• T Hudson

    whoah…They sound scarier than E.L.F’s !!!

  • itsmysunshine

    Wait a minute. They (the fans) are actually calling their idols “slut” and “whore”?! 

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/YQ53WK5K4DPXQ5DIBKDELB6WPE Camille

      One of Kai’s most popular nickname in the fandom is “Slutty Kai.” Luhan’s referred to as the “EXO whore” or “EXO bicycle” simply because he’s chummy with everyone.

      • itsmysunshine

        I feel sad for them. They’re not even a year into debuting, and those nicknames are so disrespectful. 

      • Khaddie

        I think someone needs to give these kids a dictionary. Also some tact.

      • CCC0524

        Oh yeah, and I saw lots of people mocking Luhan when Happy Camp Staff said that he was a very loyal friend “B/C HE’S CHEATING ON SEHUN AND WHORING AROUND W/ EVERYONE” like seriously.

      • http://twitter.com/smellysuzie (。◕ ‿ ◕。✿)

        I disagree with you. I’ve been in the fandom since day 1 and I don’t see those nicknames very often. Sure, people call Kai a slut but we all know that he’s totally the opposite offstage. and Luhan’s nickname is Princess Lulu. 

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000828829795 Gabriela Luna

        I’m EXOtic and I never heard about 
        “EXO bicycle”. Where did you see it? omg lol

        • http://twitter.com/IdaHedaaya Ida Hedaaya

          I’ve never heard about that either…

        • http://profile.yahoo.com/YQ53WK5K4DPXQ5DIBKDELB6WPE Camille

          It’s been mentioned a lot in the past in a certain, very active EXO community in LiveJournal.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/YQ53WK5K4DPXQ5DIBKDELB6WPE Camille

    I can’t with the London fancams. They were literally up their faces, touching them, mimicking Sehun’s lisp, calling them by their fan-bestowed nicknames and Engrish. Ugh. Disgusting.

    To be fair though, at least in Disneyland the fans kept their distance as much as possible, never so near the boys, not doing any of the things that happened in London. The fans were there but hardly any of them were all up the boys’ personal space. The many pictures and videos can attest to that.

    And OMG at EXO-M’s airport situation in China so many times now. Luhan has been groped the most, I think, and he bears it all with a smile on his face. :(

  • http://twitter.com/_whatevers asdf

    Exo fans have to be one the scariest fans out there (along with ELF). They’re a group of a bunch of hormonally imbalanced teenage girls who think they’re cute and funny. Stalking anyone is not right, all those Disneyland pictures and fancams make me sick, these fans need to get their act together it’s like they grew up with no manners or something. 

    And honestly I’ll never get the Exo hype. Just like I still can’t get the hype over Infinite. Exo is a group that offers nothing special or different in terms of music and in reality they are Super Junior v2. Where will SM get their profit after SuJu retires? It’s obvious Exo debuted at this time since many of the Suju members will be going to the army. I don’t see any talent or anything special in them. 

    • Hana Hyukkie

      very well said ! i totally agree on the Exo hype.

    • palebluedot13

      I agree about the overhype and I think it’s one of the reasons they have a lot of the type of fans they do. EXO had hordes of fangirls before their debut even. Which I never got.. How can someone stan a group before they even heard any music?

      • monkeyshinobi

        well before their actual debut they already released 2 mvs/songs and over 20 teasers with many different songs (some that haven’t even been released yet) also it showcased the member’s dancing talents and introduced members. Maybe not Stan, but becoming a fan before Exo’s debut isn’t strange at all. 

    • http://twitter.com/M_Wys Michaela Wylie

      Although I do somewhat agree on the EXO hype (not the Infinite hype, though D: ), this really isn’t the point of the article. Plus, you have to admit that EXO is more talented than Suju. 

      The problem here isn’t that they are popular; it’s what their popularity has led to. :/

    • http://twitter.com/jms177 Justy

      Sure Exo is overhyped and they don’t actually have anything that stands out about them or anything unique, but to call them talentless is kind of pushing it imo. But to each their own I guess. And if you’re wondering, no I’m not a fan of them. I was just curious about you’re comment. But yea, I agree with everything else you said.

    • kaysai

      sorry to pointed out, but ignorrant comment like this sometimes much more annoying to read than the article itself..

      first, how long you’ve been in kpop? every kpop fans must be realized that kpop is not just about music, creativity, original concept, etc..
      So, telling around the world that you couldn’t understand why many untalented group in kpop popular is so.. stupid and childish for me..
      I’m a SMTown fans, and i do realize that their music, concept, even MV were mostly sucks and pretty standar. But, i love them not just because of the music or talent, and i’m proudly say that their visualisation, manufactured personality, and even fake smile, were the reason i love smtown..

      that being said, just pleasee, respect another fans just by not shoving your thoughts about how talentless them in public places unless the article really aking for your opinion about them..

      and fyi, good music, good concept, good MV, and even talent people, are the most subjective things to judges.. so, it really not necessary to standarize your thoughts about something tht clearly an example of subjective things..

      • Hai Blut

        i love this comment<3 i'm going to share it

    • Megumi

      Well, sorry to say but your comments reeks of jealousy and hatred. Overhyped might be true but even that hype generated for some reason, honestly boy bands around the world don’t get popular only for their talent and music. There are lot of things involved like their image, fashion sense, personality etc but still you need to have some kind of talent to be in a idol group. I understand your hatred for the group that is not to your liking but calling them talentless was a bit too harsh. All of the K pop idols are scouted and tested on how much potential on singing or dancing they got. Later if they think the guy or girl has talent they officially recruit them and train them on dancing and singing until they are fit enough to perform. It’s not like they just grab them from the streets and directly put them on stage just because they like you. Every idols at least has to have some talent in singing or dancing and it’s a fierce competition there to get into the industry. So please don’t say stupid thing like they are talentless because they are somewhat talented.

  • Khaddie

    Unfortunately, I think the problem with EXO is that they have so many components that makes it easy for people to get a bit obsessive over them. They have plenty of members that allows for so many interactions and pairings. Pair that with being backed by a huge company like SM, a bit of public skinship and voila: obsessive and crazy people.

    However, I’m not blaming EXO for any of this, it’s really unfortunate and sad that they have to go through this, and frankly I worry for them if they end up becoming huge if they are already getting this when they are rookies. The London fancams were incredibly uncomfortable to watch from a computer screen, so I can’t even being to imagine what try must have felt like. I’m sure it’s not all the fans, and there are perfectly respectful and sane EXOtics (not an official name I don’t think) but what I’ve seem from some so far is horrendous. It’s also quite funny that some international fans tend to scrutinise Korean fans, but look at the London fancams and what happened at the airports. Obsessive and rude fans are every where I guess.

    Also, slut and whore. Really? I mean, seriously?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/WB2AGJ6Q2U43TZHKNPQGFEGWOI Madhuri Sharma

    Pretty much everything you said. I tried posting on tumblr about how people need to stop with the ‘slut’ or ‘whore’ thing and they told me to ‘cool down’ and it was said ‘with love’…. I just can’t with some fans. I’m totally an Exo fan and some of the stuff in the fandom is actually funny and awesome. But everything you’ve mentioned has really bugged me. I highly doubt Luhan likes being groped/shoved/screamed at by hysterical fans or any of the members for that matter but what can they do? They have to just smile and act like it doesn’t bother them at all. The fans in London basically said that they weren’t about to apologize and that they weren’t sorry and fans in Korea and China could so why couldn’t they… It made me facepalm so bad because their arguments made no sense. Harassment isn’t right regardless of if you’re a ‘native’ or international fan. I just don’t get most K-Pop fandoms and this is pretty much the biggest reason why I will NEVER call myself a given fandom name. I’m a fan of Exo and DBSK. But I am NOT a Cassie or ‘Exotic’.

  • sxne7

    I honestly don’t see a problem with nicknaming idols whatever you want, as long as there’s no malicious intent, usually its just a form of affection. Shawols refer to Minho as the “hyung whore” and frequently call Key a “bitch” because of his tendency to be blunt and up front which is just exemplified by his “diva” attitude. The moment this goes too far is when fans call them that to their faces. It’s one thing to flip out on twitter and other SNS but another to actually think they’d respond positively to something that is usually considered an insult. But really, while I don’t think EXO is fully prepared for this yet, it is behavior that is to be expected. SM Ent. bands especially have histories of having extremely devoted and stalkerish fans ahd while this is not the type of behavior I would condone, I hardly think this is news anymore. It must really be embarrassing for “sane” fans of the fandom but fans like this exist everywhere and not just in kpop. 

    • muggle87

      it still news. just cause it happens in other fandoms and other parts around the world doesn’t make it hardly news anymore. its like saying this murder is hardly news anymore cause murderers exist everywhere not only in korea. 

  • http://twitter.com/AuroraPoirot AuroraPoirot

    not all fans are like that… don’t generalize us!

    • http://twitter.com/amyjean92 Amy

      But she didn’t generalize. Did you not notice the first sentence of the third paragraph? It says: “First off – not all Exo fans are insane.” Please read carefully next time before accusing others.

  • http://profiles.google.com/jcho49 J Cho

    Sigh… delusional fan girls. This is a little much…

  • mh34n

    I feel sorry for the artists to have these kind of fans. They like to provoke other fandoms as well.

  • http://twitter.com/amyjean92 Amy

    I foresee sasaeng fans in the near future for EXO and that’s absolutely horrific to even imagine.

    • http://twitter.com/cidcm26 Cid C. M.

       Sadly, I think they already exist… :(

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/WB2AGJ6Q2U43TZHKNPQGFEGWOI Madhuri Sharma

      Exo-M has sasaengs in China. I remember reading about how they’ve almost gotten into car accidents because of them and how they almost broke into their dorm but the manager caught the sasaengs before they could. I don’t remember the source so take it with a pinch of salt. But I’m pretty sure they already have them…

      • http://twitter.com/M_Wys Michaela Wylie

        Already? :/

        TVXQ’s had two car accidents because of sasaengs, I think, but that was a year or two into their career. It’s upsetting that their sasaengs are already so dangerous. :(

        • Lo7us

          I’ve heard that every single member of TVXQ has been in a car accident because of sasaengs at least once :(

          I just don’t understand how this could happen to EXO already…

          • http://twitter.com/M_Wys Michaela Wylie

            Well, I think it was the same accident…? :P

            Sasaengs are crazy.

  • palebluedot13

    I agree with you OP. EXO fans have quickly climbed up to my list of Least Favorite Fandoms. It’s the above actions and just overall craziness and delusion that has just made me say, ok I will stay away from them. And I know not all EXO fans are like that. But it’s pretty sad that I have encountered so many that I have to just outright say I will stay away from them to protect my sanity.

  • http://twitter.com/spastic_jaki jaki carroway

    Yea this issue surfaced tumblr for a while but no one seems to have fixed anything. I completely agree with this. It’s gotten to the point where ppl don’t want to be involved with exo bc they don’t want to associate with the fandom, which is quite sad. They are talented, funny, handsome boys but are getting judged by their fans. I really hope fans wise up soon, perhaps even grow up. It’s also quite a shame since many EXO fans are very talented and have quite the sense of humor, some have just taken it too far.

    • http://twitter.com/M_Wys Michaela Wylie

      Oh, yeah, I agree with you. I never hate a group because of their fans, but some of their fans can really turn me off from giving groups a chance. 

  • http://twitter.com/twinnersc Gracie

    Honestly, I could only get through a minute and a half of that fan cam. It was really uncomfortable to see fans getting so close and how uncomfortable the EXO members looked as a result. EXO fans have also climbed onto my least favorite fandoms as well, though I do know a couple of EXO fans that are completely sane and quite lovely.

  • midsummerflower

    There’s a fine line between showing your love for your favorite idols and downright stalking and harassment. Some fans just get so hyped up when seeing their idols in person that they tend to equate stalking/harassment to affection. It doesn’t help that when one is surrounded by similar fans, mob mentality occurs and he/she is more likely to follow what others are doing. If one person touches Luhan at the airport, there will definitely be others who will follow suit.

    It sucks that EXO has to deal with this so early on in their career. Although they’ve handled this surprisingly well so far, I’m afraid to see what will happen further down the line.

    And I agree that fandom inside jokes need to stay within the fandom. ughhhhhh.

  • kurdoodle

    Oh goodness, I consider myself to be an avid fan of both Super Junior and Exo, and it seems like ELFs and EXOtics are always dubbed as the most craziest fanclubs…dang, this is quite embarrassing. Although I appreciate being able to see the members at Disneyland having fun and trying to get to know their various antics and personalities, it’s still uncomfortable for me to think about the members getting stalked like that. Gosh, limit the fantaken pics to official events and concerts!

    I think all the “endearing” nicknames on tumblr and all that are MEANT to be “endearing,” but that’s just because the people using them may not know the full scope of how insulting it is. I would love it if this behavior would stop (but it won’t, sadly), but we’ll just have to tolerate it. As long as you don’t say it to their face :

    • http://twitter.com/M_Wys Michaela Wylie

      Don’t feel too bad! SONEs and Cassies and Blackjacks are probably considered just as crazy, from what I’ve seen! :P

  • TheGoldilocks

    I know it’s all fun and games on Tumblr when everyone’s obsessing over Exo, and I follow many Exo blogs where the owners do such macro-ing, name calling, etc. etc. I think that’s fine, be as crazy a you want there. But dear God when I see Exo fans doing the same crazy obsessing to Exo themselves, I want to shake some sense into them. You just CANNOT treat these idols as I have seen fans do. I would go so far as to say that’s sasaeng fan behavior. I don’t understand why they do it, you are supposed to respect your idols, not harass them. I don’t know whether those fans are too young to understand (highly unlikely) or just don’t care, but there seriously needs to be some change in this fandom.

  • http://twitter.com/littlegirlgray6 Rosa

    I’m guilty of using nicknames for all my idol biases, especially the ones that have the tendency to act silly and childish. I’ll call them fails, idiots, dorks, and the like, as I would any of my friends, when they act silly and childish. All I have to remember is that it is the idol I see that I’m calling a fail or dork, and I’m not necessarily seeing who they really are, hence why I would never call Chanyeol crazy or D.O. Derpsoo in public, because they’re not acting like their idol selves. Fans need to learn when to separate idols and the real people behind the idols.

    However, I draw the line at calling an idol a “slut” or a “whore” just because they act or present themselves in a certain way. Like, really, you’re going to call Kai a “slut” just because he acts sexy on stage, off stage? Or Luhan a whore just because he’s friendly with all the members? There is nothing inherently wrong with acting “slutty” or being what would be considered a “whore” but seeing the age range of most of these fans and the situations they’re in, the malicious intent of these nicknames is really there, especially for Luhan’s nickname. It sounds like the work of bitter, deranged non-Luhan-everyone shippers.

    The fancams really made my stomach turn, especially when they were shouting at them in English. Imagine if you were in a foreign country and had hordes of people yelling at you in a language you don’t understand. That sounds really terrifying to me, and my heart goes out to Exo-K for having to suffer through it. The physical and borderline sexual assault of idols is also what bugs me. Idols in public are not a petting zoo that you get to touch and feel at your discretion. Heck little kids treat animals at petting zoos better than fans treat idols in public. Just because they’re idols doesn’t mean you get to assault them, some fans really have no sense of decency.

  • http://twitter.com/smellysuzie (。◕ ‿ ◕。✿)

    From being present at the exo-in-london incident myself, I can surely say that we were not all as bad as what you saw from that fancam. Correct, a few people were taking photos literally not even 5 inches away from exo’s faces, but compared the majority of us who WEREN’T like that, i think it’s horrible how London fans are looked down on by the rest of the fandom globally. It disgusts me how the girl(s) who called exo names such as ‘slag’ and mimicked sehun’s lisp to their faces are still proud of what they did. But i’m even more disgusted at how London fans are so generalised by everyone else.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001226649164 Angelique MinHo

    HAHAHAHAHA oh my god… first of all…. don’t say ”
    it’s disheartening to see Exo’s fans get a bad reputation so soon” when that’s not entirely true. You don’t even have evidence for that kind of general reputation for the fandom itself.
    I agree with you, don’t take me wrong but I’m not agreeing with that last part. All fandoms have something bad… not just EXO’s.
    Anyways, yes, you are right, some fans are just WAY BEYOND CRAZY…. I can tell that the Chinese fans were totally out of their minds by pulling them and grabbing Luhan all over.
    Second, I think that the company itself should be aware of their popularity and indeed they should have proper security guards and not just their managers.
    Yes, fans should behave but well…. I can’t blame them either, when you see someone you like, even if you don’t intend to harm, you lose your senses and go crazy.
    EXO has three months since their debut but what the hell dude? doesn’t it prove their popularity is big??? come on!
    To write an article and say that the fandom has a bad reputation is something WAY BEYOND the line….
    And if it wasn’t for YOU, who wrote about Kai being called a slut and Luhan a whore I wasn’t even into it. I had NO IDEA these fans had those nicknames for the boys….
    So, to make things short, THEY ARE NOT FANS. Because fans never intend harm to them.
    Regarding privacy and all that, I have to say that they knew what they were getting into when they decided to debut, so I honestly think their privacy died once their faces were all over internet. And this is not just with EXO but also for all K-pop idols. Once you’re an idol, your privacy is gone. So don’t take things too seriously and let the immature and bad fans to grow up a little and realize the shit they are doing.
    And I know the boys need their privacy and I just speak for myself when I say I’d never do something that might compromise their privacy.
    With this article you’re gonna get us hated by everybody.

    • http://twitter.com/smellysuzie (。◕ ‿ ◕。✿)

      I agree with you so much. It’s so annoying when people think that they are somewhat superior to us ”delusional fangirls”. They don’t know anything. The majority of us are sane, but as soon as one person does something inappropriate, these know-it-alls come along and judge the whole fandom. This article is heavily biased and only portrays one side of the story, resulting in the fandom being hated by everyone else.

      • http://twitter.com/littlegirlgray6 Rosa

        Please, both of you, read the beginning of the second paragraph. The writer clearly states that she knows that not all fans are like this. But I do agree that the actions of a few do affect the majority by them being generalized, but I really think that this article helps to highlight the problems within the EXO fandom and hopefully helps get the message across that these problems are not okay.

      • ragdolleyes

        Both of you should calm down a little and tone down the insults. This article was not intended to hate on Exotics, but rather to point out problems with Kpop fans (supported with tangible evidence). The author specifically stated that not all Exo fans are like this. But the sheer intensity and shock factor of the event itself in London called a lot of attention and that is what the writer was focusing on.

        “Yes, fans should behave but well…. I can’t blame them either, when you see someone you like, even if you don’t intend to harm, you lose your senses and go crazy…EXO has three months since their debut but what the hell dude? doesn’t it prove their popularity is big??? come on!”
        Neither popularity nor “love” are EVER excuses to call people degrading names in public, screaming in their ears, shoving cameras in their faces or touching complete strangers inappropriately. Your perspective on that situation is actually quite worrying if you think that it’s perfectly excusable to do that since “admiration” for an idol is a justifiable reason.

        “Regarding privacy and all that, I have to say that they knew what they were getting into when they decided to debut, so I honestly think their privacy died once their faces were all over internet. And this is not just with EXO but also for all K-pop idols. Once you’re an idol, your privacy is gone. So don’t take things too seriously and let the immature and bad fans to grow up a little and realize the shit they are doing.”
        It is true that once you are a famous celebrity/idol, your privacy is inevitably limited. However do you think anyone enjoys being followed and recorded everywhere they go or being sexually harassed (yes, it IS harassment)? That is FAR beyond the line of just invading someone’s privacy and yet you say that we shouldn’t “take things too seriously?” Some fans NEVER mature/grow up and realize that they are doing wrong, especially if they think they can get away with it. There are several articles on SB concerning the treatment of idols and abuse in the Korean entertainment industry, I suggest you look them up if you’re TRULY interested in this topic or if you’re just attacking the writer because she supposedly “insulted” your fandom.

        “With this article you’re gonna get us hated by everybody.”
        SB brings up these difficult topics because no one else will. Discussing them is one of the main ways in finding a solution. Sweeping issues under the rug, like how Korean journalists do, just allows the problem to continue. BTW cool your beans, it’s not like people in public will all of a sudden start mobbing you if you say you’re an Exotic. Christ…

        It all boils down to whether you care more about the welfare of idols or the reputation of your fandom, and considering your attitude it seems like the latter.

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001226649164 Angelique MinHo

          calm myself? XD am I even angry?? you better learn to read my friend.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001226649164 Angelique MinHo

        exactly and then they call us crazy and stupid fangirls hating on the “writer” please….

  • http://twitter.com/cidcm26 Cid C. M.

    Light jokes are always fine to make within your fandom. But we really need to keep in mind that these guys are humans too…and to me, because of the proximity of age between me and the EXO members, these guys are also just kids. Some jokes are a little extreme and damaging to their image. “Whore”, “slut”, and “crack-addict” are really awful names to be called by. And as for Sehun’s lisp, I think it’s cute, but we shouldn’t make fun of it and harass him about it. I mean, what if it ISN’T because of his routainer (the most logical reason we have so far)? It’s like making fun of a person’s limp who only has one leg. And personal space should be given without a second thought. If you want to welcome idols, make them feel comfortable! Finally, I’d just like to say that if any of the “crazed” fans are reading this, don’t let that word be the adjective to describe you. IT’S NEVER TOO LATE TO CHANGE!!! (<—Caps locked for emphasis) As fans, we always want our idols to be happy and healthy, but to do that, we should all take care of our mental and maybe even physical well-being first. Then we can end up with a one big, happy fandom!^^

    • http://twitter.com/M_Wys Michaela Wylie


    • ragdolleyes

      Very true, great comment.

    • Hai Blut

      after reading this i was alomost left exo but i ask myself why do i have to leave exo for jsut some kind of stupid comment and someone stupid articles? so i try to not care about people who have a problem with exo fans

  • iflypaperjets

    I think mobbing and stalking occurs in every K-pop fandom, but with EXO fans it’s a little different because of it’s large size. 

    I don’t think it’s fair to say that there are only a “few” EXO fans who are sane because there are more then just a handful full of us who don’t stalk the boys. Look at how many people show up at airports and fan signing events. There are even more fans who couldn’t, and didn’t show up. The same can be said for international affairs. Disneyland and London, yeah there were people who were there, but a majority of us weren’t physically there to see them. 

    Maybe I should put it like this, the ratio of mobbing/stalking is the same of other fandoms, but since EXO has so many fans, it’s a little bit more out of control. This can be dangerous in it’s own way though, and I think it’s already proven itself.I’m a fan of EXO, so I’m aware of these past incidences, and for some of them it was scary. I could never get over the Chinese air port mobbing that happened to EXO-M. For the most part, I think that’s partially because no one, not even the airport employees knew how large of a crowd EXO-M was going to bring. Things were a bit under prepared. There recent trips to China weren’t as bad, thankfully. 

    The Disneyland trip and the event in the UK didn’t bother me as much. I know it’s a normal thing for international fans to follow their idols around, but the name calling was disrespectful. From the London fans, I heard that a majority of them did leave them alone after a while. It was just a handful of people who kept following them, and I think the same could be said for Disneyland.

    I’m sad that others who aren’t apart of the EXO fandom see their fans as immature and disrespectful, because for the most part I don’t think we are. It’s just the handful of people who give us a bad image.

    • http://twitter.com/shiny_chang Shi-en

      I agree with you. The large fandom that EXO have managed to gather in such a short amount of time plays into it, since it means that there are obviously more zealous fans than in a smaller fandom.
      There’s also a large ratio of international fans to fans closer at home, since EXO is aimed more at an international level, rather than focussing on Korea first. And I think that being from a company that’s had so many groups finding success not just in Korea, but also overseas, they’re more recognised, than say a group from a smaller company. EXO are more noticed because SM is so famous, and many fans from the SJ fandom or SHINee fandom also became EXO fans.
      But the things that have happened to EXO (the mobbing, the stalking, the nickname-ing, the teasing) do not only apply to EXO, so I don’t get why the fandom is so quickly criticised by others…

  • arodwen

    Which is why I refuse to associate myself with the EXO fandom. I love EXO and I love the handful of EXO fans that I’ve met who share the same principles about fandom behavior as me. The fandom? Forget it. It disgusts me, sometimes, when I do scroll through the EXO tag for news. 

    And, yes, I do realize that it’s a small minority ruining it for the rest purely because that minority is just so obnoxious and in your face about it. But for people like me, and newbie kpop fans, who’ve never experienced fandom mentality (purely because there hasn’t been a group up until this point that I’ve like enough to want to participate in the fandom), it just turns them away.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000828829795 Gabriela Luna

    Exo’s fans get a bad reputation because people like you talk too much, really. Do you have a nickname? Well, I have. My friends also call me “whore”, all my nicknames are offensive, but I don’t care. Do you know why I don’t care? Because they’re my family and I know if someone take it seriously they will be the first to punch that someone in face. I also know that you call Kai “Slut” trying to make him feel bad some EXO’s fans would want to punch you in face. I know it because I would.

    I got the point you’re talking about, I can understand, but you really think that someone wanted to offend them? Are you worried about people calling Luhan “whore”… Do you know Heechul? Do you know what people talk about him? So, we aren’t the only one. About Kai’s english… Did you never, in your life, laugh at K Idol’s english? Never? Do you see what ELFs talk about Donghae’s english? What about Lee Joon’s english? 


    I think you’re right about the fancams and privacy. The question is :::::: EXOtics are the only one? Don’t you know Cassies, right? “But EXO is a rookie group” Yes, they’re are, but their fans aren’t. Ex Cassie, now EXOtic. Ex A+, now EXOtic. Ex Wonderlful, now EXOtic. Ex VIP, now EXOtic. Do you get it? 

    OTPs……… Well, K-Pop industry is it. When you become a trainee you SHOULD know the fans will ship you with someone else. Ok, ask for your OTP isn’t the best decision, but i wouldn’t say that  it’s wrong. EXO went to SHINee and SuJu’s concert and the saw EunHae and JongTae. They saw everything. They’ know the future. We all know. 

    But the point is, you said “First off – not all Exo fans are insane”. (Thanks, anyway) but… We all know that there aren’t perfect fandoms… So, why EXOtics have to be perfect? Thanks for worrying about my lovely EXO, I’m greatful for it, but you should know that you aren’t right. Not at all. You should make a post talking about all of rude fans, not one just about EXOtics.

    That’s what I think. – And I’m sorry if I made some mistakes (I’m sure that i made), but I don’t speak english, so…

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001512806366 Xavier Campillay

      hi5. – THE BEST POST EVER.



    • mmmleen

       If you were to get past the specifics, as in the article citing incidences with Exo, you’ll see that the purpose is not to solely attack crazy Exo fans but to talk about crazy fans in general. The first two paragraphs address all crazy fans and the author clarifies that for this particular article she would talk about Exo’s lunatic fans. Everyone knows that every single fandom has members it’s ashamed of, the author knows this, the readers know this, there’s a silent understanding that when reading this article people know that this type of behavior applies to all crazy K-Pop fans. I think you’re getting too caught up on the fandom names to actually understand the whole article.

      As you pointed out, many of these fans aren’t rookies, they’ve adored and stalked other groups and additionally probably belong to other fandoms as well. But the fact that they have experience actually works against their favor. They should know better by now and not keep perpetuating their bad reputation and therefore staining the reputation of their fellow fans.

      As for the nicknames, you yourself made the distinction that your friends and family call you the same type of names. FRIENDS AND FAMILY. Not strange girls who try to grope you and fabricate homoerotic fantasies of you and your groupmates. Of course they didn’t mean harm, fans would hate to be out of favor with their idols but haven’t you ever heard of harm being done with good intentions?

      Oh and the whole “they knew what they were getting into”? What the hell kind of bullshit is that to justify fan behavior? Is it so hard to fathom that these boys love singing and dancing so much that they hoped that maybe the fans wouldn’t be so crazy? Shouldn’t fans make things easier for their idols?

      Try to get past your insulted image as an Exo fan and realize that this is an indictment against ALL crazy fans, it’s just that these particular ones have been causing trouble lately.

      I am NOT saying all Exo fans, all Suju fans, all K-Pop fans are like this and the author isn’t either. Try to transcend names and realize that this is just human not Exo fan behavior, just crazy fucked-up ubiquitous behavior that should not be tolerated or justified.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000828829795 Gabriela Luna

        If you want talk about all crazy fans you should JUST talk about all crazy fans. 

        You can’t choose one fandom, talk about them and wait that everybody will agree. I know the person who wrote it talked about all of them in the begining, but after is just “EXO fans are crazy” “They are the worst fandom” “omg, they’re a rookie group and it’s happening” “Look, they aren’t human”. Not with those words, but you can read it. 

        I agree with you. The crazy fans should stop. I’m asking for it. But will you stop them talking about how crazy exo’s fans they are? Please don’t say that this post is about all of them, i just can see “exo” everywhere here. 

        I mean “people that i love” when i say “family and friends”. And I really love those boys. I cried so much when i knew that Baekhyun wasn’t ok. I laugh with them when they do stupid things (like everytime). And I know that I will never see them in my life because Brazil is too far, but I keep dedicating my time to them. 


        I used “we” even tought I didn’t call them like this, but we, EXOtics, are a family. Yes, I heard about “harm being done with good intentions” that’s the reason why i don’t talk rude things about them (even expressing love). 

        My opnion is the same “the person who wrote it went wrong talking just about EXO’s fans” When you talk about one thing and you want an exaple you have to show something bad, so… 

        • mmmleen

           I can see where you’re coming from but for the author to have to dig through all of the past incidences of crazy behavior of other group’s fans would be a lot of work.  And now I see that you aren’t really attacking the author but the commentors who are generalizing Exo fans.

          I agree in future articles concerning this phenomena it would probably be wiser to cite similar situations from other fandoms so as to mitigate the backlash from the fandom in question.

          The whole love thing, I can see that you’re sincere but the fans who harass them have another type of love. One that is obsessive and dark to the point where it can’t really be called love.

          Thank you for the update, it really takes a heavy load off my chest that at least  Exotics have stopped with TheHun thing.

          And thanks for being reasonable, I can see your point now.

          • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000828829795 Gabriela Luna

            I’m really grateful. These crazy fans makes me ashamed. I can imagine how Luhan was feeling, he’s just a baby to me.

            Thanks for understand. 

        • Hai Blut

          some people said that they are shame to call themsel exotic. but me well i didn’t do anything wrong so i call my self exotic and tell people how much i love exo

    • ragdolleyes

      “I also know that you call Kai “Slut” trying to make him feel bad some EXO’s fans would want to punch you in face. I know it because I would.”
      Er, that’s a little dangerous. Don’t go punching random people in the face even if they insult your bias, that’s a little uncalled for and frankly violent… :O

      “When you become a trainee you SHOULD know the fans will ship you with someone else.”
      It’s fine to ship if that’s your thing. But if an artist doesn’t like his fans yelling OTP names at him then I think it would be polite to stop, right?

      Personally if you want to call someone a nickname, then do so within your fandom but keep it to yourself in public. It’s hard for very devoted fans to understand that these celebrities are complete strangers and you don’t know them at all. They can VERY WELL be offended by the things you are screaming at them.

  • Mary Chen

    If I’m allowed to make a suggestion here: EXO fans, when you’re at the airport, the best thing to do is to FORM TWO STRAIGHT lines, and let your idols walk in the center, for one, you’re ALL able to see them up close, and two, nobody gets hurt, and they get to see each of you clearly. You will need a leader to do this, and get everything in order BEFORE letting the idols walk out. Please watch this video and you’ll know what i’m talking about. Taiwanese idol Show Lo walked in the center of two straight lines (formed by over 1000 fans) at the Hong Kong airport on July 1, 2012.  I was a part of this line and I was able to get wave him and getting a wave back from him. the lines were so well-organized that everybody was able to see him up close, and he was so happy and proud. I’m sure every fan wants to see their idols up close, but you really need to find a proper, safe way, so no one gets hurt, and you can go home happy.   Most importantly, learn to stay calm when you’re around the idols, trust me, you’ll get more out of it when you don’t act like a crazy person.  :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zYhxTVxx-dY&feature=plcp

    • idontknoe

      I think since they are still rookies, no one expected the reception to be that crazy. Usually when celebs come in, there’s a security detail. I think in the future, they’ll be a lot more prepared. Poor Luhan.

      • Mary Chen

        i agree it does take time~ hopefully things can run smoothly in the future, not just for EXO but their fans as well.

    • asianromance

      Wonderful idea!  I don’t know why none of the other fandoms have done so!  Someone needs to translate this idea and put it somewhere where a majority of the fans can see it.  The two lines also makes the idol or idols walking through feel more like a star or a king than being a piece of meat.  love it! 

  • Mary Chen

     and I apologize if my comment doesn’t relate to the content of this article.

