• FreakyFlyBri

    Very well written article, and I agree with you on all points. U-Kiss is undoubtedly talented, and when it comes to quality of material they’re usually at the head of the pack when it comes to boy bands (or K-Pop artists in general even). It’s kind of disheartening, in a way…groups like U-Kiss, Nine Muses, and RaNia will probably never reach the levels of popularity that similar groups from the big 3 or even mid-level companies like MNet and its subsidiary labels, Pledis or Cube will, simply because they don’t have the financial backing to help propel these groups into the spotlight, where they belong. It’s sad because a lot of these groups are the whole package…they’ve got the looks, the talent, the stage presence, and the first thing you think when you see them in action how how huge they’re going to be. Instead what we get is a slow, painful process where these groups must start at the very bottom and work their way up the totem pole, only to hit a glass ceiling because they simply reach a point where they can go no further due to circumstances beyond their control.

  • Aurora2687

    Maybe, just maybe a majority of k-pop fans just don’t like U-kiss music and that’s why they hardly sell any. I keep hearing U-kiss is popular internationally, that their well liked and how they’ve released some of the best music in k-pop, but why aren’t these people buying their songs – correct me, if I I’m wrong but I haven’t seen them charting on itunes anywhere to warrant some k-news article’s like some other groups have (The proof is in the pudding right). 

    They are literally globe trotting but it’s not translating into much hype or sales. Why aren’t these people pulling together to buy their albums, there are tutorials floating around the internet on how to buy albums on certain websites that count towards the Gaon charts and Instiz.

    Personally I find them and their music forgettable and find it hard to grow attached enough to want to follow them from each promotional cycle. I don’t hate them or anything, just indifferent and I thinks it’s the same for a lot of other people aswell.

    • http://twitter.com/PotatoFacedJo JoHannah K.

      their last album was #2 on i think like dance or electro or something on iTunes and they don’t chart on gaon because someone pissed someone off.

      • http://twitter.com/amyjean92 Amy

        Gaon is a chart that compiles sales and shipments from all of the charts so there’s no “higher-ups” that could affect ranking on Gaon. “DoraDora” charted horribly on Gaon; their first four week digital sales were comparable to a lot of 2012 rookie groups, some of which who did even better. The only think NH Media would be able to do is buy back a ton of albums to inflate sales.

        • http://miracle-candle.livejournal.com/ apple-maple

          That is where you are wrong. Nobody going to argue about their poor digital sales since everyone knows they are very unpopular with Korean public. But they didn’t do horribly for their physical sales. They never chart on Gaon physical sales ranking because they stopped distributing under Leon. You can look up on official Gaon page itself. Try to search for their name and you will never find it, even at the very bottom of the very bottom. The last time their name appear is during their Bran New KISS mini (which is in the top 10 for that month) then after that they never chart again. But the hanteo ranking for physical sales, they basically remain top 5 for around 2 weeks in the daily sales. Like JoHannah K. said, NH Media somehow pissed somebody off.

          NH Media didn’t have the money to buy back albums. Only the big 3 companies do it all the time.

          Please constraint from commenting if you have no idea about what you’re talking about. It makes you look like an idiot when you do that.

          • http://twitter.com/amyjean92 Amy

            Wow, you’re so hostile for such a petty little thing. If you must know, I was referring only to their digital sales. I only mentioned their title track, not their album sales. I don’t even check Gaon for album sales so I wasn’t about to say anything about something I never checked before. Thanks for the input, but your insults were definitely unnecessary. You’re making your fandom look really pressed and bitter right now.

