• k_db

    I disagree with this review.

    (Lyrics aside, because when has anything that came out of SM have even the slightest bit of meaningful lyrics.) This album proved to me that SM seems to be taking a step in the right direction. Something that has always turned me off about SM albums was the lack of cohesion. This started to change with SuJu-M’s album and really solidified this idea in my mind with “Misconceptions of You.”

    Personally, I do believe that “Dream Girl” is the strongest track on this album. The other tracks struck me as slightly off, for example “Runaway” seemed like it concentrated too much on the background music as opposed to the melody line. “Punch Drunk Love” seemed to be plagued with misplaced pauses. “Spoiler” could never have been a title track for the obvious beginning 3 seconds, even though it was my second favorite track after Dream Girl. “Hitchhiking” was straight up messy. Dream Girl, in my opinion, was the most complete and refined.

    However as an album, and not necessarily a summation of it’s tracks, it’s good. It has a clear sound, and is a progression from their previous release.

    I’d give it a 4 out of 5.

    (side note, my favorite tracks were Spoiler, Dream Girl, Beautiful, and Runaway.)

    • Gaya_SB

      The pauses in “Punch Drunk Love” really got to me too! And I loved Spoiler

    • ErinMHz

      I also loved “Spoiler.” Out of all the tracks, it gets stuck in my head the most, more than “Dream Girl.”

  • taequila777

    Oddly enough i agreed with the author. I feel bad for saying this because SHINee is the sole reason I got involved in Kpop. I love their R&B sound, and ever since Lucifer they’ve gone away from that-whether intentional or not. I know artists like to explore with their “sound’, but one of the reasons I find SHINee refreshing is because they don’t sound like other Kpop groups, but with this album-and I listened and tried to give the album a chance, but only ended up purchasing 3 songs out of the album.(Beautiful, Aside, Dynamite) I figured the others would grow on me, but they haven’t yet-I’m a SHINee fan, but just because they release an album doesn’t mean I’m going to purchase anything they put out. SHINee is young and maybe SM is still trying to search for an identity with them, but jumping on the band wagon with the “electro funk, acid trip” whatever they called it, it’s not working IMO. I know the Shawols are going to be all over me, and I do apologize for any hurt feelings, but I’m not enthusiastic about this first album, hopefully the next one is better. I realize it’s still early, and so maybe a few of the other songs will catch my ear. Fingers cross.

  • http://twitter.com/M_Wys Michaela Wylie

    I’m honestly a bit disappointed. It’s not bad, it simply doesn’t live up to their previous albums to me. The songs just sound so similar to me, and unfortunately I’m not a huge fan of what that sound is. I guess I’m just forever hoping for a return to pre-“Lucifer” SHINee, especially “Replay”. SHINee’s always most impressed me with R&B-pop music, and I think that’s what they are best at, musically.

    Conceptually, though, I do actually really like the fashion as a whole. I mean, it’s still wacky, but it’s starting to feel right to me. And the fashion totally suits the sound of the album, which is something I do appreciate. I like that they chose a theme and stuck with it, so while I may not be a huge fan of this sound, I am happy that this album actually has one.

    Wow, um, that was kind of a confusing post. Anyways, TL;DR: I’m not a fan of the music in particular, but I am a fan of how SM and SHINee are handling these promotions with dedication to a particular musical identity.

  • Haibara Christie

    I’m just waiting for Part II, to see what SHINee really wants from their music. Based on the whole “funky, dance pop” coupled with the “SHINee’s roots” descriptor, I knew I would like it in all of it’s genericness, but not truly appreciate the album. In other words, there’s very minimal replay (haha, “Replay”) value. So I personally would push the album rating to a 4 or 3.8, just because it isn’t crap, and doesn’t deserve the title “mediocre.” Dream Girl Part I accomplishes what it needs to, and is cohesive. It feels like an Album from start to finish, unlike almost everything SM has released in recent years. Usually in an SM album, there’s too much filler, to much jumping around in style, and the ever required sap ballad, dance song, funky dance song, and awkward rap. Even though SHINee’s album included those things, the inclusion wasn’t point blank; instead, it fits right into the overall theme connecting the album together. For promotions done right, I commend SM, but that’s not to say that Dream Girl isn’t lacking in areas. It most certainly is.

    • imacoolcat

      I agree with you. This chapter I makes me curious about what path will they take in chapter II. I admit that Dream Girl didn’t meet my expection because it lack some “punch” for SHINee’s usual title song (imo). For now as a good fan :p , I am just gonna enjoy their overflowing Korean promotions, something that certainly missing in Sherlock promotion last year :)

      • Haibara Christie

        Personally, I’m just glad “Dream Girl” sounded like a song. After recent SM releases being all over the place, I’m not going to be too caught up over the lack of “punch.” “Dream Girl” is no “Replay” (which is a better comparison than “Lucifer”) but again, it does its job.