  • dodo18

    i have always wondered why in the world only sm boygroup seem to have those problem at the aeroport. i swear i follow bigbang for years but i have yet to see bigbang being mobed like that at an aeroport even if they are mad popular. maybe sm idols look more friendly of their fans are more passionate conlusion i will never understand this mystery

    • http://twitter.com/M_Wys Michaela Wylie

      That’s interesting. O_o

      Maybe SM boy groups attract more obsessive teenage female fans? :/

      • Gaya_SB

        SM really does encourage some of the fan behaviour

        • http://twitter.com/M_Wys Michaela Wylie

          Yes, I think I was talking about that over in the Objectification article! ^_^

          We were saying how SM sees fan service as a marketing device, sort of, which makes fans more obsessive. I think the music produced by SM is also often aimed towards the teen fan culture as well. Which is honestly not a bad marketing strategy. Those fans will buy every single and album and anything else they can. It’s just too bad that some fans take it beyond just supporting.

    • Lo7us

      Yeah I’ve wondered about this too. 

      Apparently GD didn’t know what a sasaeng fan taxi was until he asked Jaejoong, and I never hear of stalking incidents as bad as ones SM groups get for Big Bang, 2ne1, etc…

      • http://twitter.com/M_Wys Michaela Wylie

        Oh, wow, really? O_o

        Lucky GD. Best of both worlds then. :P Lots of love from fans (and media, and the public, and everyone ^_^ ), but no insane stalkers… >.<

      • ragdolleyes

        People still follow Big Bang and meet them at airports and such but it’s not AS bad. I saw a few fancams of them at a restaurant in Japan though and some of the members could barely get through the crowd to their vans. A lot of people grab their clothes too as they walk by.

        SM groups tend to be the largest and most intense but I still feel uncomfortable watching smaller mobs like Big Bang’s. IMHO I think following someone around outside of their job (concerts, variety shows, etc.) is uncalled for. They have lives too and should be respected like any other person.

    • palebluedot13

      me too.
      i’m a vip and this shit astounds me.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001512806366 Xavier Campillay

    But .. ALL fandoms have a bad reputation don’t remember Cassiopeia in DREAM CONCERT 2008 or SONe bashing nine muses because ..are  9 ? or ELF bashing b2st when the group have official colour ? UHHHHHHHH KPOP it´s like a war .- Ñegh.- EVERYBODY make mistakes I love EXO and i roll like a buffalo.- Peace.

  • http://twitter.com/shiny_chang Shi-en

    Being at EXO London incident myself, yes there were fans that were in their faces, but the majority of us were not as bad as the fancams showed.

    As much as I love the fandom, being so fast at uploading videos, photos, and gif-ing and subbing them, it does disgust me sometimes when some jokes are taken too far. Yes, I found the Bacon-Baekhyun joke funny the first few times, but now, it just gets old, and so does the Sehun-lisp, which really really isn’t that obvious. Some light jokes are fine within the fandom, and if they themselves are okay with the jokes, but when it gets to saying the jokes to their faces, that’s just taking it too far. While it might be okay to call a close friend a ‘whore’ or something like that, EXO (and other idols, because this probably doesn’t just apply to the EXO fandom) are not our close friends, they’re celebrities. Especially since most of us live in the West (Europe and America), joking, sarcasm, satire are relatively seen as a part of the culture (especially in the UK), so it’s fine to make fun of celebrities, but the society in Asia, especially Korea, is less relaxed than that, so misunderstandings are even more easily caused, especially when the celebrity has just as many antis as fans. Seriously, calling Kai a ‘slut’ to his face is downright debasing, for both him, and as a representation of the fandom.

    However, I also find it rather annoying that some other KPop fans, or not even KPop fans – just people who’ve caught a whiff of the Hallyu wave – generalise the fandoms, not just the EXO fandom, but KPop in general as well, based on one or two incidences. Yes, there are the overzealous fans, especially in countries outside of Korea, since the KPop idols are more rarely seen, but please do remember there are those who are milder in their expression of their love for their favourite celebrities.Yes, humans have an innate need to categorise things, but it’s rather frustrating, not just for those being categorised, but also for those categorising, since it sometimes just leads to hostility towards one another. I think that’s why a lot of those who are just ‘passing by’ the KPop fandom just sometimes go straight past, because of, firstly, them basing us on some of the most “energetic” (let’s say) fans, and secondly, the fanwars that occur because generalisations between fandoms within the KPop fandom.

    Also, (insanely long comment, but I’m rather bored right now, and it’s relevant to me as an EXO and KPop fan) when it comes to idols, the fact that they’re ‘idols’ (I don’t like this term, since it seems that some people forget they are actually still human) takes away most of their privacy, especially when they’re going overseas for official activities, rather than just a holiday. The fact that their companies announce they’re going overseas, when they’re going away, where they’re going, is sort of asking for them to be followed, to be put crassly. If they didn’t want to be seen by fans, they wouldn’t announce they’re going away; while, yes, fans have ways of finding out they’re coming/going, most would, or should, respect that the company isn’t announcing this, so they want some sort of privacy. But yes, while they are celebrities, they’re also humans, and they’re still young, so they deserve some privacy.

    I feel that there should be a conclusion to this, seeing as it’s so long, and could quite possibly pass for a school essay (if there ever was one about fandoms…), so I’m just going to say that, yes, it is saddening to see that, with a fandom as young as EXO’s, some fans are being disrespectful to their idols, but it’s equally saddening to see that others are quick to generalise them and point out the negative points about another fandom – some of these “nicknames” were not as known, and many would not have even known had they been pointed out. I’m not going to say I know everything about everyone, but I’m not a perfect fan, and neither are you, so I think we would all benefit if we can change our views and actions, to both present a better fandom to the outside world, but also to be a healthier, more positive fandom within, rather criticising each other so quickly.

    (Well… So much for the initial intention of just reading this article and maybe writing a short comment, but opinions opinions opinions just came out. Sorry. Some of it might seem contradictory, or just contrasting views, but I’m just someone who thinks about different points of views, or I’ve been taught to think about different peoples’ views… And well done if you actually read all of that, since some/most of it is probably rubbish and nonsensical… >_<')

    • ragdolleyes

      I’m really curious, just HOW do fans know when their idols are going to airports and restaurants and such? Sometimes I see fancams of people swarming everywhere with signs like they prepared for it and I’m just sitting here blankly like… Is there a secret announcement that I missed? I will never go see an idol outside of their entertainment job but I am perplexed as to how they even know when airport times will be. O_O

      And for concerts, it’s impossible to avoid announcing when they will have their overseas activities because people need to know the date and location in advance to purchase tickets… So IDK if that should warrant as an “invitation” for stalkers.

      • http://twitter.com/shiny_chang Shi-en

        I don’t know how Korean fans know when they go, but if they announce overseas activities that’s to countries like the US or Europe, they usually only go within the couple of days before the actual event. And then that narrows down the flights they can go on, since there’s very few flights per day from Korea to, say, London. And once Korean fans find out, people find out from the photos they upload.

        Probably worded it wrongly, just, if you tell someone where and when you’re going, they can follow you, and, in the case of celebrities, it’s just more than likely that they’re going to stalk. It’s not necessarily right, but especially when they come to a country they rarely ever go, obviously fans are more likely to follow them around, than say if they were just around Korea.

  • http://www.facebook.com/coldcitypeople Jauden Tyson

    I swear a lot of people in comments take the whole “slut” and “whore” comments up in the ass. Get over it, damn feminists. Anyway, I can understand though why people would get mad when they say it to their faces. Who does shit like that? I swear some fans take shit too far.  This entire article is seriously biased and generalizing. Don’t deny it, I mean you practically are generalizing, even though you say you aren’t. And Miss Natalie, who the fuck do you think you are? I mean you aren’t some top, elitist reporter. You’re just another goddamn fan on the internet like us. Don’t try to call one fandom bad when there are a whole bunch other fandoms that are way fucking worse.

    I’m a fucking Shawol, but hey got to defend my group’s hoobaes ya know?

    • http://www.facebook.com/coldcitypeople Jauden Tyson

      But the part that angered me the most is just what you said, they make it look like we don’t appreciate EXO…ugh how fun would it be if EXO read something like that huh?

    • http://twitter.com/littlegirlgray6 Rosa

      I think what separates the other fandoms from EXO’s fandom is how fast and how intense this following has gotten,since it’s only been three months since EXO’s debut, which I have the Internet to thank for.  I think that it’s unfair to say that you can’t judge a part of a fandom because other fandoms are a lot worse. I judge all fans that act terribly and immaturely, so Exotics that fit that criteria don’t escape judgement just because others are a lot worse. And I do think these Exotics will only get a lot worse with time, especially if we don’t address these issues with the fandom soon.

      And please, avoid using profanity and loaded words with your argument, it really weakens your points and makes you seem really pressed and hostile, which might make other readers uncomfortable.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000828829795 Gabriela Luna

        “I judge all fans that act terribly and immaturely”  So,  you have to talk about all of them. 

        • http://twitter.com/littlegirlgray6 Rosa

          As the lovely commentor mmleen has already stated as a reply to one of your posts, the author clearly addresses that many fans in other fandoms are equally crazy. Everyone knows it. But does it mean that we can’t address it in the case of Exotics? No fandom is sacred, and we’ve already had chances to complain/discuss about Shawols, Cassies, and ELFs ad nauseum, since they’ve been here much longer. The fan behaviour of Exotics a good way to bring up again the discussion of fan behaviour of K-pop as a whole.

      • http://www.facebook.com/coldcitypeople Jauden Tyson

        I will use as much profanity as I want and I don’t a flying fladoodle what the other prudish readers think. But you do have a good point with the EXO thing…

        • http://twitter.com/M_Wys Michaela Wylie

          Please don’t use profanity as much as you want. There’s a reason you can flag comments, and that’s because some people don’t know how to be mature. 

          • http://www.facebook.com/coldcitypeople Jauden Tyson

            Are you calling me immature?
            And that is absolutely,
            I’m still underage, whaddya gonna do?

          • http://twitter.com/M_Wys Michaela Wylie

            I’m underage too. Is that your excuse? 

          • http://www.facebook.com/coldcitypeople Jauden Tyson

            Yes because yes. Just kidding, but being underage, I like to be immature. Being serious is for older people.

          • http://twitter.com/M_Wys Michaela Wylie

            This article is serious. No need to be here if you aren’t.

          • http://www.facebook.com/coldcitypeople Jauden Tyson

            There is no need to be upset.

          • ragdolleyes

            Lol she’s not. It was a logical statement. SB is for people who want to discuss like adults.

          • http://www.facebook.com/coldcitypeople Jauden Tyson

            Yes because you are incredibly mature for replying to a troll.


          • http://www.facebook.com/coldcitypeople Jauden Tyson

            I was angry. If you didn’t know, many people curse when they are angry. I don’t need random people on the internet telling me that I’m not “mature”.

        • http://seoulbeats.com Johnelle

          Actually, you can use as much profanity as SB will allows you to in our comments.  SB, unlike many other sites ls pretty lenient in the comments section, but be warned that if you go to far in being abusive in your language when commenting–you will be banned.  There are many ways to express your thoughts so try and use some tact when doing so.

          • http://www.facebook.com/coldcitypeople Jauden Tyson

            I was angry. If you didn’t know, many people curse when they are angry. I don’t need random people on the internet telling me to use “tact”. 

          • http://seoulbeats.com Johnelle

            If you think I’m a random person on the internet, you are obviously a newcomer to SB.  You should do a little more research yourself.

          • http://www.facebook.com/coldcitypeople Jauden Tyson

            I am and why would I want to research someone I don’t want to know? lol.

  • Lostnaparkinglot

    I think you are overreacting about the “Slut” and “Whore” comments. They’re meant as jokes and NOT geared at the boys actual personality. Anyone who has seen a video know Kai is not actually a slut.

    Honestly, I would be more concerned about the other fandoms, who troll articles on rival idols calling them  “Whore’s” and “Bitches”—– cuz when they say they MEAN it.

    • http://twitter.com/M_Wys Michaela Wylie

      I wouldn’t be more concerned about those trolls — because they’re trolls and everyone know not to pay attention to them. I think it’s a lot more concerning that their own fans call them “slut” or “whore”. :/

  • http://twitter.com/A7316A AB

    Whoa. The writer is just pointing out instances that have happened in a relatively new fanbase. And she makes it pretty clear that not all fans are like this and that it isn’t only EXO’s fandom that exhibits this behavior. (First three paragraphs, anyone?) If you deny that this behavior actually happens, you must not have read the entire article through.

    As in all fandoms, there are those whose behavior is extreme and gets
    noticed, resulting in generalizations by those outside of the fandom.What makes EXO unique is that this behavior by those choice fans has gotten so out of control so quickly. Even though a fan might think that those are terms of endearment, the members themselves certainly wouldn’t think so. While anyone may use terms like “slut,” “whore,” “bitch,” etc. among friends, that implies a sense of intimacy among that in-group that allows those terms softer connotations. But unless you personally know EXO and are good friends with the members, I don’t see how using that language is even remotely appropriate. Same with the lisp-mocking. That is legitimately a speech impediment, and playing that up when you’re not close with someone isn’t affectionate; it’s insulting.

    With the fan cams and obsessive behavior: we get it. You’re a fan. But that group you’re fan of? They’re all human, regular people, who are probably internally freaked out that so many people are going to great lengths to follow them around and touch them. Luhan’s incident, if anything, should show fans that engage in that behavior the danger of their actions. Yes, you touched oppa. But guess what? He’s almost injured because of it. Does it need to go to a more dangerous level for those sorts of invasions of privacy to stop?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/3O73S4PB7NZRSRVPOOCIH3ZG34 Susan

    I can never understand how fans can get so crazy excited that they lose all sense of common decency.
    As for the slut/whore nicknames, the fans may say them affectionately and with no ill intent but those are some pretty harsh words with only negative connotations and I don’t think anyone should make the assumption that the members will be fine with it. You’re not their friend, and as much as you’d like to think you know them, you don’t, so don’t act like you’re their bff and have a little respect, yes?

  • http://twitter.com/s9mniloquist Sherina Dodani

    To be honest, I do agree with this post. It’s this kind of behaviour that’s garnering the EXO members a fairly large amount of hate..this is all among international fans, I’m not sure how the Korean fans are. 

    It’s normal for certain members to have nicknames, but ‘slut’ and ‘whore’ are really…derogatory. There are k-pop fans who are against those slut-shaming trolls, and here a hopefully not-so-major part of the EXO fandom is calling two of their members ‘slut’ and ‘whore’. Double standards, as usual. Only in reverse this time round.

    I was deeply concerned by what happened in China. How EXO-M, especially Luhan, were able to get through all that chaos with smiles on their faces was just…I applaud them for maintaining composure. What happened in Disneyland…I’d say London was MUCH worse. The lack of etiquette as a fan is shocking. Sure, you see your bias group, they’re in your radar, it’s okay if you wanna greet them, say hi. Greet, be polite, smile, maybe sneak in some small talk, and for the love of all our hearing, speak in a normal, level tone. Don’t squeal, just…don’t.

    But you don’t follow them around sticking cameras in their faces and shouting out all the inside jokes, some of which do turn out to be quite offensive, actually (such as ‘Thehun’, the poor boy’s trying to get over his lisp and bam, now he’s being teased by his own fans about it. What if he’s self-conscious about it, hmm? Might have hurt him quite a lot there.) That sounds somewhat like the behaviour of..dun dun duuun…a sasaeng. Yeah, those scary people. Don’t harass your idols if you don’t want to be seen as the bane of your idols’ wellbeing and safety.

  • launamberuanxD

    This article is right, I’m an EXO fan myself, and while I think EXO’s fandom is the most hilarious I’ve ever found, and I love it, and I consider myself a part of it, I also don’t like these behaviours the author pointed out. The first time I saw someone calling Luhan a whore, or Kai a slut or they made fun of Sehun’s lisp I laughed, it was obviously a joke and a small one, but I started feeling uncomfortable as people kept using them as permanent jokes, and it grew and now I feel the way they use it is insulting. I still love EXO’s fandom, it could never be one of my least favorites,  it’s hilarious, the way they make fun of the members is mostly friendly and I love it, they make me laugh everyday and it’s in big part because of the fandom that I became so fond of the group. And as you said, not all fans are like that, most of us are mortified when we see people stalking them and making them feel uncomfortable like that.

  • nichkeyy

    Lol people should realize that majority of Exo fans are Sones, Elfs, Cassies and Shawols so what do you expect, right? Ofc, it’ll only get worse.

    If you actually think of it, Exo fans have been following Exo since December 2011, so we feel closer to them. And non-Exo fans wouldn’t get it unless they followed and waited for Exo for 4 freaking months to debut!

    About the “slut” and Sehun’s lisp… lol. It’s getting blown out of proportion, yes I admit but can’t people get that those are meant for LOLS? 

    Shouldn’t SEOULBEATS  worry more about TROLLS AND HATERS everywhere saying SLUT BITCHES FLOP AND FUCKS about idols? Rather than inappropriate behavior, I think that trolls are going through disorders.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/36AXZ4OH33WQL3AV5OM2VL7SRY Angel

       Mostly ELF’s and I’m sure they are happy that the whole immature kids disappeared from their fandom.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000828829795 Gabriela Luna

        You shouldn’t talk about ELFs like this. I know, they’re crazy but I’m sure that if there’s a fandom who loves a group it’s the ELF. I repeat, they’re crazy, it’s true.  But you have to remember that aren’t all of them. Just the way that aren’t all of EXOtics. 
        Every single fandom has a bad part.

        • http://profile.yahoo.com/36AXZ4OH33WQL3AV5OM2VL7SRY Angel

          Well they don’t love SuJu enough then if so many of then can leave them so easily for Exo.

    • Aurora2687

      LOL, and I’m sure the fandoms you’ve mentioned were happy to get rid of some of the crazies. It’s a shame they latched on to Exo and now they have to deal with the cray-cray some of these groups had deal with in the past.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/36AXZ4OH33WQL3AV5OM2VL7SRY Angel

    Thank you and I agree with you soo much. Exo fans try to defend their fandom but you need to realise the true. Your fandom is already the most hated this year. I can tell that without to see any poll or whatsever

  • http://www.facebook.com/coldcitypeople Jauden Tyson

    People that defend the writer piss me off. Leave me alone and stop commenting on my comment.

    • http://twitter.com/M_Wys Michaela Wylie

      No thanks! If you posted here, you opened yourself up to attack! ^_^

    • Grace Ecarg

      if you post something, expect people to reply back

    • ragdolleyes

      Lol what gives you the right to comment above everyone else?

      BTW people with your kind of attitude “piss me off.” ;)

      • http://www.facebook.com/coldcitypeople Jauden Tyson

        What? Why are you even replying to me? I wasn’t even talking to you. I didn’t even know you existed until now.

        • ragdolleyes

          You’re cute. ^^

          • http://www.facebook.com/coldcitypeople Jauden Tyson

            I love myself very much thank you. *sniff*

      • http://www.facebook.com/coldcitypeople Jauden Tyson

        And you are absolutely welcome dear :)


    Thank you for writing this article. I feel so sorry for the boys because they get abused so much!

  • idontknoe

    Holy shizzz. When did things get so crazy. I haven’t really followed them as closely for awhile except their variety shows in China, but when did fans get this out of control? Even from the comments below, I can tell how overly defensive they are. The author didn’t even bash, but did point out fans bad behavior. Exo are great and I hope their fans calm down a little more. At the end of the day they are just music idols.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ZSHN7D55TD5H5HMUSPXKYC4WBA Soff

    it’s nice that you wrote this post addressing problems in our fandom, but honestly some of us can see this post as judgmental in nature and become defensive about our behavior. while I do think pointing out these issues is necessary, it would probably be better in the future if you address the kpop fandom as a whole rather than singling out one particular fandom which can cause unnecessary fanwars and allow nonfans to generalize this fandom as a whole (even though it was stated that there are plenty of sane fans in this fandom).

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ZSHN7D55TD5H5HMUSPXKYC4WBA Soff

    @Angel wouldn’t you be defensive too if your fandom had their flaws pointed out? there are too many people jumping on the bandwagon of judging exo fans while their own fandom probably has the same issues.

  • Chelsea Fisher

    Who would like to hear that their nickname is “slut” or “whore”? I know I wouldn’t so I suppose that they wouldn’t either. And the lack of privacy (I would think) comes with you wanting to be famous. I’m disappointed in the fans but I can’t help but think you know they signed up for this kind of stuff. But it is annoying to know that fans don’t even think about leaving them alone and letting them have some fun and be by themselves. And those American fans….sheesh…you have shamed me once again. You know better than to say those things.  (Well at least I hope you do)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000828829795 Gabriela Luna

    Last question: If this post is about ALL OF CRAZY FANS, why is the name of “EXO fans” in the title? I would like to know. 

    • http://twitter.com/littlegirlgray6 Rosa

       It’s getting really tiresome repeating my points but, I’ll leave you this. Discussing EXO fan behavior is a good segway into the discussion of fan behaviour in general, as the author brought up in the beginning of her article, especially since the fandom is relatively new. Hence why EXO fans is the main focus of the article and why they are in the title.

      It’s really sad to see so many comments that sound so defensive and hostile towards the author. Sure, Exotics will feel targeted because they are the main focus of the article, but hopefully they can read through the article to get a sense what is going on within their fandom is not okay and become a lot more respectful towards their idols.

      • http://www.facebook.com/coldcitypeople Jauden Tyson

        I have an inquiry, are you an EXO fan? Using formal language. Cursing is for bad people.

        • http://twitter.com/littlegirlgray6 Rosa

           As a matter of fact, I am an EXO fan, just not a fan of the behaviour some Exotics have handled themselves with EXO. My heart really goes out to the boys whenever they get swarmed and assaulted by fans. >.<

          Regardless, it shouldn't matter if I were a fan or not, EXO isn't the one being discussed and reprimanded in this article, (some of) the fans are.

        • Grace Ecarg

          no, for expressive people

          • http://www.facebook.com/coldcitypeople Jauden Tyson

            Finally someone who understands. LET ME LOVE ON YOU. Seriously.


    I don’t think the author was focusing solely on EXO. I could tell she wanted to be equal fair to every fandom and not solely criticize the EXO fandom. Or at least that’s what I got from the article. And I hope it’s true EXOtics stopped with the name calling, for those who said they did in some comments I read, because that REALLY bugs me. 
    Also, I hope that EXOtics will inform global EXOtics who are new and old to respect the boys’ space. The harrassing and name calling, even if it’s done with good intentions and ‘with love’, should stop. Have empathy for these boys. Do you want to be called a slut/whore by a random girl you don’t know? Do you want to be groped all over and stepped on? If your dream was to sing and dance, do you think you deserve this kind of treatment? How would you feel not having a choice about receiving this treatment, especially from someone who calls themselves your fan? Well, I wouldn’t like it at all.

  • http://www.facebook.com/coldcitypeople Jauden Tyson

    Okay, obviously, parts of this article is true, like the part of following Exo around and mobbing their personal space at the airports. I mean, those happen in every fandom regardless of if they’re “obnoxious and immature” and honestly, I don’t approve of that either. However, the writer of the article is missing a very important aspect of this fandom. Every fandom has it’s own way of expressing their love for their idols. Hence why, every fandom has it’s own category it’s put in. Every fandom is criticized for at least one thing they do wrong within the group, but to pinpoint just Exo fans is a bit absurd.

    First of all, the fact we call Kai a slut or Luhan a whore is something we all do fun. (I don’t call Kai a slut anymore though for personal reasons but I still do it occasionally for Luhan) It’s the same with Kris and his “bitchface.” The author made a good point, though: You should never say it to their idols’ faces. What is said in the fandom, stays in the fandom. But because of this statement, it refutes her/his previous statement. Are we not allowed to have our own inside jokes if it’s considered offensive? Sehun’s lisp, Exo nicknames, theyre all things most Exo fans keep and incorporate into the fandom. Does that make us anymore obnoxious than any other fandom? No. Do we think Kai is a slut? Hell no. As a Kai stan, it’s obvious he’s not. Do we think Luhan is a whore? Um no. By definition, whore is someone who engages sexual activity for money. Does he fit the criteria? Obviously not. Sehun’s lisp? Hello, obviously, you have never seen the side wear everyone spazzes over how cute his lisp? And the part about “Ayoo Wassup Kris” how is that in any way a form of mocking or criticizing Kris? If anything “Ayoo” became something Kris threw around after he saw the potential it had with the fans. You can’t just criticize us for following them around and the airport situation. Like I said, the author makes a great point about the China airport situation. That upsetted a lot of fans here, but we’re not the only fandom who does that. Very popular groups get bombarded at the airport. And something they need to know is that idols wait for this, they long to see this cos it shows that the hard work and training they did paid off. I’m not saying it’s okay to follow your oppars around every where. I personally would not like someone invading my personal space, but as idols, they signed up for this. They knew the circumstances associated. “Kai looked like he wanted to punch someone in the face”- well, that statement depends on how you look at it. Kai at disneyland was criticized for being mean looking when clearly he was just tired. Same with London. 

    Beside all that, something this author forgot to mention is that Exo fans do care. Fans are the reason why Exo-K became the only rookie group to sell over 100K albums this year. Fans are the reason why Exo-M has stayed on the top of the charts the past 2 months. Debut stage: Exo-M was criticized for not being considered a Chinese boy group when they have four Chinese members. Fans were outraged. We don’t like the fact that our boys were in a foreign country not native to well over half the fandom, and then being picked on by Chinese artists. It’s definitely unfair. Another point, Kai’s and Tao’s injuries. We all know about those, and we beg them not to perform because we’re all scared that they would injury themselves more. Remember that one fancam of Kai, the fan yelled “Be careful Kai” or something along those lines… or the Exo-m Sina interview when the host asked Tao if he wanted to perform a bit of Wushu for the fans, but the fans immediately spoke up and said  ”No, he’s hurt.” Remember that one Kai picture where he had his back plastered with bandages/hotand cold packs? Yeah, nobody realizes how outraged fans were and devastated we felt when we saw that because all they pay attention is to is our “immaturity” and “obnoxiousness.”

    The author needs to realize that every fandom is different. They have their own ways to express their love. To call us obnoxious just cos we have ps skills. well then, author-nim is just jelly. BUt really, to judge the fandom solely on one side of the story makes this whole article irrational.

    original post: http://chensgrandmother.tumblr.com/post/28075054085/hunhanlicious-what-the-hell-did-i-just-read
    just wanted to leave this here. I love this woman.

  • Hannah Ralston

    holy crap i had no idea it was this bad… for gods sakes theyre CHILDREN. leave them alone. 

  • hippocampus123

    Wow some of the comments on here. In the defense of the author- the title is Exo Fans’ inappropriate behavior- and not Exo Fandom’s inappropriate behavior. She probably used the example since it fit with recent events. 

    I’m appalled by some of the fancams- they really are too close to comfort. Maybe it’s me, but people really do deserve their personal space, and no fan no matter how close they think they are to a group shouldn’t overstep their boundaries. Kpop thrives on personal connections, but really the groups would be better off just focusing on music. When someone acts like they know or know every single detail of your life when you have no clue who they are….you’d call them a stalker, and I’m sure these idols aren’t any different.
    I’m really glad more people are talking about this though, it really shows that there are a lot of sane people still around and it will eventually drill home the idea that this kind of behavior is inappropriate.

  • Taylor Cardosa

    Parts of this article are very true. But, not all of the fans are like this. Before posting this article, you should have re-read it to make sure you weren’t generalizing. Most of the things people say about EXO such as “Kai is a slut”, “Thehun”, “Ayo waddup Krees”, are all fandom inside jokes (But, the girl filming the fancam was very rude, and the fans realized that, and she apologized so it is now in the past).  They are not meant to hurt or offend anyone in the group. When people were saying “Ayo waddup Krees” to Chanyeol and Kris, they obviously laughed and didn’t have a problem with it. I honestly think criticizing a WHOLE fandom is very unneeded, because obviously all fandoms have their quirks. 

  • jkatoutou




    they went to a night market in china and everything was FINE




    i only agree with the nickname on tumblr because i think they are mean BUT  if exo didnt want stalker and fame they shoulnt have became idol or debut under sm

    • Khaddie

      Them being idols or being under SM doesn’t justify the behaviour that some fans are showing. Idol does not equal having to accept being stalked and harrassed. Besides, some people get stalked when they aren’t famous. Is that their fault simply because they were born or something?

      It’s perfectly fine to disagree with an article, but some of what you’ve said doesn’t make much sense. There are a handful of crazy obsessive fans, while I’m sure the rest are perfectly nice people, but justifying the behaviour of the bad eggs that are ruining it for everyone doesn’t help.

  • Sara R

    Oh for the love of God, go away sb! Are you adamantly trying to be the next allkpop?
    I’ll admit that some overseas fans got a bit hyped and didn’t know how to act around their idols. Because hey, they almost never come to places like London. I know they may never come to Canada. 

    I am not defending or dismissing some of the actions that have taken place. Calling them bad names was really out of hand, but even other EXOtics wanted to punch those bitches after that. There was a tumblr uproar against them. The Beijing airport scenario was bad. I remember wanting to cut people with steak knives because holy crap what if my boys got hurt?

    However, I wish to point out the obvious bias of the article. In some cases of the ‘stalking’ in LA and London you don’t even know half the story. Some fans were really helpful and kept their distance. Celebrities are groomed to deal with their new lifestyle which includes a lot of candid photos and shouting fangirls. Despite everything, they went back and I believe they had a lot of fun.   Try writing like a proper ‘journalist’ next time thanks

    Every fandom has bad fans that give them a bad reputation (I have MANY MANY examples of why everyone’s else fandoms isn’t so great either). 

    Nevertheless, I spread my love thoughout the groups and have never truly hated a group based on their fans (though I did get riled up against SONEs once or twice over the years).

    And I don’t think being quick to macro is a bad thing. it got us to the 2nd most popular tag on tumblr didn’t it?

    We EXOtics know that we have problems, but we truly love the fandom and our trolling the way it is. Though I agree some jokes should stay on the web.

    Please do not hate EXO because of us and do not single us out for bad behaviour because everyone has their flaws. Moments when they do not think, and just act. Other fandoms don’t be biased and judge us.

    EXOtics are passionate people, hilarious people and it’s never a dull moment. I am not ashamed of being an EXOtic nor will I be no matter what anyone says about not liking EXO or our budding fandom. WE ARE ONE!

    taken from ayunwonderland’s tumblr.

    • http://twitter.com/M_Wys Michaela Wylie

      How is it biased if she’s concerned for the boys? Other articles have been written on other fan groups. Clearly the author doesn’t hate EXO if she wrote an article about how she was worried about how intense their fans are.

      And since when does popularity justify bad behavior? And why would you want to be “one” with the extreme fans that insult the group members? Don’t try to include them in your fandom… :/

      • Sara R

        i agreed with this tumblr post because i also found that this article generalized many of the occurrences overseas. the article is biased because it only strives to prove that EXO have a bad following who are ‘annoying’ and ‘rude’. it does not mention the instances in which fans tried to help lost members or acted politely by staying several feet away (not groping) while the members went about their business. it only includes the bad things whereas articles are supposed to avoid any bias and tell both sides of the story.

        popularity does not justify bad behaviour. the post merely tried to prove that despite our shortcomings we have been able to achieve great things such as recognition for EXO’s hardwork. 

        our fandom is not all bad and we stick by our boys no matter what. therefore we are one. those fans in the video have realized the error in their ways and have already apologized, so i believe we should all move on. 

        there wasn’t really a need for this article and there shouldn’t be a need for this response. i am out! RLAB!

        • http://twitter.com/M_Wys Michaela Wylie

          Okay, but since when has good fandom action been newsworthy? The author NEVER denies that there are good fans. She says that most fans are not like this. All she wrote about was the bad fan behavior pertaining to EXO fans. Just like there are articles about bad fan behavior pertaining to Super Junior, TVXQ, and SNSD fans.

          And you insist on being called one. That means that you’re saying those fans who helped the members and were polite to them are the same as the fans that insulted them and invaded their privacy? That’s an insult to those nicer fans. If I was one of those fans, I would be very offended at being lumped together with the ruder fans.

          And clearly not all fans have realized the error in their ways, if some people on this article are still arguing that it’s okay. And if they are still crowded by fans in airports. It’s a complete lie to say fans have stopped this behavior. I’m sorry. 

          • Sara R

            arg i am constantly reminded why i dont even like the comment boards of this site. damn you my inner debater. 

            i never once said that the behaviour has stopped. i said the ‘nice’ fans have reprimanded the ‘bad’ fans about their unacceptable behaviour and they have apologized. if they are willing to see the error of their ways, i am willing to forgive them. 

            i do not condone their behaviour. i do not defend it either. but a fandom is a fandom. it takes the good and the bad. those fans who continue to act selfishly and rudely will not simply stop identifying themselves as EXOtics. so the good fans have to make up for them and show the world why we’re an awesome fandom despite some of our members. it’s not so much me lumping everyone together. it’s an inevitability. we. are. one.

            there will be moments when i facepalm because of what some chick just did across the border, but i have come to accept that. you express your disgust at their actions, reaffirm your love for the boys, vow to be better when you finally get to meet them and reblog, reblog, reblog. 

            you do not compile the incidents as ammunition for other fandoms to misguidedly diss ours and paint us in an incredibly biased light. that is my main issue with this article. 