    • http://twitter.com/WimpyWalker Linda Walker

      Well, for one thing, they charted on Ninjins charts about a week ago (#1) and its a good thing that they are more famous internationally, from what I hear of all of the new rookies scrabbling to get on the scene in the Korean secter of the KPop world (Mnet, Music Core, Show Champion & Inkigayo).  Yes, they are “globe-trotting” but thats exactly what the title of their group implies, Ubiquitous [here and there/everywhere at the same time] Korean INTERNATIONAL Super Stars.  Personally, I find their music and music videos perennial, unique and inspiring (cheers up my mood).  Each of their members are fun loving, charismatic and loveable (Did I forget good-looking?  Yeah, that too) and they are also noted for their great fan-service.  This was a well written article even though the author seems to question the significance and duration of U-Kiss.  I, myself must say that they have a fan for life.

  • fireflies99

    UKISS will never be popular. You can guess why they aren’t popular all you want but they simply do not have mass appeal. They gain a dedicated (small) following but people just don’t like them for the most part. UKISS is just uncool… and for lack of a better word are losers. Time has cemented that image, and Korea being a place all about image… nothing they can do could change that. 

  • YourYG Bias

    For such a small following that k-pop has, I think that the Big 3 produces enough idol groups to perfectly saturate the market. A company’s name from the Big 3 alone trumps U-Kiss and many other failed groups.

    I would like to say however, that with groups from the Big 3, you get the same image and feeling from their groups. Big Bang and 2NE1 have that unmistakable hip-hop base and the SM crew just feels like SM. With all the smaller companies such as Pledis, CUBE and Starship, you get groups that bring something fresh to k-pop. I will forever love SISTAR for not being your typical unable-to-sing-live group and B2ST for making it mainstream with a company that can be considered part of the Big 4.

    If these small companies didn’t risk debuting groups, then I think k-pop would be a very boring place by now. Props. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/taraterrrific Tara Carroway

    I agree that U-Kiss’ small, unknown agency is a factor, but I honestly think it’s the boys lack of appeal.
    they all decent voices, but nothing to write home about, their rapping is awkward at best, and they don’t have the variety skills necessary to attract fans, they’re not even that great looking.Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy U-Kiss’ music and I wish they were more successful, I just think they would have done better separated into different groups instead of being one large group of mediocrity.this all sounds harsh, but I actually do like U-Kiss and obviously there is a strong fanbase who loves them. so my personal opinions about them aside their biggest issue would have to be song topic. all their songs are angsty, angry, sad, etc. all very negative feelings and in the end people want to be happy. I’m not saying they should ditch that style completely, since it works very well for them, but if they would release a more upbeat happy song every once in a while things might look up for them.

  • http://twitter.com/amyjean92 Amy

    I agree. Financial backing has A LOT to do with how idol groups are received by the public and their chances of staying relevant in this ultra competitve industry. However, I came across an AKP comment that placed things in a different perspective for me. The main gist of the comment was that U-KISS is a jack of all trades with nothing to show for it. They’re invited to countries who’ve never seen a K-Pop act before and they’re always invited to special music show concerts, but beyond that, they lack appeal to the Korean public, where it matters the most. International fame will never outweigh Korean fame, and in U-KISS’s case, it’s almost damning for them to see how well-received they are outside of Korea but not in their home.

    I think U-KISS’s unpopularity stems from a lot of different reasons, and not just quality in music. They haven’t established a distinguishable sound for themselves, even after being active for four years. Look at boy groups like 2PM, SHINee, BEAST, MBLAQ, INFINITE, who’ve been around for 2+ years. At this point, every single one of the groups mentioned here have a “sound” that distinguishes them from the rest, whether it’s a Latin sound (MBLAQ) or a retro/80s music sound (INFINITE). U-KISS’s musical quality is ultimately squandered by their lack of musical direction. They’ve had a lot of hits and misses and that inconsistency hurts them a lot. Add on to the fact that there were huge member changes and the copious amounts of time they spent promoting in other countries (e.g. running to Japan for over a year after losing to KARA) and you can pretty much see why Korean natives are indifferent to U-KISS.