  • ArielLM13

    It’s grown on me but I was a little disappointed to begin with. As much as people made fun of “Dream girl” coming after “Dazzling girl”, I didn’t actually expect them to sound so similar. It was probably my biggest let down. “Dream girl” sounds like a rehash of “Dazzling girl” to me, but I love the staging.

    I also think it’s about time someone said something about the outfits. We all get it. SHINee is good looking. They will still look good no matter what you put on them apparently. That said, those are bad outfits. I mean I loved the black and white ones but otherwise… I’m just saying. It’s not asking alot that they wear outifts that look like something they would chose to wear, right? I was watching it like “Why are they dressing them like Tyler Perry’s Mr.Brown?”

    I did love “Spoiler”, “Dynamite”, and “Beautiful”!

    • Sentimental Muffin

      Lol SHINee’s stylist and Mr Brown definitely shop at the same place.

  • ErinMHz

    I love the sound of this album. The 80s synthpop sound is right up my alley. I’m sure fans of their first album are mourning the loss of their R&B sound, but then again, they haven’t been heading in that direction in a few years.

    The lyrics to “Spoiler” may be stupid, but the melody of the chorus is great. In fact, I’m sure most of the lyrics on this album are silly (I haven’t looked up any besides “Spoiler” and “Dream Girl”), but the great part about listening to music in a different language is that I don’t have to pay attention to that, which is one of the reasons that I’m able to listen to Teen Top’s enormously catchy “No More Perfume on You” without strangling Chunji.

    The middle three tracks are the low points on the album. “Punch Drunk Love” was too 80s for me – I felt like I was listening to Prince, but not in a good way. “Girls Girls Girls” is boring, although the relaxed beat allows Key and Minho to slow down and do some of the best rapping I’ve ever heard from them. “Aside” sounds like it came straight off of a K-drama OST.

    Luckily these songs are buffered on each side by some awesome tracks. “Beautiful” and “Dream Girl” are the best songs, and “Runaway” ends the album on a cheesy yet decent note.

    The album may not be very diverse in sound, but that’s a positive thing for me. “Lucifer” is all over the place, which means that I love half the songs but skip the others. Having a consistent sound is way better than having a mixture of synthpop, R&B, rap (looking at you, “Get It,” which should never have seen the light of day), ballads (I don’t believe that every album must have a slow song to show off the artist’s vocals), etc. I also love the fuller sounding instrumentation (which some people are complaining about?) in some of the songs. I don’t think that SHINee’s songs will ever reach my current benchmark of full instrumentation, Jonsi’s (from Sigur Ros) solo album “Go,” so personally, I don’t think anyone should be complaining about these songs being messy.

    • Dazzling

      The lyrics to Girls Girls Girls are quite cute.

  • http://dvqd92.tumblr.com/ Elizabeth

    I love the sound of Chapter 1 Dream Girl – The Misconceptions Of You but overall the sound of the album is pretty almost the same and lacks variety as their past work have although it didn’t live up as SHINee’s past two albums does and could’ve been better it’s pretty solid overall liked this comeback from SHINee I’ll see how the second part goes when it comes out.

  • Dazzling

    Dream Girl is Shinee’s best title track in a long time in my opinion. Sherlock and Lucifer were good songs to watch as performances but they were unpleasant to listen to. Dream Girl sounds like one cohesive song, something SM title tracks including Sherlock have lacked lately. There’s something about Dream Girl that reminds me of early Shinee songs like Love Like Oxygen and Real and Beautiful reminds me of Jo Jo, so as a Shinee fan from the beginning I’m happy with these songs. Dream Girl’s concept is brighter and yes, cheesier, and more like younger Shinee than the darker/fiercer image they’ve had in recent years. Some Shinee fans have rose colored glasses about the older albums, they had some bad songs (Shinee Girl/Shinee World/Shout Out/Wowowow/a remake of a Corbin Bleu song). As a whole I think the songs on Dream Girl are better quality, I can listen to the entire album without skipping any songs. The weakest song is Aside which doesn’t fit in the album as well as the other songs do.

    The album reminds me of f(x)’s Electric Shock album in that both have a cohesive sound throughout, a departure from the usual SM mishmash and one I appreciate. It seems that SM is starting to make an effort in creating actual albums with a theme running throughout them instead of concentrating on the title track and then buying random songs/remakes to fill up their albums.