          • http://twitter.com/M_Wys Michaela Wylie

            ” so the good fans have to make up for them and show the world why we’re an awesome fandom despite some of our members. ”
            So unfair to those good fans then. They never asked to be responsible for the rest of their fandom. If others are dragging down the fandom, why include them? Asking more polite fans to make up for the ruder ones is just unfair to them.

            I never claimed that other fandoms aren’t at fault either. I think fandoms inherently have a lot of problems. If those fans don’t change their behavior, I refuse to consider them part of my fandom. That’s what I just don’t understand. Why would you want these rude individuals that give your fandom a bad name to still be considered a part of your fandom? I don’t understand it.  

          • Sara R

            it’s not that i ‘consider them a part of my fandom’. it’s more that i don’t have a choice. it’s not like i can sit here and say: “oh, no they’re not a true fan of EXO so it doesn’t matter what they do. they’re not one of us” because they call themselves EXOtics. so their deeds will be associated with us. you can’t just rope off a fandom. it’s open membership. sometimes we get crazies. 

            yes, it sucks for good fans. Rude fans are the cause of many migraines and judgmental comments directed at us. but all the good fans can do is say and prove that we’re not all like this. or they can choose to leave the fandom. 

            but i’m in this for good.

          • http://twitter.com/M_Wys Michaela Wylie

            Okay, I see. Now I’m confused why you defended them. xD

          • Grace Ecarg

            I don’t think that the ‘good’ fans should be offended if they know that it’s not them they’re talking about.

      • Grace Ecarg

        and besides, this is a blog, not a newsite, so it can have bias if it wants.

        • http://twitter.com/M_Wys Michaela Wylie

          Very good point! :P

  • http://twitter.com/M_Wys Michaela Wylie

    The disgusting thing is comments are here trying to argue that this is okay. Seriously? That’s okay for you? EXO’s a rookie group, and they are already being harshly harassed by their fans? Have some maturity. Why on earth would you call someone who you like a slut or a whore? You have a really twisted sense of humor.

    I agree with the article about Exo’s Fandom being one of my least favorite already. And that was before I heard they did all of these things. Some Exotics have insisted to me multiple times that EXO are already legends in the music industry. It’s quite irritating. But that’s nothing compared to this behavior. I’ve had a lisp in the past, and just…how dare you tease someone for that, especially someone  you don’t know. I had to go to speech classes to fix mine, and it was very frustrating. Making fun of Sehun for having one is not funny. I bet he feels really irritated every time fans joke about it. :/

    It’s honestly quite terrifying that Exotics as a fandom are already close to reaching Cassie-level craziness. I understand not everyone must be like this. In fact, it’s probably a small minority. If Cassie fandom has taught me anything, it’s that bad fan behavior is just a bigger deal than all of the love other fans give them. But to those bad fans…shame on you. 

    • http://www.facebook.com/coldcitypeople Jauden Tyson

      “I’ve had a lisp in the past, and just…how dare you tease someone for that, especially someone  you don’t know.”
      Hum, lady you should know that back in elementary and middle school, I had a severe stutter AND lisp. Since eighth grade I’ve lost it, but now I laugh about it. I sounded ridiculous. And back then I made fun of myself too. But I guess I’m just the kind of person that doesn’t take things seriously.

      • http://twitter.com/M_Wys Michaela Wylie

        And how do you know that EXO members don’t? I can joke about it now that it’s in the past, but I didn’t at the time. It was not funny to have people make fun of me for it. 

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Anngelica-Aguilar/100000185514336 Anngelica Aguilar

        Still doesn’t make it okay for other people to make fun of those with lisps.

        Just sayin.

        • http://twitter.com/M_Wys Michaela Wylie

          Why, thank you. :P

          • http://www.facebook.com/coldcitypeople Jauden Tyson

            I think those Sehun lisp jokes are annoying as hell, but I just ignore them. Unlike a lot a lot of people here. *sideeyeing*

  • loveisanime

    No one even try to defend the Exo fandom because everything she said was true. It really sickens me how many people in our fandom can’t keep their shit together when they see an idol and just have to follow them around like little 5 year olds. Yes, you have never seen an idol before but you don’t need to stalk them around and yell out unnecessary phrases or words. Most of these phrases and words are also ways of bullying an idol which I’m sure you wouldn’t want to happen to you. Just imagine yourself in their shoes for once. Just for that moment that you hang out with them you are no better then saesang fans. Yes, you aren’t following their lives 24/7 but this is what saesang fans do when their idols are out in public. So please Exo fandom keep your shit together when you see an idol. 

    • http://twitter.com/M_Wys Michaela Wylie

      “So please Exo fandom keep your shit together when you see an idol. ”

      Or just fandoms in general, yes? ^__^

      • loveisanime

        I would love to talk about the rest of the fandoms but for now we are talking about Exo so yes only Exo fandom for now bb.

  • Aurora2687

    It’s like Exo is this the latest and most expensive shiny new toy to some of these fans.

    • severely

       This so much! For example, I find the lisp jokes really aggravating. You might stalk everything Sehun does, but you’re a complete stranger to him. It’s possible he jokes about his lisp with his friends and is completely comfortable with it, but it’s also possible it’s a sore spot and he does his best to minimize it and hopes his fans don’t notice it too much when he speaks. And then to have a bunch of complete strangers yelling a mockery of his speech to him in another country… It’s just so obnoxious. It’s not possible to overstate how obnoxious it is.

  • nhoki

    People  who are bashing the author clearly don’t understand how a blog works. Of course they would talk about the recent case of Exo’s fans, because it is recent, and shocked a whole lot of people ( there are articles about Suju and JYJ’s fans as well). And the author didn’t generalize, so stop being so sensitive! 

    And honestly, how the heck calling someone “whore” and “slut” is considered as endearing??? A friend once called me “slut” for fun, and trust me, I didn’t find it funny at all. I find these two words disgusting. If you love someone, you respect that person, that’s all. But that’s my opinion…. 

    Other readers said that if Exo members didn’t want stalkers, they shouldn’t have signed under SM. I’m sorry, whaat?? I know that SM groups tend to have more crazy fans, but no one deserves to be treated the way Exo members were treated in that video. 
    If they don’t smile and appear friendly, they are called arrogant and cold like Big Bang, and if they are friendly, they are treated like cuts of meat by fans??? 

    • http://www.facebook.com/coldcitypeople Jauden Tyson

      Sensitivity is strong in you.

      • nhoki

        lol if you want people to “stop commenting on your comment”, then don’t comment at all. Or don’t wait for new comments “defending the writer” to appear… 
        the awesome thing about SB is that readers are here to debate, but it’s obviously not why you are here

        • http://www.facebook.com/coldcitypeople Jauden Tyson

          Not it’s not lol.

    • dodo18

      honestly i love bigbang boys being so cold , it avoid them to deal with saesang fans , deal with all those craziness on aeroport i swear at the aeroport vips are in line like soldiers that it’s too funny! and yes while it’s good for idols to be friendly with their fans at the aeroport sometime it make fans take things way too far. seriously i sometime think sm boygroup take fanservice way too far  , for example they tweet when they are leaving , where they are staying , leeteuk once even tweeted his phone number. after you ask why their fans follow them. while i’m not defending exotics when those idols tweet to their fans when they are arriving it’s because they want their fans to come welcome them but fans also should not go way too far with their excitement

      • ragdolleyes

        I do agree that “keeping a distance” and treating fans like the equivalent of friendly strangers (because they are) helps.

    • http://twitter.com/jjwun Julia H.

      you did NOT just call bigbang cold and arrogant !! they are the most kind and thoughtful idols towards their fans. I don’t know where you’ve been getting this ridiculous idea from, but it’s not true. Alright, I know I sound very crazy, but I swear, I just want you to get something straight. Bigbang may seem cold to you, someone who hasn’t seen their warm and insanely kind side, but they’re definitely not arrogant! They do 90 degrees bows to both fans and other idols! they want to know opinions from vips about how they can improve – even GD said that they are not perfect. and there was even this fan where she said GD helped her child up after the child fell; even while there was a mob around GD. here’s the link ;;  

      now, relative to the original article, I agree with what you say about how people don’t understand how a blog works. it’s kind of hard to understand the exotics that are bashing this author since she does have evidence/proof of the events. and these exotics that are all up in the face of EXO … I don’t understand why they are doing this. I would assume that any fan of a rookie group isn’t someone new to k-pop, so shouldn’t they understand the whole “give the idol some space” process? but I agree, it’s not just exotics, its every fandom who have these obsessive fans, but I believe it’s our job, as the more mature fans, to teach those shameful fans the RIGHT WAY of how to be part of a fandom, whether it be exotics or vips.

      • nhoki

        I wrote “they are called arrogant and cold” (meaning people called them that), I never said that they were! lol just so you know, I’ve been a fan of BB since 2006, I think I know them pretty well by now… 

        and I agree with you about fans, Exo is still a rookie group, usually fandoms are more well organized, and fans who see other fans mistreating their idols will be called out by members of the official fanclub

        • http://twitter.com/jjwun Julia H.

          my bad my bad. ; A ; really sorry, it’s just that I never heard anyone say that about bigbang, so I wouldn’t have assumed that people call them that..

          don’t worry, I’m not a new vip; I love bigbang as much as you’ve had. I’m really sorry if you felt offended about what I said, but I wasn’t aiming to offended anyone – vip or exotic. I just wanted to give my reason on why I believe bigbang isn’t cold or arrogant. lol but of course you already know they aren’t! :)

          that is true, but it seems like the exotics that are giving the fandom a bad image are influencing each other to act negatively because it’s all ‘inside jokes’. I hope the more mature exotics can influence those rabid fans to act as mature as them. Though I’m not an exotic, I feel really bad that have a stain on their fandom because of the other crazy fans. I can’t even imagine how mad I’d be if those fans were vips. D:

  • EXOtic blAck peArl : rukiAien

    all the incidents that were mentioned in the article,I admit I don’t like it too & I do feel angry when I saw it before.. Fans need to respect their idol privacy & let them have their own personal space too.. tbh,sometimes I do feel worry about EXO being so popular & have a lot of fans but at the same time I’m glad they get the attention they deserved & all the fans is so protective cause I’m like that too..but not all EXO’s fans behave appropriately..there are maybe some like those reported in the article but they only represent maybe like 10% of the whole fans only..so,it is not fair to generalize us all as the bad one..still, I guess that is why people always says think before you do something because just one bad thing will make me people forget about thousands of good deeds you’ve done before (or in this case refer to the fans)..but, I believe fans start to respect EXO’s privacy more now..plus how can you asked those teenager (i’m a noona EXOtics) to behave maturely immediately when they are in the stage of maturing..just give EXO’s fans a more time to show their real & proper way of being an EXOtics before judging..

  • http://twitter.com/manmanpanty やりまん

    You know, defending yourselves like that isn’t going to improve your image. Calling seoulbeats a second AKP and insulting sb won’t do anything to change their opinions and make them go begging for you to come back and love them.

    Just saying.
    I do not agree with SOME parts of this article. But I’m not gonna go all out and CAPITALIZE my “sb Is 2Nd AKp Nao. DoNt GENerealize” comments. Honestly, it makes you look more of a crazy fan.

    Anyway. Just wanted to let that out.

  • RainbowColoredd

    Okay, first of all I’m not even going to try to defend those girls, because honestly, I dislike them as much as you do. But do notice that this behaviour was only carried out internationally and /not/ in korea. You really can’t base these girls’ actions as something all of us exotics will do. Now the issue with kai being a slut and Lu han being a whore is not even something to be offended about. Every fandom has /jokes/ like those. Come on, people joke about these types of things all the time and when they call jongin and lu han those things its only as a joke but seems like some people can’t take one. Now the issue with Sehun was the thing I agreed with. And most exotics do as well. Those girls were extremely rude and I’m sure no one in the Exo fandom was happy with that girl harassing him like that. So please do take in consideration that most of /those/ girls are fairly new to kpop. Like really, I’ve been into kpop for quite a while and tell you that fan girls who have been into kpop for a while would /not/ act like that. Also I would like to inform that all those rude girls harassing exo most of us don’t consider them as part of our fandom because we might joke around and say lame jokes about them but we would /never/ in any way try to make our favourite idols uncomfortable (or hate us). So please don’t bash our fandom like that because we aren’t proud of those girls behaviours either.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/P4ZSUYNPUIRG7OCJAG3CTPDETM Bazinga

    i’m not even a fan of exo but i’ll admit i’ve tagged kai as a “Slut” on tumbr before… i’m gonna stop doing that. this made me feel bad cause i knew he wasn’t a slut but i still tagged him as one, i never thought before how mean that was. :'(

    • http://twitter.com/M_Wys Michaela Wylie

      It’s awesome that you’ve decided to stop, I think. It means it’s made fans more aware of their behavior, and that’s always a good thing.

    • Gaya_SB

      Good on ya, Bazinga!

  • severely

    I love EXO. They’re one of my favorite rookie groups this year. But I get so much second hand embarrassment at fan cams. I could only watch the embedded one here for about ten seconds before I couldn’t listen to it anymore.

    It’s just absolutely terrible. ;___; There are some fan groups I won’t identify with because of their behavior or attitude, and unfortunately, EXO became one of those fan groups before they even debuted.

  • http://www.facebook.com/coldcitypeople Jauden Tyson

    I am the best troll ever. I swear to gosh. All these people mad at me for being stupid L-O-to the frickin’-L. I love kpop and their fans.

    • http://twitter.com/littlegirlgray6 Rosa

       I knew there was a troll in the dungeon. Glad it was you. ^___^

    • ragdolleyes

      Love you too, boo. Muah :*

      • ragdolleyes

        And since you love Kpop and you’re an Exotic, you love yourself too right? Welcome to the family ^^

  • http://twitter.com/MonixChan Monica Sherin

    This is why I don’t bother with fandoms.  

  • Leslie Mendez

    This is the reason people hate fandoms. Fans need to calm themselves. 

  • Naomi Kim

    i’m a huge fan of exo but i had never done anything like that.. don’t judge. not all exotics are like that.. I love them so so much and respect them and I’m just as upset as you guys are because of their behavior, but not everyone is like that. EXO is a group of 12 talented and beautiful men and calling them a slut is just WRONG! >_<' 

    • http://twitter.com/M_Wys Michaela Wylie

      Don’t worry, that’s what the author of this article thinks too. :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Anngelica-Aguilar/100000185514336 Anngelica Aguilar

    what does ”
    Sekushi danshin masheen” mean?

    • Sara R

      it’s engrish for sexy dancing machine… -_-‘ so maybe not so appropriate but… they did apologize. 

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Anngelica-Aguilar/100000185514336 Anngelica Aguilar

        LMFAO! Oh lord….I can’t believe I didn’t catch that….


      • crv2

        omg, thank you, I thought it was some japanese, LOL

  • Literati Tempo

    To me it sounds like everyone even EXO fans pretty much agreed with the article. Mobbing people and taking fan names and calling them out to the artist is inappropriate.

    I feel like the author might have been better off making a how not to be an innapropiate fan post instead of targeting EXOtics. Using them as an example sure but the title makes it seem as it’s only about them when it should be a guide for any fandom. Then again older fanclubs like VIP and SONEs have gone through this initial excitement phase already and it’s pretty much known that you don’t use “loving insults” or shipping names to the artists for the most part. However kpop fandom is very new for those outside of Korea and so a lot of the customs and “policies” of fan nature aren’t known to international fans. Heck there was just a big commotion in the i-VIP fandom about shipping names (apparently they don’t use them publicly in Korea to their faces). So there are mistakes on all sides and everyone should hopefully learn from one another blame and criticism isn’t always the best way to get your point across.

    EXOtics are young and they have a lot of bumps and bruises to take before they become a semi sane fandom, it’s how everyone is in the beginning. Welcome to the club EXOtics and when you simmer down a bit I’ll pop over to your forums and say hello sometimes.

  • JJGuest0

    It’s not as if many other international fans haven’t already given those girls a ton of flack for their behavior, so I don’t really see a need for an intervention on behalf of an “outsider”, especially since so much time has passed since those incidents. What exactly is the intention of this article? An attempt to shame all crazy fangirls out of their crazy fangirl activities? Realistically speaking I don’t think the fans who deserve this little bit of condescension are going to read this article, so that’s not gonna happen. And all I’m seeing now as I go about my own fandom business are other random fandoms bringing this article up as means of insulting and provoking Exo fans. Yes, I realize that the content here isn’t only directed at the one fandom, but that doesn’t seem to matter to the rest of community that’s just out to start trouble. The title alone is just asking for people to generalize Exo fans.

    I guess I get that you’re trying to bring awareness to a general issue, but it’s not panning out very well for some of us. I mean, I do feel a bit silly for caring about the reputation of the fandom I associate with, but it’s hard to enjoy kpop for what it is (entertainment) when most of one’s fandom is always involved in arguments in which others are degrading them and/or is busy degrading themselves for what others of the fandom have done.

    Sidenote: Their should be more synonyms for the non-word “fandom”.

    • http://twitter.com/M_Wys Michaela Wylie

      The intent is to raise awareness to fans who maybe weren’t aware of how rude some of their actions are, I think. Some comments have said they will stop being so insensitive, which is a plus to me. Plus, this is a blog. This post could be expository. It doesn’t have to be persuasive. 

      P.S. I agree with your sidenote.

      • JJGuest0

        I realize that this isn’t meant to be a persuasive piece, but the method in which it was created (pretty much solely relying on one group and their fans as an example) is making for a very unpleasant experience for us Exo followers. And tbh these past three months have felt like years with these kids /personal complaint/. Even stanning DBSK (pre-lawsuit obv.) was less exhaustive.

        • http://twitter.com/littlegirlgray6 Rosa

          As much as I understand and agree with some of what you’re saying, I really think that the points in this article really needs to be addressed and helps to reiterate that the actions of some really affects the majority. As much as I would like for her to have clarify that she’s only talking about a specific group of Exotics, I really hope that this will be telling to those Exotics that this behaviour is not okay and should never happen again.

    • ragdolleyes

      Honestly though, that’s why I don’t associate myself with fandoms anymore. I just follow general news and some blogs (like this one) to keep myself up to date with new entertainers. Getting involved on fansites with a lot of young girls or on tumblr with the tweens reblogging everything that they find frustrating is just asking for high blood pressure. Lol. I don’t even know about the reputation of fandoms that much since I don’t get involved in online fanwars and arguments.

      I used to follow some Big Bang fansites but it got to be too much, and from what I know they are already considered to be pretty “chill/laid back”(?) and I couldn’t even tolerate them. But eh, I listen to Kpop for some light music and eye candy, not really to meet with fans online. Just not my thing… and it comes with way too many strings attached for me to care.  

      So now I can enjoy Kpop for the entertainment it is and life is much more pleasant ^^

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Anngelica-Aguilar/100000185514336 Anngelica Aguilar

    I’d want to go up to them and ask them for a quick picture or autograph but at the same time I wouldn’t want to, thanks to all the crazy fan girls they encounter. I wouldn’t want to come off as as annoying fangirl. I just don’t understand why any fan would want to annoy their favorite celebrities like this.

  • Jennified234

    Reading through the comments, and it’s kind of upsetting that some people find the need to generalize a whole fandom as crazies to boost their own fan egos :/

  • http://www.facebook.com/smile.byg Smile Byg

    Perfectly sane EXO fans have been hurt by this article, and that should say something. 

    Sure, she wrote the obligatory “not all EXO fans,” but then goes on to say “already three months into Exo’s debut [they] have managed to top my list of Least Favorite Fandoms.” That just goes to show that the author believes there is more bad than good in the EXO fandom. 

    In their recent excursion to Thailand there have been no reports of mobbing. Also, EXO-M went on a shopping trip around Beijing recently and in all of the pictures, the fan photographer was at a very good distance away from them. These should have at least been noted, but since they are not, I can only conclude that the author either chose to ignore that or didn’t do enough research. Sure, the non-event at Thailand could have escaped because it happened only last night, but the Beijing excursion should definitely have been on there.

    Honestly, I feel very bad for the Chinese fans because there are still people that can’t seem to forget the airport mob, and ignore the EXO-M Beijing excursion– why? Because nothing happened, and so of course it’s not memorable. 

    I know that the title is “bad behavior,” but I’ve seen similar articles handled much better. She must be aware that this would be a controversial topic, and frankly, the controversy could have been handled better. Again, sane EXO fans have been hurt, myself included, and that should say something about how she worded this article. If she’s a writer, she should know the effects of how to specifically word things.

    It would have helped the sane ones’ feelings if the author put some good points in there rather than bash the select bad or overexcited ones, and then let the bad ones color her perception of the general fandom that she would label us a “least favorite.” 

    “I’ve never seen a fandom so ready to macro, gif, and harass everything their idols do.” — Except for the word “harass,” this is not necessarily a bad thing. I rarely see an offensive macro or GIF, and I’m fairly conservative. For example, what could be offensive of putting Kai’s face on a funky dancer? I have a tumblr with a collection of macros, gifs, and etc; I reblog practically everything except for anything with Bacon or Thehun; if she wants to look at it and tell me which ones are offensive, I would be happy to give her my url.

    There have been offensive macros, namely the ones with Thehun, but by the way she writes, it’s as if all the macros do is “harass.” What I heard from multifandom fans is that the macros, gifs, and such are things that make the EXO fandom unique, and to me, who looks at these macros every day, most of them are harmless. 

    If she really believes that not all EXO fans are insane, then this article was careless in the face of the potential controversy. Basically, there was too much bias, anti-bias, or whatever and indignant emotion in here. I expected much more from Seoulbeats. I thought Seoulbeats would have some kind of proofreader. 

    • http://twitter.com/smellysuzie (。◕ ‿ ◕。✿)

      thank you for this, you’ve said everything that i’ve wanted to convey!

    • WonderfulZingMin

      The mayority is nuts and you are over defensive, most of us are. I as a recent Exo fan (Very recent, coudn’t resist Kris) agree with the author. We have to accept the good and even more the bad. EX. As a Primadonna i have been categorized as a CN Blue hater which i am not but the mayority of my fandom is.

    • FueledByMe

      This ;~~; ♥

  • Lo7us

    Honestly I don’t care if Kris gyrates on a pole onstage with nothing but a thong on. Those fans had no right to go around calling him a slut… especially to his face. This is his job. He has joined the entertainment industry, is marketed this way by his company, for dumb kpop fans, and what does he get in return? Harassment! By his own fans? :(

    Ugh I’m not even an Exo fan but this is really gross behavior. 

    On a sidenote, weren’t their already two articles discussing or mentioning this incident. I have no clue why there is a separate article for this. 

    Also I heard that a lot of the fans that did this shit in London/Disneyland were saying that Korean fans did it too, so they shouldn’t have to hold back either? Really, trying to copy sasaengs? 

    Sometimes Kpop breaks my brain.

    • http://twitter.com/M_Wys Michaela Wylie


      Kai was called a slut, not Kris. ^_^

      Although, I mean…you never know. >.<

      • Lo7us

        OMG LOL. I meant Kai. Dammit. I will now edit my comment. hahahaha.

        • http://twitter.com/littlegirlgray6 Rosa

          Having too much Kris on the mind? I keed.

  • http://twitter.com/smellysuzie (。◕ ‿ ◕。✿)

    it’s really obvious that this author is heavily biased, and even though she claimed “not all Exo fans are insane”, the title and the rest of the article is basically aimed at the whole fandom which obviously upsets a lot of us because it only represents a small population of us.

  • kelliusmaximus

    The problem with these crazy Exo stans is that they are basically the bottom of the barrel from all the other fandoms they ditched. They’re the ones who get obsessed with things easy, who follow trends and jump on bandwagons. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with Exo, it’s just that they’re such a new group that they just haven’t done much yet. There’s not much to stan, they’ve only had one promotional cycle and not many appearances on variety etc. So fans, drawn in by their pretty faces, start inventing personalities for the members (Tao loves Gucci!) and relying completely on stupid inside jokes to be entertained by them. That’s where the “Kai’s a slut” and making fun of Sehun’s lisp comes from, these dumb fandom jokes that fans are infatuated with (bet they also thought Onew/Chicken was hilarious). They all try to out-do each other when they get a chance irl, hence the inappropriate behaviour in fancams.

    It’s cringeworthy and flat out mean in a lot of cases. Making fun of a speech impediment is HORRIBLE, I don’t understand how anyone thought that was cute or funny. Speech problems cause a lot of stress and difficulties for people, it especially causes insecurities and shyness so mocking it is just about the worst thing you can do.

    I just feel bad for Exo mostly. It’s too much popularity too fast, they’ve gotta be having trouble adjusting to being followed and harassed by stalkers this soon after debut.

    • Sara R

      please do not refer to any fan as ‘bottom of the barrel’ especially those who come from other fandoms because where else are they supposed to come from? do new kpop fans magically appear out of thin air? they have to come from somewhere you know?

      • http://twitter.com/littlegirlgray6 Rosa

        I think by botttom of the barrel she/he means worst fans, and by her description, I would say they are.

        • http://profile.yahoo.com/AOKPDET5VMTNIQGGV6OKYDRSTM Poiire

          EXOtics are not the worst. I mean 2 days ago BlockB fans were wishing Nichkhun death. Hmmm… 

          • http://twitter.com/littlegirlgray6 Rosa

            >.< I thought I didn't need to point out that because the post clearly states that it's the crazy Exo stans are the worst fans….Or do you think all Exotics are crazy Exo stans?

          • http://www.facebook.com/coldcitypeople Jauden Tyson
          • http://www.facebook.com/people/Lee-Nana/100000092347942 Lee Nana

            Maybe because a few monts ago, 2PM fans were wishing Zico’s death. Hmmm…

        • http://profile.yahoo.com/ZSHN7D55TD5H5HMUSPXKYC4WBA Soff

          @twitter-173663461:disqus every fandom must be the worst then. because we all invent crazy rude nicknames for our biases, make fun of them on tumblr, stalk them, etc. idk about you but I haven’t found one fandom so far who hasn’t been guilty of the things mentioned in this article. stop insulting exotics. thank you very much.

          • http://twitter.com/littlegirlgray6 Rosa

            Repost of my comment to Poiire: >.< I thought I didn't need to point out that because the post clearly states that it's the crazy Exo stans are the worst fans….Or do you think all Exotics are crazy Exo stans?

  • haiitsvi

    Watching that video gave me a wave of second hand embarrassment… I love Exo, I might even consider myself an Exotic but that girl went a little too far. There’s a video of some Exo fans trying to get into photos taken by SM staff at Disneyland and that was also extremely obnoxious.

    But every fandom has their crazies. And if you’ve never been in a situation where you could meet your idols in person, who knows if you’ll be able to control your impulses. But as far as “jokes” on the internet goes, there is a line. It’s funny to macro derpy faces and other silly things but calling people “sluts” or “whores” is not appropriate at all. Some people out there might not find it offensive because that’s the way they talk with their friends in real life, but there is a movement to get rid of the use of those words as insults because they do have a meaning and people use them incorrectly, much like the word “retarded.” This is a lesson for those of you who do not find these words insulting.

    Frankly, calling the Exo fandom “young” doesn’t seem right to me. Most likely, these fans are not new to Kpop at all, so they should know how to behave. Just because they are rookies doesn’t mean that their fans are rookies.

    And one last point, no one should be generalizing fandoms. It has been said time and time again and people should not be reluctant to admitting they are a part of a fandom because they don’t want the reputation. Some fans are insane, but there are sane ones too. Though, the sane ones are the ones who aren’t heard most of the time.

  • Ieva Vitkauskaite

    Author, are you serious? Exotics are obsessed with EXO, but they are not THAT rude. We’re not bashing other fandoms. We are funny and retarded (good meaning). Probably every exotic is funny in his own way. I proud of my fandom and you, Natalie or whatever you are, you should try to read everything – Kai is a slut, because he’s too hot for us to handle, but he still shows his skin and Luhan is a ‘whore’ because of our HunHan joke.
    Yes, I’m kinda mad on that inncident, which happened in England, but if some of the girls did this – why the hell our whole fandom is bad?
    Also, good job Natalie! Exotics are spreading your text all over tumblr. :DD Now you’re officialy famous.

    • http://twitter.com/M_Wys Michaela Wylie

      I’m sorry, but Kai being “too hot for you to handle” does NOT make him a slut. It’s confusing to me why Exotics think being rude is showing their love.

      • Ieva Vitkauskaite

        I mean because he’s showing his skin so often. :)
        Well I’m from Europe and it’s kinda usual to be rude in a good way (by expressing our love). I don’t know if it’s the same in other countries.

        • http://twitter.com/littlegirlgray6 Rosa

          I don’t understand how showing some skin makes you a slut. I thought slut-shaming needed more “proof” than that.

          That aside, I don’t find a slut, or being what would be consider a slut, inherently a bad thing, but since it has so many negative connations, it makes the nickname seem malicious. I draw the line at calling Luhan a whore just because he’s close to his friends. That use of the word–and not the word itself–is really stupid and inappropriate.

          • asianromance

            I agree with this.  It makes it sound like Luhan has ulterior motives in being close to his friends.  Can’t they just nickname him Care Bear or Bestest Bro or something positive sounding? 

          • http://twitter.com/M_Wys Michaela Wylie

            I vote for Care Bear! ^___^

            It’s cute! :D

          • http://twitter.com/littlegirlgray6 Rosa

             I love calling Luhan deer or pixie, because he kinda reminds me of a deer, in a Bambi kind of way, (his name means Deer so I guess that fine >.<) and pixie because he's so fun-loving and cute. :D

          • http://twitter.com/M_Wys Michaela Wylie

            *cough* Bambi shall forever remind me of Yunho. *cough*

          • http://twitter.com/littlegirlgray6 Rosa

            Lol, Yunho will forever be Tinky Winky thanks to Vacation for me xDD

          • http://twitter.com/M_Wys Michaela Wylie

            Omg, this! xD

        • http://twitter.com/M_Wys Michaela Wylie

          I don’t know. It’s kinda the same in America, but there’s definitely a line. Especially with people you don’t actually know. You might like to think of EXO as your bffs (or bfs :P), but they aren’t in reality. The reality is that it could actually be hurtful to the members to be called a slut or whore. It could hurtful to be made fun of for having a lisp. Good for them if they can brush it off, but continuously must get old.

          And I don’t think this being online excuses it. It’s not like the members don’t use the internet. You can never be too sure what they’d hear about fans opinions of them. 

        • Lo7us

          Look, no one cares if you express your love in “rude ways” to people you know. That’s perfectly normal. I know people that call each other sluts and whores to their friends. 

          Friends. As is people that you know and love. On a personal level. 

          Exo members are not your personal friends. The only relationship they have with their fans is performing on stage for them and producing music/videos/entertainment. They don’t know their fans personally either, so it is just stupid to say that even though fans think it is fun and games to call Kai a “slut” and Luhan a “whore,” that they enjoy it too.

          Would you enjoy it if someone you did not know came up to you on the street, followed you, and then called you a “slut”? Sure, you might be fine if it was your own friend/family but since they are not…

        • BishieAddict

          Slut and whore = prostitute. It’s not a good word to use to describe people. It’s degrading.

  • http://twitter.com/kreease FeiFei Ma

    Bless this article. I’m an EXOtic myself and seeing EXO being mobbed at airports and stalked and already have fans worthy of being called saesang really scare me. EXO members have inspired me, like learning Cantonese or subbing EXO-M videos for fellow EXOtics. But those who are lucky enough to ever witness EXO need to calm down ><

  • nuunuu

    For a rookie fandom especially, EXO’s fans are scary and extremely obsessive/rude. I know its not all, but a good portion of them are really rude, especially when it comes to other rookie groups (who’s names I need not mention). One of these days they’ll get a reality check.

  • dodo18

    yes while it’s good for idols to be friendly with their fans at the aeroport sometime it make fans take things way too far. seriously i sometime think sm boygroup take fanservice way too far  , for example they tweet when they are leaving , where they are staying , leeteuk once even tweeted his phone number. after you ask why their fans follow them. while i’m not defending exotics when those idols tweet to their fans when they are arriving it’s because they want their fans to come welcome them but fans also should not go way too far with their excitement

  • crv2

    wow, has come this far?And i am still surprised why do exotic make exo members as ‘couple’. I thought they are still young (both fans and members). omo,  Kpop is damaging these pure brain…. 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/AOKPDET5VMTNIQGGV6OKYDRSTM Poiire

    I think that your article is right in order too warn the EXOtics, but I think you’re way too harsh on your words. And you cannot say that EXOtics are the worst fandom ever -lol 2 days ago BlockB’s fans wishing death to Nichkhun and US EXOtics are the worst fandom EVAR? – I think there’s a lot of thing you don’t know either: When Luhan was mobbed in Beijing, EXO fans all over tumblr said it was unacceptable, same thing for the video you’ve posted. A lot of the fans said that they were ashamed of what the girl did and that everyone had to calm down.
    Another thing, about the “names”, okay it’s not right because they are rude words, but they are only inside jokes of the fandom. 
    Also, we do not really make fun of Sehun lisp, we find it the most sexy and cute thing of the world. 
    And yes, EXOtics are fast for gif, macros, edits, it’s because they are passionate and because we really want these guys to succeed. 