    All of this goes back to poor management in the long run which probably leads to the fact that NH Media is a small company with little expertise like the Big 3 or smaller companies who’ve made an impact in the industry.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/YQ53WK5K4DPXQ5DIBKDELB6WPE Camille

    I was around K-pop long enough to have witnessed the 2008 debuts, so I feel like U-Kiss’s perpetual state of nugu is all because of their debut. Their debut song and concept was just horrible, and I don’t think anyone was surprised nobody cared when they debuted. They were up against freaking SHINee, whose 2008 debut was probably one of the best executed debuts ever, not to mention 2PM and 2AM, who, although debut not as strongly as SHINee, but were popular and likable enough to be on people’s “ones-to-watch lists.”

    In an idol scene as saturated as K-pop, if one does not have a hit song by their 1st or 2nd year after debut, it’s almost a Kiss of Perpetual Nugu-ness for an idol group. 2PM hit it big a few months after debut when they came back with “Again and Again.” 2AM had many digital hits. SHINee continued to be SHINee. “Mister” saved KARA’s career. U-Kiss already had a lackluster debut, yet they strangely keep promoting when the big acts are around, thus always guaranteeing them no time in the spotlight. Other newer groups promote when there are less big acts around and get to win a few awards and command some of the attention. U-Kiss hasn’t done that ’cause their company’s timing just sucks.

    Also, U-Kiss fans keep saying they’re more popular international and that their fanbase is huge. Really? Given the boys’ mediocre popularity in Korea, it’s not saying much. Where are the fans then? Why are their album sales still disappointingly low, even with a so-called big international fanbase. Other hoobae groups from non-Big Three companies sell even more than U-Kiss.

    • http://twitter.com/danax2007 Angie

      Thats kind of a stupid reason, Ive seen other groups with similar horrible debuts, wonder why Shinee had a great debut? $$$$$$$$$$$$$ anyway they are the only reason I still tolerate kpop….

      • Linh P.

        Nah, it’s only because of money lol Their song, “Replay” was one of the songs that the “public/netizens” likes, it’s the public in general that likes this song. If you really think they had a great debut cause of money, just cause they’re from one of the Big 3 Companies, then that’s false. It’s as well the music that gets into the public’s ears.

        In U-Kiss’ case is basically the wrong timing, I would say I actually do like their debut song, “Not Young”, but somehow it can be something that has to do with the lyrics of their song. Also, it’s a big deal with the company’s management as well, so it’s U-Kiss’ bad luck with poor management. HOWEVER, if they make versatile music that can influence the netizens’ likings, then they can improve themselves to be up to another level.

  • http://www.twitter.com/hipployta Hipployta

    UKiss seem like nice boys but other groups from small companies have done more in less time so they are just missing the it factor. The line up change didn’t seem to help either.

    I saw the beginning of a UKiss show that showed their small group of fans screaming and everyone else bored at the music show…says it all

  • destined2bebossy

    I completely agree with Tara Carroway. They are too average. Alot of the”nugu” groups the writer pointed out have made it their mission to at least have a stand out person the public can refer to for the group. Even the big 3 does this with their groups. UKiss can all dance but they don’t possess this outstanding dancer (and if they do they don’t use him) they sing but they don’t showcase their singer (cause hes freakin’ awesome). To survive in the industry today you need that stand out factor and they just don’t possess it. No effence to u-kiss fans but they severely lack a drawing in factor. I tried giving them a chance and their was no pizazz to them. They lack variety skills and don’t try to make themseles stand out in any other way. They have great music but everyone has long time agreed that (unfortunately) it just isn’t solely about the music when it comes to kpop.

  • lovemesomekpop

    There is potential with UKiss and unfortunately, they keep getting really bad songs that don’t compliment their vocals. Their company just can’t seem to market them right. 

  • ukisseliz

    It did hurt me to see this, and with all the comments.

    – Ukiss didn’t lack .. (talents, personalities, skills, and others)
    – I don’t wanna blame NH Media too, but yes, NH Media is just a small company.
    – If it’s only about the agencies, exposures, endorsements, and others, then we’re not talking about REAL Talents here. It’s all about the MONEY then. This just proved it.

