• http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=530278960 Sarah Edge

    People need to be aware that their behavior isn’t approved by the fan community. It’s not just the fans who record the footage and harass them that’s to blame. It’s the fame they receive from other fans who bombard them with questions and say things like “I’m so jealous!” If you’re a true EXO fan you should be discouraging the behavior! Immediately voice your disgust with inappropriate fan behavior and don’t make any excuses for it. I’ve had people tell me “Well I might never get to see them again” or “This is a once in a life time opportunity” whenever I’ve voiced my disgust. To that I say: It’s not your place to put your own selfish desires above what idols want for themselves. Between being stalked with cameras and inside fandom comments or having privacy for themselves? Obviously they’d prefer privacy.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000257663037 Hebe Perry-Belfrage

    I’m an EXO fan (amongst other famdoms) from England and I have to say I was disgusted at the behaviour of the fans in London. While they all jump down my throat for even daring to call their behaviour innappropriate, the whole k-pop world is watching on in horror and rightly so. I wasn’t involved in the ‘stalking’ whatsoever, I went to the concert and nothing else (although I would have loved to greet them at the airport or the hotel, not gonna lie), so all these fans tell me my view is invalid because I wasn’t there…despite the clear video evidence of their shenanigans,

    Although it sounds pretentious, I pride myself on being a ‘sane’ fan. I never use ‘oppa’ I don’t squeal or chase and once I’m done I’m done. While everybody chased Siwon down the street when he came to London on holiday, I stayed back in the hotel to thank the security guard and make sure nobody’s bags got stolen (stupid enough to leave all your valuables unattended just to chase an idol, really?). I was the only fan who he spoke to and for me that was enough – no chase needed. I sound really arrogant but I do wish that more fans would behave the way I make sure I do. Idols are humans too, and although it must be remembered that this is a minority of the fandom, this behaviour should not be happening.

    Sorry for the essay, but I needed to let it all out.

  • http://twitter.com/LocKeyiiBling ~ L✶cketBling ~

    Ok, take a chillpill – the whore and slut-thing is a joke. I sometimes call my bias a slut because he’s sexy, but I don’t mean it in a offensive way – I love him very much. And Thehun.. ok, HOW can anyone be offenced by THAT? Ever heard of humour? ._. SHINee’s Minho is also know as a ‘hyung whore’ which is a joke since he’s very popular among his hyungs.. I really think you’re reading too much in this.

    • claire

      i don’t think that’s what she meant.
      inside jokes are part of every fandom, she even acknowledged that on the article. the problem is screaming them on you idols’ faces.
      they might not get the joke.

  • Ohai Saelis

    It’s funny how we’re constantly berating idols for how they may be insensitive to the feelings of their foreign fans, when the fans themselves are horribly insensitive to the feelings of the idols they supposedly love and support.

    I also don’t get why EXO fans in general and some London fans are getting angry about this article; if you aren’t like this, there’s no reason why you should be offended by it. I like EXO a lot and I might be classified as a fan of them, and I’m not getting angry about this post because it’s calling out the behaviour of specific EXO fans. If you don’t do those things, there’s no reason to be angry. I get it, people will stereotype you, but as long as you have a clear conscience I think you shouldn’t be up in arms about the stereotyping, but the fact that there are people giving your fandom a bad name in the first place.

    I also can’t see the supposed logic of it being an inside joke. It is not an inside joke when it’s in every Tumblr tag, when it’s plastered on Kpop sites everywhere, and everyone knows about it. If you had thousands of fans calling you a slut, but not to your face, it isn’t an inside joke. Anyone who has had rumours circulating about them in school or online would know this. Hell, it doesn’t take personal experience to know this.

    And yes, if you call your friend a slut and a whore, it’s all in good fun. But does your bias know that he’s your bias? You know him, but does he/she know you? There is a difference. Fans spend so much time on their idols that they tend to feel like there is a relationship. News flash! There isn’t one. Your idols have no idea who the hell you are, and they are not your friends. Would you like it if some stranger who happened to know your name came up to you and said, “Hey _________! How are you doing, slut?” I’m pretty sure most people wouldn’t.

