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    Notable kissers – Kim Sun Ah, Hyun Bin, Lee Dong Wook, Cha Seung-won

    Notable scene – “Personal Preference” Lee Min Ho and Son Ye Jin’s “game over”

  • Literati Tempo

    I feel like kiss scenes also have a lot to do with the comfort level of the actor/actress. Some people are married Han GaIn (TMTETS) for example, and even though it’s a job she’s not comfortable getting it in with her co-star, Some people have age differences, some people are idols and have to worry about crazy fans. KHJ just got kissed by HwangBo on the cheek and people were losing it, think about a good honeymoon scene SSS would lose their minds. I think some of it is the tv ratings too. I’ve seen plenty of K-movies where things were anything but tame, but more dramas come on primetime TV and have a 15+ rating so not very heavy.

    I’d love to see Song JoongKi and YEH do a kiss scene I’ve seen both of them do a good job.

    • vondylover

       you’re right, like yoo seung ho and park eun bin who had worked together since the age of  6 years old, they feel comfortable with each other, that is why their kiss was so…hot….and yes I’d love to see Song Joong Ki and YEH do a kiss scene too, both of them are really good kisser

  • Anonymous

    list is good…
    still think ,instead of goong i would have “game over kiss”  from personal preference , “coke kiss”  from lie to me.
    BEST kiss- FBRS, lie to me, personal preference,queen of reversals, what happened in bali,
                   coffee prince, greatest love,que que sera, what’s up fox,me too flower,secret garden.
    OK kiss- YB,BBF, my girl,stars falling from sky..(lol…these are my fave dramas but kiss          sucks a lil)
    FLOP kiss(or is it kiss??) – playful kiss, heartstrings, cinderlla sister,

  • http://twitter.com/jbc90 ★jemymah★

    yah i agree.. every kissing scene of park shinhye in hearstrings and youre beautiful was so awkward and looks like she was harrass or threated or something to kiss the guy hahaha XD

    • yeochin


  • Anonymous

    I totally agree with Bethany’s article.  I just loved the drama, Goong or Princess Hours.  That kiss is my #1 fave kiss scene.  Man, when JJH kissed YEH in episode 23, I couldn’t believe my eyes!  They actually french kissed?  I had never seen that before in a Kdrama.  The chemistry between those 2 were sooooo good!  I cried when they cried about not being together, I laughed during their silly, awkward moments,( marriage bed,bathroom scene, just to name a few) and I grinned like a fool, when they kissed as a confession of their feelings for each other.  But that kiss…it was so anticipated.  It was like…jeezus…finally!  And it was worth the wait.  YEH is probably the one who tells the actor to just go for it!  The kiss has to be felt as true passion, honesty and love.

  • 91faux

    you all forgot the best kiss scene. kim tae hee and lee byung hun in IRIS

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ZTHX7AKICELFSCEX2X7NHC3DMI allynb

    How about the Lie to Me kissing scene?

    • yvette Tee

      Those were great! No one has mentioned secret garden!!!!! That kiss at the event… Was glorious!

  • 씨엔블루 용화-종현

    I didn’t like the kiss scene in Heartstrings it was BAAAAAAAD both of them but everyone looked pretty so …

    • yeochin

      *kiss scenes especially the last one. that was just awkward. i suddenly remembered Cinderella’s sister. Cs also had a kissing scene where the camera rolls around but it was good. Heartstrings’ kisses are terrible. 

  • myamya

    Yoon Eun Hye has always been a personal favorite actress of mine, and now I know why :-)) 

  • Kristína Olhová

    I have watched every drama you’re writing about and i totally agree with you. But i can’t share your opinion about playful kiss. You were like “WTF??” and i was like “OMG!? *lying on the floor and laughed like crazy*” xDDDDDD 
    Really great article, i was smiling while i read it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1686279851 Kristína Olhová

    I have watched every drama you’re writing about and i totally agree with you. But i can’t share your opinion about playful kiss. You were like “WTF??” and i was like “OMG!? *lying on the floor and laughing like crazy*” xDDDDDD 
    Really great article, i was smiling while i read it.

    • yeochin

      Playful Kiss.. Do they really have to do that? they look silly. XD

  • styleinfluence

    I love how Gong Yoo kisses. It may just be me but I can feel him pouring everything into that moment.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1804787122 Kalavathy Rajan

    Honorable mentions: Kim Sun Ah and Lee Dong Wook in Scent of a Woman…. their chemistry was good. Secret Garden- party kiss. The final endearing kiss in “My name is Kim Sam Soon” and of course the Cola kiss in “Lie to me”.
    No one can beat YEH… she brings that element of effortless chemistry. Love Gong Yoo… even without good story line in “Big” he did a good job kissing Shin Won Ho.

    • Rylee_Ann

       Kissing Shin Won Ho? Um……. like, the male member of CROSSGENE who plays Kyung Joon?

  • deg928

    BEST KISSES AND CHEMISTRY: Ji Hyun Woo and Yoo In Na in Queen In Hyun’s Man
    and now they are officially dating!!! best couple of the year :D hehe i just love them!!