    Ukiss is Ukiss, and we will keep on fighting.. who cares with that freaking no.1 spot if it’s not really reliable. it’s just an object, but with the achievements and love that Ukiss is getting , that’s way more IMPORTANT than that.

    being no.1 is just a rank.. but that doesn’t mean that Ukiss is not the best.

    I hate to see articles with comparisons, Ukiss is different… WAY DIFFERENT.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/YQ53WK5K4DPXQ5DIBKDELB6WPE Camille

      How exactly are the boys different from the rest of the idols? The one reason why they’re not as successful as the others is because they don’t stand out from the crowd. They’re talented, I give them that, but so are a lot of the other idols out there.

  • http://twitter.com/denzelwynter Ashley B

    The Korean KISSME’s could share a family size bucket of KFC. 

  • palebluedot13

    I wouldn’t say it’s just because Ukiss comes from a smaller company that they are unpopular in Korea. Because there are a lot of smaller companies right now where rookie groups are being promoted well and gaining popularity at a really fast rate. Have you seen Ukiss’s digital sales in Korea for this year? They are abysmal. Even nugu rookie groups have sold better then them. Dora Dora only sold $34,400 in it’s first four weeks. Compare that to B.A.P (Warrior: $67,000), SPICA (Russian Roulette: $80,000), or even B1A4 (Baby Goodnight: $158,600) and you can see that Ukiss has a major problem. How is that someone so long in the scene can be trounced by groups that just debuted? Did their company just fail at marketing them to Korea?

    Imo Ukiss just doesn’t stand out. That is their downfall. Their company failed to market what makes Ukiss so special from the host of other groups.

    • http://twitter.com/amyjean92 Amy

      Don’t forget Block B’s Nanlina (~$188,000) and Close My Eyes (~$88,000), a song that wasn’t even promoted. U-KISS needs a serious makeover.

  • Lo7us

    I’m really confused at how this article seems to take the premise that U-Kiss’ music is better than all the other more popular groups’ as a fact. The premise is important because it lays the foundation for the whole article, which claims to be a “hypothesis.” I don’t understand why Patricia bothers to say that she has never met a person who has not liked U-Kiss’ music. It’s not going to make her opinion a fact. There isn’t even any discussion why U-Kiss makes better music than other groups, which doesn’t convince me that the premise is true, therefore invalidating the point of this whole article. 
    In fact, the article says that U-Kiss is playing the game even better than groups from the big 3 but this is completely false imo. If U-Kiss was playing the game better, then their group sales would not be depressingly lower than that of rookie groups which debuted just this year (BAP, SPICA). I think it’s because U-Kiss has very little diversity in terms of concept. None of their songs really stood out to me and whenever I think of them I think of a ’90’s boyband. Even their name gives off ’90’s boyband vibes. Most of their songs, such as 0330, Shut Up, Doradora, Man Man Ha Ni, Tick Tack, etc only use the angsty boy concept, and are about breaking up or angsting away. Even their MV’s have gotten extremely repetitive as the boys are either dancing in repetitive sets (the orange ones from Shut Up and Neverland and dark rooms for Doradora and Believe as well as just dimly-lit sets in general.)Neverland should have been a game-changer but it wasn’t simply because U-Kiss didn’t pick up enough momentum. Their unmemorable debut could have had something to do with it either. Also, I don’t think their songs make use of their vocal talent properly, especially when I constantly hear each member doing pretty much the same things they did in the last song.

    Also, why does this article cite groups like Secret and ZE:A to be one of the biggest groups? This makes no sense. These groups might as well be replaced with BAP and Infinite and that would prove the author’s point much better rather than causing confusion. 

