Another week, another spotlight into the world of K-indie music. Today, we focus our attention to J Rabbit, the female indie duo comprised of main vocalist Jung Hye-sun and songwriter and guitarist Jung Da-woon. Both ladies were born in 1987 (the year of the rabbit) and were classmates at the Seoul Institute of Arts. After realizing their love for both music and rabbits were mutual, and coincidentally being assigned as partners for a group project for one of their  classes, the stars aligned and J Rabbit found their humble beginnings.

Both Da-woon and Hye-sun seem to operate on the same musical wavelength. Da-woon pens the lyrics and Hye-sun breaths extraordinary life into them with her feathery voice. The music, written by the girls themselves, bubbles into soft-rolling harmonies that are sure to enlighten anyone’s day. Their easy going melodies and lighthearted tunes are both enjoyable and relatable.

When asked about their musical inspirations, J Rabbit replies with not only what inspires them but also the intent behind their music.

We wish that people can be consoled, cheered up, and receive happy energy through J-Rabbit and our songs. So, we try to get the lyrics from the ordinary days, because it is the way where many people can feel sympathy. Also, we get some inspiration from our dairies, movies, books and from many other songs.

J Rabbit has this whimsical nature about their music, and due to their involvement in the production of their music from start to finish, that whimsical nature is what dominates their cheerful character of music. The girls’ down-to-earth attitudes also make them a pleasure to not just watch, but also listen to as well and you can’t help feel all warm and fuzzy inside (almost like a rabbit!) when encountering what J Rabbit has to offer.

After releasing their first full length album It’s Spring in March 2011, J Rabbit has been busy attending small performances and concerts, and in the mean time making music that is all their own. Earlier this May, J Rabbit dropped their second full-length album Looking Around, complete with videos of the girls performing their lead tracks live in studio. Check out J Rabbit performing “Happy Things.”

So if you’re ever feeling down or the world seems a little grim, tune into something by J Rabbit. These ladies are well educated musicians, passionate artists, and most of all–hardcore bunny lovers. Their smooth vocals and artistic breadth of music are sure to brighten your day with a cheerful melody or two, as it is the mission behind their music to inspire you to find beauty in the world of the mundane and normal.

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