• Renie_one

    This collaboration kinda came out of nowhere for me, but I like it. It’s safe though. I hope Junho continues to get more exposure. I think he deserves it more than any other 2pm member.

    • The Truth

      Totally agree about exposure… he deserve it!

  • http://twitter.com/jwangfb49 JoyceW.

    it is always entertaining to see junho’s (or just any kpop artists in general) interaction with the hosts/artists in taiwan. Honestly, the mv is okay-ish, they definitely just played it safe on this one.

  • Queen_Of_Shade

    I just love Vanness. I think he gets hotter overtime. Was it like 10 years back when he debuted? My only bone of contention is he could have did the duet with someone more senior in the Kpop world, maybe like Se7en? That would be hotness overload!

    • The Truth

      Seniority doesn’t count… chemistry is more important… n Van Ness suit Junho voice perfectly… it Prove when this MV top the music chart in Taiwan… so it means they r doing so well…. it already HOTNESS overload!!!! Junho Jjannnggggggg!!!