• YourYG Bias

    I’m quite hesitant about artists owning companies, actually. There’s a business side to running an entertainment company and many of these idols haven’t the proper education to properly manage a business. There are some that have that natural ruthlessness needed for business but I doubt many idols even know how to do anything other than sing, dance and perform mindless aegyo.

    The only thing going for them is their musical background. And by that I mean strong musical background as in the idols that produce and compose their own songs. Yonghwa, GD, Yenny, and many others. They also have the added bonus of an already established fanbase if they ever decide to start up their own company.

    Jungle Entertainment is actually the best example of how to turn from entertainer to businessman. Tiger JK had a unique sound (hip-hop and R&B) that he wanted to deliver and focused solely on that. His whole roster is hip-hop. 

    Overall, the idea isn’t bad. If they ever decide to start a company, they would already know the workings of the industry. I would love to see GD acting like a CEO. *wink wink* The man looks hot in a suit. 

  • http://twitter.com/MrCKDexter Rachel

    It’s too bad Map the Soul Inc. didn’t stick around longer. It was such fun, and they had such a great connection with fans. But from the behind-the-scenes clips, you could see they were really stressed out. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OlIpZYvo79U Ahem.

    I’m still unconvinced J. Tune Entertainment was ever a good thing. Rain is an incredible performer, and I think he was able to train the MBLAQ boys pretty well, but something was lacking. But as J. Tune has since been absorbed into JYPE, I suppose it’s a non-issue now. I’m just hoping MBLAQ doesn’t fall through the cracks, as they’ve been threatening to do for some time now.

  • FlipMango

    I love the idea of artist owned companies, however I think it would only work if the artist focuses entirely on the business aspect. The Big Three are examples of how well artist owned companies work, but at the cost of abandoning their own activities as artists in order to run the company and support their artists. 

    As the article points out, it takes a lot to run a company in itself, so expecting to do that while continuing one’s own activities would be handling way too much. I would think the reason one would want to do that in the first place would be to earn freedom in one’s own musical activities, but then the better option would be to make sure one signs up with the right company. That’s why I prefer artists developing their own companies, so that new artists can be sure they are working under someone who knows what an artist needs. 

    Don’t take more than you can chew. That is what I would say to artists owning companies. 

  • dodo18

    establishing a company is not something for everyone , you need members with experience . another group i can see doing it is bigbang , establishing a bigbang company but somehow still supported by yg. like the japanese group smap, they have their own sub company but JE remain somehow their parents. the thing you can do that when you have been in business for a long time and have well rounded members. shinwha was able to do it obviously they have members good with business, well rounded in variety show, they can write their song , do their own choregraphy. bigbang is another great example i can see them do it : gd produce , seung ri is a good business man, taeyang can do choregraphy for the group,. if they decide to keep being under bigbang name after their army mandatory i doubt they will still be under yg overall. yg is somehow debuting a lot of new idols , being under a big agency is not always the best idea for a veteran group , although some people will say that yg give bigbang freedom but the more artist he will have , bigbang will no longer willl be able to promote when they want. i hope they do it ( even if i really doubt they will still be under bigbang name after those five years contract ) but who know . right now they are the only group able to make a brand out of bigbang name . it would be great to see them become like exile : those guy have their own company, magazine , clothes brand and a lot of things going on. 

    • yuuki

      also, daesung is variety killer and T.O.P of course acting venture.. i feel like seeing second shinhwa, they both have similar categories..
      Acting – Dongwan/T.O.P (eric too i guess)
      business/leader – Eric, GD Senguri
      producer – Minwoo Eric GD T.O.P
      Variety – Junjin, Daesung Senguri
      Choreograher – Minwoo, Junjin, Taeyang
      Singer – Heysung Daesung, Taeyang

  • Hannah Ralston

    Hey seoulbeats writers!! what do you think about 2ne1 and Super Junior going head-to-head for their comeback stages?

    • http://twitter.com/Les_Diabolique Mellow Yellow

      thats not related to this article….try emailing them directly.

    • Ambika_SB

       Sorry, but I agree with Mellow Yellow. I’d rather not bring traffic here for an unrelated topic. Though that’s an interesting topic for The Sunday Social maybe?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/2MYVCMGXUOHXNRTOBNWWBG4SXI Alice

    Disappointed at the lack of even a passing mention of seo in young’s newly formed company. I am well aware that the company hasn’t actually done anything yet, and that it’s unlikely that the company will do particularly well, AND that the CEO is her father, making the odds of success even lower, but it is an artist-owned company being started by a female idol (very tempted to put that in all caps. considering the overall state of the idol world at the moment when it comes to women, this is a pretty huge step, regardless of her success or failure).

    This aspect is completely absent from this article (Yoon mirae doesn’t really count. Not only is her career in a completely different ballpark, the work for the company is also a part of a collaborative effort. I’m not saying in young’s “one woman against the world” or anything silly like that, though). We’ve all read again and again of the disadvantages female idols face compared to their male counterparts, so it would be nice to be reminded that women can take this next step, too.

    And yes, i am well aware that my lack of faith in the success of her company is somewhat symptomatic of the issues female idols face. But seriously, if j. tune didn’t already exist and somebody told me rain was establishing his own company, i would have had the same reaction.