There is very little relief in reality at the moment, dear readers. We’re all undergoing collective distress. If I had an easy ear, I could complain for hours. I work in the news so my days are usually quite grim but it’s really been a grind lately. I’m working nights and travelling at night has become an anxious, difficult process: closely monitored by authorities. All over the world, lockdowns are easing and people are facing the consequences (monetary and otherwise) of a sudden, devastating global pandemic. 

And it’s still ongoing. When we thought we had seen the light at the end of the tunnel, we were informed about the dreaded second waves of infection traveling through countries that seemed safe only days ago. There is so much anxiety, confusion, and grief with which we still need to reckon. It seems as though life has indelibly changed in the space of an instant and for me, all I wanted this week was to be transported.

My week has been horrendous but music is a balm. The songs I chose are sometimes sunny and light-hearted with sparkling electronic production touches that remind me of spending afternoons with my friends by the pool. In the middle, it gets a little more explosive. I added the songs that I dance erratically to, on my private Instagram stories. We’ve got to make it through the quar- somehow, folks. I choose to get through it with escapism.

What are you listening to? Let us know in the comments.