    • http://twitter.com/WimpyWalker Linda Walker

      Well, I have to correct you on a couple of things that you can research yourself.  Three of UKISS songs have made it to #1 on the Hanteo real time sales charts (this is always temporary as that is how those charts operate..always fluctuating)..DoraDora, 0330 and Believe…so that in itself gives more credence to the fact that UKISS is actually doing quite well in the music market.  They are doing even better in the fanbase popularity internationally of course as that is their aim..to be Ubiquitious Korean International Super Stars.  I see MANY good qualities in this group and yes, I do enjoy their music, and no they are not telling the audience to Shut Up…that is directed to the virtual girlfriend in the song…The song Believe is totally different than DoraDora and the choreography is totally different….And as for overall UKISS will have their own “sound” as is the norm with most groups.  They are a very unique group and everchanging (clothes, hairstyles, songs) as is expected for any Kpop group in these everchanging trending times.  Try to see the positive in this group because that is all that I see.  We are just hoping to see them perform in America again sometime soon!

  • http://twitter.com/KristyHearts_05 Kristina

    I personally wouldn’t say U-Kiss is all that great. Sure they perform very well as expected from a group that’s been on the music scene for quite some time now but that’s not enough to say they are the best. They kinda blend in with all the nugu groups that didn’t go too far. However, I do agree that the reason why they are still surviving till now is because of their small and dedicated fanbase. It could also be because of their own determination and  willpower. After a few changes to their member line-up, they still have fans standing by their side agand they still are determined to gain more attention.
    But yet again,  is their samll fanbase or determination enough to push them further up the idol ladder? No. U-Kiss not only come from a pretty unrelevant company but they also are not given the strongest material. I thought Neverland and some of their Japanese material was their best work. Everything before and after that was pretty bland. To sum this up, U-Kiss are good performers but they lack the material to place them higher with the other sunbaes.

    • glacierkn

      I just recently became a U Kiss fan and I was surprised at their fanbase.  They always get U Kiss voted to number 1 on eatyourkimchi, and there’s a really great translation and blogging community.  But right, in Korea there may be very few fans, probably because in Korea U Kiss doesn’t seem so special; whereas their English skills and general international appeal attracts international fans.

      As far as their material, I agree with the author that I think their music is better or at least on par with the more popular groups’.  Really catchy stuff, good beats, and good vocals.

  • 111Spanky

    I give a big credit to the success of big3 groups to the fact that they have fandoms built years waaay before groups even debut. By exposing trainees in different fields, I mean BigBang had a 5 year head start on fans given that GDYB were basically promoting as a unit since 01. SM has people in Dramas CF’s ect years before debut also (yoona, sulli, victoria etc.). And JYP had his star search shows that produced Sunye, Junho, Jokwon and more. I’m not saying Ukiss members didn’t have that since if i recall some members came from previously  failed groups like Xing but as we all know going from a disbanded group to another isn’t always the easiest of things in pop culture. But even before debut they usually know their standing in the pecking order. It’s either you’re really lucky like exo and can come out lipsyncing with no worries about a fandom or it’s time to wow the crowd with talents while still gain 1 fan at a time till you blow up  n whatever in between.

    Other than that, I think Ukiss is doing fine. I mean not everybody can be #1 and as long as they aren’t too self conscious about it they should be happy. They have folks who support them while doing what they love and it’s not like how trolls put it and they have 30 fans but they do decent for themselves. I mean at least their above starving indie artist status.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/5MXDDALIPJI2JVHVFEKHNSQSXQ Van

     thats because Dora Dora physical album is more preferred by fans than
    digital sales ,as i would buy the physical album more than the digital
    when it comes to UKISS..LOL who can beat UKISS being the SOLE SURVIVOR
    of all of them..you will be surprised Ukiss will be in the industry
    longer than those big groups XD

  • Issydv

    I’ve never even heard a UKISS song until today.  I decided to go YouTube some songs to see if I was missing anything.  I listened to Believe, Neverland, 330, Shared Dream, Shut Up, Man Man Ha Ni, Bingeul Bingeul, Not Young and  a few others.  I probably won’t listen to them ever again after today.  It wasn’t bad, just rather lackluster.