    I don’t understand why there are complaints about a lack of variety/R&B/ballad songs. Chapter 2 will have these songs. My biggest complaint about the album is the rapping in some songs, the rap breaks in Dream Girl/Beautiful are much too long. It would be better for Minho if he worked on his singing rather than his rapping.

  • http://thankgyuu.tumblr.com/ Mrs_KimSungGyu

    No matter what people say, I loved Spoiler the best and personally think it’s the best song on the album (composition-wise, and to be truthful I haven’t looked up the lyrics). It’s not what I would normally consider an extraordinary song, but the first time I listened to it I got a really good feeling from it. I saw something there that I hadn’t seen in the group before. Just now I’m realizing that Jonghyun composed it and I now know what that thing was. It had that personal touch that showed me the real SHINee, not the SHINee that had been manufactured by SM, but the potential of the group to really leave their own mark (beyond the dancing and such).

    I will agree with this review to the extent that it wasn’t SHINee’s best work, but you know what, I’m a realist and realistically speaking there was no way this album was going to blow me away and top my incredibly high expectations. SHINee has never really done it for me in terms of song selection, but they do have a couple of really really good tracks that I’ve been able to appreciate over the years. The group up until now hasn’t significantly contributed to their music (save for a few songs), but if Spoiler is any indication of where this group might be headed and if they are allowed to take more control of their music, then please take me along for the ride.

    While this album did not impress me, it managed to make me look at SHINee in a different light. I saw the members’ participation and enthusiasm. It gave me some kind of hope that SHINee could change musically for the better, and I actually started liking the group a whole lot better when up until two weeks ago (just about) I had convinced myself that that would never happen.

    Now it’s all up to the upcoming album to really solidify what I feel for the group, or if not then I think I can spare another chance the time after that.

    Months ago there was an article on here about giving groups second chances, I think I might just be giving SHINee just that.

  • KrisMyStar

    Areumdawo~ the live performance of that song is just so awesome!

  • usernameoptional

    Actually, I disagree with this review. I found the the similarity in sound and theme was a strength, rather than a weakness for this album. And I found Dream Girl really refreshing as a single, both in terms of what’s out there in Kpop right now (everything’s either slow or grandiose) and in terms of SHINee’s discography. Here is my TLDR impression.

    I really loved the 80’s feel of this album. It feels both like a throwback and like something futuristic and new at the same time. SHINee has never really stuck to one genre, other than clearly being a pop group, so I’m not sure why people still mourn the loss of their R&B phase. The Amigo repackage, with its additional electronic influenced songs, sort of signaled the beginning of the end of their R&B phase. This album, on the other hand, feels like a mixture of all of their sounds up until now: the bright feeling of pre-RDD shinee and the electronic feel of their post RDD work.

    I’ve seen people complain about the lack of “variety” of the songs, but to me this album sounds like a decent House/Electronica album, where the album as a whole has a natural progression and is the sum of its parts.The songs flow in and out of each other to build a cohesive sound. IMO It is nice to see an album dedicated to one musical direction because let’s be honest, SM/Kpop albums tend to be jumbled and all over the place. They try to fill too many genres like sappy ballad (looking at you One and Life), rap numbers (Shout, Get it), cutesy song (Wowowow) at the expense of cohesion. That’s why for me shinee’s first album, for all its flaws, is much easier to listen to in one sitting without pressing skip, as compared to later stuff.

    That being said, I enjoyed Spoiler and Runaway for what they were, nice intro and outro songs. Neither struck me as too cheesy and while both aren’t my favorites they were pretty good musically and fit their musical purpose in the album. I don’t skip them in any case. The middle of the album was a bit of a let down for me on first listen. I still don’t like Punch Drunk Love. It has too many pauses and doesn’t really build up to anything. Aside sounds like an OST and while their voices are lovely, I don’t care for it. I didn’t like Girls Girls Girls until I listened to the lyrics, and now it’s a guilty pleasure. Hitchhiking and Dynamite were the highlights of the album for me. They were really hard hitting and unlike the reviewer I thought the rap part in Hitchhiking fit well with the song. I could have done without the rap part in Dynamite but it didn’t detract from the song either, so i don’t mind it since the vocals sound so great throughout the song.

