• http://dvqd92.tumblr.com/ Elizabeth

    nice analysis Mark :)

  • http://twitter.com/twinnersc Gracie

    Agreed.  Very nice analysis, especially since I had no idea what to think about this video except that I love it.  The film noir-y section was fantastic with the roaming lights and shadows.  Plus, Son Dam Bi may not be the best actress in dramas, but her acting was perfect in this music video, and she wasn’t awkward at all.

    I think that the singles by these “aging” female artists have been some of my favorite entries for this year (Miryo, Ga In, BoA, Seo In Young, Kim Wan Sun etc.) and I’m really excited to see what Kahi comes up with.  I think this song has been one of my favorites, and I love the desperate, sad sound of it.  And Son Dam Bi is seriously one gorgeous, sexy woman.  I get tired of all these young girl groups being sexy and not completely owning it, so these older, mature women are always a breath of fresh air to me.  I’m glad that K-pop has these women to show off its more mature side.  

  • MamaWack

    Mature theme for G.NA. lol yeah right u making laugh. I love G.NA she has crazy talent and has all the qualities for an idol but we the fans have been what I called ‘kicked in the butt and laughed at’ by Cube. They gave something new and fresh with G.NA debut giving us the mature and beautiful ‘I will back off so you can live better’ then when G.NA became popular they went cute on us and downgrade her music and her talent.
    As far as I can see Cube is turning G.NA into another HyunA. I think Cube don’t appreciate G.NA. I have lost hope in G.NA and Cube if next year she comes back more mature and better then I will take back everything I’ve said about that company management of G.NA