    What I didn’t like about them:  there is this feeling of restraint vocally in nearly all the songs.  You keep expecting them to go for the big notes or belt it out with feeling and it never happens song after song.  Even when they make an attempt to go there it never quite makes it.  Someone can be a technically superb singer, but still be boring to listen to.  I can’t decide if the main vocalists are afraid to let loose or if production people have restrained then from letting loose.

    The thing is several songs were catchy, but there is someone sort of emotional disconnect with the singing for me, the video styling is also kind of lackluster, none of the boys really stand out either. 

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/5MXDDALIPJI2JVHVFEKHNSQSXQ Van

       are you deaf or something? try watching their live performances and you will see they are belting out with feeling already..the main vocalists even had a vocal chords surgery coz he was belting out ,reaching those high notes all his life..what do you want ,break their necks just to reach those very high notes? why don’t you listen instead to opera singers cos they can without efforts..these are pop singers dude  and I bet you cannot even reach those high notes like they can or i guess you are not even a singer :P

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=513439726 Sharon Overlord

        I understand what she means. In the studio version, I hardly notice the main vocals high notes. I dont know why. When it comes to live performances though, it’s much better. 

      • Issydv

         Wow.  Your fan club card is showing.  So which one of the UKISS boys is your bias?

        Your argument fails spectacularly.  I don’t have to be a singer to know when someone is or isn’t able or isn’t trying to hit a note.  It makes no difference whether or not I can reach any note to be able to know if someone else can or can’t hit the note.  And I’ll even wager that you aren’t a singer either.  That basis for an argument is like saying I can’t tell if a flavor of ice cream is good or not because I’ve never made ice cream.

        I do listen to opera, but again this has nothing to do with why I didn’t care for UKISS.  No one is going to bother listening to a live performance by an artist that can’t even get a response from a professional recording that is supposed to be their best effort.

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000555221459 Nurul Ashekin Zulfaka

          i wonder what artist that can reach their high notes when it comes to live show ? it’s all fake . maybe you can judge them . but , better look for other artist . they’re all same . whatever fan club artist are you , just take a deep reflection of them . do respect others . you just don’t know their effort and what they’ve been through to become the best like you said . U-KISS is a name that don’t get any chances by their popularity .  what if you are one of the members of U-KISS ? what did you feel if peoples keep judging you only because of the bad cover ? the main vocalists was the leader . you know what he has been through ? peoples or you can call stupid blind who sending him a humiliate praise . i’m not a fan of U-KISS . but , the group .. seems like they’ve been run into a hard situation , makes me think they’re tough . they’re survive until these days . for the people like you and others who have a part-time job for condemn unrated artist just make the music industry more to be left behind . NEVERMIND , u-kiss fans . for this article and some asshole dumb comment will make you and u-kiss wake up from the failure . i’m a VIP of Big Bang . i do listens to music and respects other groups although they don’t have a big name in industry..

          • Issydv

            what if you are one of the members of U-KISS ?

            So what if I was? 

            That has no bearing on my argument that I don’t care for them.  Being a VIP also has no bearing in this.  I’m sure there are some mediocre musicians in my playlist somewhere, so what?  I discussed what I didn’t like about UKISS.  That’s it.  You’re getting your panties in a twist because I said don’t like UKISS.  What I like or don’t like has no bearing on your enjoyment of it.

            what did you feel if
            peoples keep judging you only because of the bad cover ?

