• ItsQuinnBro

    Personally, I believe having no guest is a good thing. UNLESS a main person is missing. Also, having no guest will give the main cast more time to bond like in Family Outing & IY1. Also, IY2 is going to fail sooner or later due to the fact they physically abuse women’s if they failed at something (throwing pepper/salt at he cast & letting cows eat their hair), I personally just believe that Variety shows weren’t like they used to be.

    • noiha

      Personally, I believe having no guest is a good thing.


      hm, idk about invincible youth, but family outing season 1 have a guest in nearly every episode. and so far i can remember, they can balance the attention to the guests and family members quiet well. while family outing season 2, contrary to what the author wrote here, they didn’t rely a bit to the guests and ditched them completely, while milking taecyoon couple like crazy. and what did they get? flacks from viewers (for ignoring wonder girls :p). so imo, having a guest isn’t exactly the root of the problem. shoving the guests too much in viewers is what i think the problem in running man now. 

      personally, i see that inviting guests and utilizing them at their best, is a pattern sbs variety shows have. and see what we have, who would know park jisung is such a funny guy? or son yejin has a very bright personality? it might not strike the same thing with infinity challenge or 1n2d where you can see the bond between the casts more, but it does its own good. a variety can be a ride for a guest, while the guests brought up the rating. plus, having guests constantly changing would (and should) make the casts’ variety skill better. you said that the running man no guest episode is much more enjoyable, and i honestly found it also the same. but let see whether gary or gwangsoo or jihyo can be coupled with guests on their own if they had 90s episodes without constant guests instead.

      that’s said, each pattern has their own good and bad. for variety shows like running man and family outing where at least half of them are variety newbies (while in infinity challenge and 1n2d almost all of them are comedians or variety veterans), i’d say having a constant guest is a good thing for the casts.

      sorry for making this a long essay. i’d edit this later if i found something i can cut off. lol.

    • animasaurus

       What they did to Sunny in IY2 was so awful.

      • black_rose45000

        What happened? :O

    • black_rose45000

      “I personally just believe that Variety shows weren’t like they used to be.”

      Though I haven’t watched too many variety shows, I’d come to the same conclusion, and thought I was in the wrong. Nice to know someone with possibly more experience in varieties claims the same thing.

  • https://twitter.com/#!/LimaCake LimaCake

    “I’m not at all saying the use of guests should be taken completely out of variety; if used appropriately and sparingly as some shows do, a guest can be a breath of fresh hair to the show.”
    EXACTLY! If you offer guests only once in a while, it’s that much more special to viewers. Too much of a good thing is a really bad thing. 

  • http://twitter.com/heda727 dahe

    i think its more on the personality of the guest or the cast member. some guest were very funny some time funnier than a cast member. ..i find it annoying when they get a guest who are plain boring just because they are popular at the moment (i know its for views rating) but still.

  • http://www.facebook.com/karheng279 Aaron Ho

    Maybe the PD wanted to have a change with the show format for their sequels to “keep things fresh”, but instead they certainly took out the winning formula which established the show in the first place.

    Guests wise, i think it depends, whether they have the “variety factor”, but we wouldn’t know if they aren’t participating the shows, so i say what the heck, give them a try maybe they are a good addition to the mix  

    Take the recent RM episodes for example: I wouldn’t have known Park Ji Sung’s variety potential if weren’t for him being on the show, and now i would look forward if he ever guest star in RM again =D    

  • ilovessantokki

    I don’t really know how I stand with this issue…

    From the list of variety shows mentioned in this article, I’ve only been an avid watcher of Family Outing and Running Man and I do agree that some episodes end up being extremely lackluster because of the guest. Some guests are hilarious, like the big ‘Hyung-nim’ episode of Running Man or the recent episodes with Park Ji Sung. When the guests actually make an effort to do well on variety, the episodes are great.

    I get annoyed when they invite female idols, actors, actresses, etc that want/need more exposure but don’t really make an effort to do well. They rely on the cast to cater to them. On episodes of Running Man with boring guests, it becomes more about the logisitics of the race than the actual funny interactions between the guests and the regular castmembers.

    So… I guess reliance on guests can be a very negative for variety shows because the variety capabilities of guests differ so frequently. But I think you have a cast that’s good enough to make up for lackluster guest and avoid making the them a ‘handicap’ – Running Man is particularly good at this – then you can work with boring, uninteresting guests.

    But in Korea it seems the top variety shows are still the ones with the staple main cast and occasion guests – 1Night 2Days and Infinity Challenge. So the need for guestings isn’t fundamental for a variety show at all. But then again, the cast of these two shows is pretty stellar and, needless to say, they probably worked their asses to get where they are. Main-stay casts like 1N2D and IC are a dime a dozen.

  • http://twitter.com/amnsoriano Mirari Soriano

    i have watched Running Man religiously and it’s not like they favor guests or anything but i agree with you that the dating missions with female idols are less exciting than their strongest man games. And I was kind of disappointed as well when BigBang came because though they build Gary’s image as a less intelligent one, it seemed too obvious that he just let Taeyang off at the final showdown. Some points in the show like that bores me but generally, i don’t think they have a problem of over-reliance in the guest because the cast seemed close and appearance of guests sometimes highlight the cast’s closeness even more.. 