  • kaysai

    So to begin with, i’m considering myself as a silent/closeted fans when it comes to kpop.. so, i’ll make comment in this article as an exo fans but the observing ones.. because observing is exactly what i always do in kpop, beside listening, watching, and fan-girling alone because my friends not interested in exo..  

    Yes, about 3/4 of this artcle is completely true. All the fans behaviour in china, disneyland, and london is sick.. They were too obssesive, thick skinned, and stupid for filmingnd exo that close.. My first reaction when i watched the london fancam was “wtf girl, you just not shoving your camera one cm close with their faces.. it’s plain rude…”. as an exo fans, i really cant stand watched most of the airport fancams simply because i didn’t have a heart too watched my favourite made uncomfortable faces and annoyed looks..  

    The problem here, in my opinion, the writer should not came up with one kind of “scandalize, offensive, immature” tittle like that.. it made this article  seems created just for the sake of attrracting attention.. (which i knew it didn’t bcos i’ve been a silent fan of soulbeats article for a long time).   So maybe ms.natalie, for the constructive criticism, maybe you can try to not make a tittle that not sound so blindly judging some fandoms like that.. when i first saw the tittle, i just can’t help to say “woww, what a subjective and rude tittle you have here seoulbeats!”, and for the first time, as a seoulbeats readers and an Exo fans, i do feel a liitle mad for the judgemental tittle of the article.. Eventhough when i read the article, it was not as judgemental as the tittle potrayed when i first read it, but the way you write this article made me slight dissapointed, especialky in the overrated used of words to potrayed this exo fandom.. it make ne sad to think that if someone non-exo fan found this article, and because of this judgemental article those peoole who start to interested in exo, will backed up just because they don’t want a crazy fandoms..

    Lastly, about the inside jokes of slut and  whore in the exo fandom, i think you were too “overrated” it.. because we all knew that international kpop fandom jokes is rude like hell, especially if you joking and fangirling with another fans (stalking many forums, community, and twitter helping me to conclude this opinion). For the example, fans called luhan “a whore” just for showing how great luhan’s ability to blended with every exo member. And the thehun lisp, the exo    fans just found it so adorable, thats why they often used it as a way to expressed their admirable to the way sehun talked..   

     But again, you are right about this inside jokes should be not used at the outside world, especially in front of the exo boys like the one fancams in london when they were get ready to leave hotel. .  

    hufff… lol, what a long comment.. now i can’t considered myself as a silent reader fans of seoulbeats anymore.. but it’s ok, at least i felt relieved because i can voiced out my thoughts about this article.. :D       

    Just because i think that seoulbeats is waaayy too great to have judgemental tittle and little part of article like this one..

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/AOKPDET5VMTNIQGGV6OKYDRSTM Poiire

    the “couples” you talk about “OTP”, it’s not an EXOtic invention, lol look at SHINee (jongkey, 2MIN) or DBSK or Suju (Ryeomin Eunhae) and, it’s just to please their imagination, they know it’s only real friendship between EXO members.

  • BishieAddict

    Yeah I heard about some of these. The fact that the fanbase is quite young is probably why they’re a bit immature. DBSK’s fans got a lot of flack back in the day when they were younger…

    • http://twitter.com/M_Wys Michaela Wylie

      Dude, we still get tons of flack.  And we deserve it for the things sasaengs have done. :P

      • BishieAddict

        LOL oh yeah =_= But they’ve tone it down a bit? Back in the day/during the height of the fame (man I feel old) it felt like every other article about Cassiopeia was negative. Now I hear good stuff like donating rice once in a while (well for JYJ). or maybe it’s because I’m not paying much attention to them lately. 

        • http://twitter.com/M_Wys Michaela Wylie

          Hm… :/

          Well, a couple days ago there was sasaengs selling TVXQ’s social security and phone numbers, and a week ago a stalker planting a CCTV in Yoochun’s parking garage… So, um. I dunno if they’ve gotten any better. I think people have stopped calling them Cassiopeia fans and started calling them sasaeng stalkers now, though. Thankfully. :)

  • dodo18

    honestly about fans nickname i don’t see the big deal if they don’t tell it ot the members! sometime it’s a way for fans poke fun of their idols

  • Vivian Zhou

    If I saw my bias walking along the streets, I think I would burst into tears and try to talk to them too ^^;;  I agree that lots of people take it too far, and seriously need to draw a line. Yet at the same time…I don’t know, I was kind of hurt by this article LOL I guess I’m butthurt xD Because as part of the EXOTIC fandom…I like to think that I’m not offensive, insane or crazy. I understand that there are lots of fans who do, and actually I was both disappointed + scandalized by what happened at the Beijing airport. I don’t even know what I’m trying to say. That the majority of EXO fans are pretty angelic, I guess – and also, that many other groups have fans like these. Hopefully, the nicer ones will become the face of the fandom rather than the sasaeng ones ^^;

  • http://www.facebook.com/cbadocha Caroline Badocha

    To keep this short:
    – great to see a lot of sane and well-spoken fans (regardless of whatever fandom)
    – this article highlights the bias that irks me when I read articles on SB. Most of the writers seem to be able to write well and have good opinions but the bias is overwhelming at times.

    • http://twitter.com/M_Wys Michaela Wylie

      It’s a blog, not a news site. Biases are fair play. :/

      • dandelioness

        Just because it isn’t news doesn’t mean you can’t be objective in an article. Too much bias can skew a reader’s view on a subject

        • http://twitter.com/M_Wys Michaela Wylie

          I personally don’t see how this wasn’t objective. It’s an article about bad behavior by EXO fans. While it mentions that not all fans are like this, she focuses on the bad behavior because that is the point of the article. 

  • http://twitter.com/Adelin_None_14 Adelin Leung

    I think this article is a bit too much. I mean sure, the fans who got all over EXO’s faces are rude and stuff, but the nicknames show how much we love them, its not demeaning. And I’m pretty sure EXO knows it too, I mean how else would Chanyeol have started calling himself Happy Virus? The fans were the ones who started calling him that, so I really don’t think this article is very fair. I’m pretty sure there are plenty of fandoms who are way worse than this.

    • dodo18

      when those nicknames are cute i’m sure your idols will love them , but slut is not a cute nickname !

      • ExOT12

        But we didn’t actually call it as their nicknames, moreover say it to them, it’s just something fun we made for US and only TRUE exo fans will know that we’re not stating any hate to them or watever. Deal with it.

    • http://twitter.com/littlegirlgray6 Rosa

       I’m pretty sure Chanyeol came up with the Happy Virus himself, it just spread to the fandom. Same with D.O being the Umma of Exo-K, he called himself that first. They brought it up in one of their first radio shows.

      • dodo18

        sometime idols call themselves nicknames give them too it’s pretty common

        • http://twitter.com/littlegirlgray6 Rosa

          I’m definitely aware of that, but Chanyeol and D.O clearly came up with their nicknames during the first interview ever. They just caught on really well. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/coldcitypeople Jauden Tyson
  • Shy shina

    This whole thing is way too exaggerated tbh.

    Look here is the thing, if you was to see your ULTIMATE bias, what would you do? would you stand 50 Feets away from him/her and not say anything? er no. Your aim would be to get as close enough to see your fav idol. but u wont really know unless that actually happened to you. Same with the Video … the inner fangirl/s just came out. Its actually norman. Your Fav band came to your contry and u expect no one to scream and stand there like they r in the North Korean army or some shiz?? No!! the total opposite would happen. U cant help it.

    “I know quite a few lovely Exo fans that are very easy to get
    along with. However, in my experience, I have found that many of Exo’s
    fans are tragically obnoxious … ” U CAN SAY THAT ABOUT NEARLY EVERYONE IN EVERY SINGLE FANBASE IN THE WORLD. even beilebers.

    When Exo where walking around London going shopping, the fans were not HARASSING THEM of any sort. actually, we were walking with them, leaving them space to walk obviously, and they were fine with it! if they wasnt happy with us walking around them their manager would have told us all you move as far away as possible from them … but he didnt say anything, nor did the exo members. What is so wrong to take a fancam. its good to keep some memory with you and show others that you walked with exo. there is no harm in that at all.

    The video of the girl’s fancam … that was so funny!! she showed this to me a while ago. when i herd the ‘Thehun Maknae’ park, i laughed. that was funny. i think most of you have laughed or said ‘Thehun’ before so i dont get why its SUCH A BIG DEAL. COM’ON The Boy laughed TOO. SEHUN WAS LAUGHING (when chuckled) when she said that too!! he know he has a lisp. everyone know he has a lisp as well. So how come (for example) when you go on tumblr, you see a pic that makes fun of Sehun’s lisp, that pic wont get hate comments saying how dissrespectful they are, would that get put on seoulbeat or akp .. no. that pic would get like 100+ notes (if its really funny) and i know you would be laughing too.
    Chanyeol seemed to enjoy the whole thing.. thats why he was taking videos himself!

    kai probably gets called seckshi danshing burshin all the time .. just not in a british acent.

    non of us uk fans when ALL OUT (as in became saeseng fans) when they came. we didnt sneek into their rooms and take pics.

    when exo where in disneyland, DUH obviously fans are go to DL too and take videos and follow them~ thats what fan do !!

    fancams are fancams, you did see it all unless you where there.

    the fact the word ‘Harrasted ‘ was used was OVER THE TOP! and of the fan ‘harrased’ them, then it wold have been VERY SERIOUS and some of them would have have cuts n bruses on their bodies … i dont think that happened.

    worst things have happened in the krazy world of kpop between the idols and fans ..
    Wae would we wanna hurt the ones we love.

    post like this anny me because this person was defo not in ALL of the places exo were EXO went to see the fans ‘Harassing’ them. they just got the info from what they heard & youtube. If you was there in all the places to see this happening, Then you shouldn’t post.

  • nebbia

    OP, I sort of agree with you on some points. Of course its not okay to say their nicknames to their faces, but we call them those names in fun and because we love them, and I would like those names to stay only inside the fandom, as well as all the other jokes. For the mobbing, it occurs with all groups, not just EXO.

    And about the fans shouting HunHan in Disneyland, its not just the Americans. At the showcase in Beijing Chinese fans were shouting Kailu, and according to fanaccounts, Chanyeol also shouted Hunhan at Tao’s birthday party. I don’t think the shipname shouting was really that offensive.

  • asianromance

    I think the DBSK and Suju fandoms were equally obnoxious in their early days.  I think this is the case of any young fandom for a popular boy group.  Give it 4 or 5 years and they’ll tone down a bit.  And given how everything can be captured so easily on camera nowadays (since cameras are now built into the phone) and people are into filming every mundane aspect of their lives and putting it on youtube, the presence of the overly enthusiastic fans (to put it euphemistically )  also seems disproportionately overwhelming and obnoxious. 

    I don’t think what was depicted in the video was all that bad, but it did make me feel for the boys.  I feel emotionally removed from their performances and stage personas, but seeing this video makes me realize how young and vulnerable they are and how they have to manage zealous fans at this young age.  Props to them.  The airport incident was horrific, though.  

  • Jin Kim

    I don’t mean any disrespect to the author, but I just wanted to comment on this from a journalist’s view. I’d be careful about the over-generalizations in this article. I’m sure other commenters have pointed out that the acts of a few do not represent the whole – the author even inserts a disclaimer that “not all EXO fans are insane.” But the problem lies there – that introduction and statement in and of themselves are offensive in implying that the majority of fans of Korea’s pop music and industry are affected by mental illness and “insane.” Put into context, it is equally as offensive as saying “not all EXO fans are retarded.” In publishing such a construction, you have essentially put forth the opinion that the standard for K-pop and EXO fans is to be mentally unstable, and that is an ungrounded insult that has offended many in the EXO community. Check reactions to this on tumblr and Facebook to see what I mean.  

    I understand that this is not a publication that has to get worried about being sued, but as an online publication that seeks to share news or enlighten its readership, Seoulbeats has a responsibility to present writing that takes care not to offend its readers or offer skewed articles on topics that the writer forms not through research or interviews but simply from individual feelings. 

    On a different note: Much of the EXO fandom has already reprimanded the younger members for the rude and careless moments mentioned in the article, so to characterize the EXO fandom as such without feedback from both parties provides an unbalanced story, which is why so many commenters and EXO fans have been agitated by articles like this. 

    As for the “HunHan” and “Ayo waddup Kris” moments in California, the fact that they were shouted out is understandably disrespectful in cultural context worldwide. However, the OTPs are a cultural understanding within K-pop that fans and artists alike, and to introduce this as a point of criticism shows cultural ignorance on the writer’s part. Chanyeol did laugh upon hearing both quotes at Disneyland. Chanyeol himself shouted out “HunHan” to the group at various times. As for the “Ayo waddup Kris,” Kris picked up a sign with those words on it at SMTOWN and waved it around, and recent fan accounts from Thailand show him responding to the greeting with a smile and mirroring his fans’ hand gestures as they call out to him. 

    This article as a whole represents a viable opinion, but the presentation of it is unbalanced and the journalistic worth of it and similar articles should be reconsidered before being published if Seoulbeats strives for a reliable and newsworthy image. If I have mistaken this site and this is really just a tabloid equivalent, then my apologies. 

    • Lo7us

      ITAWTC. IMO Seoulbeats used to be really good but recently, their quality of writing has gone down. Mostly because a lot of articles aren’t researched enough and articles that touch on controversies have an unprofessional/condescending tone towards the readers.

      Also, the titles of such articles are basically begging for war in the comments section, and are provocative enough that it seems they are worded that way for the article to get hits. This, especially, because I think I remember two other articles on SB in the past month that have already touched on this issue. Frankly, I don’t even know why this article was written because the other articles basically said the same thing and didn’t sound as provocative doing it either. Of course, those articles did not specifically mention Exo in the title, and this one did.The author didn’t really understand some of the inside jokes of the fandom, although it’s obviously wrong to shout out some of the jokes that are insensitive such as Kai/Luhan/Sehun’s case. I don’t understand how this author doesn’t know about OTP’s which are even practically endorsed by the company itself. And the “ayo waddup kris” isn’t even… offensive. 

      • http://twitter.com/A7316A AB

        I don’t see how this title is offensive. “Exo Fans’ Inappropriate Behavior.” It clearly says that there are Exo fans that have engaged in inappropriate behavior. It doesn’t say the whole fandom has done something wrong. And then it goes on to detail some of that behavior. And if anything, the author seems to understand and have been exposed to quite a bit of the inside jokes of the Exo fandom. She must have been to be able to pick out characteristics of what fans have been saying. The article chooses to focus on Exo because they are a group that is only four months old, yet their fans have been some of the most intrusive and brash.

        And honestly, does Kris want to hear “Ayo waddup” all the time?

        • Lo7us

          There is nothing inherently offensive about the title, what you said was basically my initial impression of it as well. 

          It’s just that the tone of this article… is slightly inflammatory. Or inflammatory enough to spark the response that it has gotten.

          I mean, the author sounds like she’s equating macro-ing and gif-ing to harassment, even after saying that “fandom jokes are inside jokes for a reason.” How else are fandom jokes spread if not for macros and gifs. Does the author not approve of the fandom jokes in the first place and think that they shouldn’t be spread? Or does she think that telling the idols the jokes to their faces is wrong?  

          She probably didn’t mean to equate the two but her article still came off as doing so. That’s why I think this article wasn’t written very well.

          Although the titles refers to fans, she constantly refers to the “fandom” as a whole as having inappropriate behavior, when it is the behavior of some fans. Not all fans engaged in it nor did they accept it. And although I wasn’t offended by the tone of the article, it is really easy to see why others were because most of them probably visit tumblrs, make macros/gifs, etc. They are part of the same fandom she is criticizing. And it sounds like she’s criticizing them as a whole by saying it’s her “least favorite fandom.”

          Also my first impression of the article was that the author just wanted to rant. However, I expected Seoulbeats to analyze things things on a deepere level and although this author tries to do that, it comes off as something that would show up on Tumblr etc.

          Tone is important and I felt that this article could have been written in a much more meaningful way if the author lost the ranting tone.

          And the “ayo whattup kris” looks out of place when it is in the same article mentioning nicknames like “slut” and making fun of someone’s lisp. Also given the comment I was responding to, Kris picked up a sign saying that and waved it around. It’s really a non-issue.

          • http://twitter.com/A7316A AB

             I see what you’re saying. I think the articles reads differently per person. I found the tone of the article to be rather blunt and to the point in order to deal with the language at hand. Also, I don’t  think this topic has anywhere deeper to go? It’s about language, how it’s used, and when it should, or in this case, shouldn’t, be used.
            With regard to the macros and gifs, I didn’t see an attack on that? I found it to be mentioned as a common means of spreading the initial issue: “Thehun.” Sehun seems to be pretty sensitive about that, so it really shouldn’t be made fun of. Though her last paragraph does try to lump those into the whole, so I see your point on that account.

            For most of the article, the writer seems to use “fans.” It isn’t until the last paragraph that she uses fandom. It seems to me it was to generalize because those few fans that are extreme tend to give a bad name to the entire fandom. Before this article was even written it was all over the tumblr the lengths to which fans went to have some sort of interaction with fans. And sadly enough, those extreme fans are often the ones that are very active within the fandom.

          • Lo7us

            Yeah, reactions are different for each person who reads it; however I’m not even a big fan of Exo and I can understand why there are some people that were hurt, simply because the author goes from “not ALL exo fans are insane” to “this is my least favorite fandom” and “exo fans are tragically obnoxious.” Although she did use “fans” a lot… it was her diction that was inflammatory. 

            This is why the article felt like pure ranting to me. 

            Also I just read somewhere in the comments (correct me if I’m wrong about this) that only one fan called Kai a slut and that same fan called Sehun “Thehun” to his face. The way this article is written, it makes it seem like hordes of fans are echoing these nicknames to Exo, when it was only one person that was doing this? Of course, the above video where the fans stood nine minutes in front of exo’s van made me uncomfortable, but the author just sounded like she was exaggerating.

            The part where she talked about macros/gifs was this:

            “I’ve never seen a fandom so ready to macro, gif, and harass everything their idols do.” 

            Aside from being grammatically wrong, this sentence sounds like its equating macros and gifs to harassment. It makes it sound like macros and gifs are bad, when I think they are perfectly normal fandom activities.

            And “Thehun” macros weren’t funny to me at all. Probably because when I was younger people kept telling me I had a lisp and some people, even my family made fun of it and tried to send me to a speech instructor. However, I never actually attended because they concluded I didn’t have a lisp. And when I bugged people to tell me if I had a lisp, they would say “somewhat, or slightly…” Ugh anyways. That fan was rude as fuck. 

            Also I might be biased but I remember reading some of the other articles on seoulbeats that generated hundreds of comments like this one all had extremely condescending language. It almost sounded like the articles were insulting their readership. The same articles could have been written without the same angry tone and still conveyed the same meaning. However sb writers really don’t care about coming off as ranting sometimes, even if they do intend to come up with logical arguments. If there’s one thing the writers feel that they’re entitled to, it’s using inflammatory language and not feeling sorry for it. And I agree. They don’t have to apologize for anything. But some of the past articles like this one make me feel that sometimes, SB is a sanctimonious blog full of empty arguments dressed up in (sometimes) eloquent language. 

            Tone is really important. I agreed with most of what the author stated yet I was still put off. I just wish the authors of SB would understand that tone is just as important as the language/content of an article. Using the words “tragically obnoxious” in relation to Exo fans and not expecting butthurt comments is just… In fact, I’m starting to believe the author wanted the comments to be flooded with butthurt fans who all probably missed her important points because of her ranty tone. 

          • http://twitter.com/A7316A AB

            When taking a step back and re-reading the article, your point of view becomes very clear. I can see why Exo fans would take offense. Also as a rather minor fan of Exo, I from the start, I just separated myself from the identity of the Exo fans in question because I thought it made it clear those involved were on the extreme side. So when I got to the parts you mentioned, it seemed to be commentary on that other part of Exo’s fandom. In the re-read, I can see how that could be taken as offensive if a reader is not initially inclined to detach themselves in that manner. But I still don’t find the article to be of a ranting style since there are pieces of evidence there. But they aren’t fully developed, at least to the extent they could be (i.e., more discussion on the impact of language, etc.)

            Alas, I’m not rigorously researching that aspect of the article (the number of people to actually call Kai and Sehun by those names), but its very presence in a single, well-known instance is alarming. If this is just one time that is known, there could be several others that aren’t known. I would have never thought of actually calling members those names to their faces, but some fans did, which makes me wonder how many more actually did that in public. Also, I’m curious as to whether they did that because they believed the boys wouldn’t understand them, which makes the situation a bit more horrifying as insulting others in a language they can’t understand isn’t acceptable. Those boys haven’t acknowledged that they want to be called that, so they shouldn’t be.

            I agree with you on the point of the macros and gifs. The author does make them seem like unpleasant activities in the final paragraph.

            With respect to the tone, I think part of it has to do with how a reader approaches an article? As was mentioned multiple times, many felt that the title already was insulting Exo fans, so they were prepared to find something of that nature within the article. I found it to be an appropriate title as it didn’t say Exo’s entire fandom displayed inappropriate behavior, but that there were fans of Exo that had. In a way, the title can make the reader feel hypersensitive about the use of language within an article. I remember an article earlier on this site involving JYJ, a group that often provokes a higher level of defense from fans, for obvious reasons in their past, and sasaengs. Already a reader is sensitive to what could be said about the situation. If they enter holding a belief, then statements that mean to persuade or strongly support a certain point of view can seem insulting or condescending.

            Also, the issues that I’ve seen blown up are ones that are fairly controversial. There are arguments on both sides, but also clear boundaries that have been crossed that must be addressed, regardless of who the people in question are. And sometimes it’s difficult to stomach the reactions or reasoning of others. I know that on some issues regarding idol behavior, I still don’t know how they could have been better resolved, but I can understand that the methods chosen weren’t appropriate.

            And I doubt SB writers, who seem to read all the comments, would want the section to be flooded with people that aren’t actually considering the points made. There are only so many comments demonstrating a lack of comprehension of the article that anyone can read without becoming frustrated.

            Thank you for this discussion, by the way. It’s nice to have an actual conversation here among some of the more charged arguments.

          • Lo7us

            Yayy for actual conversations!

            Also I am like you. I wasn’t offended or anything after reading the article because although I somewhat follow exo and listen to their music, I don’t macro/gif/tumblr everything related to them. I don’t consider myself actually a part of the fandom. It’s impossible for me to make some kpop group across the world part of my identity, and although I love stanning them, I just don’t understand some of the mob mentality that fandoms encourage sometimes. 

            I totally agree about the slut and whore comments being wrong, I even agree with most of the points in the article, but the tone is again what got me. I know I’m repeating myself, but the author could have still expressed her disappointment and disapproval by stating that two fans called him those nicknames, but the writing comes off, as blaming many fans, especially after those comments about the fandoms, etc.

            And you’re right about having a preconceived notion and reading the article. The same thing happened with the JYJ article, only the JYJ article was condescension x100. There are not many comments of such a nature on this article, but the sane comments on that article were also really displeased because it sounded like the author was telling the fans to think, in a really heavy-handed angry manner. Some people even agreed with a lot of the points, but brought this issue up as well. I agreed with less than half the article, but that’s a different topic for a different day lol.

            I’m just saying that in a lot of instances such as these where articles get 300+ comments bc of controversy, sb authors notice. Most of them even come to comment here and defend the article/state their opinion. But the tone of the controversial articles remains the same. I’m not saying sb authors should bow down and speak pleasantly about abhorrent activities like this or even list all the positive things that the fandom in question has done to negate the bad attention it has gotten (Luhan went shopping and didn’t get mobbed! lol) but I wish the authors took steps to carefully delineate the fans’ actions that were appropriate and inappropriate, instead of making confusing statements about gif/macro, etc etc.

            As to how the article could have been deeper, I was hoping to see some analysis on the fans’ thinking on their part. A lot of fans have justified this as okay because Korean fans do it, but to me, shouting out “slut” to an idol and thinking he’ll take it as a joke because he’s chums with you (no he is not) is almost sasaeng level thinking. And taking note from sasaeng fans is just… ugh. 

            I wanted to know some reason why the fans were doing this and how this could be minimized. And if the tone of the article was better, I’m pretty sure most of the fans would have gotten the point rather than be butthurt. Obviously the point of the post wasn’t to persuade anyone, but there would have been more meaning to it if there were ways to minimize it as well, which can only be understood if we also understand the reasons why it occurred.

            I said “tone” like a bajillion times…

          • http://twitter.com/A7316A AB

             Understandable. I think I only like a few K-pop groups enough to tentatively call myself their fan name. Even then, it’s strange to make it part of who I am.

            Hahah. Or a different topic for that day in the past. That was a rather stirring editorial.

            And I understand. SB is good at bringing out the significance behind what would otherwise be a news article. While I think the article does point out what is inappropriate, it gets a little shifty by merging that with other activities, like the mentioned creation of macros and gifs.

            Hmm. I hadn’t thought about actually getting at what the fans are thinking, at least aside from the typical oh-my-gosh-oppa-is-there-must-scream mentality that seems to be around idols when they travel. If anything, this type of in-your-face behavior seems to be the same type as minor sasaeng fans exhibit. And by minor, I mean in comparison to the fans that manage to break into idols’ dorms or those that leave or send them “signs of their love and dedication.” These Exo fans in particular seem like the ones that take taxis to follow their stars around.

            Perhaps it was this intense because it was Exo’s first time in London (in the US, in Thailand, etc.), but that’s really no excuse for the behavior. It really only sets a precedent for later visits that could take an even darker turn.

            Aside from greater protection for idols, I wish there was some rule that fans should stay at least ___ meters from idols in order to give them their own space. Though hopefully bringing these issues out into the open can help minimize their occurrences because of the bad reputation those extreme fans give what would probably be a normal and nice fandom.

            Lol. Tone was relevant, so it’s all okay.

      • asianromance

        While this article is a shortsighted piece, I’ve found Seoulbeats to be an improvement over what it used to be 2-3 years ago (which was basically allkpop-lite).  They’ve even started to cite sources in some of their pieces and they’ve started some point/counterpoint articles to present 2 different points of views about certain issues/albums/artists.  We should wait Seoulbeats out to see if there will be another Seoulbeats writer who will present a different point of view.

        As a site with many authors with varying opinions, it’s likely that readers will disagree with at least half of them. 

        • Lo7us

          I enjoyed seoulbeats the most last year, I think. My internet timeline is skewed so… yeah. I do understand what you’re saying though. i remember an “article” which was basically a paragraph talking about Shindong’s double eyelids… but that was pretty old.

    • daena1027

      THIS! Thank you! <3

    • http://twitter.com/A7316A AB

       First, the disclaimer is just that. The topic is a touchy one, and it intends to make clear that it’s bringing attention to the behavior of extreme fans. It’s a colloquialism that has been used frequently enough that it doesn’t have a mental connotation all the time.

      Second, Seoulbeats is an opinion blog. Articles intend to provide a point of view or shed light on issues within K-pop or Korean culture. If there is disagreement with the point of view provided, then that is what the comments section is for. Normally, reasonable commenters provide logical basis for why they think the way they do in a way that doesn’t attack the author because everyone is entitled to their own opinion. This article in particular chose to focus on Exo because of its youth as a K-pop group that contrasts the fervor of its fans. The topic being discussed is a legitimate one that can apply to every fandom, but the intensity in such a short time is what makes Exo the focus.

      The author must have known about OTPs in order to specifically mention the most high-profile one within Exo. And her knowledge of other nuances of the fan dom is shown by her choices. And what other behavior should idols display? Exo is too young a group to outwardly be displeased with any of their fans. So they laugh and play along. Because if they don’t, they could risk losing international fans.

    • syvellium

      Thanks for taking the time to provide us with your thoughts!

      More than anything, the concept of Seoulbeats has always fallen around an ongoing and honest discussion about K-pop and culture — and this includes being unafraid to voice your opinions while simultaneously keeping an open mind to the opinions of others. This is something that we’ve always tried to foster in our team of writers (we have a diverse set of opinions, but respect each other despite our differences) as well in as our extended family of regular commenters.

      We’ve always been more of an editorial site than a news site,
      meaning that our authors do not write to pander, nor do they apologize
      for having opinions. However, I do think you have quite a few valid points above, and I just wanted to say that I appreciate that you took the time to voice it in a mature and well thought-out manner, and that your feedback does not fall on deaf ears.

  • lampp

    First, I dont understand why shouting “HunHan” is so bad. TVXQ fans shout “Yunjae” to Yunho even now. 

    Second, I know the Beijing airport was crazy,which i dont understand why its like that EVERY single time. But international fans(excluding Japan/for EXO-M excluding china.)  rarely get to KPOP artists. We want to see our favorite group as much as we can i guess.. I know EXO fans can get crazy but i blame Chanyeol,he gets them hyped up even more lol  But calling them the nicknames that really should stay in the fandom is rude, because most nicknames are not really an endearing nickname. 

    Third, alot of EXO fans are originally or still shinee and suju fans. and not all but some of them are crazy. you put that together, well what do you expect.
    Its SM artists fans that are abit more crazy then other artists. So you can say all this said in the article can be related to all/most SM artists. 
    Shinee went to Disneyland the same day and fans went to follow them too (only some because fans didnt know they were at disneyland). So it really isnt just EXO fans.

    Also they are a rookie group. All the fans are really eager to see them right now. Give them a little time and fans might calm down soon. 

    • http://twitter.com/M_Wys Michaela Wylie

      I don’t think the whole pairing name is too awful or out of the ordinary. I think what people disagreed with was people calling Luhan a whore when he was friendly with other members too…? O_o

      Although shouting Yunjae to Yunho and Jaejoong is NOT okay anymore! Grr…. D:<

      Anyways, I hope the fans calm down, but I highly doubt it. :/

      • lampp

        Did they say that too him in his face? o_o?
        EXO fans do have weird nicknames for the members but it really should stay in the fandom.. i was upset about “tehun” one ):

        Im sure the fans will get better, alot of them are young and really filled with energy lol 

        • http://twitter.com/M_Wys Michaela Wylie

          The delusional Yunjae fans at concerts still bring Yunjae banners. I’ve read concert fan accounts, and within the past year, fans have said they saw multiple Yunjae banners at both TVXQ and JYJ concerts. I just find it sad because I saw a video where Jaejoong was on a show in Thailand and fans literally chanted “YUNJAE” and he had to stop speaking. He smiled it off, but I thought he looked uncomfortable. :/

          • UJjaejoong

             Oh god i feel bad for both Jae and Yun when that happens! T_T

          • http://twitter.com/M_Wys Michaela Wylie

            I know, right? It makes me feel uncomfortable. >.<

          • UJjaejoong

            very uncomfortable! >.< not a fan of the yunjae tweets that are made to jae either! poor guy gets rated pics of him and yunho everyday! :/

          • http://twitter.com/M_Wys Michaela Wylie

            Ugh. Gross.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/YQ53WK5K4DPXQ5DIBKDELB6WPE Camille

      Fans shouting “Yunjae” at Yunho and Jaejoong even up to the present is far from okay. There’s a time and place for shipping fave OTP’s, but seriously not in their presence, where they can hear the yells and see the banners for Yunjae. It’s disrespectful, especially given the circumstances.

      • lampp

        thank you~! I was wondering if its just me. Noone really makes it a big issue, when every place TVXQ goes too there is atleast 1 person with a Yunjae banner -_-

        • http://profile.yahoo.com/YQ53WK5K4DPXQ5DIBKDELB6WPE Camille

          I cringe every time I see a Yunjae banner even in big events like SMTown concerts. The nerve of people to bring that ship up in such an event like it is just beyond my comprehension.

  • daena1027

    Please take down this article NOW. YOU are being disrespectful. Way to single out and harrass a group of ppl. These things happen in every single fandom so why are you only putting Exotics in the mud? If you want to hate on this fandom, go ahead and do it on ur own personal blog and not on a newssite like this for everyone else to see. If you wanted to get ppl to hate Exotics, I think you’re not far from reaching that goal. I hope other ppl who read this article are mature enough to critically think about the things mentioned in this article and understand that there are the bad and good ones in every single fandom and things like this happen in every single fandom. Not just Exotics. Btw, author-nim, if you TRUELY wanted to address inappropriate fan behavior, then do it in a manner that ppl will actually listen to you and take EXOTICS out of the title because this is NOT the only fandom with these types of behavior. You pointing out that you wanted to address 
    inappropriate fan behavior was just a cover up for ur desire to write a bad article about EXOTICs and give us a bad reputation.