            People get judged all time for things, it’s a fact of life.  If you put out recordings of yourself, you’re asking to be judged by other people.  By your argument, someone who’s mediocre should get a pass because
            they try really hard or they’ve been through some personal drama (I am
            discussing your reasoning not UKISS, just to make that clear.).  By that
            argument, mediocre people should be allowed to be doctors and air
            traffic controllers too.

            the main
            vocalists was the leader . you know what he has been through ?
            No, his personal drama means nothing when we are discussing his ability to sing.  No one (other than his fangirls) cares what he’s been through when they click on a video on Youtube.  If we’re supposed to take into account irrelevant personal issues, then artists should open videos with a cataloging of their problems so we can take into account these irrelevant problems of theirs while watching the video instead of basing it on whether we actualy like what they’re doing or not, but on a completely irrelevant thing like so-and-so having a bad day or something.

        • http://twitter.com/WimpyWalker Linda Walker

          You have got to be kidding me!!  I’ve been following them for quite some time now…and this is pop (KPop) music at its finest!  Have you listened to When Love Stops?   How about Someday?  Well, go take a listen to these ballads and then tell me that they can’t all carry a decent note.  SooHyun is one of the lead vocals and sing with great finesse, power and passion.  As does Hoon and Kevin, the other lead vocals.  Want a couple songs to cheer you up?  Try Miracle or I Don’t Understand some of their earlier recordings… What I admire about UKISS is their variety of songs which span a wide spectrum of ballads, pop and rhythm & blues. As far as I’m concerned, every one of their endeavors is successful and this is quite evident by the many international fans they have, the many countries that clamor to have UKISS perform in their country and also the fact that they have 1.2 million fans on Facebook alone.  They’re an up and coming group who have just started to flourish in the last year, give them a break.  I will guarantee you that you will definitely be haring a lot more about UKISS in the near future.  Check out the songs I mentioned and give a response back….:)

  • maeilyogurt

    U-KISS is one of my favorite groups, and I wasn’t at all hurt by this article and the comments. I really do hope that someone from NH reads the article and comments because they need some tips on how to promote and sell U-KISS. I’m afraid if they don’t step up their game and work on their concepts, U-KISS won’t rise any more.

    They’ve got talent, just the songs they sing don’t show it.

    NH has to get it together before U-KISS either hits their peak which I suspect won’t be high, or they’ll just drop completely.

  • http://twitter.com/Cleopatra25_AU The Procrastinator☺

    I feel bad for U-KISS. I really do. :(

  • http://twitter.com/daniaaaye aaina

    NEVERLAND was their best album since ever…. and DORADORA was such a disappointment after the former. i’m sticking around for kevin, though. and soohyun. at least.

  • http://twitter.com/momiji1901 momiji nokimi

    UKISS is talented. no doubt about that. and i always thought that its because they dont show up much on shows, and they’re not pimping out kiseop enough (i honestly think pimping him out would pull in more fans even though it’s like an evil plan) but now i’m starting to get convinced that it’s cuz they don’t stand out enough like SHINee to get more korean fans… 

    i do think they had a concept, i think it was being able to speak english and stuff (ubiquitous~) but there’s no use if they cant even promote in England and USA… kudos to all the fans for their continuous support though!! their time to shine will come. if they could find another selling point, i think there’s a fighting chance to finally stand out and gain more korean fans. here’s to being positive. oppa hwaiting!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1426373974 Racha Hajlaoui

    we will support u till the end . 
    u are the best and their is no doubt . 
    :)  there is something special in their music that i can’t find in other songs .
    I’ll be by their side forever .
    just keep working and never give up .  “fighting”
    i will be waiting for new songs and new amazing choreography .

  • http://twitter.com/LocKeyiiBling ♥ LocKeyii ♥

    I don’t feel like reading everything, but.. I just wanna say, that I love U-KISS, the members and their music, and they diffiently deserve to win some adwards, and be recognized. And I’m not even a KissMe. (But a Shawol)
    U-KISS fighting. ~ ♥

  • VividlyLivid

    As a big U-Kiss fan, it hurt to read this, but I have to kind of agree. Another factor that I believe is really preventing them from hitting it big is that they always pick crappy comeback times. Neverland was roughly during the same time between 2NE1, Wonder Girls, and SNSD, while they were competing with B.A.P (which it still boggles my mind how ‘Power’ has loads more views than Doradora, considering B.A.P is a new, but highly talented group) and SNSD-TTS. 