    As for Dream Girl, i also disagree with the reviewer. I like the rich, saturated sound. I like that it layers and builds to the chorus and has a clear bridge. It’s short and packs a punch. Sure it’s not a musical masterpiece, but it’s accessible, something Sherlock and Lucifer weren’t. It sounds like a more powered up, funk inspired Juliette/Love Like Oxygen love child, and as a long time shinee fan that makes me feel warm and fuzzy. In the end it’s a performance piece that looks and sounds different enough from the over the top songs or slow songs flooding the kpop market right now (just try watching a music show all the way through… still recovering tbh) so I’m enjoying it a lot.

    Also, even though Chapter 1 has been released first, I do take SM at their word that it’s just one part of a whole. I want to wait until Chapter 2 to really judge both pieces together as one idea. Sure it’s a marketing ploy to sell more albums, but it’s a ploy with more bang for the buck than a repackage. I also think Chapter 1 shows off a lot of their growth as vocalists (heck even the rapping sounds better to me) so if anything I think this album really shows off their potential and talent as performers. I’m just glad SM is taking a risk on them because I think they have a lot of musical potential.

    • Haibara Christie

      For me, a good sign that an album is doing what it needs to is when the connection between the previous and current song is clean and natural. Especially in the first three songs, the seg-ways were really well done. The placement of songs are spot on. I may not be a fan of all the songs, but this I can totally appreciate.

      And I totally agree with you on basically everything you’ve said. Dream Girl Part 1 is a perfect stepping stone in musical maturity for SHINee–especially since it’s a throwback in style for SHINee. The only question now is whether they’ll take the bait that’s infront of them.

    • tokkibaozi

      I couldn’t agree more with this comment. I was about to write a comment-like-essay about my thoughts, but this pretty much covers it! I’ll just add: I really really like ‘Aside’. I enjoy this album a lot, and it took me aback how some people are complaining that the album is way too cohesive, when it’s so rare to find a K-pop album with all the songs to be almost the same genre/style. To me, this is a rare gem that I’m going to embrace with arms wide open.

  • Haibara Christie

    This is sort of an aside, but I think I’m one of those people who think that Taemin is prematurely being given ad libs, despite the leaps and bounds he has made in singing (like seriously, he went from utter crap to quite good) and basically being mini-Jaejoong in timbre. The reason I am extremely wary of the fact that Taemin suddenly getting way too many lines is not the fact that he can’t sound good singing them, it’s the fact that he lacks the technical skill to pull off ad libs with finesse. Onew could probably do that better than both Taemin and the constantly over emoting/singing Jonghyun, and yet he continuously gets fewer, and fewer lines.

    • http://twitter.com/M_Wys Michaela Wylie

      Completely agree. Onew’s actually a good ad-libber and he never gets them. These promotions are very Taemin-centric. SHINee as a whole has actually seemed very Taemin-centric lately.

    • find_nothing_here

      I think they did a good job with mellowing him down in promotions this week, however. He doesn’t have nearly as many lines in “Beautiful.” And I personally though Onew owned dream girl; he was much more front and center than he usually is.

    • girlatsea

      I seriously don’t get what SM is doing with Onew these days. They’re letting all that talent go to waste.

      I love Taemin and I’m so happy that he’s improved so much. BUT they really need to start spreading the lines more evenly.

  • fomisore

    In my opinion, if you don’t like 80s synthpop or listen to artists like M.IA., Santigold, Friendly Fires then this album isn’t for you. Since I do listen to those artists and that genre of music I think they did a really great job on this album. My favorite tracks are Dynamite, Spoiler, and Punch Drunk Love. Also the author mentioned how their feelings were vague and elusive and how didn’t work with this music style. Once again, I disagree because the name of the album is the Misconceptions of You. In my opinion, it makes sense that their feelings are elusive since they’re confused and don’t understand their “dream girl”.

  • Streby

    I really liked the album, I can see that SHINee really has tried to contribute to this production and hearing Minho’s singing voice makes me cry fangirl tears every time a SHINee song comes on shuffle.

    My big criticism is that I think there were no songs that really pushed the boys vocally in this album.

  • http://twitter.com/smileyushi Yushi Wang

    I really like the album title. The misconceptions we have of SHINee are these young, bright, funky boys, that have really happy and upbeat songs. They’re the ‘contemporary’ band that’s young and fresh. But it’s all what we have been led to believe. I think Chapter 2 is what SHINee really wants to show us who they are. I really think, that chapter 2 is going to be the r&b and ballad album. I’m not sure though, but this is just a guess I have.

    These are fun songs, they don’t require a lot of thought while listening, and some are really beautiful and upbeat and fun. I have a feeling chapter 2 is going to be a doozy though.

    also p.s. if you listen just in a room with earphones, there are tidbits in the songs that are really really beautiful. That just give me goosebumps!

