Welcome back to another installment of For Your Viewing Pleasure, where we take time out of the week to curate a set of photos from the K-pop landscape.

Fashion shoots give idols and actors the opportunity to experiment with style and showcase different sides of their personalities – and often, there’s no better side than the profile. In this edition of For Your Viewing Pleasure, we explore the art of that casual over-the-shoulder glance. Whether the subject of the photo looks towards the lens, as in Winner’s sultry shots for Arena, or away, as Suzy does for her wistful close-up with Marie Claire, profile shots give celebrities the chance to vary their use of expression beyond a simple smile. The angle can be used to create a striking effect. Red filters and dark clothing are used to create stark light and shadow in Changmin’s album shoot, while the profile angle of Shin Min-Ah’s pictorial for Elle highlights contrasting colours. Flick through these photos to find fresh inspiration on how to style your next selfie.

(Images via Arena, Grazia, Allure, Marie Claire, Elle, SM Entertainment)