    • http://twitter.com/M_Wys Michaela Wylie

      Lol. This isn’t a newssite, actually. It is a blog. 

      And I think the author is a fan of EXO, so I doubt she “wants” to give a bad name to EXOtics. :/

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2UNQGN7IPNTIRIWBNVHEFBHHV4 a z

      the author has her right to her opinion. You demanding that the article be taken down only further proves her point of inapropriate and rude behavior. Who are you to make demands in such a tone?  If you have an issue with what she wrote, you should explain it in a logical manner in which other people besides your fellow butthurt Exotics will understand (i am referring to the 5 likes you have somehow managed to gather). The point of her article was for such a young fandom to show such bad behavior that older fandoms have shown so soon is troubling to her. If you feel that this is not a true reflection of your fandom then calmly explain so. But ranting and raving does not help your case and further proves hers im afraid.

    • hanie.gee. p

       I’m reading the above article and thinking: meh, they are baby compared to other fandoms, surely they not that bad. And then I read your comment.  ’nuff said.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/YQ53WK5K4DPXQ5DIBKDELB6WPE Camille

      LOL at “author-nim.”

      I’m an EXO fan but there’s no need to be so freaking butthurt.

  • http://twitter.com/M_Wys Michaela Wylie

    As much as I agree with this article (come at me… -.-), I think the controversy could have been reduced if it was clarified that some of the worst behavior (mobbing them, making fun of them to their faces) is by sasaengs. Or at least, not real fans. Fans, no matter how excited, would probably care more for their idols a bit more and wouldn’t be so insensitive. Because hopefully fans who are so obsessed with EXO would see them as real people and not just idols. This might tie in a bit with the whole objectification of idols article. :)

    And you know what, I don’t consider sasaengs actual fans. So, therefore, the worst of it isn’t really the EXO fandom, it’s the EXO sasaengs. And…we all know that sasaengs are just messed up. >.<

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002955225434 Park Ji-Ae

    Why am I not surprised that this site is, once again, picking on Exo & exaggerating things trying to paint them in the worst way possible…

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XGOSPTUVTZU7J7UM3KGE7YIJQM Amy

      Have you thought that maybe, just maybe, the fact that there are already multiple articles on problems with Exotics shows that there ARE serious problems with Exo and the way they were marketed?

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2UNQGN7IPNTIRIWBNVHEFBHHV4 a z

      Are we reading the same article??? The author is not picking on Exo, she is actually showing empathy and concern for them because they they are being bullied by “fans” who don’t seem to understand that what they are doing is bullying and harassment. If a stranger screamed SLUT and WHORE at you would you find his to be a compliment or a sign of affection? Doubt it. And that is what she is pointing out and picking on. She is if anything trying to show these “fans” that their actions are wrong and they need be aware and responsible for how their actions make others feel. Like another commentor said, they are not robots, they are not without feelings. Just because they are grinning and bearing it doesn’t mean it’s ok and these fans need to be made aware.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/2MYVCMGXUOHXNRTOBNWWBG4SXI Alice

    Reading all these comments basically saying: well if you met your bias, wouldn’t you go a little bit crazy? … I can’t be the only one giving a big NO to that. Seriously. Seeing your bias in person for me should actually reinforce a certain idea that I try to make sure never to forget: These are human beings, not dolls, and certainly not the characters they put on in MVs and variety shows. They deserve to be treated as such.

    Not going to bother commenting on EXO fans specifically, all fandoms have their crazies, and any person who thinks that any fangroup is worse that their own, or that their particular group has the best fans, is utterly delusional, and in my book is just as bad as the crazies. (That’s not a dig at the OP by the way, this post is fairly balanced. It just makes the mistake of only providing examples from one group)

    • http://twitter.com/M_Wys Michaela Wylie

      Exactly what I was thinking. :P

  • http://www.michelle-chin.com/ Michelle Chin


    • Natalie_SB

      you are my favorite person

      thanks so much! <3

      • Gaya_SB

        OMG Natalie, you like Exo??? :O

        • Natalie_SB


          Obviously I haven’t spammed you enough. Will fix this later. Be prepared. 

          • Gaya_SB


          • https://twitter.com/#!/LimaCake LimaCake

            You guys are cray cray lol

          • Natalie_SB

            I’LL SEE YOU ON GCHAT

        • http://www.michelle-chin.com/ Michelle Chin

          Uh…. did you just notice? :D kekeke. it’s alright. 

      • http://www.michelle-chin.com/ Michelle Chin

        Look, I think you have a point. As we are talking about this issue, I’ve read stuff like : 

        EXO-K’s van got stuck in a traffic jam. Some fans went to the van and started to pound against the windshield.(cr: src>obessu14 trans>jexkrssty09)… on tumblr. Can anyone tell me how this is right?!

    • http://twitter.com/alwaysplaymusic Taryn Petersen

      To be honest, close fancams and fancams of idols at airports always creeped me out a little. It just seems like a huge invasion of privacy in my opinion, and I know I wouldn’t want to have to deal with cameras shoved in my face after I got off a long flight , or shoved in my face in general :(

  • jaehyuun

    tbh this article has made many valid points and i agree that calling your idol derogatory nicknames is more offensive than affectionate. but ugh i dont know. being a fan of exo, this article made me feel a little hurt and sad. i know the writer wasn’t trying to be offensive to the entire fanbase as a whole but saying things like exotics are at the top of my list of least favourite fandoms made me feel like i had done something to be ashamed of even i hadn’t done or said anything offensive or degrading to pretty much any kpop group. i also felt that the sentence that said ‘first off – not all exotics are insane’ didn’t really help and in my opinion was similar to that phrase where they say ‘not to be rude’ but then say something complete offensive any way lol. for example where the writer later says: 
    I have found that many of Exo’s fans are tragically obnoxious.

  • http://exoticbacon.tumblr.com/ MIMI96

    I agree with ALMOST everything you said. The mobs of fans, the rude nicknames, etc. However, please note that only ONE fan ( I wouldn’t even call her a fan tbh) mimicked Sehun and called Kai a whore in front of their face. The article is presented as if the whole Exo fandom is dumb enough to do that. 
    I think the author is really just trying to be nice and express her frustration over the past incidents, but honestly, it upsets me because 95 perfect of the fandom is sane and really sweet. When the fancam came out, EVERY Exotic on tumblr was furious. What that girl did was dumb, embarrassing, and lame. After this incident, we have stopped the lisp jokes, bacon jokes, etc. Majority of us has also stopped calling Kai a whore/slut. 
    I understand that your trying to say that ALL fandoms should stop stalking their idols, saying dumb things, but seriously, don’t single out Exotics only. Some of us knows exactly what’s going on, but there are those who have no clue what really happened, and will judge Exotics without knowing both sides of the story.

  • http://1nspirit96.tumblr.com/ Mrs_KimSungGyu

    It’s all about self-restraint really. We all wish and dream of getting to be closer to our favorite groups, and that’s okay as long as there is a designated place for it. When you see someone famous on the street, the polite thing to do would be to first see if they aren’t busy or if they look like they are okay with greeting the fans in that particular moment before approaching them. Of course it’s impossible to know which case is which for sure, but when in doubt the best thing to do is to respect the other person’s privacy and leave them be. We are all human beings after all. Stalking is still stalking no matter who you are and I’m pretty sure a lot of us wouldn’t like being stalked, whether it be in real life or even online. I have prior experience in both of these cases, I’ll have you know.

    I’ll use an example of an acquaintance I know who lives in Korea to illustrate proper fan behavior. She is a foreigner and a major fan of a certain popular idol group. She once wrote a fan account in which she talked about a particular outdoor event that just so happened to feature that particular group as one of the main performers. A very large portion of the audience happened to be there for just them. Mind you that there were a couple of other groups slated to perform on that same day, but as soon as that group was done performing, the fan girls barreled into the parking lot (which was totally rude towards the other singers who still needed to perform) where the members were climbing back into their vans to leave for their next schedules. 

    Some of the fans pushed, grabbed onto the idols, and from the very up-and-close fan cams, it was apparent that they did not like to be handled in that way at all. Upon noticing this, this acquaintance of mine put her arms out and stopped the small group of girls she had come with from going any further. They quietly retreated to a distance and continued to watch from afar. That was the polite and sensible thing to do. Unfortunately many others did not follow her example, but fandoms are fandoms no matter which way you look at it and a whole lot of them are bound to be spoiled by immature fans. There is no avoiding that. 

    So let this article not be directed towards EXO’s fans alone, but rather every single kpop fan alike.

  • http://twitter.com/Sapphirefaith05 Heesung~

    LOL I love how the writer of this article tried REALLY hard to piss EXOTICS off when actually most of us are in Tumblr laughing about the article xDD 
    Meh~ you cannot really judge something when you don’t know it, and OBVIOUSLY this person knows nothing about Exotics and even exo themselves.

    • http://1nspirit96.tumblr.com/ Mrs_KimSungGyu

      This is just a comment from an outside party, so if you wish to ignore me you may do so.

      I don’t think this writer was trying to push any buttons here. She was merely addressing particular behavior exhibited by certain exotics and had proof to back her up. In no way did she insinuate that the entire EXO fandom is comprised of immature fan girls, although you have to admit that there is some truth behind her words. Exotics are really outgoing and silly people. I’m an not one myself but my sister is and we often scroll through the EXO tumblr tag together to see what’s up. From what I’ve seen, there is indeed a lot of what the author wrote above, ie…’harassing’ and ‘macro-ing’  more-so than is typically done in other fandoms, and though I know it’s all done in fun, people need to evaluate what is considered appropriate and what is not. 

      Don’t take this article as an attack, rather as a piece of advice to tone this type of behavior down. That’s all :)

    • http://twitter.com/littlegirlgray6 Rosa

      Laughing about an article that talks about immaturity of certain Exotics, oh the irony…. And the writer, as previously stated, is a big fan of EXO, just not some of the fandom.

       These comments….I can’t even……​Luhan we’re all not like this….

    • Gaya_SB

      I think Natalie was hoping that Exo stans, as well as all K-pop fans, think about their actions and how it could affect idols and other people, that’s all. 

      Personally, I derive much humour from that fact that you think Natalie knows nothing about Exo…

    • Khaddie

      I think you’ll find that quite a few people that are pointing out these things are actually fans of EXO, myself included. This article isn’t meant to piss people as I can see, but merely point out a few unsavoury parts of the fandom, specifically an extremely young fandom that is already showing signs of behaviour normally associated with groups that are way older. No one is saying all fans are crazy, as most if the comments have made clear, it’s not everyone. But to be honest, some of the responses really aren’t helping.

      And don’t quote me in this, but as far as I know Natalie seems to be quite an EXO fan if I remember her articles correctly.

  • http://twitter.com/jinxsomthing Shane Jinx

    whoaa someone called Kai a “whore” to his face? is it in the video above?

  • http://twitter.com/gerass501 ღ Gεяα~♥

    Are u f***** kidding me? Just because one or two crazy girls have done that, the author shouldn’t  generalize… seriously…Do you really think that exo fandom is the only one who have done this type of things? There are a lot of Exotics that are very hurt right now for this stupid article.  And those behaviours that the author have mentioned before are from the “sasaeng fans” and that kind of people exists in every single fandom. SO if the author really wanted to express his opinion about that type of crazy kpop fans he shouldn’t just use exo fans as an example.

    • Inspirite13elieve

      Well, she did say that its not only exotics, and two, from the video, it didn’t seem like it was just 1 or 2 fans. These also didn’t seem like sesang fans.

  • http://twitter.com/littlegirlgray6 Rosa

    It’s comments like these that makes me wish that opinions and words were a privilege that only level-headed people have. -___-

    Future commentors, please read the entire article before posting. I’ll probably use this to spam any comments that choose to ignore my comment due to some blind, unnecessary fury.

  • http://twitter.com/x6Madhatter9x Nash :)

    A lot of the stuff said here was right. That girl who called Sehun “Thehun” to his face was being disrespectful and it’s definitely wrong calling Kai a slut, but to group an entire fandom like that because of the actions of a select few isn’t right. I know the article said there are “Exotics” who aren’t rude, but it also said “many” and just the tone in which it was written sounded like it was referring to the majority of the fandom. I also agree about how some fans were pretty much stalking Exo during their trips to London and Disneyland. It was shocking to see how inconsiderate some of them were in regards to personal space. But again, that’s just SOME. Hardly “many” and definitely not “all”. And as far as macros and gifs go, those aren’t made with the intent of hurting the idols and I’m pretty sure the idols, if they even see half those gifs and macros are well aware they aren’t made in mockery. Fandoms always joke about the herps and derps of their idols. It isn’t anything new. And most of those jokes don’t even leave Tumblr.

    • Lo7us

      Your comment is perfect. I pretty much skimmed the article, scrolled down to look at the comments, and re-read the article again, and realized that the tone was pretty condescending. That’s it. It basically sounded like the author was ranting, which turned me off, but that doesn’t mean what she’s saying for the most part isn’t true.

  • http://twitter.com/starrybluknight starrybluknight

    The issue with Exo fan isn’t the action per say as these actions are common among all fandoms but the extremity & volume of them especially when you consider their age (Group hasn’t even hit the 6month mark yet)

    What everyone has to understand is that people create impressions based on what they see. All groups have obnoxious/extreme fan but are those fans at the back or forefront of a fandom? Are they your fandom’s ‘face’?

    Considering the ease at which it takes to build a bad rep compare to a good one I’d say Exo fandom should look into getting a ‘face lift’ asap. Forget about other fandoms & how they do, worry about yourselves.

    PS: While nickname for idols are normal & it’s actually not uncommon for fans to openly call there idol by nickname I think there are some that are better left inside joke/pet names. As much as they may love & appreciate you as fans I doubt any idol male or female would liked to be called slut or whore to their face. For less traditionally derogatory nicks fans should use discretion & drop its use (at least publicly) if the idol in question ever shows or even implies  discomfort/approval over it imo

  • http://twitter.com/starrybluknight starrybluknight

     “but to group an entire fandom like that because of the actions of a select few isn’t right.”

    It isn’t right but sadly it is reality. Humans usually create impression on what they see regardless of if what they’re seeing is the full picture or not.

  • http://twitter.com/WallyYuki Wally Orsomething

    Loving the butthurt Exotics. Loving how they can’t take criticism. Loving how part of this article is right.
    ~An Exotic


    I think this article should apply to all fandoms, not just EXO…..all fandoms in someway or another are out of control, specially all this fanwars which are so infantile and really get us to nowhere. We call have constrtuctive criticism or discussion, I mean is great cause we can all learn from one another, and remember maintain an level of respect among each other.
     I think that, we as fans, there is one thing we have forgotten, which is, that at the end of the day we are first and foremost KPOP fans, regardless of fandoms or biases. So, instead of hating on each other we should all be united and be great representative of Kpop in the world.

  • yooonie

    ” Beyond that, “slut” is degrading and offensive and never OK to call anyone, especially when a person just reveals their shoulder’s onstage.”

    Wow I love your blatant slut shaming. Because what sluts do, deciding what to do with their own body, is /degrading/ and offensive. Wow how about you look in the mirror first and then talk about people?

    While i don’t agree with the things fans do, I don’t agree with you pointing their wrongs out while in the process you shit on other people that have nothing to do with this.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001826070577 Sophie Xiaoqi Guo

    lmao i know if i say something against the author right now shes probably gonna be like “well well well exactly what id expect from the most “insane” fandom” and shit like that, but what the actual fuck man. if you dont like exo then gtfo stop stalking us we don’t need comments like this from ppl like you. what we do wrong we correct it. ourselves. the chinese fans have already dug out the birthdays and childhood photos of some of these fans so mind your own fucking business okarrr? :)  you’re not helping by ranting and writing biased shit that none of these real bad fans will actually read. all you do is make the other fans hate us and feel superior if they don’t do so enough already (Im sure you know thats true, amiright?). and do u like live under a rock or something cuz these things are NOTHING compared to what some of the other fandoms do. dont go around pointing fingers at us and magnifying bad behaviour just cuz u dont like us. i wont even go into detail some of the other accidents caused by fans that somehow escaped getting a poorly written article condemning their bad behaviour, cuz it would take a while. idk what your purpose is and how important you think you are to be publishing stuff like this, but please. JEBAL. stop. 
    “not all exo fans are insane” well gee no shit man thank you for acknowledging the “quite a few lovely Exo fans that are very easy to get along with” i greatly appreciate the non-generalization present in this article. actually no not really. okay first go ask a doctor what the word “insane” actually means. second, i dont quite understand why you would be so frustrated with us making macros and gifs. there are talented ppl in here and they use their talent. we entertain ourselves and get laughs out of it like what idols are supposed to do for us, so what is your problem?

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XGOSPTUVTZU7J7UM3KGE7YIJQM Amy

      Way to prove the author’s point.

    • aozora1290

      She likes EXO just not you.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/2OT2NAMF5B2ONL5DDWWOL7JUOU yahoo-2OT2NAMF5B2ONL5DDWWOL7JUOU

      You just proved why she wrote this article…she never said she hated EXO

    • http://www.facebook.com/iLovePandazetPenguinzzz Miichie Lin

      She can just Google what “insane” means. I mean, it’s THERE for a reason. But I’m pretty sure she already knows the definition. 

    • Lo7us

      Wow your comment is really dumb. 

      Did you or did you not think it was rude and insensitive that fans followed exo around the whole day calling Kai a “slut”, Luhan a “whore” and Sehun “Thehun.”

      If you thought that was acceptable, then you have serious issues. If you didn’t, then you pretty much agreed with the article. I know the article had serious tone problems because it came off as largely condescending when it didn’t have to, but nothing worse could have prompted a dumber comment than yours.

      So just because other fandoms have done worse, these actions are okay? Wow, that makes so much sense. Who cares if Luhan later learns what people were calling him, at least he didn’t die in a sasaeng-induced car accident. What the actual fuck.

      Also wth do you mean “we entertain ourselves and get laughs out of it like what idols are supposed to do for us” WTF is this. Idols are not your playthings 24/7. They are human beings and not some toy you derive some sick pleasure from.

      You can macro and gif all you want out of them but at least acknowledge that what these specific fans did was unacceptable.

  • Chelsea Rae

    forgetting the content of this article, because there are some truths and some blatant misinformation, why did you feel the need to publish this? im curious. what was the point in writing and putting out something you obviously knew would be controversial? im new to your website, so is this the purpose of your site? to provoke controversy?
    -genuinely curious

    • http://twitter.com/DancingWid Widney Gay

      Quite frankly I don’t understand the question that you’re trying to ask either. Because a subject is controversial it should not be addressed? Guess what fraud, sexuality, racism, love are all controversial issues, but you don’t see people stop talking or writing about them. You do know that any form of journalism has for foundations information. The author is narrating/informing the public about the experience that she has with a certain fandom, the readers can choose to make it controversial or not, how is that wrong? Or do Exo’s fans have some kind of immunity from criticism? I’m genuinely curious as well to know what’s the purpose of your question when the author wrote:”However, I’ve recently been inspired by Exo’s fans to write this article about inappropriate fan behavior.” Therefore you should know that the purpose of this article is to point out like the author said herself “some insane and rude” (note not all of them) Exo’s fan.
      She’s not criticizing the group but Exo’s fans, and only a category at that, “the insane ones”. Unless you’re blind or illiterate you should know what the purpose of this article because she states it on many occasions.

  • aozora1290

    Kpop fans need to get over there holier than thou attitudes in general. Kpop fans are insulting to kpop artists, non kpop artists, kpop fans, non kpop fans, other races etc. etc. I could fill a page of the crap that kpop fans get up to. Exotics and other kpop fandoms need to come back to planet earth and face the truth that all it takes is a few bad apples to spoil the bunch and they should hold eachother accountable for being insane douchebags. When i first got into kpop i was excited to connect with other people who like kpop too but after i while i just decided to enjoy it by myself and i’ve been much happier since making that decision. I wouldnt be surprised if EXO themselves thinks their fans are a bunch of lunatics too! It isnt like its one or two people or just a few videos its hundreds if not thousands of videos and incidences! Everytime EXO goes anywhere or does anything the fans cause trouble. It also pisses me of that SME hasnt figured out there is going to be a bunch of crazies following them around and they need to give them like a fifty man security team. Actually they probably need a swat team. Im sure they are terrified of the majority of their fans. I think i prefer the days when people had to worry about getting letters written in menstrual fluid instead of worrying about being assaulted by fans. Someone is going to get hurt eventually and it will probably be one of the EXO members. People need to get their shit together.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002955225434 Park Ji-Ae

    Only serious thing here is they shouldnt be mobbed and SM should provide them some security FFS

    Everything else stated..is just petty

    About the ‘vulgar’ nick name & stuff..I dont do it, but youre over exagerating it, gans dont yell those thing out at them..I heard only ONE fan KalledKai a slut, & no one can find a fancam still..so way to overreact about ONE fan

    Also..1 fan mimicked sehuns lisp in public.

    Every fandom has crazy things that should be kept in the fandom..like Shinee Key being call “Bitch” & Minho “hyungwhore” etc

    Also most these groups know about being shipped/coupled already…So its no big deal to yell out their couple names

    and also if Exo are going to be famous they should get used to having wierd fans.

    • http://twitter.com/littlegirlgray6 Rosa

       Lol, it took you this long to read the article? *slow clap*

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002955225434 Park Ji-Ae

        Uh..I did read it before..and stand by my previous comment, because I still feel like author trying to single out Exo fans.

  • http://twitter.com/CuddlyDraugr not the real alanna

    love exo, hate a good majority of my fellow fans. so many exotics are borderline sasaeng fans

  • http://twitter.com/M_Wys Michaela Wylie

    To be honest, I was planning on being done with this article, but something occurred to me.

    The author of this article did not publish this article purely to hate on the EXO fandom. She published it because she’s concerned for the members’ well-being.

    “Bad behavior can be found in other fandoms but it’s disheartening to see Exo’s fans get a bad reputation so soon. For their sake as well as Exo’s, I hope they mature and begin respecting their idols’ privacy and feelings.”

    A lot of people here are saying the author of this article must hate EXO, but as I see it, she cares more than people defending their behavior. Those people defending the fandom are basically saying that their jokes are more important than the members mental and emotional health. Because how would you like it if someone you didn’t know called you a slut or whore? If you couldn’t brush it off, that would be very mentally taxing. 

    The author isn’t condemning EXOtics simply because she hates them. It’s because she’s worried about the effect it might have on EXO.

  • http://www.facebook.com/3quiNOx Aki Bunten

    I’m not Exotic but them fans be crazy freaks x_x

  • Saki275

     i agree with the author … like seriously EXO have sasaeng fans and they just a rookie debut on April … i hop this only a hyp .. i’m an exotic

  • maligurl

    Watching that video made me cringe! i can safely say i would never react like to ANY celebrity EVER. omg no.

    • Guest

       yup i hate how that fans behaved

    • http://www.facebook.com/iLovePandazetPenguinzzz Miichie Lin

      Watching the video had hurt my ears. T.T

  • Taenipple

    As for the “Thehun” issue, there’s a difference between complimenting his lisp and making fun of his lisp. 

    • Lo7us

      How do you even compliment someone’s lisp…

      • ExOT12

        Because it can be EXTREMELY cute in some ways ?

      • Taenipple

        Ask the exotics…. smh…

  • k_db

    Articles like these are the best.

    A semi controversial article somehow explodes in popularity in which the comments try to disprove the content, yet… ironically… proving the article right to the very last period.

    • palebluedot13

      i know right?

  • IssyCee

    I don’t think i’ll crowd them but lol i do fangirl like that:/ apart from the thehun sexy dance machine and other nicknames LOL that was just eh xD not my kind of thing…

  • UJjaejoong

    EXO debuted like this year only…how can they have such “hardcore” crazy fans O_o
    i feel really bad for Sehun! poor guy! :( 

    Kai’s expression in the vid was priceless! :D

  • http://twitter.com/DancingWid Widney Gay

    Child this article could get you sent to the abyss of Timbuktu or have you seek a witness protection program! These fans are thirsty!
    This remind of the beginning of the crazy DBSK and Super Junior fandom Era but enhanced because now with technology expanding kpop, people are just becoming crazier. 
    My question is do Exo fans have some kind of Immunity? The girl is clearly not attacking Exo (and even if she was it’s a free country, and last time I checked people still had the right to say or write what they please), so seriously unless you are a crazy fan as stated by the author you have no beef in this. Man I can already see the amount of crazy ssaesang fans being recruited. We need a an article that put on blast those crazies. No matter is stopping from being a fan, just don’t be psychotic.
    Plus I just love the “why are you pointing out Exo fans only?” I don’t know idiot because this article is about the author’s experience with insane Exo fans and not with other groups fans. She is not saying other group are not crazy too, but she is merely narrating an encounter. Next time she or other authors of Seoulbeats have an experience with other fans of other groups I’m sure they will let you know. Exo is new group nobody is out to get them yet ok. We all want them to grow, but fandom as great as it can be, can be a hindrance. 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/EEX2VUMCATTYW3YP5UKDIWSK3Q kelsey coop

    what’s irritating is that there isn’t any punishment for these stalkers- and I’m not just pegging Exotics, I’m talking about stalker fans in general.
    how many times do we have to hear about suicide and car accidents before we get it through out thick skulls that the things we do effect the physical and mental well being of celebrities- calling them names and STALKING them is bound to mess them up and can be dangerous.
    let’s take for example the countless traffic accidents Super Junior has been in- three that I’m aware of and from what I under stand fans, were the cause. Heechul even recently made a comment about stalker fans and even shut down his twitter because of it.
    I don’t know how people can reasonably excuse people for STALKING, no one should have to worry that someone is watching them 24/7 but from the response I’ve seen here it seems as though alot of fans are to immature to understand that “hey, if you wouldn’t like being stalked what makes you believe celebrities would?” they’d most likely respond with a “I can’t help it, I just love ___ so much.” or “It’s not stalking, ___ is a celebrity!”
    I’d also like to point out something on the “Beatles code 2” episode featuring U-KISS and Sistar- when asked if they liked wearing short shorts both Sistar members quickly stated no, and you wanna know the reason, they said because people touch them when they’re in a crowd… the fucked up thing was that none of the people at that show seemed to see anything wrong with it. sexual harassment much. 
    I get it, alot of fans are young and immature (or in alot of cases they’re sleazy men who like copping feels) but that doesn’t excuse you, it’s doesn’t give you a right to harass someone just because their job is to entertain you. Stalking someone, making a huge scene at an airport or even during traffic HURTS YOUR IDOLS, IF YOU WANT THEM TO KEEP DOING THE THINGS YOU LOVE YOU NEED TO RESPECT THEM SO THEY CAN AND WILL WANT TO!!!
    but then again, idols are just toys right? if they break you can just get a new one.

    • ragdolleyes

      “but then again, idols are just toys right? if they break you can just get a new one.”

      One of the saddest things I’ve heard on this article and the worst part is that it is so true.

  • Yumna Fawzi Aydiyah

    See? This is the article from someone who follows the EXO’s material. We need to reflect on ourselves guys. EXO need fans who are not just big in number, but also big in manner.

    EXO fans

  • ba0_0824

    i CANNOT agreee with yu more than this , veeery nicely written article <3

    please exo fans, theyre human afterall , give them respect that they deserve … they dont appreciate yu for taking away their personal space and freedom

  • happy_slip

    Shit, what happened here. Been a while since I last saw an article having 300+ comments on SB.

    *goes on to read the article and some of the comments*

  • den_ishe

    It’s so scary! I feel so bad for them! I have my bias, but I’m not going to degrade, harass or bully the other members! Pobrecitos! Profound article..I don’t understand the extremes of fans sometimes. Your Idol is a mortal, he/she has feelings too. Reminds me of poor Nickhun and Jay Park, under so much scrutiny for committing unintentional faults. All I can say is, “FANS ARE CRAZY.”

    • seessky

      some fans just don’t know how to love their idols. maybe some of them think that 24/7 spazzing about their idols is considered as showing love. some of them doesn’t go through idols’ privacy to show how much they love the idols. EXO themselves having hard time defining “what is love”, right?

      • den_ishe

         Love your last line. I totally agree about not knowing how to go about it. I must be so pessimistic because I know in my life time, I will never be able to see them other than by computer so I have no care in the matter of their daily schedules or where they’ll be. I do my best to support them by purchasing an album and anticipating their growth as artists, but I don’t really see the point in knowing what they’re doing every minute. I’m still trying to figure out who I am as a person! As of right now, I have an identity crisis about the kind of person I want to become!

        • seessky

          take your time in finding your way. try something new, learn something you’re interested in. if you haven’t decided your goal in life, you know you always have this option: to be a good person.

          sorry i can’t help much. i’m also still trying to find mine :)

  • Black_Plague

    “When Exo was trying to enjoy some downtime in Disneyland”

    Well, SM, at least you’re giving the boys some leisure time. Boy I was surprised to read that since EXO’s only debuted just months ago as an SM-made group.

    Honestly, now I see why EXO’s fans aren’t really well-liked at all. Christ, shouldn’t SM hire some more bodyguards? Given it’s the most financially well off agency out in Kpop, hiring some extra dozen guards can’t be that bad. At this rate, they might as well hire Blackwater employees for this kind of stuff.

  • Beautiful_reality

    KAI looked like he had a great time in London though… I saw fancams of him dancing, smiling and laughing. I heard he was just a bit tired after a while….and that’s nothing out of the ordinary.

    But yes, generally, I agree with this article. Especially about the name calling…..

  • http://twitter.com/baekhyeonie ABLAZE of FIRE 奇商

    … u are insane… EXO had a fun time at Disneyland and in the UK, EXO-K had fun too even though there were fans bugging them. It’s not harassment.. OH MY GOSH. IHY

    • Grace Ecarg

      how do you know?

    • palebluedot13

      so just because they put on a happy face for the cameras the stalking was okay?? the sad thing is if it was a normal everyday person getting followed around like that people would know it was wrong but since they are a kpop group it is a okay.

      fans need to know how to interact with idols. snap one pic. maybe get an autograph if they aren’t doing anything and are with another fan. but then move on and leave them alone

  • http://twitter.com/whitecereal White Cereal

    the next sasaeng cassies – sasaeng exotics?

  • Beautiful_reality

    That fancam you posted of those FEW girls in London was disgraceful. They were even blocking the boot of the coach when EXO were trying to load their luggage. Unbelievable.

    I think we should always keep in mind that not all EXO fans behave like this. Those who do, should be criticized so that they can stop giving the rest of the fandom a bad name.

  • felix_22

    i have to agree with this. i’m also an EXO fan ever since the first teaser. Please show some self control. If you really LOVE your idols, learn how to give them their own personal space and let them be! Especially at the part where some fans pushed their selves to the exo-m members and even separated luhan from the group and went to grope his body, to those fans, YOU ARE DISGUSTING CREATURES. I am speaking frankly here. If you were a normal fan would you do something so violent like that? I don’t think so. Are you, you fans who think waaaay over about your idols and act over the top, do you ever consider the results of these to them? Being all fangirly and scream is kinda a normal thing for a fan, but disrespecting them is another story. Try to identify whether or not what you do is already too much or not. Sometimes we may get carried away but try to have presence of mind here. Idols are also HUMAN BEINGS! They have feelings and they have their own rights!
    If you cannot even control yourself and stop being an overly obsessed fan, all i can say is that you are NOT A FAN! You are frankly and truthfully a MONSTER.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1151961060 Cynthia Zuing

    Good saying!
    Im glad that someone did bring out this matter.
    I myself also a EXO fans. But I really dont get it why the fans behaved like that, mobbing and giving EXO member strange nicknames. Please, gives them some respect.We fans are suppose to support them, not here to cause any inconvenience and trouble for them, right? The girls inside the vid, and also to anyone that’s recording fancam video, please don’t shout like that. It’s irritating for others who watch the video. I bet you’ll feel irritating also when you watch back the video. 

  • http://twitter.com/OjouJae Lee YaJae ♡

    I totally agree with you!! But i think the reason why these things are happening is because they are still new and fans just want a piece of that fresh meat. It’s a shame because they don’t understand how the idols feel; being pushed and shoved etc.

    Lay almost got pulled down from an moving escalator in one of Chinas airport as well. Hopefully these type of actions would die down sooner.

  • Gigi Chung

    she actually said “kai dancing machine”

  • http://twitter.com/AnisIDK anis.

    Wow. I feel so ashamed. wow 

  • Beautiful_reality

    Btw, the girl in that video ISN’T FROM LONDON. I heard that she’s actually from Vietnam.

  • Beautiful_reality

    About LONDON…EXO seemed to have fun overall, so I think some people are overreacting. Even in that video (with the girl being rude), they seemed so cute on the coach and really playful. 

    I think that because it’s all still new to them, they were amused more than anything. After a while, though it will probably become tiring and they will start to get fed up. 

