In their many commerical endeavors, K-pop groups will sometimes record a song or two or five for a CF, or commercial film. Typically, these songs are extremely, extremely catchy, sometimes annoyingly so. The reason why is simple: earwormly songs are more likely to get stuck in your head, causing you to think about the commercial, and maybe even pursuading you to buy the product.

CF songs aren’t known for their greatness, most often sounding like a filler song than anything. But there are some songs that truly do stand out and even make their way onto a person’s iPod, and for that reason this list has been made. Here are some of my picks for four of the best CF songs.

SNSD’s song “Chocolate Love,” made to sell LG cellphones, is a smooth, sexy song that perfectly fits its name. We’re all so used to hearing SNSD sing cutesy, peppy songs like “Oh!” and “Gee” that it’s refreshing to hear the girls sing something different for a change. The song is still catchy without being too earworm-y and both Tiffany and Seohyun sound especially good in this song, their huskier voices fitting the song wonderfully. The music video for the song is pretty generic and cheap-looking, comprising of typical close-ups and dance scenes.

The dance will forever be known as the Chicken Dance but the fans were a cool touch and the kitten-paws move was cute. f(x) also has a version of this song, which is, without a doubt, sexier — creepily so, when you think about how young Sulli and Krystal were when this video was filmed.

Another great song is “Don’t Stop the Music” by 2NE1 for Yamaha Fiore scooters. Yes, this song sells scooters, which you can see here and there throughout the video. They’re pretty hard to miss. The song is extremely catchy and upbeat, the sort that makes you smile and dance whenever you hear it. The girl’s voices are noticeably altered but it fits the song. The video is cute, too, with stop-motion at the beginning and then the girls dancing in a room made from what looks like LEGO. The bouncy, fist-pumping dance is exactly what you’ll want to do after hearing this song.

Big Bang also released a fun, bouncy song for a CF, titled “Lollipop,” fitting because they’re setting LG Lollipop phones. “Lollipop” isn’t too different from “Don’t Stop the Music,” having an autotuned chorus and bright, colorful video. This is one of the cutest things Big Bang has ever done, in perfect Big Bang style of course. Their clothing needs to be burned but it’s forgiveable. A better girl could’ve been chosen for the MV, one that actually dances. Still, this song is catchy and effective, making this list.

The last one on this list is 2NE1’a Dara and her endorsement for Cass Beer. The song for this ad is called “KISS” and is pretty dang catchy and the ad has Lee Min-ho and an actual storyline, making this advertisement even better. Lee Min-ho makes a bet with his friends that he can get Dara, who in turn makes a bet with his friends that she could get him. Min-ho becomes interested in her after she slaps him–guys like that–and gives her a pop tab, which is so gosh darn romantic.

He takes her shopping, buys her some nice things that she throws away immediately. Why not keep it? OK, fine. But then she turns up looking hot and badass at a party he invited her to. They share a passionless kiss, she rejects him, and walks off showing obvious regret. Unrealistic and overly dramatic, yes, but a cute advertisement all the same. Dara, for all her faults when it comes to singing and dancing, did good on this song. It’s fun and it’s catchy, allowing it to make this list.

These are some of my favorite K-pop CF songs. Do you have anything to add to this list?