    In the case of Invinvible Youth 2, I was super psyched upon hearing of the cast members because aside from Woori and Yewon, I know and like all the other members particularly Hyoyeon and Bora. But as an avid viewer of the show’s first season, I agree that the girls were not given that much time to be close and bond with each other, to the extent that they even announce it during broadcasts. That was disappointing because the cast relations was the one thing that made me follow the first season. But I guess, the pressure of living up to the achievements of season one was what made the producers resort to finding guests.. I am guilty of watching the show only when the guests are people i want to watch (ie. Shinhwa and CNBlue). But the format and concept was way different from the first one that it’s like a totally new show now.. I won’t blame them if they invite guests because most of the time 2-3 members are absent due to idol activities but the influx of guests at one episode is just too much that even the girls do not get that much airtime. But as a k-pop variety enthusiast, i am keeping my doors open for IY2 changes. and they better make it soon because not all people are willing to wait.

  • black_rose45000

    I think having idols as guests on shows is generally a bad thing. But it also depends on how the producers deal with these idols. Right now, looking at one of the pics you posted (sungmin x sunny), I just got an example in my mind, and then I remembered another one.
    When Sungmin guested on that show, him and Hyoyeon’s guest were the only ones who had no family connections to the cast members they came for, so, fairly enough, much to my surprise and delight, the hosts focused more on the cast member’s relatives. At least that’s what I thought (minus the intro when they obviously focused too much on Sungmin, even though at that point we were supposed to not know who he was).
    Then we have a certain episode of Strong Heart, where Jessica was invited, and where the cameraman probably showed her pretty little face about 2/3 of the show. I’m not even kidding. Whenever someone told a story or made a comment, and they were supposed to show a couple of guests’ expressions and reactions, they showed her. Seriously, it was just too much.

    As for the shows you’ve mentioned, unfortunately I haven’t watched them unless they had SJ in them, though I’d like to properly start Running Man at some point. So I can only account for Family Ouiting 2 post-Heechul era. The Heechul-Sohee “coupling” might’ve had its share of fun, JoKwon might’ve added some humor factor too (I loved it more when Gain appeared though, strangely, since I’m no particular fan of the two or their “couple”~~), but what made it for me were Bongsun and Dongmin. Needless to say, I like the variety regulars more, like Sangryul and Wonhee. Oh I also liked the actor (whatshisname) a lot! He was nice in his own awkward way, and even found him funny sometimes. What ruined it for me was Taecyon and Yuna, not gonna lie. Especially Taecyon. Honestly have nothing against them and I’m not even praising the other idols on the show for being remarkable in comparison or anything.

    There are a lot of good shows, but idk how many of them are subbed unless they have idols as guests, and that’s a sad thing imo. And recently I’ve become quite idol-anti, even Immortal Song makes me side-eye it whenever I see an idol in the guest list. It’s not that I doubt their vocal ability, but I fear there might be biased judges and plus, if I want to watch IS2, I want to watch it for the less unknown/promoted/popular singers. Kpop is everywhere and dare I say, it overshadows more remarkable bands/artists.

    I don’t know when I got so prejudiced against idols, tsk.

  • SunnyNights

    Well in the case of Iy2 I don’t believe that it is the problem of not bonding within the cast. Although bonding time was sorely lacking and having competitions right from the first episode isn’t exactly what I would call ‘right’.But that there was a fundamental problem with the cast itself. Call me insane but Suzy is an extremely bland person at least within the context of the show and Jiyoung is plain annoying. No offense to any fans of them out there. Iy2 lost it’s focus and I’m almost certain it is going to be cancelled soon unless there is a miracle . I stopped watching at episode 21 because the show was 80% unoriginal games and 20% work and talk. Could ramble on but that would fill the whole page.

  • ozeoze

    It’s true that IY2 is really really boring.

    “I get annoyed when they invite female idols, actors, actresses, etc
    that want/need more exposure but don’t really make an effort to do well.
    They rely on the cast to cater to them.”

    That’s the reason why those
    A-list-star-that-havent-been-to-variety-show-ever chose Running Man,
    because the staf and cast will take care of them, even when you’re like,
    awkward. That’s when a show needs a Yoo Jae Suk. With his effort, he’ll
    try to maximize the guest’s personality and variety persona, without
    forgetting to make the show interesting. When the guests simply laugh,
    he’ll notice that and find a way to make the guest’s laugh interesting.
    We can realize then how he’s that great of an MC. 

  • Angela Wang

    For me, I LOVE guests when the stars that appear on the show are one of my favourites. Otherwise, I don’t really care for them but that being said, everyone has their favourites so when those stars appear, it will definitely gear more attention and gain viewers. I don’t really watch IY, Family Outing or Running Man frequently. I only tune in RM when a favourite group or person comes in. Sometimes the guests can drag the show down BUT if the main are able to hold their ground and still maintain the show, then I can see no problem with the “excess baggage” when they do attract more viewers. 

  • Diana Rose

    Personally, I stopped watching IY2 after Sunny’s departure.. I think it should be more of the girls work and find  their bond than games. I mean, I really like the girls but the show didn’t show their true personalities ! .. Like poor Yewon, I’m not a fan of Jewelry but Yewon is a lovely girl and has a great sense of humor. But everyone seems to feel awkward around her and she hasn’t been treated fairly.. Like that episode when both Bora and Suzy refused to be in her team,, and when Hyoyeon said that she is not close with her.. These girls need sometime to become close with each other and this is not happening now !

  • http://siriithao.tumblr.com/ TS_Love1403

    This is why 1n2d is my favorite korean variety show. That show was going on for 6 years without having guests apart from 3-5 episodes. The cast survived the show with themself and they bonded and the dynamic was just really good. I

    I´m really sick of all the unnecessary guest appearances cause most of them just brings the show down.