    I hope the fandom improves their behaviour so that EXO will ALWAYS look forward to seeing their fans..

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/PVOMS7NLG7IFS6JSNCQ6R35H7Q Nerison

    I totally agree with this, but i hope you guys see that there are many exo fans who actually are easy to get along with and are well behaved. we know are limits, so we told the london fans to give exo k some privacy and space. but with exo m’s situation we cant. since it was too late. 

    But this.. this will totally make the haters of exo make another reason to hate them. And i hate it. Please dont hate exo just because of these immature fans? 

  • ExOT12

    I don’t agree with this btw. It’s not like wat u think, that exo’s fan are over or watever. ‘slut’ or ‘whore’ or even ‘thehun’ is just an in side joke as u say but think wisely, even the directioners admit that 1D are gay and they don’t even mind it. Yes, It is inappropriate when the fans “harrass” exoM in the airport that day and that video? Please, what do u think u will do when u meet them? U will take a video and hey, u have the chance to say something right? So U WILL say something to them ; maybe u will call their names and when they don’t reply, u atomatically say their nicknames which they will respond and they even smile to it and PLUS, who the hell won’t spazz when u are right in front of your own IDOL?? I’m not stating that this post isn’t true but it’s just my opinion and I’m sure that EXO’s fan will say the same so, yeah just saying.

    • GaCaRa

      Seeing kpop fancams just makes me want to do the opposite and totally ignore them so they’ll at least get some peace

      • ExOT12

        Yes, my reaction was the same like ‘I-wanna-kill-that-girl’ reaction but think on the bright side, cause subconsciously some people just can’t hide their feelings eventhough they don’t want to overreact but they unknowingly did the otherwise so, I mean if I’m in that person’s place, I would do the same. Bahaha. As for the idols, “exo” they will not (or will, only god knows) hate it cause they are receiving lots of love from their fans like of course, what would u do if u have millions of people to like u and give u support? Totally that awesomest feeling u can never describe so yeah, they chose to be an idols, they should know how to deal with fans.

  • Petal in SMTOWN

    I don’t think “ayo waddup krease” or “sekushi dansheen masheen” is bad, its actually fun for them too i think^^

  • http://twitter.com/smellysuzie (。◕ ‿ ◕。✿)

    if you were REALLY a part of the fandom, then you’d know that this article is exaggerated so much it’s unprofessional. Yes, ‘slut’ and ‘whore’ do go round on the internet but ONLY the 2 or 3 girls in that video actually said it to their faces. We don’t even count them as part of the fandom because we are disgusted in their actions too. As for the stalking… as if they were really given ”downtime”, SM’s focus point right now is to get them popular, and what’s the best way to do that? throw them out into the wild and let the whole world see what they are doing. SM knew very well that fans would go crazy that these idols are going round their local areas freely with no bodyguards, but it’s all part of the plan for gaining attention and popularity. Did you really expect a group of young, attractive celebrities to be able to enjoy a whole day out without any ”harrassment”? SM knows perfectly well what will happen because it happens to all idols, not just your precious new rookie boy band. 

    • GaCaRa

      This sound a lot like victim blaming to me. SM’s marketing strategy with all their groups only works as long as the fans play along- something they have no obligation to do. Yet it seems fans like yourself sometimes take the easy way out by blaming the company and the idols’ good looks instead of taking responsibility for their own actions.

      • http://twitter.com/smellysuzie (。◕ ‿ ◕。✿)

        for your information, I was at the london incident myself too. and I wrote my own fanaccount about the day and I can assure you that only a handful of fans were shoving cameras into the idols’ faces and whatnot. Don’t assume that I am defending myself and the fandom i’m not. I know what these crazy girls have done, I was there as a primary witness. But I’m not blaming SM alone, both parties have responsibilities to take

  • Beautiful_reality



    when exo’s van was stuck in traffic, a group of thai kids (still in their uniform) ran to the car and attacked it when exok were about to leave the hotel a bunch of thai kids wearing purple sports uniform were trapping them in the middle of the street and they were also knocking and taking their placards and pushing up against exo-k’s van like crazy ;cr. @shiihx  

  • Lady EXOtic: ℍoshiko08❈

    I’m part of EXO fandom, and as I read it, I respect and somewhat agree to this statement. Especially the fans in China, don’t get me wrong, but as I read some informations, also saw some photos and videos, it’s ver clear that the behavior are very unpleasant. We can’t please everyone, some people can accept jokes, such as “slut” but for other people of course, it’s really not good. All of us have different way on how we accept, look and react about this, but for the betterment of our fandom(EXO fans) we should just be very careful and be really aware of this.

  • http://twitter.com/lillian23910 Sharon

    EXO fans have floored me. For a rookie group to have that many hardcore fans is crazy. They have basically took over tumblr. Their new, they still dont have a structure in them and most of their fans are young. 

    In my experience, EXO fangirls talk about EXO too sexually, and these are 15 year old girls. But all groups experience this, not just EXO. No celeb can walk around in the street without getting harassed by fans. NONE. Especially without bodyguards, why dont they have them? Siwon literally ran away from his fans in an airport. The incident would not have happened if they have actual bodyguards.  

  • http://www.facebook.com/rachel.aul Rachel Aul

    THANK YOU. Finally someone says something.

  • http://twitter.com/midnightxkisses Becky

    As an fellow fan of EXO, I do agree with some of your points in your article. However, I think it’s very rude and misleading to target and generalize the whole EXO fandom based upon a small group of people.

    In addition, if you say that the EXO fandom has to mature to “respect idol’s privacy and feelings”, you are severely wrong. Cassies, ELFS, etc. are all fandoms that are very mature, yet the actions that they have done to their idols are worse than what EXOtics have done.

    There are saesang fans amongst Cassies. There are Cassies that purposefully hurt TVXQ/JYJ in order for their idols to notice and remember them. They break into their dorms and steal their underwear. They spend hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars, into stalking their idols.

    There are ELFs who have hated Super Junior members. Heechul had to withdraw from the Super Junior fancafe at one point because ELFs, who were supposed to be supporters of the whole group, hated him because he had more activities. They told him that he should quit Super Junior.

    These fandoms have had plenty of years to mature, yet they have hurt their own idols worse than EXOtics did. So for your definition of “harassment”, I don’t know exactly how you define it, because EXOtics clearly have not hurt their idols to the level that some Cassies and ELFs did.

    • EbenezerScrooge

      I started reading this but than stopped after the second paragraph, you just compared a fandom over 9 years old to one that was just born a few months ago……  

    • Giovanni NolGi

      The whole point of the article is that EXO is only 3 months old and their fans are already  acting like sasaengs.

  • http://twitter.com/musicangel12 Andra B

    Holy shit I wanna punch these girls in the face >.> I’m a fan of EXO but it was this exact shit that these fans have been doing on tumblr that make me ashamed to say it >.>

  • http://www.facebook.com/rachel.aul Rachel Aul

    That girl needs psychiatric help. Oh my god. 

  • exoticalleeshiny

    If you actually read the description of the girl’s fancam, she clearly said she did Se Hun’s lisp only to make him laugh. She said she didn’t do it to offend him. Plus, I’d say EXO-K liked all the attention. Some of them even blew kisses and recorded, etc. Don’t you agree all fans would be really happy to see their favorite idol(s)?

    But yes, the mob at the China airport went to out of hand.

  • HappyBear

    Really? The fans called Kai and Luhan those names? Wow!!? I never knew, I’ve been with exo like ever since teaser 1 of kai. But okay, that article isn’t to me, because I’ll never do that, but hey I never know because I never really met exo or any idol…Aigoo sad life…..but damn fans these days are so so so so so so so crazy. Like that person said..”Kai wanted to punch someone in the face” that’s what I wanna do to a fan, that’s being a bitch.

  • ExOT12

    It’s not EXO’s fan that is inappropriate, but THIS article is the one that is inappropriate.

    • palebluedot13

      ok then

  • seessky

    hi, dear natalie. i agree about the point of the article, about the inappropriate behaviors of fans. but it is not only happen in EXO fandom right? we are still 3 months and 19 days old. we are still curious about all the things our idols do. pardon us. we are still trying to become a better fandom.

  • http://twitter.com/waittuhminute Bree Renton (;

    I totally agree with you. I myself am a fan of EXO, but not to the extent of stalking, teasing, and being downright rude. They’re still human beings (even when they’re called aliens from exoplanet). Harassing the members and calling them rude names is the same as bullying a classmate at school. This awful behavior of certain exotics must stop, and the way they’re treating the EXO members should not be taken lightly.

  • http://twitter.com/NeNerds アイリーン

    Seriously I wish someone would scream something out like that in front of me. Come on! Like keep all the inside jokes to yourself. There’s no need to be harassing them…making fun of the way people speak is not even fun to begin with. You’re listening to Korean and Chinese music. Do they talk shit to you because your pronunciation is wrong?! This is infuriating! Specially towards Kai and Luhan. How can they call them sluts and whores? These are all delusional fans who think this way and it’s just plain sad.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/WFPG6EDKTNY4LLC7VGWMLBWU4Y Angela

    OMG those are very bad nicknames for EXO members. From my perspective they aren’t even nicknames at all. Exo loves their fan alot and is friendly around them. Doing this can make them lose hope because what if they dont want to perform anymore there are some fans who dot get to see them for instance me I live too far so i feel really bad for them but atleast other can show some respect for them. Its just for my perspective.

  • mink0429

    I’m totally agree this!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m korean fan but I sometimes felt shocked by behaviors of some of international exofans in tumblr,youtube and etc… If they do this in korean fansites, they would be criticized a lot. 
    카이한테 슬럿이라고 하고 루한이한테 창녀라고하고…이런건 안티팬이나 하는짓이예요 장난도 정도가있지… 본인은 장난일지 몰라도 이런것 하나하나가 루머를 만드는거예요.ㅡㅡ;I love exo and international fans, but some of themㅡㅡ,,, Please be polite and give it a second thought before you write.Please don’t do anything that would disgrace other exofans..And sorry i’m not good at englishㅜ.ㅜ

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ITOTAWRNYBUU6IKGYB5EV5LYQE May

    The boys seemed fine. You’re the one that sort of seems out of control. The only thing annoying about that fan cam was the yelling. She managed to make Sehun laugh. Furthermore, Chanyeol and Baekhyun seemed to enjoy the attention. Chanyeol was even filming them. I doubt he would have done that if his experience was so horrible. They did not have to pay attention to their fans. They could have easily ignored them or put on a sour face to show they were displeased. The only one who seemed displeased a bit was Kai, which he is in his right. But don’t go blowing things out of proportion. You sound like the delusional, overzealous, overprotective fangirls you are complaining about. They are grown, they can handle themself. You are not their mother or their wife. Grow up.

    • http://twitter.com/shiningkeybumie Keybummie’s Yeobo

      Agreed!! You have just said everything i’ve been thinking! This is completely blown out of proportion. Glad there’s someone who shares the same opinion! 

    • Gaya_SB

      But wouldn’t the idols be condemned if they reacted to their fans negatively? I just feel like they’re stuck between a rock and a hard place when faced with fans like that.

      • Beautiful_reality

        Sehun doesn’t respond to fans unless he wants to. He probably laughed because he wanted to laugh. That doesn’t make it right though. 

        Kai looked moody when getting on the coach but I think he was just tired. Apparently on the coach, he was being cute and smiley…doing hearts and everything.

    • palebluedot13

      so because the boys “seem” fine it is okay to basically follow around and stalk a person even if they are a celebrity?

      and more victim blaming nonsense…

  • http://twitter.com/Thirsax3 Thirsa

     I don’t really think sehun would feel bad for being called thehun. BUT calling luhan and kai slut and whore in their faces,thats just very rude and disrespectfull. I also hate to see them getting stalked by all those people. it’s oke to film them and call their names. but people just shouldn’t follow them all the way to their cars or whatever. give them some freakin privacy! .___.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/G4YEZ75723SO7262VEMHAJ4W4M nou

    These girls are…..uh…..they need some help haha. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/auddikim Audrey Angeline Walter

    I agree with the whore and slut comments, and making fun of the lisps. That is just wrong. And the other rude things EXO fans say. But I do think this article is a little exaggerated. A LOT of K-Pop groups are mobbed and stalked. We should keep our nicknames to ourselves, though. But yelling HunHan and Ayo Waddup Krease isn’t bad at all. Sehun has said he thinks “HunHan” was cute, but they were just friends. And Kris laughs every time someone says that. I LOVE the EXO fandom the most. We just need to learn to keep certain things IN the fandom, and not be offensive.

  • http://twitter.com/InfinitelyA _

    True, taken out of context, the nicknames may seem crude and exaggerated, but it’s all in good humor, and are not to be taken seriously. Most of us EXO fans know not to take them out into the “real world,” especially in front of EXO. Those London girls were anomalies. 

    Also, EXO has been to the airport many times in the past several months and the fans have shown restraint and courtesy in regards to keeping their distance. The Beijing incident was a shame to the EXO fan community, so much so that the Beijing fans released an official apology to the artists and to their disappointed peers. 

    On behalf of the EXO fans that my thoughts have resonated with, I’d like to apologize to any people that we may have offended with our actions and our behavior regarding EXO. We will try to show more respect towards the artists. We (as a community and as individuals) are still quite young, so we have much to learn, from our mistakes and from others.

    • Fanny1989

      It’s really never in good humor to call someone a whore or a slut or make fun of an impediment that they don’t have control over whether it be to their face or not. 

      Honestly it just seems like the behavior of naive and ignorant pre-teens. And if you don’t fall into that group, then it’s even more embarrassing to do such things. 
      If you are trying as a fandom to see less obnoxious the first step you can do is not defend such offensive nicknames.

  • mybiasbeatsyourbias

    Can I say TVXQ 2.0 the EXO addition.
    Damn cassies earn the title next to elfs as fanatics who know no bounds. I find this very disturbing. But how will these kroean firms tackle the issue of dangerous fandom. Is rather interesting also but will they? These korean firms sorta feed into this obsession of young fangirls and boys longing for their bias idol star. Although it seem rather stupid of me not to leave out. That these fans must practice some level of rational behavior.
    But let’s be honest these young boy and girls take their idols for granted if the opportunity ever presents itself. Stalking to belittling and whatnot is those fans way of getting: not only themselves notice but their idols.
    The press will run stores how so and so idol shows up at the airport. With hundred to thousands of fans waiting for their arrival. To fans stalking them in the streets especially on foreign soil.
    Its a testiment to popularity as well cultrual impact. These fans don’t see any wrong and would continue even if others within the fandom protest they’re against it.
    The record labels are torn because this is what they secretly want but must constently fear for their idol star(s) saftey.
    Where do you draw the line as a fan, as an idol and as a record label? When does the exploitation become vulgar,degrading and life threating? How do you stop it?

  • yukeez

    I think the nicknames just need to stay on the interwebs. I can understand a joke on the internet, but to say those type of things to them to their face is just plain cruel. Especially when you call them “Slut” or “Whore”. The worse thing is, they haven’t done anything wrong. As an EXO fan myself, I am seriously disappointed with these sasaeng fans. 

  • http://twitter.com/Jexitopia Jexie

    I can say that as an EXO fan myself I am indeed embarrassed when people in my fandom does these things. I don’t want to look at airport photos of the members anymore or even worse, pictures of them inside the plane.. they are always mobbed on airports.. I mean.. the fans can show their support in better ways then shoving a camera in to someone’s face. There is a thing called zoom on their cameras.. would it be so hard to support from a distance? :( It’s just creepy seeing some of the photos that the fans posted.

    I love EXO and I support EXO, and sure I’ve made a few jokes among other EXO fans, but never would I bring it so far to shout it at the members in real life. And I agree.. calling someone a slut or whore should never be okay. And the making fun of Se Hun’s lisp has just gotten way out of hand.. it’s really sad to see.

    I do hope that those overly obsessive fans can step back and give the members some space and instead show their love by maybe holding signs and cheering for them, buying their albums is another way. We don’t want EXO to end up with lots of saesang fans and eventually get scared of their fans. We all want to show our idols the love we deserve.. but there’s a line that you do not just cross.

  • mink0429

    At first, sorry for my bad english but i do my best
    Hmm……I’d like to talk to someone who defend fans followed exo in london. 

    If exo fallowed by korean fans like that girls when they’re shopping in korea, you guys would call these fans saseng, right?
    Do you see what I mean? They just seem to be sasengs to me.
    Why do you think it’s okay to follow them?

    Yeah, you’re right exo looked like happy in London because they went to London first and many foreign fans welcome them, i know that.

    But I’ve seen some kpop artists who changed personalites because of their fucking sasengs since I was a child.(i’m korean) 
    Actually they were very kind to sasengs when it’s not very long since they have debuted, even their fans to worry.
    Besides, the public criticizes stars easily. Stars have no choice but to behave themselves carefully even in front of sasengs.

    First was fine, but if they continue to repeat these behaviors twice,three times, four times…, it would become a real problem.
    So I’m very afraid of these behaviors.

    I think the fans in London are not bad people, but they should be trying to be grown-up. 

    Lastly, Don’t you think about other people who were not fans in the street in london were interrupted their work? There was many people except exo and fans.

  • mink0429





  • http://chocobox101.blogspot.com/ chocopies:)

    Personally, I think Exo fans need some new jokes because I’m kind of getting tired of seeing “AYO, WADDUP KREES!~” and “ROLL LIKE A BUFFALO” everywhere.. Lol Baekhyun just looked like he kept looking out the window of the bus just so that the fans would go crazy and then laugh at them lol 

  • Kyrah Kim

    Well, reading your post made me think about it and found myself saying few of these things like “TheHun” which of course I have deleted from my dictionary. Most of this things I don’t do and definetely won’t, like violating their privacy since I don’t live in Korea but soon will and have to respect them, of course being EXO’s fan is something I think i will never stop being and asking for autographs and hope to be they’re friends it’s something i can’t stop thinking of specially when I’m moving there. But i agree with you and people should know they’re limits. Of course there’s one thing that I either agree or diasagree and that’s the shippings. WHY? because I find it completely normal. Not that I ship one but I don’t find it bad since those are all in young girls heads only and doesn’t represent any harm. and many Idols already knows about it. Even the main star of HUNHAN knows about it and both said it’s real. which is of course just some fanservice. This shipping thing is like impossible to avoid. Many Exotics should read your post and evaluate themselves in order for us to be better fans to our handsomes guys :) We don’t want to end up like crazy fans like E.L.F’s not that all elfs are bad or that I’m bashing them but they sure have bad reputation for being crazy and bad behaved fandom. I know they are not all like that. It’s just the reputation they earned.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004104107365 Sade Lyn

    Wow…one fans yells out Kai’s nick name and mocks Sehuns lisp  and you exaggerate it to seem like the whole fandom behaves this way

    You said its not all Exotics that have “bad behavior”, But then you say its “MOST” Exotics

    That is wrong and a complete exaggeration. When news of some of those fans actions hit tumblr and other sites..Exo fans were all also pissed at it as well, so dont act like “most” of us are “bad fans” and dont care about Exo’s well being.

    About the airport thing..There was only one instance of Exo being touched by some fans and not being given enough space..other time fans have been respectful and even help Exo get thought the crown of fans. 

    About them being followed..what the hell do you expect?? A celebrity cannot expect fans not to react to seeing them in public.If they didnt want this attention, they wouldnt have decided this career path…also, Exo were happy & having fun..Its not lke the fans were hurting them.
    Youre right, they are a new group, so they are enjoying theyre attention from fans. they wanted to become famous for a reason.

    Tbh, this intent of this article is so clear to me.
    An attempt to demonize & demean Exo fans…dont think your little “not only Exo fans” disclaimer will help..you are still tempting to paint Exotics in a negative way by highlighting a couple negative instances and exaggerating the situation. 

    All articles related to Exo that come from this site, have been nothing but negative & bias, as a result, I will no longer be following this site 

    • Fanny1989

      lol what a loss

  • http://twitter.com/ByungHoneyWifey SandiÜ

    The writer of this post makes it seem like the whole fandom is bull shit. Please, don’t act like you know everything. All fandom have crazy fans so don’t act like EXO is the only one. Sehun thinks that Hunhan is cute and Kris likes it when fans say ‘Ayo Waddup krease’.

  • goldengluvsk2

    woww you spoke the truth! the second reason that ive kept a distance from EXO is this… some of the crazy fans… -the 1st reason been the annoying and exagerated way they were promoted and the so so music- we all know all fandoms have their craaazyy fans but normally they get delusional with the years… some of the EXO fans were delusional even before debut!! i remember reading some comments saying they were the best of the best and they were saying that like 2 MONTHS BEFORE DEBUT! i was like whut??? i remember that at that time they didnt even release a song so… how they could be the best if you haven watched them perform? O__o that was a big turn off for me… now to know that some even touch them, call them whore and make fun of a member’s lisp left me dumbfounded O__o! the shipping must be a thing between fans not to yell those stuff in their faces!! ive never really understood the whole “following” them… id rather have a picture, hand him a gift or an autograph than to follow Daesungie everywhere for example…

    for me, all these just months after their debut makes them the perfect candidates to having their cellphone numbers sold to sasaengs, have CCTVs installed in their parking lots AND im no fortune teller but I can almost see sasaengs installing those gps stuff on taxis to know where theyre 24/7 and stalk them… i feel bad for them u.u

  • Giovanni NolGi

    Some of these comments just proves the author’s point.  She didn’t say she hates EXO.  She’s looking out for the well being of EXO because they just debuted and they’re dealing with sasaeng fans already.  What will happen to EXO in the next 2 years?

    • 0unicorns0

      She’s looking out for exo? lol. OK.

      They  are getting really popular overseas. They have sassaengs but every group from the big 3 has them even since they were trainees. Is not nice but is the ugly truth.

      If you are talking about Disneyland and London fans and calling them sassaengs, please learn what  the term really means and what it implies. It’s really annoying how international fans throw that term around so lightly and caling everyone a sassaeng.

      • Giovanni NolGi

        She is a part of EXO’s fandom.  She clearly stated that she’s a huge EXO fan, did you skip over that part?  I’ve been a fan of kpop since 2006, so I know what the term means.  I’ve seen what Sasaengs can do to a group/celebrities but usually it takes about 2-3 years to get Sasaengs.  Sasaeng fans, also known as stalkers, are obsesses/crazed fans who invades the privacy of celebrities.  Based on the points given from the article above, some EXO fans have come to that point of being labelled as Sasaengs.  She is looking out for the well being of the fandom, as well as EXO and other fandoms out there.  Not only will kpop groups get hurt by this type of behavior, so will fans.  She used EXO as an example because they are fairly in new in kpop but already have crazed fans.      

        LOL I guess this article really got to you since you replied to almost everyone who didn’t respond to the article in your favor.  

  • palebluedot13

    all i got to say is that i read though all four hundred comments and it has confirmed my opinion that i commented in my comment on the first page.

    the fact that there are people who go so far as to attack the writer of the article is astounding. why are so many fans acting like this writer personally attacked them? if you do not do these above behaviors then why get mad that they are pointed out? you obviously aren’t one of the the crazy exo stans then. and that being so, wouldn’t you want your fellow fans who are delusional and crazy to improve their actions? well that can only be done if their actions are called out as being wrong.

    i myself am a bana and we got a lot of shit after the dal shabet issue. deservedly so. i wasn’t personally involved because i wasn’t really involved in the fandom back then. but people still call bana crazy because of that issue and i don’t blame them. those bana who did those things are crazy and they need to be called out and i hope they changed their actions. and i do not get bent out of shape when people bring up that issue because i know it was wrong.
    but what i find even more sickening in this comment section is that there are fans who are defending the actions in the fancams. and even go so far to say the idols bring it on themselves for being famous. or that fangirls can’t somehow help themselves like they aren’t grown adults capable of controlling their actions. (you aren’t a child!!) just because you don’t see a kpop idol that often, just because they are famous, just because they tolerate your presence (or at least pretend to do so) does not mean they don’t deserve privacy and the right not to be stalked, filmed, shouted at, or groped wherever they go. 

    snap one picture okay.. (and not in their face)
    maybe get one autograph if it is the right time and place..
    maybe say hi if the situation is right..


    and thank you to all the sane exo fan comments. my heart is with you because i know how much this sort of stuff probably troubles you. one you probably are worried about the boys and two you are embarrassed by some of the actions in you fandom.

    • 0unicorns0

      OK, real talk right now.

      The problem with this article is that is generalizing and making it seems as if the own fandom isn’t aware of the situation when I got news for you. We actually are.Are the comments from people calling out the author ~confirming~ your stance? Well I’m sorry if I hurt her/your feelings, the truth is EXO and their fandom is the ‘new thing everyone loves to hate’ and is just ridiculous how  everyone bloats on their self righteous attitude  and chiding exo fandom as a whole, even criticizing for their ‘omg excessive use of jokes, gifs and macros’. Is the author for fucking real? is everyone for fucking real? That’s nitpicking to a ridiculous amount of detail and tbh why people  care so much about exo and their fans at this point? I mean lbr, this is kpop and  everyone has crazy fans, but everyone is having a field day singling out EXO because “omg they just debut and are so popular wtf so overrated and omg their fans.”

      • palebluedot13

        did you read my comment at all? lol did i not acknowledge that there are crazy fans in every fandom? heck i called out my own fandom for having some crazy members. 

        who cares if people hate on your fandom? (not that i think that the writer is) ALL FANDOMS GET HATERS. why care about it? it is such a little thing.. and yes  this article is about exo out BUT there has been articles on this site calling out other fandoms behavior. *rolls eyes*

        • 0unicorns0

          Is not about someone hating my fandom, is about the fact that this article was shallow and completely missed the point on the issue and instead it just did what everyone says, calling EXO fans names like crazy and obnoxious instead of approaching the situation with more depth and maturity. 

          Stop rolling your eyes and learn to goddamn read.

          • Hai Blut

            you are my favorite person and a person who know fans well. love you very much<3

  • http://piggy68gal.tumbr.com/ piggy68gal

    How in the world can derogatory terms like ‘slut’ and ‘whore be nicknames? I do not understand. I know not all EXO fans engage in these types of crazy behaviours, but it’s quite worrying to see a rookie boyband of about 3 months(?) having such overly-stalkerish fans. Fans need to acknowledge the fact that some behaviours are wrong and not just focus on defending their fandom.

  • zweiosterei

    Wow, this article didn’t touch a nerve in the EXO fandom at all.

  • ExOT12

    Why only bash about EXO’s fan why not other Kpop groups? Zzz interesting. VERY.

    • Taenipple

      they stand out from other groups because they only debut 3 months ago and they already have stalker fans. 

      • 0unicorns0

        are you new to kpop? All groups have sassaengs from their early days (does that get popular at least). Especially from  YGE, JYP and SME since even trainees have stalkers.

        And people calling the Disneyland incident and London incident stalking or calling them sassaeng fans are reaching tbh.

        • palebluedot13

          actually yg’s kpop groups don’t really have that many saesang fans. that really is more of an sm thing. it’s one of the reasons why vips are so shocked when we see things like this

          big bang themselves have commented on it. i think it was gd or may have been seungri who has said that vips are great. that in one particular instance he was being followed by some vips and he told them please not today and that they left him alone

  • ragdolleyes

    Posted by accident (sorry!)

  • foreverlove16

    The author is correct in saying that EXO has some pretty crazy fans. But so do most, if not all, other groups. However, if you’re not a part of the fandom, not the crazy side obviously, you can’t understand the inside jokes like we do. As hard as non-EXOtics may find it, our “insults” show our love for them. And while I do agree that inside jokes should stay inside the fandom, not all of them are hurtful. I’m not saying it was ok to call Kai a slut to his face or make fun of Sehun’s lisp. In fact, when it happened, many EXOtics were enraged as well. But there are also a few jokes (such as calling Baekhyun “bacon” or the OTP HunHan) that the members know about & have acknowledged as accepted. As for the swarming airports, I’d say nearly all groups have it. And while it is not acceptable, many other groups have also experienced the same things from crazy fans of their own fandom. The only reason I state this is because the author makes it seem as if EXOtics is the only fandom with crazy fans. Every fandom has them, but every fandom also has reasonable fans as well who are also embarrassed by the fans that go too far. EXOtics is no exception.

  • lynn erica

    I have to disagree with this on some level. This comes with being an idol not that im saying its okay to invade their personal space because i find that the most annoying and rude but the inside jokes and teasing is our way of showing our love. Who is to say that they are even bothered by it, so what if a fan mimicks an accent ? they are not being malicious but rather showing their affection for the idols

    • palebluedot13

      yeah.. but how are you sure they aren’t bothered by it

      that sort of thing is more so you are able to do if you know a person well enough that they may not be offended by it. aka you are  friend. exo fans aren’t their friends so they do not know if it bothers them or not. so it is rude to make fun of his way of speaking

  • http://twitter.com/LovelyKateWho Lovely Namay

    ok, this was a bit exagerated, but I do agree with some of these things. 

    I’m a big fan of EXO, but it was never alright with me whenever I see others call them ‘whore’ or ‘slut.’ 

    also, that was horrible that, that girl made fun of Sehun’s lisp. 

    I think all these inside jokes should be kept inside the internet. They should never yell those things out to the members. Those inside jokes might be quite common in the fandom, but EXO might not be aware of these, and might(most likely will) take it the wrong way and get discouraged. They don’t speak very good english, and if you call them those things in English, it would not come across as joking. 

    Also, I think it’s horrible how little privacy they get. Those girls in that video were just ALL OVER THEM, and hitting the windows to get the members’ attentions??From what I’ve seen, Baekhyun gave them much more attention than needed, and they should’ve left him alone after that. He looked like he felt sooo awkward just sitting there. >__<

    I am REALLY ashamed about some of the members of the fandom, and i hope they learn how to be considerate of EXO(especially since they love them so much).

    But I hope you guys know that not most of the fans are this crazy. A lot of us know how to limit ourselves, and be considerate of EXO's privacy.

    • http://twitter.com/0kumura_ abeli hernandez


  • black_rose45000

    The “slut” nickname – I encountered it in a jpop boyband fandom – the guy in charge with fanservice is apparently the slut. Also, in SJ, being a Sungmin fan, I’ve seen a lot of SlutMin thrown around and I’m like, “Realllly? O.o” every time. I don’t get it. Stage persona is one thing. (not to mention, a lot of idols do a variety of personas, from cute to sexy to fierce/cool).

    Omg, the thing about Sehun, that’s terrible :( How can they do that. I wouldn’t even know if they did it out of caring love (though who even does that) or because they are antis or something.

    I don’t understand how such a recently-debuted group has caused such hysteria. Is it because of the infamous debut? (with all the teasers and such, maybe it had an impact on ppl faster than expected?) Or is it the generation at fault?

  • http://twitter.com/DancingWid Widney Gay

    The best way to fix all this blaming on SM or Fans is by staying at home and not stalking those KIDS Hotels or mobbing the airport (don’t you people know how stressful traveling is. do they also have to deal with y’all obnoxiousness?). Is it really necessary for fans to camp 24/7 at someone’s hotel seriously? You people have nothing else to do? anything else but this madness (like exercising,, reading books, or I don’t know hang out with other normal people or even get a life)!!!   “A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky dangerous animals and you know it.” And guess what there’s always gonna be a thousand fools like you who wants to go “stalking a star” so in the end there always gonna be a mob. It truly start with you.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=681045275 Maria Mendoza

    I think that fans do overdo it, specially with the touching at the airport and what have you, but what I LIKE, is that the Exo kids don’t let themselves be victimized! I think it was brilliant that Kris went ahead with those English signs where he addressed all of the name calling making it more of a joke than anything. It goes to show that the guys actually think it’s funny. “It’s not a lisp, I speak Parseltongue.” or “Hey Kris can you shows us how to be gay? Maybe later.” I think that that shows creativity on their side and I absolutely LOVE that they don’t take everything the wrong way and that they don’t get hung up on the stupid things people say and look at it on a more positive light. For this reason, I am a bigger Exo and SPECIALLY Kris fan. He is a great leader with a great sense of humor.  WIth that said, I will have to to agree, ladies, let’s bring it down and be more respectful, you wouldn’t want weirdo girl all up in your business so don’t go getting up on theirs, they’re people just like us. 

  • http://www.idontownaflippingwebsite.haha.com/ Pikachen

    This is an actually well-written article. Don’t listen to the fans who are so childishly butt-hurt. People just don’t like to acknowledge their shitty behavior. Bravo to you!

  • SmileToTheSky

    Finally, some common sense. Ignore the fans who are complaining. They’re just butthurt that you’re right.

    • 0unicorns0

      Finally?  do you think exo fans aren’t tired of this shit? We have been calling all these stupid tumblr girls out for their douchery idk what u are talking about.

      • SmileToTheSky

        1. I am an Exo fan.

        2. I meant “finally” as in “Finally, someone wrote an article about it.”

        Don’t be so butthurt. I’m on your side. Goodness. Chill your tits.

