• dany17

    Yes, I do like Min-ah’s photos. And I love Arang and the Magistrate.

  • glacierkn

    Not just beautiful but a talented actress.  She deserves all the attention in the world.

  • minty_chip

    I love Shin Min-ah, she is one of my few girl crushes. She’s gorgeous and has such a shy personality but when it’s show time she definitely stands out.

  • MamaWack

    I love this woman she and Kim Tae Hee are the only women I agree with in ‘most beautiful women in Korea’ list and plus her personality is very lovable, she’s shy and intelligent. this woman is a good role model

  • jesuis2

    The more natural the make-up, the more beautiful SMA looks.

  • http://twitter.com/sebsobandsky Sabah

    I noticed her in A Bittersweet Life where she was as mesmerizing and hypnotic as her character was meant to be portrayed; a beauty with an inner charm that makes you re-evaluate your life. I don’t think it would an exaggeration to say that the actress herself isn’t too far from that.