    I’m studying the Korean language and so much of their culture shows through; one defining point of the language is the level of formality. When talking to a stranger, or someone older/more senior than you, you’d never use informal language. Informal language is usually used only between close friends, and honorifics are very important. That’s not to say that EXO should be put on a pedestal and addressed as their highnesses, but don’t imagine a level of closeness where there is none. Also since I’m on the topic of language… What do you think they feel about being called a slut, since they’re probably not too well versed in English? I wouldn’t like to have been the one to explain to Luhan or Kai if they ever asked, “What’s a slut/whore? Someone called me that today.” Also in the case of Sehun, humour is fun and all, but when jokes are constantly made at your expense, they get old, and fast. Some people have the confidence to poke fun at themselves. That’s fine. Take the cue from the idol; until Sehun actually starts joking about his own lisp and calling himself Thehun as a joke, I don’t think it’s acceptable for anyone to call him that.

  • http://www.facebook.com/BhabyAnne Marianne Pepito

    (i’m just stating my opinion. so if your going to read this.don’t get offended by my words)

    it’s okay to call them by their nicknames like slut or whore etc. but we should keep it in our selves.okay,so for us it doesn’t mean in an offensive way but we should consider what they will think and feel about that,if we said that in front of them,they will get pissed and you’ll hurt their feelings.what if your the one who’s in that position,that your fans are calling you a slut or a whore or mimicking your lisp etc. wont you get pissed?

    Instead having a day off  from their tiring work or having a get together by going to some place
    (like when they went to Disneyland).they found themselves getting stalked,getting filmed etc. 
    would they have a good and relaxing time if the other fans are continuously doing that?
    i know it’s not enough just to see them close.we want to hug or hold them but don’t you know what discipline is?mobbing them,stalking and harassing them.don’t you get embarrassed by your behavior?don’t you know it is harmful that your mobbing them?for example,one time when EXO-M got mobbed by fans on an airport,Luhan got separated from them and he was almost got knocked down.
    we should be the one who is concerned for their health but instead we are the one who is putting them in danger.we should know what our limit is.we should not invade their privacy.they always do their best to satisfy and impress us but is that they will have in return?

    Actually I’m one of their fans and They are my ultimate fandom.I wouldn’t deny that i wanted to greet them personally and hug or hold them. but i know that where my limit is.that i shouldn’t do anything like that.

  • Quenna lacy

    Woah i didn’t know fans acted like this. :( Im an EXO fan but id never do this. It’s just rude.

  • Quenna lacy

    Woah i didn’t know fans acted like this. :( Im an EXO fan but id never do this. It’s just rude.

  • Ledi Omeri

    Hi i really agree with you.I am an EXO fan myself and yes i totally love EXO but i am sure i wouldnt scream at their faces like some fans or invade their privacy.Some EXO fans are really crazy and they stalk EXO and writte messages with their period blood.I think this is really traumatazing for idols not only EXO but other idols as well.I want to say to all the fans that:”If you love your idols dont hurt them and dont do mean stuff to them and try other ways to show your love”I like fans who go to their concerts and writte some simbolic messages to them or even simple messages like”Work hard and thank you for giving us such awesome music”or”We love you”This are nice messages but fans shouldnt go to their faces and scream and keep photographing them.What if they were in their place and fans did this to them how would they feel?Bad ofcourse”I know that if i ever see EXO upclose i would go to them with kindness and ask them for an autograph or a photo if they werent busy but i would never go to their face and scream to them like this”HUNHAN!WE LOVE YOU!KRIS MARRY ME I WANT YOUR BABIES!!”or”AYOOO WADDUP KREASE!THEHUN”The idols might feel selfcounsious and not good enough.I know i would so Please Exo fans i am begging you behave and be nicer to your idols some of you are really hurting them.Dont you rember that time when some saesang fans almost caused an accident to Exo.What if they really were hurt how would you guys feel?As a fan miself i like this OTP and sometimes i use it but i would never go to their face and say it.Dont you guys feel embaressed?I would feel for sure.SO PLEASE ALL EXO FANS BEHAVE YOURSELF!