        • 0unicorns0

          1. I don’t need anyone to be on my side.

          2. Why would  an article about EXO fandom needed to be written when every fucking kpop fandom is the same.  Replace the word EXO  in this article with any other group  and you’ll have an accurate description. 

          3. I’m not butthurt and lbr, I’m calling out the stupid and shallow view of this article and the narrow view of people like you who kiss the author’s ass and hope in their higher than thou horse  in order to not be  ‘like every other fangirl’. 

          While there was truth in that article it was full of assumptions and generalizations and it doesn’t even address the actual problem which is the use of derogatory terms  with a whole history of sexism, women objectification and oppression. So no, I will not chill my tits, because this writer took the time to single out EXO fandom when stupid immature fangirls are in every other fandom and do the same thing as EXO fans are getting criticized for and instead of using the space the author has to make an impact and educate people she’s just being as delusional and shallow and ignorant as all the fans she criticized in her ~opinion piece~.

          • SmileToTheSky

            Wow. You got some issues. She was pointing out the EXO fandom due to recent events. Plus, she’s allowed to write anything she wants. Get over it. If you don’t like it, get off. I’m not kissing the author’s ass. I’m just agreeing with her. Yes, I know that other fandoms do this. But I’ve never heard of another fandom calling their idol a slut to their face. So excuse me for having a different opinion than you do. You obviously have some personal issues you need to work out, so deal with that yourself instead of taking it out on others. Like I said – Chill your tits. Nobody wants to hear you whine, and I’m no exception to this. If you have a different opinion then the author, write your own article. Just don’t be an immature bitch about it, and respect others’ opinions. Seriously. You sound like a 5-year-old.

            Have a fabulous day.

          • 0unicorns0

            lol no I don’t have issues, sorry if I don’t sugar coat things for your reading pleasure but that’s how it is.

            She has every right to write whatever  she wants but since this isn’t her personal blog and she openly post it for discussion I can say whatever I want and criticize it. Why would I get off?? What’s the point on publishing this article then? There’s no disclaimer in the site saying ‘only people who agree can post comments.’. 

            People like you is being immature about it actually, and since when disagreeing with something and calling out their bullshit  equals not respecting their opinion? Are you for real how can you live in the real world tbh, and calling me a bitch and a five 5 year old was the best you could do  instead of giving an actual counter point to my reply and pulling the ‘if you don’t agree then leave’ card. Really ? Well that’s disappointing. 

          • SmileToTheSky

            Haha. I’m not going to argue with you anymore. I can’t stand immaturity, and it’s radiating from you. Look, nobody wants to hear you whine. Seriously. I give no fucks. Nobody gives any fucks. You really had no reason to verbally attack me, of all people. I guess you’re just one of those people who loves starting fights you can’t win. Anyway. My advice? Chill your tits, and if you’re going to be so butthurt about this article, go write your own. Seriously. Nobody gives two shits if you don’t agree with this article. See, I might’ve been happy to kindly debate about it with you. But you were a bitch from the start. So… Bye bye.

  • yepponuna

    Wow!! What’s with calling people names like ‘slut’ and ‘whore’?? They don’t deserve that! That is so disrespectful, even if you’re doing it just for fun. How would you feel if someone else called you with that name? Wouldn’t you want to throw a punch or two at that person? I know I would. 

    About the ‘thehun’ and ‘hunhan’ I think if the idols don’t feel offended by this then it’s ok since they (Sehun and Luhan) know it’s just fandom thingy. Probably they’re already aware that fans made the name especially for them out of love (not sure if ‘thehun’ kinda insulting or not…depends). 

    About mobbing them at airport, touching them and stuffs, I think pretty much all fandom have the same problem, so it’s kinda norm for Kpop fans (though it’s not really ok). Idols have to live with that. I hope that with EXO there won’t be any TVXQ/JYJ sasaeng incidents, judging by their popularity and all. 

  • http://twitter.com/0kumura_ abeli hernandez

    pretty scary stuff. I really hope this changes. As an Exo fan this really makes me embarassed to be in this fandom. there is a difference between fangirling and being creepy.

  • elisa_jaywalker

    i do see how many fans can get out of hand, but I think this article exaggerated the WRONG reasons as to why they are extreme. “whore” and “slut”, while some may see it as disrespectful and vulgar, are used jokingly. you don’t see fans going “Kai, you’re a slut!” seriously, they are referring to him being in many OTPs. Same goes for Luhan. The name calling actually has no major significance and the author “Natalie” exaggerated this too much. 

    However, the mobbing of EXO is what really makes their fans’ behavior inappropriate. The stalking is as well, but come on….waiting outside a hotel? This is EXTREMELY common and accepted. These are their fans cheering them on. If they get on taxis and follow them, or follow them into closed areas, then I will consider that stalking.

    And honestly, I’m surprised that this article was even written. Whoever said that this article was well-written…well I beg to disagree. Wrong points –> unconvincing. Honestly, NONE of these were surprising in any way, and if they were…..haha GET USED TO IT. This happens to every K-pop fandom. Natalie, just write an article about each fandom, why don’t you? 

    Also, no I am not “butthurt” which some one of you stupid people use in the comments to  describe anyone who is trying to reasonably explain the incidents. I agree to some extent about crazy fans, or saesangs, but most points in this article were weak, or over exaggerated. The writer honestly seems new to K-pop…

    • NothingEverHappened

      Yeah, I have to agree with you so much on this. The author exaggerated too much whereas it seems like she is only picking on the EXO fandom. 

    • 0unicorns0


      One thing that bothers me is the fact that this article doesn’t even bother to point out why is wrong to slut shame all over the place and call these derogatory terms.  It missed the whole point the own exo fandom has been trying to get across those stupid mostly tumblr girls who  take so lightly the words slut and whore without understanding  the true weight of these words they are saying.  They think is a joke and the author itself  seems like she’s pretty clueless about why  people need to stop slut shaming and sexism within kpop international fans.

  • DeviLaugh

    I won’t call myself an Exo biased person, but I do enjoy their music and find nothing wrong with the members themselves. When it comes to identifying with the Exo fandom, I cannot do that. I see exotics as fans that jumped on the SM bandwagon and started liking Exo just because they could. It’s disgustes me how rapidly they have come together and formed this group of overly defensive and insensitive delusional girls. I haven’t interacted with very many Exo fans that I haven’t wanted to walk away from immediately. 

    But as a Cassie that hates to see her fandom labeled as crazy, I understand why some Exotics feel spited. Other than the intense Sasaeng incidents, I haven’t really seen Cassies to be that aggressive and destructive towards the members, yet I will often see comments, even here, degrading the name of Cassiopeia. Alright Exotics, I see your point, not all of you are batshit crazy hormonal fangirls that want a piece of Exo’s flesh, but admit it, your fandom has a lot of batshit crazy hormonal fangirls that want a piece of Exo’s flesh. I’ll admit it about mine, so all of you need to get some metaphorical balls and admit it too.

     It hurts, but that’s what being a mature fans means. You have to be able to see what is wrong and what is right. Calling the members derogatory names that you find cute and endearing is not okay. Mocking their disabilities is definitely not okay, especially to a singer. Stalking them is never okay. It gives your fandom a bad name. While you might not want to see it, other people do. Outside the tight knit society Exotics have, the other fans are already ashamed of you guys for the whole K-pop fandom. 

    So instead of defending your fandom by attacking the author, just accept what they have said. An article about other the other fandoms’ crazy fans can come another day, but right now it’s best to address an issue that can still change. The Exo fandom is young and can learn.

    • 0unicorns0

      This is KPOP every fandom has a  lot of batshit crazy hormonal fangirl wanting a piece of their bias flesh. 

      I have been a TVXQ/JYJ fan since  2005 and the crazy label has a lot to do with situations emerging about the fact that  fans were too commited and excessively protective of the boys in the early days. The sassaeng thing has nothing do with that. The crazy label was also gain at first because of the amount of fans they had. After that everyone just start calling Cassiopeia crazy and i’m talking about english speaking fans first and fore most since in Korea Cassiopeia wasn’t considered as bad as Int. fans think they were. 

      The most vocals are the ones calling those names, but believe me not everyone in fandom and certainly not MOST  of exo fans  are insensitive like that and we were the ones calling these people out  for their douchery and stupid behavior. 

    • elisa_jaywalker

      I dont understand your point. Has anybody commented that there ARENT any crazy fans among Exotics? Um…Absolutely not. Trust me, we know that their are the crazies in the Exo fandom, we don’t deny it. We have the so-called “metaphorical balls” (?). 

      And about your 3rd paragraph, oh haha look who’s trying to be all wise and knowing…ugh. I’m sorry but why are people acting like ONLY fans of Exo stalk and do those types of things? The Exotics that do violate or harm the Exo members are absolutely out of line, but hey get your freaking “metaphorical balls” and admit it, EVERY FANDOM IS LIKE THAT. Are we that easy to pick on? “Outside the tight knit society Exotics have, the other fans are already ashamed of you guys for the whole K-pop fandom. ” So you are ashamed of Exotics because a few crazies from the fandom have done these things. Are you fucking me? Then that means the whole K-pop fandom in itself is a disgrace according to you. I am a Hottest, Shawol, VIP, Inspirit, among other fandoms, and I would never do anything to hurt the people I look up to. The people that the K-pop fandom should really be ashamed of are those who are quick to judge and act like they’re the highest and most civil of fans.

      We accept what she’s saying. Everything she says is true, but she over exaggerates her points. I would rather see her mainly address the stalking and violating issues, rather than talking about Exotics playfully calling Sehun, Thehun for example. Her intentions are good, trying to inform the Exo fandom of what they should improve on, but she just doesn’t touch upon the biggest issues enough.

      I really do hope the Exo fandom can learn and be seen as mature, but if you’re trying to do that by writing an article of this level and lack of addressing the proper issues then thats not helping anyone. 

  • Taenipple

    In any given situation, calling anyone a slut or a whore is just plain rude. 

  • Panda_Lulu

    This should be a wake up call for most of us guys .

    Well written author

  • 0unicorns0

    You are being ridiculous and taking things out of proportion. While an amount of silly  light headed tumblr annoying girls tend to be stupid and inconsiderate, not everyone is like that, in fact most people isn’t like that. 

    You think you are really ~special~ calling out all this shit? People from the own fandom has been doing it since it started. You aren’t giving an unbiased insight of the situation, you are just like everyone else who feels joy on pointing out how bad are exo fans. 

    Lets be real, this instances you are questioning don’t apply only to exo fans, and if you have been in kpop for more than 6 months you know this same thing applies to every single group.

    “Exo is still a rookie group and their fandom is still in its infancy, so it’s very disappointing to see them display this type of behavior so soon. I’ve never seen a fandom so ready to macro, gif, and harass everything their idols do.”  

    lol  at you, now you are judging fans because they do stupid pictures (many times unfunny but whatever) and gifs?  are you for fucking real, please get your priorities straight before writing a rant.

    And now suddenly everyone in the exo fandom is harassing them? Are you for fucking real please check the dictionary before using such a strong word and get your head of tumblr, check out what goes in other exo communities from international fans, korean and chinese fans before assuming  EXO fandom only exist in tumblr.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002156900923 Miranda Rodriquez

      I see your an anti-fan.

      • 0unicorns0

        anti-fan of who? 

        • http://profile.yahoo.com/SHJNUBQX3WOQ5EPZO2M5L6IOPU Diane

          I really don’t understand you. The writer is just pointing things out, and she clearly says in the beginning that “not all Exo fans are insane.”

          • 0unicorns0

            not all exo fans are insane, but then she goes and writes “most exo fans this and that”. 

            So are we talking about semantics? I mean honestly do you want to get technical because if that’s the case WHY didn’t the writer made it about  KPOP fandoms in general? because honestly I can take this same article and replace exo with any other group and things would still apply.

            Exo fandom is not the only one with stupid immature fangirls who call the artists sluts or whores or bitch.

            That’s the problem.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002156900923 Miranda Rodriquez

    Miranda Rodriquez Poor Oppas!!! Those fans are insane!!! There’s good hearted fans out there. I’m one of them. Me and my friends love EXO, and would never think anything bad about them, or make fun of them for any reason!!! Kai is sexy because he was born that way, people who call him a slut are just hating cause they aren’t as sexy as him, or they say it fulfill some sick fantisy they have fo him. Kris is amazingly awsesome and smart for knowing four different languages. And I for one think hes especially hot when he says ‘whats up’ or anything in english. And just because Lu Han loves the rest of his band mates like family, doesn’t meen he’s a whore!!! I’m personally am a HunHan shipper (I can still dreram :P), but when you say he can’t hang out, or have any type of skinship with his EXO family, I think your just plane messed up. And poor Se Hun has to deal with people making fun of his lisp!!! Jeeze you know how hard that must be for him!!! He must have struggled to get to where he is right now. Hes part of one of the biggest music industries in Korea!!! Hes part of one of the hottest new kpop groups out there!!! All of EXO must be going through rough times because of insane fans thinking they know everything, when the truth is none of us will ever know what they are going through or what they have gone through to get to where they are right now. And SM Entertainment saw this from the begining. Doesn’t anyone remember them asking fans to settle down, or to not photo shop pictures. They knew that when you have a big group like EXO with a wide range of tallents andpersonalities, there are going to be those who mask themselves as true fans but are really anti-fans. Jeeze that was really long. Glad to get that off my chest. :P

  • http://truefullyme.tumblr.com/ Jiggsaw

    I understand what your are saying, but eventually things will hopefully cool down one of these days at one point in time this will probably decrease once most fans go back to their respective fandoms while others leave their current ones for the EXOtic one. You win some. You lose some. 
    I do agree with the inside joke thing though. They are called that for a reason,

  • http://kimhyunjoongappreciation.tumblr.com/ Katharine

    …sigh. I guess it’s inevitable, but it always sucks that there’s these kinds of fans (not just in the EXO fandom obviously, but in really any fandom) since they end up giving the rest of the fandom a bad name. I love EXO so much, but I really dislike always being lumped in with crazy, obnoxious, rude fans when I consider myself to be a well-mannered one :(
    In any case, it was certainly a good point to bring up.

  • lovingexoforever

    I hope the fans take it down a couple notches. It’s really bad to be stalked and mobbed by people everywhere you go and so I don’t blame Kai for wanting to punch someone. And whoever are calling Kai a slut need to stut the fuck up cuz he isn’t one. And Luhan a whore because he friendly? WTF you want him to be mean?? Seriously I wish these fans would think with their head. And if you put so much time into thinking up all the bad things about them the name calling it would take a lot less time to think of the good nicknames. Geez coming the US I’m ashamed of the people there stalking them at Disney. I wish EXO the best and hope that the fans will lighten up.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002267802686 Neko Xb

    Es muy inapropiado llamarlos asi, aunque sea en broma o de cariño, y esto no solamente ocurre con EXO sino tambien con otros grupos.  Ellos apenas debutaron y ya tiene esa clase “fans”. No hay porque insultar a la autora del articulo tampoco. Solo hay que esperar a que las “fans” se den cuenta que haciendo eso, solo los haran sentir incomodos y estan dando una mala reputacion.

  • http://twitter.com/_soonhee 한 ♥

     The author is exaggerated…
    and as a big fan of Exo, i kinda disagree with her… well yeah i get
    the fancam on the post were some serious business… they didn’t even
    get ANY space at all, but if you’re on the k-pop fandom over a year, or
    even more, you’ll get that almost ALL fandom will have these kind of
    things, and that’s why i say exaggerated… i know that it may only be a
    joke on tumblr or something (while maybe it’s not really that funny to
    everyone aswell) for example macros, what happens on tumblr stays on
    tumblr, and it applies to every fandom out there. BUT that doesn’t mean i
    defend Exo fans just because i am Exo biased, but we need to keep this
    in mind not to be rude or behave inappropriately too…

  • babypanda211

    I get where you’re coming from with all of the physical abuse and name calling in public but with the nicknames you have to understand that they aren’t meant to be taken literally. I’m guessing that you’ve never have been part of any fandom if you think things like nicknames are bad. Disapoints me as a reader to see an article that is so bias to something you legitimate don’t even know about :/. Do you think we give nicknames because we hate them? As an exo fan myself, I find it absurd that you think our fandom goes over the top because of nick names.

    Yes pulling Luhan’s shirt and shouting annoy phrases are bad. But what fandom doesn’t have that? I find it silly that you would even think that ALL EXO fans are bad. There are such things called “SAESANG fans”. :/ you should know how far they go. Its not anything new. Remember : EVERY FANDOM HAS SAESANG FANS, its the sad truth.

    as far as nicknames go :
    Kai being called a slut and Luhan being called a whore – they arenot meant to be taken literally. We know that kai is not like that as a person. Do you think we don’t see interviews of him being shy? :P and for Luhan – its not even that commonly used. Every know and then yes- but in a playful manner. Why didn’t you mention that we called him princess lulu? We call that because of how precious he is to us and the rest of EXO. Please consider looking up good things about our fandom as well :/ “Thehun” – never have we EVER intended it as bully him.

    I know that you’ve had experience with “obnoxious ” EXO fans but really though? Do you think you would meet nicer fans at a suju or bigbang concert?

    The things mentioned in this article about nicknames and harassment can apply to ANY FANDOM. Bap has this problem as well. The more popular you are, the worse the treatment – which is really sad to say :/

    Rather than base an article to make EXO fans look bad, why couldn’t you just write one about all fandoms in general? :/ I must say that this is the most disapointing article I’ve ever read on seoulbeats. Please try to support your arguments rather than have lose info floating around.

    • Triinu

      You must have missed the part at the beginning of the article where the author stated that not all EXO fans do the things that this piece of writing is about. 

      Calling EXO members slurs that have traditionally been used to police people’s (especially women’s) behavior and to silence them is not okay – unless the members themselves are okay with it. Their silence on the matter of fans stalking them in public spaces while they are not working, making fun of Sehun’s lisp in his face (did it ever occur to them that he might be very self-conscious about it and ridiculing it even with “good intentions” is hurtful?), calling them slurs on Tumblr does not mean they are giving fans a green light to do these things. It’s just rude and borderline creepy. 

      The EXO fandom is just an illustration of a larger problem. “Others do it too” is no excuse or reason to not talk about this particular fandom’s behavior towards their idols. It is NOT okay to make another person feel unsafe, whether physically or emotionally, which it seems to me is what a lot of k-pop fans (the more “dedicated” ones) are doing. On this particular day, the limelight simply shines on the EXO fandom. Some other day, it will be a different group of fans that gets called out on what they do (JYJ’s sasaeng fans have had their share of attention on Seoulbeats, for instance).

      • 0unicorns0

        You must have missed the part where the author says ‘most exo fans’ then.

        While I agree with the rest, you can’t really compare the Sasaeng situation which  ensued in the JYJ fandom  with what this article is talking about.

        And while you make a good point, the writer just simply singled out a whole group of people calling ‘most of them’ insane and rude and judging them because ‘look they make gifs and macros and have too many unfunny jokes!’. I mean lbr, the author didn’t even touch in why is wrong to use those  words who pretty much border line on hate speech.

        • Triinu

          I just reread the article and did a search of the whole page and I didn’t find a single instance of the author saying that “most exo fans” do something. 

          Aside from that – good fan behavior and sasaeng fan behavior are simply at different ends of the same scale, so they are comparable. 

  • http://www.twitter.com/jeongmay91 jeong may

    “Inappropriate behavior like mobbing your idols at an airport, stalking them, and saying rude, offensive things to them” First of all i dont think mobbing is inappropriate becoz not only kpop artists but ALL POPULAR ARTISTS in this WORLD if they come to a country to hold concert or anything i’m sure their fans (many or less) also wait to welcome them in the airport and for this case becoz SM had done great promotional for exo so even they only just debut in 3 months they already had huge fans so there are huge fans wait for them is the airport..
    Second..stalking them.. i want to ask u what kind of stalk mean in ur mind? in my mind its like what JYJ’s stalker did.. duplicate their house key, secretly come to their house n even their privacy room.. so far i dont think there has been stalker among exo fans..  if u r saying about the fancam in london well fans just kept following n filming them when exo walked around the city and i think exo themselves didnt mind about that since they just let the fans n not forbid them.. its not like the fans exposed their privacy or something.. i believe if its another kpop artists their fans will do the same thing.. i think u just saw a few of the fancam so u can judge like that but if u saw another fancam when exo had been having their lunch or shopping in a shop fans just let them and didnt disturb them..

    Third saying rude.. i also dont think fans called kai slut or luhan whore directly to them.. they must be calling them oppa or their nickname.. like sexy dancing machine.. so what even kai himself mentioned n introduced himself as exo sexy dancing machine.. sekushi its just how korean to pronounce sexy.. what part is wrong? but to be honest i myself hate when i saw fans written down kai slut on youtube comments n other even i know they didnt mean it but i hope that “certain immature fans” wont do it again.. just think what about they saw it coincidentally?? so i hope just think first before write an article.. thank u~

  • elisa_jaywalker

    also, to be honest this is the first time I’ve ever even heard Kai or Luhan being called “slut” or “whore”. Could you please show some evidence as to where you got this information? On the Exo Facebook fan page, where theres almost 100,000 likes, most comments are along the lines of “lulu so cute :)” and innocent things like that. Actually, if anyone called Luhan or Kai those names, we would go ape shit cause thats just not right

    • DPD26

      People have done this multiple times on Tumblr, I cannot even count how many times because it’s almost a daily thing. People call Kris a “bitch” too because of his “bitch face” he has pre-debut. These nicknames are supposed to be endearing I guess, but I don’t think fans realize the names are starting to sound more like insults as time goes by. It’s not funny anymore.

      I don’t know if you have Tumblr or have seen the “EXO” tag on Tumblr, but if you stick around long enough, you’ll see what the writer is talking about. I don’t see this going on much on the Facebook page thankfully :) But it’s a different story on Tumblr. People on Tumblr are trying to inform
      other users and get them to stop, but I don’t know how well this is working since there are so many EXO fans on Tumblr :/

      • elisa_jaywalker

        wow, really? thats horrible for fans to do that. No, I dont have Tumblr, but thanks for informing me. Now I see a majority of this type of name calling is on Tumblr. Ive only seen the luhan tag (haha, its because he’s my bias) so I wasn’t getting the whole picture. Im glad mature exotics are trying to stop them.

      • Jimeelee

        I agree, i never liked those terms so much, i of all people understand it is just meant as an EXOtic joke but i too find it hard to just accept it as just joke. 

        on another case, i’ve seen non-EXOtics use these jokes to insult the members, which i think is the consequences of some small simple humor. 

  • Amanda Kim

    Holy shit… That is cray cray. I swear I think I would have punched someone itf that had happened. That’s totally not right for them to do something like that. When something comes to that stage, they’re immature and even though they think it’s funny, it’s not. They become obsessed and I think that’s why Kai is kinda not paying attention. If you get the attention, they’ll just want more…

  • rasha1304

    Just because other fandoms do the same, it does not justify what’s happening with EXO. I have to agree to a major part of this. I feel very uncomfortable every time I see someone insulting EXO “affectionately” and it used to be a not so rare occasion on my dash. But ever since the incidents in London, many fans actually stopped doing it. The problem is that it is quite an impressively large fandom and things are spread around very quickly, which is good, when you are waiting for something to be subbed and can find it only a few minutes later on almost every blog, but also a bad thing, when someone says something stupid and others think it’s funny and it becomes a fandom joke in an instant. One could say that EXO are a new group and they have many young fans, but so do B.A.P. and NU’EST and I didn’t see the same thing happening to them (but this doesn’t mean anything actually, because tumblr is way too big to judge upon anything). Maybe the problem is how SM are selling them? Or maybe the members have to step out and speak up about how uncomfortable they feel? Maybe we just need to wait a while and let this hype cool down a bit and everything will be a bit more normal? But then again, this is an SM group and they tend to have the…funniest fandoms. SONEs and ELFs and Shawols and even Cassies can be very difficult to deal with. I know many people will want to kill me for that, but let’s face it, those are amongst the craziest fandoms in K-Pop.

    Anyways, I think the reason why many fans feel offended is that the ones on tumblr are not the same as the fans at the airport, but this article just puts everyone in a big bag and everyone can kind of relate to something here, even if they are not being called out. And no one likes to be blamed for something they have not done. But the gist of it is true and yes, the EXO fandom is not the only one suffering from this, but this doesn’t make it any better, things have to change and I hope that the fans being called out will understand the main message and the fans that are not meant by it either stop being offended for no reason/continue being the responsible awesome cuties they are.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/AXSRL2IYSROR76X7ULXVC2BC64 Reen

    you’re talking about being matured but you are fighting over this thing…you guys are not exo so,you don”t know what exo feels sad,happy,proud or angry about their fan attitudes…fact that exo fans did that is a fact…but it is hurting them or not it’s up to exo…but we as a fan we should avoid these things…

  • Furiously

    I’m part of the EXO fandom, and I do admit that our fandom is completely out of control. The rude nicknames and invasion of privacy is ridiculous.

    I’m one of the people who saw EXO in Disneyland, and people were following them around, filming them, the entire time they were there.
    I, however, only took a few pictures, said hello, and left them alone.

    It’s sad that our fandom is already notorious for being obnoxious and rude.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003602926511 Samaha Sufyan

    what the hell kind of nick is ‘whore’ or ‘slut’ ? sorry im not an exo fan or anti but umm………. this kind of behavior is not appropriate. ive been in kpop and around many fandoms and seen some crazy fans but either way this kind of behavior is not appropriate. they should really speak out against it and let the fans know.

  • kyungmoo

    did you see the fancam at disneyland when Kai and Luhan were taking a picture, and this girl just runs up to them and jumps into the photo. Kai was like -_-

    • Gaya_SB

      I don’t know what that girl was thinking…

    • vip

       please link

  • lydia_writer_kpopfan

    This author begins her piece with a disclaimer saying that her opinions on a group of extreme fans within Exo’s fandom should not reflect on their fandom as a whole. And yet, the article reads as a condemnation of every little thing Exotics do. Granted, there are those “special” fans who blur online community musings and personal fantasies with reality and take things a step too far by mobbing idols, not maintaining personal boundaries, and yelling inappropriate things. But since when were macros, smutty fanfictions, nicknames and jokes taken as direct and malicious attacks against idols? This author says that she is saddened that Exo’s fans have gotten such a bad reputation so soon and yet she is the one openly and harshly criticizing them. This is a biased article that should not be published on a reputable site and taken as fact. I understand that words like “slut” and “whore” are derogatory terms when applied to a man or woman. I am not saying I condone that type of behavior. What I have a problem with is that this piece addresses the issue in a sloppy way that instead of helpfully informing erroneous fans of their less than proper behavior in person and online when it concerns their idols, instead attacks and hurts an entire fandom and leaves them open to ridicule and hate for the actions a minority of the group. This fandom is large with thousands of people in it. Don’t try to fob off the actions of a few and try and have it reflect a fandom as a whole, which is what is being said despite the author stating that isn’t what she trying to do.

    I’m sure I’m not the only one who would like to see where she has gotten her information. Less than a dozen fancams taken by the same group of people during Exo’s shopping trip in London and the same people posting the same ignorant and derogatory statements on tumblr and livejournal aren’t credible enough to cite as sources. This author states that “many fans are tragically obnoxious” and yet I have not been given proof that any majority of this fandom are guilty of any such crime of obnoxiousness or ignorance. I extremely dislike when people make fun of Sehun’s lisp, harmless or otherwise. But I also recognize the difference between people who say that they think Sehun’s lisp gives him character or more simply put “is cute” but that is different from someone writing an entire paragraph replacing every “s” sound with a “th.” But once again, that is an ignorant act by few.

    Not everyone is going to like every kpop group. I acknowledge that and there are a few groups that I don’t like. But don’t try to pass off a biased and flawed piece of work as an objective and worthwhile article worthy of being published on anything other than a personal blog. You do a disservice to not only this fandom but also the idols and kpop as a whole by writing pieces like this. This is nothing more than another piece of fandom war fodder that has already fueled the fires of hostility and ill-will that already exists between fandoms.

  • http://twitter.com/kimjonqin_ JONG IN SSHI. ⊙﹏⊙

    LOL you claimed that not everyone is like that. But the way you said it, it’s as good as condemning the whole fandom. -_______-

  • Nancy Lau

    lol like you said. its an inside joke. so its not like were PURPOSELY calling them sluts/whores.  we know they are not sluts or whores. you dont know anything about tumblr do you? lol we cant contain our feels and most of it comes out as a spaz. so dont take it to heart. 

    • http://twitter.com/jannn421 Jan-chan~

      yup that happens but the fans were actually calling them that directly. and exo doesn’t know about the inside jokes

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002955225434 Park Ji-Ae

        it was said that only 1 fan did that though.

  • Nancy Lau

    but i do agree with the whole stalking thing. thats not just exo fans. exo has it way better than idols like tvxq, 2pm, suju. 

  • http://twitter.com/eddashane23 Edda Shane Julia

    This is just, wow. I knew about the Luhan incident and the London fiasco; both happenings were beyond inappropriate. As for the nicknames — who the hell would call Kai a slut? Some fans need to think before they act.

    Kudos to the author for writing this article.

  • http://twitter.com/joonmyun_appa Joonmyun ah~

    this is jst ridiculous some fans really need to control themselves. 

  • scarletttrish

    I really like EXO but I absolutly agree, that some EXO fans and some nicknames and behavior of the fans is unrespectful and annoying. The worst thing of all seems to be how much the fans follow the members around. It must be really hard for the boys not to show any negative feelings in these situations. I hope the fans will calm down soon and give the boys more privacity and respect them more (nicknames…). :(

  • Jimeelee

    the official EXO thread in the AKP forums have some very mature EXO fans. Sure they like to spazz but all in all, they don’t put EXO as something above anything they just merely put them as impressive rookies.

  • http://twitter.com/starkyuraft Sheinel Borlado♫卢美安♥

    don’t forget the sasaeng fans of EXO-M in China too! they’re the worst ever! 

    • http://twitter.com/jannn421 Jan-chan~

      that…was scary

    • AdenPark

      sasaeng are the worst. Shoot anonymous 

  • http://twitter.com/clumsy014 butterfingers14

    Shall I add? The article above itself is inappropriate. Judging the whole EXO fandom base on a few fans that the author had encountered. Just laughing at how dense the author is to have written such bias-opinionated article base on her poor encounter.

    • BeiSandy

       You are obviously the dense one for missing this part of her article “First off – not all Exo fans are insane”.

      • AdenPark

        Ok wait. How many times you say SOME fans of EXO is still bad since you said FANDOM. 
        Trying not to stab all of EXO fans in the heart by saying SOME or NOT ALL occasionally to spit on the fire to be smaller but when you said FANDOM it burns again.

        They know some fans are nuts in the head that needs a tight slap to wake up and back off but… the title still hit everyone. You have to seriously just understand that part.

        How many times you say SOME….the title kicked your some.

        LOL i’m talking nonsense again. Too sleepy.

      • lydia_writer_kpopfan

         Just because the author says “First off – not all Exo fans are insane,” doesn’t change the fact that this article in essence is directed at Exo’s whole fandom. Her word usage is flawed. And as I stated before, that was my biggest problem. This author may say that it isn’t an article written against the whole of the fandom but when the rest of her article uses broad language by using phrases like “MANY of Exo’s fans are tragically obnoxious” or ” I’ve NEVER seen a fandom so ready to macro, gif, and harass everything their idols do,” she undermines her own argument and makes the article come off as biased and makes me think that this author didn’t do any research beyond what is on the surface.

        Let’s not pretend that this isn’t a thinly veiled criticism against Exo’s fandom. There were many different angles this piece could have come from. She didn’t have to single out a particular fandom or could have brought up other crazy fandoms to bring this discussion to the whole of kpop since it is a problem outside of Exo’s fanbase. But she didn’t. What could have been an insightful piece on a prevalent problem in all of kpop comes off as one person’s rant against the follies of a select group of crazed fans from a single fandom.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ESCELN4FQ5N6O73CFTBAN6LIOU Mayang

    about that nicknames, when we feel we are close to someone, like our best friend, we feel it doesn’t matter to call him/her even with the worst nickname people could think. like slut, whore, it’s an ordinary thing that happen in friendship nowaday, at least like some that i observe around my life. I never took any tag in tumblr so seriously. I took it as hyper reaction how they are, we, as tumblr user, over complimenting them. it’s just a hyper reaction *although i seldom use whore or slut tags, usually using *oh god why, lol.

    But, although i’m using tumblr, i rarely dive in exo tags. so I don’t actually know what happen inside that exo tags. lol. i tend to reblog or liked post that in my dashboard.

    so, i guess it’s about complaining of the tags in tumblr or youtube comments. I thought that will never happen in real life lol. about they calling kai with slut or luhan with whore.

    there are soooooooooooooo many people using tumblr, and well, maybe http://exoticsruiningthings.tumblr.com/ can be an alert and controller of how exo fans behave in tumblr. but, again it depends on every tumblr user personality.

    i agree with author about some inappropriate behaviour, but as one of EXO fans, i feel being blamed and little bit disappointing that EXO fans being judged as bad community by reading this opinion article.

    well, i hope people have a wider eyes to judge people. At least, you or we can judge ourself first before judging other.

    it’s a matter of generalizing that no wonder many EXO fans feel hurt. (maybe because we’re sensitive girls? lol. i wonder is there any fanboy reading and commenting on this article or not)

    i hope, we all know the main point of this article, the purpose of being published.