  • http://twitter.com/Genesis_EXOtic ☆Gℯnℯsis☆

    The best way for UKiss to hit it big is to make an awesome song and make a comeback when none of these super idols are promoting.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=729154428 Chastina Li

    Don’t know which brand label they are under but I feel that a lack of resources in the Korean kpop market is a main cause. No matter how much as a success you gain in Japan or how many promotions you do in China, making a hit comeback in Korea is what’s most important. It is hard to compete with younger and better groups in Korea now and ukiss turned to the less competitive Japan-kpop market. You can get considerably successful in Japan with mediocre songs as a Korean group, but when you are back in your home country, nothing is that easy any more. 

  • memmers

    very well-written and interesting article. while nugu groups do have a harder time making a name in the business than those reigning from the Big Three, i feel like their success leaves a much more impressive and genuine impression on the audience, as they’ve had to rely on raw talent and hard work rather than a company name. this is especially true for Sistar.

  • memmers

    i also feel like another reason why U-Kiss hasn’t grown as much as other groups that debuted in the same year is because they debuted during a time where the international fanbase was very primitive, and nothing compared to the size of it today. if you don’t have the support of a large entertainment company, then you at least need the support of international fans – in addition to native ones – neither of which U-Kiss had. international fans are more eager to latch on to new nugu groups since we like to grow with our idols, and belong to an exclusive collective from the very beginning. u-kiss however, had already established their fanbase by the time K-Pop blew up – be it meager as it is. it’s difficult to go back in time and watch a group from the time of their debut to now, and the fact that they came from an unknown company gives even less incentive for international fans to check them out.

  • http://twitter.com/specialkpop SpecialKpop

    They kicked out members, there is nothing confusing about their stagnation. Nobody will be devoted to a group where their fave member can suddenly be kicked out. That’s just common sense. I wouldn’t spend my money on merchandise from a group like that. The company doesn’t respect the fans…

    • http://twitter.com/danax2007 Angie

      yeah right cause theyre the first and only group to ever had a line up change…. please….

  • Candykiss

    I hope the author realizes Boyfriend’s success in Japan~~

  • Meleii Moo

    They lack prescence in popular variety shows which indicate that they aren’t highly regarded and most importantly they lack a manly image. Personally, I’m only interested in Ukiss because of their English speaking members, otherwise I don’t think I would look twice. Fans need to know more about them through variety shows, which in turn would get subbed for international fans as well, if it’s popular enough. They need more promotion within Korea instead of going to other places like Japan. I also think they need to portray a “manly”, charismatic and mature image.They come off as cute, down-to-earth and dandy, sometimes quiet and easy-going I suppose, which can be boring to a naive audience who want to root and support Oppas who are entertaining, charismatic, striking, handsome, cheeky, masculine and even a little sexy. They need a makeover as their music videos aren’t fresh or new. I’m hoping through Ubeat they can reinvent their image. It’s all about image, concepts and personality. If I see another mv where they just dance in random places, lip-sync with the camera one-on-one while rubbing their lips and doing weird hand movements instead of communicating with their eyes, I will be crushed. Sure their concepts in their music videos (like Shut Up and Standing Still) may be “sexy” but they need to keep up that image OUTSIDE of their music videos.
    However, this is my opinion on what they lack on making it in Korea. I find them gorgeous and I appreciate how they are NOT one of those groups who act fake and scripted on camera like SHINee and those other overrated groups who RELY on scripts. That’s what makes them apart from more popular groups; how they portray themselves on camera.

    This is how I see it:

    Being true to yourself on camera= unpopular

    Being fake on camera to suit the ideals of the audience i.e. taking on a persona= popular