn’t happen because lets be frank here as much as it would be fun to constantly tease KJK about YEH and whatnot, I can only imagine the amount of awkwardness between the two whilst shooting for the show and feeling pressured by all the attention on them.

    • scarem

      Do you know YEH at all? She’s not the awkward type. KJK would definitely be awkward but YEH is chill and super cool, like the more outwardly feminine version of Hyori. She’d be VERY good at dissipating any awkwardness and the other members (YJS, Haha, etc) are very well acquainted with her. There’s no reason for it to be tense.

      • untilwhenever21

        Yeah I do actually, been a fan since I got into the kdrama world in 07/08. There’s no inclination from YEH’s side that she wants to appear on RM period, even with that stunt SBS tried to pull this year. It’s one thing to not be awkward with people and all that, a whole different thing when you have to film a show and people expecting another iconic variety moment to happen again.

  • jesuis2

    Yoo Jae-suk and others have made fun of KJK with the whole YEH thing on “Family Outing” as well.

    When KJK’s good friend, Cha Tae-hyun, appeared on FO, he totally ran with it b/c he knew that was KJK’s weakness and he had “inside info.”

    YEH doesn’t like the limelight to be on her personal life, whether that be her relationship with KJK or not (whether or not they ever dated in real life, they were close since she went to the wedding of KJK’s brother as a guest of the groom’s family).

    Anyway, if YEH ever does guest on RM, they should definitely have wrestling as one of the games.

  • http://www.facebook.com/anthonymcjonell Mcjonell Anthony

    how about create an episode like “CSI” before, Running Man need to chase The Guest but they don’t know it is Yoon Eun Hye. In her way, Yoon Eun Hye will need to eliminated Running Man member one by one, and Running Man need to find the clue about the guest, and at the final location, they need to find the guest name tag and stick it at her back. This is just for first episode, which will be continued to next episode. I just can’t imagine how shocked Running Man member is when they don’t know the guest and manage to find the guest’s name tag read “YOON EUN HYE” ;-)

  • Aleah Torralba Anonuevo

    If YEH really treats some of the cast of running man show as her close friends and family,i guess there is no way she’ll be afraid since guesting is one of her wishlist.It was natural that there will be some teasing because of the past show they shared together but is it too much for her to grant the wish of her fans who followed her throughout her career.Will one guesting or episode be a burden to take?Her fans know her wittyness and strength to be on the show,besides thats makes the celebrity more fruitful the way fans like to see their idols be in different scenarios as well as lovelines is also concerned……

  • MoMo

    This is when PD has to go all out and be super creative. Love line is inevitable. So he HAS to make it as twisted as possible to please YEH and please the audience. It would probably start out with the typical “find your love” or something, but that would be the fake mission. Turns out she’s a SPY, and she has to use Jong Kook in order to win. PLOT TWIST. Her love line is actually GARY. HAHA! WOULDN’T THAT BE AWESOME?

  • Dhanang

    @Mcjonell Anthony: that’s great idea.. They can send RM members one by one to a building to eliminate a ‘secret agent’.. If one is eliminated, another could enter the building to hunt down the agent. KJK should be the last ‘hunter’. I believe this scenario would work since every member would be in shock when they know the agent is YEH, not to mention YEH is very athletic that she could withstand any RM member on one on one. And KJK, who should be the last ‘hope’, wouldn’t even stand a chance – since he would make a sweet surrender.. Lol!

    But, that would not happen anytime soon.

    Deducting from many sources, It’s likely KJK & YEH were dating for quite long time (around 6 years) and then had a very, very bad break up. Remember, KJK never had such strong reaction when YEH is mentioned in Family Outing, most times he would only being shy or giving funny, silly refutals. But now, he always got his temper whenever other members bring YEH names. Why? … Since they already broke up.

    Let see the time line.

    As we know, YEH was mentioned time and time again on FO. KJK never got angry when the other members did so.

