• http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5JWLOENJVT24KU7ZTJZH3XOOXM Alexandra

    BIG + Goong Yoo and his constant toplessness :)

  • crv2

    I love listening 2NE1 Be Mine, then next track I’ll play WG’s DJ is mine, finally
    SNSD’s Time Machine. It looks like a love story. LOL, it’s my new united
    Kpop royalty.

  • Kelinci Biru

    oh. i love In Hyun ending. i was questioning the phone usage but i really happy for the ending. i practically dont care the tool they use. 

  • noiha

    running man ep 98 is really awesome!! it started off slow (but i still love the drama! gwangsoo is epic!) but the game is really intense. not to mention the return of monday couple (and the ‘monday couple’ caption is there too~) <3

  • http://twitter.com/JM7228JW J-May 제메이©

    LOL always love my Eunhykie~~~

  • PrincelyLuna

    Yoon In Na is so naturally adorable.

  • FallingSnow

    *Sigh* Oh, QIHM. You are perfection to me, no matter what detractors and haters say ~

    [Some finale SPOILER ALERT in my subsequent commentary on QIHM]

    Johnelle, I’d have to agree. I don’t think the “cellphone talisman” was too cheap of a writing ploy. Though it wasn’t as obvious to the viewers as some of the other plot devices in the drama, I do think the writer has been hinting at this direction from the past few episodes. Hejin did lovingly prepare the items for his “modern” backpack afterall, and the cellphone had been used previously to call Hejin to his side in his moment of need. The telephone has always been their method of communication and I think it’s significant that after his decision to stay in the modern world, he decides to get a cellphone rather than to keep on using the payphones. In a way, I do think cellphones is a symbol of our modern, technologically advanced world. And if Hejin’s love has managed to inexplicably connect with Boongdo’s phone 300 years in the past, I think his cellphone can manage a little extra battery juice to oblige a connection, don’t you? 

    What I love particularly about ep 16 was the way Writer Song managed to twist the Queen In-Hyun “scandal” a third time (from something comical to something dramatic and finally to something poignant and ironic).The letter will now forever be linked in history to Queen In-Hyun and truly, it has come full circle and BD really has become “Queen In-Hyun’s Man”. It tickles me to know that BD will probably forever view history’s interpretation of his letter and his relationship with his Queen as something unbearably embarrassing (despite how hard he tried the last time to clear his name in the matter). I wonder if Writer Song is making a social commentary here that our own written history never reveals the complete truth of what really occurred? In any case, the re-casting of scenes in different tones really is the highlight of Writer Song’s brilliant script here. The BD “boyfriend” interrogation a THIRD time completely cracked me up XD That scene just gets better and better each time. 

    Now I’m waiting eagerly now for tomorrow’s BTS special episode.

  • http://www.twitter.com/hipployta Hipployta

    i liked the ending of QIHM and I was on the live stream chat when the confession came out…just wow

    Yoon fanboying was HILARIOUS…aside from that lame shout out the writer gave themselves about SeGa I enjoy A Gentleman’s Dignity

  • hapacalgirl

    [spoiler alert]

    In Hyun is definitely up there in my echelon of all time favorite dramas (its up there with Goong and Coffee Prince) but will admit that the phone was my least favorite part (felt it was a cheap way to get the boy back to modern times) but its really a moot point since I took that whole scene to be more Hee Jin’s love was what really brought him back. 

    • palebluedot13

      Yep this is one of my all time favorite dramas with Coffee Prince too!

  • piggy68gal

    Queen In Hyun’s Man is hands down my favourite drama to date(and it will be for a long time to come). I love each and everyone of the characters–the charming and intelligent Boong Do, the bubbly and cute Hee Jin who wasn’t afraid to show her true feelings, the arrogant and childish but at the same time adorable Dong Min, the best friend and resident nagger Sookyung who always has Hee Jin’s interests at heart, the evil minister Min and his sidekick Ja Soo, the devoted Yoon Wol, the loyal Han Dong and even the cocky and proud Na Jung.
    I love the fact that the Boong Do and Hee Jin were not separated by scheming parents, manipulative second leads, the noble idiot syndrome, or some terminal illness, etc. They were both brought together and separated by time. When the talisman was gone, what brought them back together was their strong memories of each other and ultimately, the love that they shared. I love that. This is the purest love story that I’ve ever seen.
    I know some think that the ending wasn’t that good but I personally loved it. He said “I came because you called.” which is like a response to how Hee Jin had been calling him many times previously to no answer. Previously the talisman worked perhaps due to Yoon Wol’s love for Boong Do, but now the cell phone is Hee Jin’s talisman to Boong Do–it is like a representative of her love to him. :)