  • TrickedOut

    I think the album doesn’t quite stand on its own. There are some tracks which are quite good, others passable, and then ones that just make you go “meh”. I think it also depends on the listener, and what they were looking for (expecting from this album). Coming with a pretty low expectation, I think the album is cohesive in sound at least. The song that really grabbed me is “Dream Girl”. One because it has an MV (which I always find makes it easier for me to like Kpop songs when there’s an MV for them) that was just flawless! Second, because it’s catchy and retro in an Infinite- reminiscent kind of sound, so it was an instant draw for me. Their other songs left me numb…. for now. After promotions or hearing them in TV shows they might grow on me too. I can’t wait for Chapter 2 though. Hopefully, a new MV will come! :-D If I had to rate it, I would give it a 3 or 3.5. So I don’t think the reviewer was that off about their verdict.

  • ajj

    Why is it that SM group’s albums released in Japan are always better. I was excited for Shinee’s album because their Japanese singles were my jams, but their new songs off from their Dream Girl album didnt dazzle me.

  • Not Your Oppa

    it’s better than the sherlock mini but does not live up to the expectations set by lucifer

  • my self

    I didn’t hear much about the SHINee’s new album after it was release and I see why. There is a lot of 80-90’s pop in this album and it seems so damn cheesy. This is what you except from a bubble gum male pop group but its a little over kill. There is not one track that particularly stands out but I am not a hardcore fan. Sometimes an artist(s) releases an album that doesn’t necessary pushes them forward but rekindles what already existed prior. This album overall is safe and a decent reintroduction of SHINee. I don’t think Sherlock did SHINee any good and this album is to get them back on base. The second part maybe more musical dynamic but the fir half ( Chapter 1:misconception of you) is straight commercial.

  • lokifairy

    lmao wth “Dream Girl” is the best album SHINee ever had maybe a little bit Taemin-centric but I’m totally fine with it because his singing technique is the best in SHINee and he totally deserve it to show his improvement and Minho finally sang in this album. This album is very SHINee-ish and much better than Lucifer. “Lucifer” was filled with remixes and fillers.

  • http://twitter.com/theroyalsprout carrot♔

    Maybe it’s just me but I honestly enjoyed the lack of variety in the album. I found it nice to listen to one track and go to the next without breaking the train of similar emotions and carrying it on. Unlike Lucifer, I found it difficult to listen to as a whole as the songs would change from genre to genre. Not only that but it also took me a longer time to digest the entire album to truly love the songs.

    The tracks disappointing at first listen but once I listened to them as an entire album and not as a single, I came to appreciate SM’s efforts to keep the mood going. (Unlike Girls’ Generations ‘I Got A Boy’ album cause God it was all over the place despite some decent and pretty good tracks here and there)

    I still prefer solid albums rather than the type to be a ‘hit and miss’ kind. Lucifer was one of those ‘hit and miss’ while Dream Girl is pretty solid. Not my favourite album, but solid.

  • Natsuki

    this blog. is always just. BASHING OTHER PEOPLE’S NAMES. well can you make an album that can reach the topcharts and win numerous awards? NO. so shut up and if u dont like it just dont listen to it.

  • t.biscuits

    A response to
    “Compared to earlier singles, especially “Sherlock,” “Dream Girl” lacks a certain vigour to it; the latter is less “shouty,” but compared to the song that is still being
    referenced almost year after its release, it is not a particular stand-out.”

    I totally nodded to it, yes ‘Dreaming Girl’ is weak, honestly, if this kind of song happen to other idol group, this would be a daebak thing, but SHINee we know for their
    songs like Lucifer to Sherlock are strong with breathtaking chreography, this new title song give us the feeling this is not a SHINee piece. But I’m sure yet this song
    forever will be one of my fav SHINee songs, one of my all time kpop songs.
    And after I saw Korea Billboard Interview with Shinee and it explained why, at least it did to me.

    *Tell us about the new album.
    -With this album, we tried our best to put out music that really defined us. Although, we’re satisfied with the results, there are some parts that we feel like are still
    missing or lacking. [Our last EP] “Sherlock” was musically well made, but it was hard to sing along. The strength of [new single] “Dream Girl” is that it has metro vibes
    and it’s easy to follow. “Chapter 2” will be released soon. This year, we are going to be releasing a lot of our music.

    *What drew you to “Dream Girl,” your latest single?
    -We found “Dream Girl” after searching for a song that is relatable and easy sing along to. SHINee’s musical color was incorporated in it, as well. I think we were able
    to try out many new things with our careers, because of our fans support. We know that we can’t be afraid of new challenges or we won’t gain anything.
    Here is link