  • Anika Haque

    Now I feel kinda ashamed to be a fan in London, cuz now Exo would associate me with the fans they met >.< I have these friends who said they hate BoA cuz Taemin was the love interest in one of her Mv's and I was just sitting there thinking wtf, obsessive much?

  • GwiyomiPlaya a

    OMG LOL!! I can’t believe you actually think we mean what we say XD

    Someone can’t take a joke >>

    • Tiffany Noel

      How can imitating someone’s speech impediment and calling someone a “slut” or a “whore” be funny? It might seem funny to you, but it certainly ain’t funny for them. Idols already have stressful lives as it is and so-called “fans” coming up with revolting names about them is just downright disgusting and helps them in absolutely no way possible. It just makes them feel horrible about themselves. I feel so sorry for EXO for having one of the worst fandoms in the Kpop industry… smh

  • Tiffany Noel

    This is so embarrassing… I just can’t even… *hides face in shame*

  • Megan Yoder

    I’m a big EXO fan and I’m not hurt at all by this. I think this article is accurate and tells the sad truth about some EXO fans. Obviously the author wasn’t trying to bash ALL EXO fans, and we all know the ones she’s referring to. I don’t quite understand why reasonable EXO fans are getting offended by this article.

    I agree with everything she says here.

  • Eleanor

    I’m not even a fan of Exo but it is embarrassing to see English fans treat them this way as an English K-pop fan

  • Desi


  • Hai Blut

    i don’t think i can real all the comments. why so many comments anyway? i love exo and will be exotic for only five years. by the way don’t worriend about exo..their crazy fans will leave them alone if they are getting old… now they new and the fans are young so let them love exo

  • Hai Blut

    after reading this i was alomost left exo but i ask myself why do i have to leave exo for jsut some kind of stupid comment and someone stupid articles? so i try to not care about people who have a problem with exo fans…

  • MaikoxSamurai단甘い

    That is just so mean TT-TT How could they say that about our hyung

    s, They shouldn’t even call themselves EXO fans, I don’t care whether if it is a so called “joke”. Have respect for them, and If you don’t like EXO, then don’t even bother going through all that trouble to just call them names -_-! We <3 EXO!

  • exotics

    I totally agree. At first, I hate EXO just because of the fans.. totally fanatic.. But then, after sometime I realised that I can’t blame them for their fans. Most of the time, they’ve become the victim.. I watched their videos when they were pushed at the airport. No matter how much we love the members, it doesn’t give us the right to do those mean things to them. They have their own life.. Why don’t we give them some space yeah. Common guys. It’s heart-breaking to see them in that situation. (I like EXO a lot now btw)

  • Tegan

    I have only just read this while researching and i am absolutely embarrassed by how English fans act towards EXO , I live in London myself so i’m not trying to make English fans look bad on purpose since i am a fan also.. i think it is honestly very wrong to say things like that to them and act like this while being in there presences , fans should be giving them privacy and should be understanding, i wouldn’t ever want EXO to have a bad impression of London because they may not want to come back any more to visit which is a shame to other EXO fans such as myself.. i just am ever so disappointed with English fans and honestly if i ever had the chance when they where over to apologise i deeply deeply would on the behalf of those who may feel how i feel about fans being like this..not all English fan are like this thankfully (as you can probably tell from my comment that i am not like this) and hopefully realize that what you all are doing is wrong and that you all should be respecting there privacy!.. i know this was like two years ago but things like this really annoy me because the are human too and they deserve to have privacy and not be treated like this in anyway what so ever !! …….this is my own opinion and i’m not expecting everyone to agree with me but i just had to put my point through even if it is 2 years late!

  • C.O.

    yuck, can we not with conflation of sanity and respect? I am literally insane, I have multiple mental illnesses, but I am very mindful of others’ boundaries. if you mean that someone’s behavior makes others feel unsafe or uncomfortable, just say that. there’s no need to slap an unrelated psychiatric term on it and throw a whole group of diverse people under the bus.

  • Diki Chuauhang

    But but..the “ayo wadup krees ” is gold. :)