    At RM ep.3, KJK made fun of HaHa by saying: “Should I talk about your GF??” And then HaHa said back: “Why would you think you’re the only one to know something, I also know about your love life.” – this brought laughter among the members. HaHa then added: “You just broke up, right? And I know that’s not very amicably one.” – which then got KJK temper. YJS even had to cool down both by stating: “There are some things that should stay unknown by others (viewers).”

    HaHa must have referred to the most recent KJK’s break up. And nobody is linked to KJK other than YEH during that time.

    On episode 44, while searching a secret guest in an advertising agency building, KJK & YJS encountered a female employee named Lee Arisu, to whom KJK said: “You’re beautiful” and then blushed. He even tried to remember the location of her office (in case he would return again after the filming is over) & YJS said to him to ask for her number.

    I believe only 10 percent of RM are scripted. What KJK said to miss Arisu surely was not scripted. Why would you did such thing if you had a real GF?? That surely would make your real GF very angry.

    Just by observing those two moments, we could safely say that KJK & YEH had already broke up before the time RM started.

    If YEH to show on RM, there would be no room to avoid other RMs to pair both of them to be on one team. Even if the PD make YEH to be on different team, it would be veryyy awkward for other RM members – since they always joking about her & KJK for long time.

    What sad is KJK is a very loyal type of guy. During X-Man times, there were numerous women that hoped to have love line with him after YEH left the show. But KJK always stayed loyal to YEH – even he didn’t have to, since it’s only a show.

    Judging from this personality, it seems that he still holds some feeling for YEH. He might even hold his married plan until all doors are closed (e.g YEH is married). Good news is YEH herself may also still hold feeling to KJK. As she several times hinted KJK as her ideal type during some interviews.

    Thus, a love line in variety came into real life drama. Whatever the ending I believe is the best for both – it’s not a K-Drama that always have the happy ending the viewers hope to be.

    • scarem

      Yeah no, they weren’t dating. The evidence you provided is weak at best. People need to realize that neither one of them is each other’s type. So many people didn’t even watch X-man or have seen nothing but the clips and the ear covering scene and make their theories based on that. Lovelines are excellent ways for shows to get famous and to gain popularity but that’s it (refer to Monday Couple). KJK is given a loveline because he can’t have any other character. As much as I love him, he’s not funny. But he’s also shy/timid (or was) which explains why he usually didn’t respond to the loveline approaches from other girls. You’ve been watching too many K-dramas, lol

      • Dhanang

        Nah, I never finished a single K-Drama at all.. My best effort was watching Athena which I could only stand until episode 6 or so. And on what basis you’re saying they are not each other type? They both said themselves in several interviews, the most recent is YEH chose KJK in High-Cut Magazine interview & KJK chose YEH in Healing Camp.

        And No, too, about me making theory just based on RM scenes. I was so into KJK-YEH thing that I looked for almost everything I can find online. Including all scenes of them in XMan, their interviews during and post-XMan era, their SNS profiles post-XMan, reference on YEH’s drama, scenes from FO, footages uploaded on YouTube, etc. Clues were very abundant during 2004-2010. There’s even an interview where KJK said that he’s dating a celebrity for about 5-6 years. But after 2010, everything just like cooled down and disappeared.

        Well, in the end you can never be sure about their relationship as both put their personal life under the surface.

  • scarem

    I think people who fervently push for YEH to appear on RM don’t really know what the relationship was between KJK and YEH. In reality, they are definitely good friends but neither one sees each other romantically, no matter what KJK says on television. It’s good publicity for both of them but nothing more than that.

    As for her coming on RM, I think they’ll probably save that for desperate times (although they’re almost there) and the people who say the focus will be on that are right. I feel like it’s fading anyways and YEH is on another level from KJK. He’s a singer and famous for sure, but her type is not KJK. As for the ear covering, do people realize it wasn’t a proclamation of his love for her but part of a game. Tsk tsk. Guys, please do your research. The only reason this whole thing is big is because YJS won’t leave it alone, lol. He’s good at giving people characters and KJK has the loveline character because of that but it’s really gone too far :P