    -i’m not 15 yo girl. but not 25 yo noona.

    • palebluedot13

      yeah but you aren’t exos best friend. you don’t even know them and don’t know if they are bothered by that. that maybe would be okay if you were friends with them and knew if they were bothered by it, but you aren’t. why can you guys see that?

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/ESCELN4FQ5N6O73CFTBAN6LIOU Mayang

         i said i’m just imagining them in my personal blog, i haven’t meet exo yet, lol i hope i don’t do these thing if i meet with them

        • http://profile.yahoo.com/ESCELN4FQ5N6O73CFTBAN6LIOU Mayang

           i have check my own tumblr, i NEVER calling them slut or whore on my tag.

          • ATPO

            The article isn’t generalizing. The author did point out that not all EXO fans act insane.

          • http://profile.yahoo.com/ESCELN4FQ5N6O73CFTBAN6LIOU Mayang


  • http://www.facebook.com/safoua.sofia Safoua Sofia

    Well I’m An EXOtic too! But Really You shouldn’t judge the Whole Fandom just By a Few People!!
    EXOtics are very funny and Friendly as much as I know!
    I Agree with you , I really Hate ” Slut , Whore ” Nicknames But they are used for fun no more no less!
    Sehun is called “Thehun” not because he has a spelling problem , he’s FINE!
    About the Disney Thing , They were stalking them AFTER they get out of it !
    Only few fans were Stalking them IN  disney land.

  • http://twitter.com/YuiH1997 Yui

    I’m an Exotic myself and it’s not like i’m calling them whores. It’s mean to call them whores and how are they whores? Do some fans even know what whore is? like really? In their faces too 
    =-= and just because Luhan is close to all of them doesn’t mean he’s a whore. You really have to get to know them before saying stuff. Plus their a new group and some fans need to really chill =-= [[sometimes i get crazy about them but i’m not gonna invade them…..

  • BeiSandy

    As someone who also has a lisp, I can tell you how it feels when people
    make fun of your lisp. It’s frustrating. If you can still understand
    what I’m saying, why is there a problem? It’s not as if I have an accent
    where majority sounds different. It’s just one sound that I cannot
    properly enunciate. To call him ‘Thehun’ to his face is wrong, so what
    you think it’s cute. You calling him Thehun does not tell him that you
    think it’s cute, you’re just mocking him. You thinking it’s cute is none
    of his business anyway. Regardless it’s what he thinks of his lisp & let me tell you, most of us find it frustrating, not cute.

    • lovingexoforever

      Like seriously!! I still can’t believe some fans are so cruel to say that to his face!!! Gosh I mean really. Stupid people do stupid things I guess.

  • http://twitter.com/Sable28326 N. Nini Lent

    To be perfectly honest,  are you really surprised by these fans behavior? This is not the first time, nor shall it be the last time. I’ve been following Kpop for over 12 years and this is really par for the course. I am, by no means, condoning their behavior. There are millions of Kpop fans worldwide and fans like this actually make up less than 20% of the total global fanbase for Kpop. Fans that do these horrific and disgraceful behaviors simply get the most media coverage due to the “shock value”. I suggest that all the true fans of KPOP, ones that are respectful and polite step up their game and show the world that sasaeng fans like these DO NOT speak for the kpop fans as a whole.  

  • AdenPark

    All fans are like this, why are you aiming EXO fans only? I’ve seen worse actually yes. EXO fans are new, still very fresh to be like this. 

    EXO fans are the friendliest, funny hell, very welcoming fandom i’ve ever been in. When I became EXO’s fan I thought it would be a typical ok fandom but it turned out better than I expected. This fandom made me laugh in a way other fandoms i’ve been in never could.

    Yes some names shouldn’t be said and sometimes they do go to far with it but this is how our fandom turned out since the boys are do derpy I can’t stand it.
    Don’t have to wait for subs that long like my old fandom, funny shit pops up every time EVEN without macros or macroed gifs.

    Literally…mostly…the boys are doing the macros themselves with their own faces.
    They would never call Kai ‘Slut’ in the face are you nuts? don’t take things so seriously you’ll get old more quickly.

    Other nicknames EXO knows it themselves and accept them, obviously. Ok I don’t know what i’m saying anymore i’m just typing without thinking since I didn’t sleep the whole damn day and my eyebags are like Tao’s now.

    Just….I know this fandom will cool down one day when EXO themselves mature, They all will follow. (highly doubt it.)

    Gonna sleep now. bye lovers.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Lee-Nana/100000092347942 Lee Nana

    There are lots of things to say about Exotics. But it’s 2:30 where I am = I’m freaking tired so I’m not going to write a long ass detailed comment like I’m used to do (sad thing, because I love it).
    Just a few things: Exotics are mainly a immature fandom. They are copying older fandoms. People like to use Cassies or ELF to compare (which is ridiculous by the way). The scary thing is that they think it’s normal to say “they still haven’t done crazy things like Cassies or ELF”. Thanks god because Cassies are 9 years old, ELF are 7 while Exo only debuted 3 months ago!!!
    Also, after knowing your idols for 3 months, you can’t assume you know them. It’s scary/funny? to see the image they have about the members (especially Tao, Kris, Luhan, D.O and Chanyeol) when EXO is still a 75% scripted idol group (Lay being the only honest one like some hosts noticed).
    Finally, SM Ent has the habit of giving what fans seems to want: THROW your group for 1 week with their fans, OBSERVE their fans reaction and TEACH the group how to do this or that (=what fans like). Then, fans tend to forget that idols aren’t their friends, or family members. And because they just smile about it, they think everything is okay.
    They are sooooo many things I want to say but I will stop here. Exo got themselves a very interesting fandom to analyse XD

    • 0unicorns0

      lol  what is that shit about Exo fandom “copying” older fandoms? 
      WTF is that logic and your 75% scripted group bullshit.

      You are so ridic.

  • ParkMinhee

    This article is completely unnecessary. I can’t explain ENOUGH how unnecessary it is. Are you really going to put down the Exo fandom as a whole?? I’m an Exotic, I know SO many Exotics, and I can tell you, ALL of the Exotics I know are NOT like this. In fact, all the Exotics I’ve talked to about this are EXTREMELY disappointed and disgusted with what those girls did in that fancam, some of us even felt uncomfortable just at the sight of it. Okay, what those girls did was harassment with how touchy they were, but you’re all making it sound as if Exotics are the ONLY fandom who does this. It makes a difference because Exo is NEW?!?!?! SO WHAT THEY HAVE FANS WHO ARE OPEN ABOUT HOW THE FEEL WITH THEM?!?!?!?! The macros and other stuff we make… You call that inappropriate? Wow, so editting pictures for entertainment among fans because Exo themselves won’t actually see it is inappropriate? And us calling Kai a slut and calling Luhan a whore… There are things in this world known as jokes, they’re happy little things that bring smiles and laughs to others. And we don’t act as if we are friends or family members with Exo, while the crazy side of our fandom might, the majority of us don’t, we simply say things that we know because we saw it or we just like to make our own opinions or we’re just kidding around. I’m sorry if I’m coming out as rude or disrespectful, but as an Exo fan, I’m really disappointed to see so many people judging us from what this article says and from that ONE fancam that apparently proves everything this article says is correct

    • grim_angel_

      Did you not read the article? The author specifically wrote that she wasn’t targeting the whole fandom.

      • ParkMinhee

        I read the article. And yes I see that the author said that however, reading the rest of the article, makes me think that the author means otherwise. It totally sounds like he/she is bashing on the fandom as a whole

        • SoNyeoHyoFan

          How do you not realize that slut/whore is an INSULT? Joking or not, insults
          can hurt. And you can’t say that you know they don’t hurt unless you feel like you know the person well enough, which you can’t after three freaking months.
          I’m pretty sure EXO isnt so detached to not know what a large portion of
          their fans are calling them — you may follow their lives but they’re
          actually LIVING their lives. You’d be surprised how much idols know
          about their fans.

        • http://profile.yahoo.com/X4JQJ533ZEYYVHE2PVG72P3NUI Krisus

           well blame the fangirls for acting so stupid then.

  • http://twitter.com/IdaHedaaya Ida Hedaaya


    After following this article since the 1st day it was posted, and reading 500+ of comments, I think I need to speak up my thoughts as well.

    I’m a big fan of EXO. And being a part of this fandom, I know what have been going around inside very well.
    The (some) things author said was true. But, she shouldn’t have directed it toward EXOfans alone, coz honestly, since it’s posted, I’ve been observing other fandoms and most of them have this kind of situations too.

  • http://twitter.com/KariTheOtter Kari Kipp

    I kind of agree that some fans took it way too far by calling them the inside jokes they have and now that I look at it differently, I feel kind of bad for how they are treated behind their back (I for one, don’t do it. I usually just go to the Yixing tag on tumblr or just stay on my dashboard.)
    I mean we are their fans. We shouldn’t be calling them sluts or whores or mocking how they talk.Plus if you do it to their face, that’s just wrong. I understand it may seem kind of funny on Tumblr or somewhere else, but this isn’t Tumblr. Leave what happens on Tumblr there. There are somethings people don’t need to know and that’s obviously what we like to do in our private time. 
    I think that people need to calm down now that they have debuted and give them some space. Clearly they are not used to strangers all up in their space. How would you like it someone did that to you?
    Fans should treat their idols how they want to be treated. Would you like it if strangers were stalking you or harassing you? 
    Please people, think before you speak or act.

  • springology

    W0AH! I didn’t even know all of this was happening. This is so sad for EXO. I hope their immature fans grow-up soon!! I’m a fan of theirs but not an insane one for sure. Never would I call ANoNE something so degrading as slut or whore or make fun of their speech impediment… Which I think is taking it too far!!!!

  • VividlyLivid

    Every fandom has its handful (or two, or three handfuls) of fans that are just absolutely ridiculous. This author wasn’t singling out Exo fans. She makes a very valid point, and it’s pretty sad and scary to think that this is what Exo has to deal with.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/RXTWANJY6EI27LN7OSM5CZ5AWU Win.nie the Great

    every fandom has their own way to express love to their biases, this is just how exotics like to show. i admit some exotics overdid it, but most of the things about exo stay in the exo fandom. we call them nicknames just for fun, it’s not like we say that because we hate them or anything.
    anyone could say whatever they want, but as for me, i think exotics are awesome and perfect, i never want them to change.

  • Euffie

    You think it’s funny to call people you don’t even know sluts and whores? Seriously this is why jyj beats up fans. Fans will make up any excuse why their actions are ok even when their idols are unhappy and uncomfortable. I’m an elf, but I would never want to offed suju by saying iChat mean things to them. Kpop fans need to take some chill pills

  • http://twitter.com/MrMINimum Millie

    Inside jokes should remain being inside jokes. Truthfully EXO’s chinese fans have a very bad reputation in China already. Many other non-related to kpop fandoms said they had enough of their fans invading thier website and posting how EXO is soon to be bigger than SJ, DBSK and other non-kpop-but-famous-in-china-groups. 

    It’s ok to have inside jokes, it’s ok to try to pamper your bias in a respectful way, but doing such things is unacceptable, in their own official website? On Dream Concert when Changmin didn’t hold Suho’s hands yet was heavily criticized for having the “audacy to ignore an EXO member”?  Creating those rumors about ELFs doing BO for EXO on SS4Ina and tweeting that to SJ members? Isn’t it a little too early to claim your place at the sun?

  • destinyanglin

    Its hilarious how most people here have some “well sally is doing it, why can’t i?” mindset.  This behaviour is not right no matter what fandom has been doing it for years. I think a clear concern the author has is with how soon this is happening for EXO. They haven’t even debuted for half a year and their fans are already overzealous, unruly, and pretentious. This was always my biggest concern with them. Unfortunately so many groups get bad names because of their fans and this is not a good way for EXO to start off. It is really awful to see that the fans don’t even care that they can/are ruining their groups reputation and sometimes happiness (as seen on the boys faces in some fancams) with their actions. They feel that it is their right as a fan to do what they want which just isn’t true. Your idols are people with feelings and should be treated as such. Inside fan jokes are fine but when people say this to the actual person it reaches a new level of wrong. No one knows how they truly feel about their mistakes and shortcomings and for their fans, the people who claim to love them and give them encouragement,  to be the main people picking on them that is very disheartening.
    Also, the author clearly states how they KNOW that not all EXO fans are like that, they are just addressing the fans (not only of exo) that do act this way and are explaining why this is not ok.

  • vip

    I hate the exo fandoms so much and I am an Exo fan myself, all thoses fangirls are so stupid! i want to kill them all (the crazy ones) -_-

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/KFOLAJLXYHOCHDRFCSECACDGFI Lisuh-chan

    Those inside jokes are called inside jokes for a reason. I’m surprised some fans are dumb enough to actually call them slut and whore out loud. I don’t really think there’s a problem with shouting AYO WADDUP KREES like once…It’s not really hurting anyone and i don’t know how Kris thinks, but I’m pretty sure a lot of people, not just idols, find it kind of funny. What really bothers me most, are the crazy fans at the airport. I think when EXO came to the LA, the fans were pretty tamed since my friend went and sent me a fancam of it. No one was pushing or shoving or invading any space, but for other countries as in china, they should really back off. that’s just way too much when it comes to invading privacy and space. I would hate for any stranger just to touch me like that. 

  • examplesample

    “I’ve never seen a fandom so ready to macro, gif, and harass everything their idols do.”

    That’s because they’ve practiced on Suju and Shinee. They’ve honed their art so after the 10 years of EXO Teasers finally finished, they were raring to go.

  • Emo CupCake

    I remember I was like this at one point but i would never want to call my beloved Beast a whore or slut or anyother idol for that matter. I mean I would get mad when people would say a beast member was ugly or untalented. I was really defensive but now I have grown or matured in the K-pop world to appreciate the idols and be the best fan. Not thr crazy, insane, or overprotective fan.

  • SoNyeoHyoFan

    God, I’m so glad I’m not an EXO fan! I’d hate to live in a world where bashing is an acceptable form of “love”… Why the heck would you call someone you’re supposed to be supporting a slut or a whore? It doesn’t matter if you’re kidding or not, you’re not their BFF and you don’t know them well enough to know that they’re not affected by it. You don’t know it’s not hurting them. This obnoxious insensitivity is a huge problem with a lot of fans nowadays.. it has to stop. It’s gotten to a point where the jokes aren’t even funny anymore, they’re borderline verbal abuse. Stupid, stupid fans.

  • SoNyeoHyoFan

    Also, the fan in that video isn’t THAT bad. I’ve seen a lot worse. At least you can tell the girl in that video genuinely loves her group, she’s just way too excitable and needs to calm down enough to have rational behavior and not say some things around them. I don’t mind fans like that. She’s genuine at least, even if she’s genuinely overexcited. What I really mind is the fans that yell in their faces with sarcastic voices calling them those names and thinking it’s funny.. I’ve witnessed it way too much.

  • nuunuu


    Look what I found. Luhan and Baekhyun got pushed, and Luhan fell down. This is recent too.

    And I saw this on Tumblr too:

    “before you join this fandom
    you will agree to the below statement:

    -i will not push and shove the boys around in the airport
    -i will give them personal space at all times
    -i will not say offensive inside jokes to their faces
    -i will be grateful that they came to our country
    -i will be nice to my follow exotics
    -i will love the boys and always think the best for them
    -i will love every single one of them
    -i will not become a saseang fan


    Exotics to be”

    I guess Exotics finally realize their behavior is a problem now.

  • http://twitter.com/fanamuins92 Nana Muin

    As an EXO fan, I must admit the amount of indecency some of these fans have crossed astounded me. A person on youtube was reprimanding the people who criticized these fancams where they went to Disneyland and London with excuses such as ‘if you were to meet them in person you would also do the same thing’. No I would not. I have seen plenty of celebrities that I’ve liked in my country and I do not go around videotaping them, following them around the streets where they would disturb normal pedestrians and shouting profanities at them. That kind of behaviour, whether you’re a fan or not, is inappropriate on so many levels. You can’t put sasaeng fans in the same light because those were never normal fans to begin with, and normal fans don’t associate themselves with these people.

    The macros however seemed fine because on some level, the fans probably appreciate the fact that these people are flawed, even though some just simply went too far by calling Kai a ‘slut’ or Luhan a ‘whore’. I think Kai is a sexual creature, and he knows he’s sexy so he uses it to his advantage, but that still doesn’t warrant the excuse for fans to call him a ‘slut’. Slut is a derogatory term no matter what angle of the term you tried to twist it in. But I didn’t mind the macros and name-calling so long as it was kept as an inside joke. So when I heard that someone actually called Kai a slut to his face, I had to refrain myself from facedesking myself because facepalming just isn’t enough these days. =_=

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/X4JQJ533ZEYYVHE2PVG72P3NUI Krisus

    No u are not generalizing, I think this is true for most parts of the fandom. We don’t even have an official fanclub name yet sum ppl !!

  • Star Truong

    I’m personally an A+ and Inspirit, and I admit that we do have fans like that  in our fandom, but not the the extent where the majority of us are down right crazy. I’ve been an A+ for a super long time and I have never met Mblaq in real life before. I can promise you I won’t push the boys down to the floor or call them sluts or whores. I wouldn’t even call Lee Joon an idiot, even though that’s an inside joke, all A+’s know how much Joon has been through. To think that any fan would call their idols in such a degrading way and humiliating their speech patterns is just messed up. I would never call them fans, and I’m sure Exo loves them, but feels pretty ashamed of them at the same time. Also, Chinese fans should really turn it down a notch and back off other fanclubs. If you’re just joining to rub Exo’s success in the faces of other rookie groups that aren’t as known, please just stop. Nu’est is pretty popular, as far as I’m concerned, so why are you giving them pity? And don’t even start with the gifs and macros, nor the girl group hate.

  • http://twitter.com/Alilium911 Francene Segado

         Personally, as a huge EXO fan myself, I’m incredibly embarassed by this. Especially those jokes. I mean, it’s one thing to have an inside joke amongst the fandom, but keeping in mind that Kris is fluent in English, there should be some degree of restraint, ESPECIALLY when calling out names like that.

          Another thing, the fan banners I’ve been seeing recently have been absolutely RIDICULOUS. Really, I mean, I saw a “Kill me Kris” sign in the Thailand promo videos, and a “F**k me Kris” one somewhere along the lines. Really though. I mean, “F**k me Kris” ?! Come on, he totally knows what that means. Isn’t there a degree of embarrassment in holding that sign up? I mean, “AYO WHADDUP KREES” isn’t all that offensive, but it is definitely something he’s fully aware of, even lifting up one of the signs with those words during the “Like a G6” performance in LA. 
        And the as for those Thehun jokes? They’re kind of, sort of, rude. And while it may seem funny to the fans, a lot of people have lisps that they aren’t really that confident about.
    TL;DR- Despite the fact that a lot of fans are not like this, THESE fans are the ones that tend to be noticed by idols, and it’s really embarrassing.

  • http://twitter.com/Cardinalsdojo C.J

    I agree also with most of this, but as for the nicknames, well…….. I always thought they were jokes (although saying ‘that’ to Kai’s face was unnecessary), but Americans have this thing called crude humor (that they should keep to themselves unless your friends with Exo when conversing with them), but its clear not all of them can be up-close and personal with them, so I don’t find it entirely wrong for them to do that(within the fandom). 
    Crude humor-its where offensive things are said, but not meant to be taken seriously, but in fact with laughter :)……… and that’s what I always thought they were doing, so I found it funny, but saying that to Kai’s face was a bit…..:(  Yeah, though, I’m sure they don’t mean all that they say; I’m not going to lie; I was a taken back by how popular they were at first, but somehow fell into the Exo fandom with an open mind. I haven’t really declared myself an exotic, yet…I’m still waiting (for what I truly don’t know), but I’m a B2uty(sorry for that tid bit of randomness)I also have a confession, I once called the OTP of KrisLu lewhores, but I really didn’t mean to offend them; I just meant in away as they get around in the group; I wasn’t referring to as in sexual intercourse, but as in knowing and being seen with everybody; I thought it was funnier (my crude sense of humor kickin’ in) than calling them lesocializers (even though that was more appropriate)…….so sorry to Kris and Luhan for that. *guilty*

    As for Sehun’s lisp at first I thought it was rude, but then I found it ‘cute’, if that’s even the word I meant to use, but I stopped seeing it as making fun of him, but accepting him as he is and making a joke out of it………I kind of see that differently now, since other people with lisps found it offensive, so sorry to those people, but I never actually made fun of (as in bullying) him for it,  but always thought it was cute. If other people see it as rude though, then I need to take their feelings into consideration.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=530278960 Sarah Edge

    People need to be aware that their behavior isn’t approved by the fan community. It’s not just the fans who record the footage and harass them that’s to blame. It’s the fame they receive from other fans who bombard them with questions and say things like “I’m so jealous!” If you’re a true EXO fan you should be discouraging the behavior! Immediately voice your disgust with inappropriate fan behavior and don’t make any excuses for it. I’ve had people tell me “Well I might never get to see them again” or “This is a once in a life time opportunity” whenever I’ve voiced my disgust. To that I say: It’s not your place to put your own selfish desires above what idols want for themselves. Between being stalked with cameras and inside fandom comments or having privacy for themselves? Obviously they’d prefer privacy.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000257663037 Hebe Perry-Belfrage

    I’m an EXO fan (amongst other famdoms) from England and I have to say I was disgusted at the behaviour of the fans in London. While they all jump down my throat for even daring to call their behaviour innappropriate, the whole k-pop world is watching on in horror and rightly so. I wasn’t involved in the ‘stalking’ whatsoever, I went to the concert and nothing else (although I would have loved to greet them at the airport or the hotel, not gonna lie), so all these fans tell me my view is invalid because I wasn’t there…despite the clear video evidence of their shenanigans,

    Although it sounds pretentious, I pride myself on being a ‘sane’ fan. I never use ‘oppa’ I don’t squeal or chase and once I’m done I’m done. While everybody chased Siwon down the street when he came to London on holiday, I stayed back in the hotel to thank the security guard and make sure nobody’s bags got stolen (stupid enough to leave all your valuables unattended just to chase an idol, really?). I was the only fan who he spoke to and for me that was enough – no chase needed. I sound really arrogant but I do wish that more fans would behave the way I make sure I do. Idols are humans too, and although it must be remembered that this is a minority of the fandom, this behaviour should not be happening.

    Sorry for the essay, but I needed to let it all out.

  • http://twitter.com/LocKeyiiBling ~ L✶cketBling ~

    Ok, take a chillpill – the whore and slut-thing is a joke. I sometimes call my bias a slut because he’s sexy, but I don’t mean it in a offensive way – I love him very much. And Thehun.. ok, HOW can anyone be offenced by THAT? Ever heard of humour? ._. SHINee’s Minho is also know as a ‘hyung whore’ which is a joke since he’s very popular among his hyungs.. I really think you’re reading too much in this.

    • claire

      i don’t think that’s what she meant.
      inside jokes are part of every fandom, she even acknowledged that on the article. the problem is screaming them on you idols’ faces.
      they might not get the joke.

  • Ohai Saelis

    It’s funny how we’re constantly berating idols for how they may be insensitive to the feelings of their foreign fans, when the fans themselves are horribly insensitive to the feelings of the idols they supposedly love and support.

    I also don’t get why EXO fans in general and some London fans are getting angry about this article; if you aren’t like this, there’s no reason why you should be offended by it. I like EXO a lot and I might be classified as a fan of them, and I’m not getting angry about this post because it’s calling out the behaviour of specific EXO fans. If you don’t do those things, there’s no reason to be angry. I get it, people will stereotype you, but as long as you have a clear conscience I think you shouldn’t be up in arms about the stereotyping, but the fact that there are people giving your fandom a bad name in the first place.

    I also can’t see the supposed logic of it being an inside joke. It is not an inside joke when it’s in every Tumblr tag, when it’s plastered on Kpop sites everywhere, and everyone knows about it. If you had thousands of fans calling you a slut, but not to your face, it isn’t an inside joke. Anyone who has had rumours circulating about them in school or online would know this. Hell, it doesn’t take personal experience to know this.

    And yes, if you call your friend a slut and a whore, it’s all in good fun. But does your bias know that he’s your bias? You know him, but does he/she know you? There is a difference. Fans spend so much time on their idols that they tend to feel like there is a relationship. News flash! There isn’t one. Your idols have no idea who the hell you are, and they are not your friends. Would you like it if some stranger who happened to know your name came up to you and said, “Hey _________! How are you doing, slut?” I’m pretty sure most people wouldn’t.

    I’m studying the Korean language and so much of their culture shows through; one defining point of the language is the level of formality. When talking to a stranger, or someone older/more senior than you, you’d never use informal language. Informal language is usually used only between close friends, and honorifics are very important. That’s not to say that EXO should be put on a pedestal and addressed as their highnesses, but don’t imagine a level of closeness where there is none. Also since I’m on the topic of language… What do you think they feel about being called a slut, since they’re probably not too well versed in English? I wouldn’t like to have been the one to explain to Luhan or Kai if they ever asked, “What’s a slut/whore? Someone called me that today.” Also in the case of Sehun, humour is fun and all, but when jokes are constantly made at your expense, they get old, and fast. Some people have the confidence to poke fun at themselves. That’s fine. Take the cue from the idol; until Sehun actually starts joking about his own lisp and calling himself Thehun as a joke, I don’t think it’s acceptable for anyone to call him that.

  • http://www.facebook.com/BhabyAnne Marianne Pepito

    (i’m just stating my opinion. so if your going to read this.don’t get offended by my words)

    it’s okay to call them by their nicknames like slut or whore etc. but we should keep it in our selves.okay,so for us it doesn’t mean in an offensive way but we should consider what they will think and feel about that,if we said that in front of them,they will get pissed and you’ll hurt their feelings.what if your the one who’s in that position,that your fans are calling you a slut or a whore or mimicking your lisp etc. wont you get pissed?

    Instead having a day off  from their tiring work or having a get together by going to some place
    (like when they went to Disneyland).they found themselves getting stalked,getting filmed etc. 
    would they have a good and relaxing time if the other fans are continuously doing that?
    i know it’s not enough just to see them close.we want to hug or hold them but don’t you know what discipline is?mobbing them,stalking and harassing them.don’t you get embarrassed by your behavior?don’t you know it is harmful that your mobbing them?for example,one time when EXO-M got mobbed by fans on an airport,Luhan got separated from them and he was almost got knocked down.
    we should be the one who is concerned for their health but instead we are the one who is putting them in danger.we should know what our limit is.we should not invade their privacy.they always do their best to satisfy and impress us but is that they will have in return?

    Actually I’m one of their fans and They are my ultimate fandom.I wouldn’t deny that i wanted to greet them personally and hug or hold them. but i know that where my limit is.that i shouldn’t do anything like that.

  • Quenna lacy

    Woah i didn’t know fans acted like this. :( Im an EXO fan but id never do this. It’s just rude.

  • Quenna lacy

    Woah i didn’t know fans acted like this. :( Im an EXO fan but id never do this. It’s just rude.

  • Ledi Omeri

    Hi i really agree with you.I am an EXO fan myself and yes i totally love EXO but i am sure i wouldnt scream at their faces like some fans or invade their privacy.Some EXO fans are really crazy and they stalk EXO and writte messages with their period blood.I think this is really traumatazing for idols not only EXO but other idols as well.I want to say to all the fans that:”If you love your idols dont hurt them and dont do mean stuff to them and try other ways to show your love”I like fans who go to their concerts and writte some simbolic messages to them or even simple messages like”Work hard and thank you for giving us such awesome music”or”We love you”This are nice messages but fans shouldnt go to their faces and scream and keep photographing them.What if they were in their place and fans did this to them how would they feel?Bad ofcourse”I know that if i ever see EXO upclose i would go to them with kindness and ask them for an autograph or a photo if they werent busy but i would never go to their face and scream to them like this”HUNHAN!WE LOVE YOU!KRIS MARRY ME I WANT YOUR BABIES!!”or”AYOOO WADDUP KREASE!THEHUN”The idols might feel selfcounsious and not good enough.I know i would so Please Exo fans i am begging you behave and be nicer to your idols some of you are really hurting them.Dont you rember that time when some saesang fans almost caused an accident to Exo.What if they really were hurt how would you guys feel?As a fan miself i like this OTP and sometimes i use it but i would never go to their face and say it.Dont you guys feel embaressed?I would feel for sure.SO PLEASE ALL EXO FANS BEHAVE YOURSELF!

  • Anika Haque

    Now I feel kinda ashamed to be a fan in London, cuz now Exo would associate me with the fans they met >.< I have these friends who said they hate BoA cuz Taemin was the love interest in one of her Mv's and I was just sitting there thinking wtf, obsessive much?

  • GwiyomiPlaya a

    OMG LOL!! I can’t believe you actually think we mean what we say XD

    Someone can’t take a joke >>

    • Tiffany Noel

      How can imitating someone’s speech impediment and calling someone a “slut” or a “whore” be funny? It might seem funny to you, but it certainly ain’t funny for them. Idols already have stressful lives as it is and so-called “fans” coming up with revolting names about them is just downright disgusting and helps them in absolutely no way possible. It just makes them feel horrible about themselves. I feel so sorry for EXO for having one of the worst fandoms in the Kpop industry… smh

  • Tiffany Noel

    This is so embarrassing… I just can’t even… *hides face in shame*

  • Megan Yoder

    I’m a big EXO fan and I’m not hurt at all by this. I think this article is accurate and tells the sad truth about some EXO fans. Obviously the author wasn’t trying to bash ALL EXO fans, and we all know the ones she’s referring to. I don’t quite understand why reasonable EXO fans are getting offended by this article.

    I agree with everything she says here.

  • Eleanor

    I’m not even a fan of Exo but it is embarrassing to see English fans treat them this way as an English K-pop fan

  • Desi


  • Hai Blut

    i don’t think i can real all the comments. why so many comments anyway? i love exo and will be exotic for only five years. by the way don’t worriend about exo..their crazy fans will leave them alone if they are getting old… now they new and the fans are young so let them love exo

  • Hai Blut

    after reading this i was alomost left exo but i ask myself why do i have to leave exo for jsut some kind of stupid comment and someone stupid articles? so i try to not care about people who have a problem with exo fans…

  • MaikoxSamurai단甘い

    That is just so mean TT-TT How could they say that about our hyung

    s, They shouldn’t even call themselves EXO fans, I don’t care whether if it is a so called “joke”. Have respect for them, and If you don’t like EXO, then don’t even bother going through all that trouble to just call them names -_-! We <3 EXO!

  • exotics

    I totally agree. At first, I hate EXO just because of the fans.. totally fanatic.. But then, after sometime I realised that I can’t blame them for their fans. Most of the time, they’ve become the victim.. I watched their videos when they were pushed at the airport. No matter how much we love the members, it doesn’t give us the right to do those mean things to them. They have their own life.. Why don’t we give them some space yeah. Common guys. It’s heart-breaking to see them in that situation. (I like EXO a lot now btw)

  • Tegan

    I have only just read this while researching and i am absolutely embarrassed by how English fans act towards EXO , I live in London myself so i’m not trying to make English fans look bad on purpose since i am a fan also.. i think it is honestly very wrong to say things like that to them and act like this while being in there presences , fans should be giving them privacy and should be understanding, i wouldn’t ever want EXO to have a bad impression of London because they may not want to come back any more to visit which is a shame to other EXO fans such as myself.. i just am ever so disappointed with English fans and honestly if i ever had the chance when they where over to apologise i deeply deeply would on the behalf of those who may feel how i feel about fans being like this..not all English fan are like this thankfully (as you can probably tell from my comment that i am not like this) and hopefully realize that what you all are doing is wrong and that you all should be respecting there privacy!.. i know this was like two years ago but things like this really annoy me because the are human too and they deserve to have privacy and not be treated like this in anyway what so ever !! …….this is my own opinion and i’m not expecting everyone to agree with me but i just had to put my point through even if it is 2 years late!

  • C.O.

    yuck, can we not with conflation of sanity and respect? I am literally insane, I have multiple mental illnesses, but I am very mindful of others’ boundaries. if you mean that someone’s behavior makes others feel unsafe or uncomfortable, just say that. there’s no need to slap an unrelated psychiatric term on it and throw a whole group of diverse people under the bus.

  • Diki Chuauhang

    But but..the “ayo wadup krees ” is gold. :)

  • Love Taylor

    “For their sake as well as Exo’s, I hope they mature and begin respecting their idols’ privacy and feelings.”
    I doubt that will ever happen.