  • yuki kokoro

    After I’ve watch more than 7 k-drama, I have to say I don’t look too much at the quality of the kisses as I look into the actors chemistry. Honestly, sometime I would rather they don’t kiss at all instead of being forced to watch a bad kiss but it’s not something that will ruin a drama for me if their chemistry is good. And by good chemistry, I mean that when they look like at each other, you can see the love in their eyes. Not sure if it’s the right definition though…

    That being said, I was pleasantly surprised when I saw them kiss in Coffee Prince. I seriously didn’t think a kiss like that was possible in a k-drama. They looked like they both enjoyed it and, most of all, they look like they both wanted it. And the girl kissed the guy! How many times that happened in a k-drama??

    So basically, until I watch more k-drama, that one kiss will be the one I will remember as the “best kiss” and, sadly, I fear I will now feel let down with many other kisses in the future…

    • kiyota

      That actress who kissed the guy is none other than Yoon Eun Hye.  And she is know for giving the best emotional, heartfelt kisses in Kdrama.  She is the best when it comes to chemistry between her male lead.  I still think that YEH and JJH gave the best kiss in kdrama hands down!  Her cola kiss with Kang Ji Hwan was daebak too!

  • Alejandra Castro

    the best kiss scene, so far (30 k-dramas) cap 9 “Love Rain”

  • Kate YouKNOW

    I was going to mention City Hall, but someone beat me to it.  Seriously, 
     Cha Seung Won is like the BEST drama kisser.  He was great in Best Love, too.
    Another one you didn’t mention that has two fantastic kisses in a row is the final episode of 9 End 2 Outs.  Takes forever to get there, but holy cow!  I also thought the kissing by the fridge scene in The King 2 Hearts was really great, too.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ariel-Ries/642256507 Ariel Ries

    You know what I’ve learned… a bad kiss is sometimes better than no kiss at all.
    This comes from watching older dramas that built up a lot of tension and then never released it, leaving the viewer feeling unfulfilled, (aka “She Is 19″).

    Of course, good kisses are the best, but I’ll take a light one over none any day.

  • http://www.facebook.com/OksanaStyle Oksanochka Gavrilova

    This makes me want to watch coffee prince all over agaiN!! Such a great drama! ;))

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/IKHCVVAZMMO22PPYG4KEAYOF4I sayanqku Sayanqku

    I love  the kiss between Lee Sang Woo and Sung Yuri at Feast of The Gods…very romantic and both of the actor had great chemistry. Since teen I watched so many kdrama but most of them just not as memorable as fotgs especially “the kiss”. I watched it more then 20 times maybe:). Anyway i really recommend people to watch this k drama. And sorry if my English is not very good, I am from Indonesia by the way….good day all:)

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YPRV53ZJN7OYFKVU3QY6VNVHUU Crystal

    My favorite kiss scene was Joo Won and Eugene’s kiss on the floor of Eugene’s character’s apartment in Baker King. Their kissing scene in the bar was hot even though it was also disturbing since his character Ma Joon was forcing a kiss on Shin Yoo Kyung and restrained her hands as she tried to push him away.

    The worst was Yoon Sang-hyun’s and Yoon Eun-hye kiss (if it can be considered a kiss, they didn’t move their lips at all) in My Fair Lady. It was so lame, Yoon Sang-hyun looked like he wasn’t aware that her character kisses his in that scene, he just stood there with his eyes opened and a frozen expession on his face.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/3ZJECI6DGDCNJQXXRCOEPEHZ2E Kimg

    I have only seen sageuks and from those the Princess’s Man kissing scene and the Moon that Embraces the Sun where teh King pulls her seated toward him are outstanding. The difference with historical dramas is that the “appropriate” way to express raging passion seems to be for the guy (Jumong) to wrap his arm around the girl’s NECK and hold her in place on his shoulder (so she doesn’t squirm around i guess). Anyway, that and a two arm embrace, staring off into the distance seem to produce many baby princes and princesses, so I guess it must work for them.  

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/NMU7OR5C7XSUHVRP5W2HSHOWIE SarabiPwns

    All of the kiss scenes in the original I Need Romance were amazing. I had never looked forward to the next episode in a drama so much. They were so damn intense and just perfect, for fucking real.

  • leslie7622

    Park shin hye isn’t a bad kisser though. I I think it’s just her character. She has a cf with jang geun suk that absolutely sizzles: http://m.youtube.com/#/watch?v=PCHFHeVed6g&desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DPCHFHeVed6g

  • yeochin

    Add Queen In Hyun Man to the best kisses :>

  • yeochin

    great post! heading to read the comments :)

  • http://twitter.com/MiMa_Situmorang Yemima Situmorang

    Really great article. Tho I’m one of PSH fan. Sadly should admit she is one of the worst kisser. She need to fix it. I think she got trauma from her first kiss. She actually a really timid girl and her first kiss just like a night mare for her. After that, she forever frozen at kiss scene. Sobbing X”(

  • emiko rikua

    In regards to the Playful Kiss part.. I guess it was because of the awkwardness on their first night as married couple and.. Baek Sung Ju’s character wasn’t really the romantic type. He maybe a genius but when it comes to emotion he’s a no brainer for it/ So for me, KHJ’s portray his character well.. So for me it wasn’t really not bad. A natural thing for an unromantic person.. (hahaha, i’m so sorry I’m a KHJ fan just defending my idol)

  • jenny

    I thought the first (only?) kiss in city hunter was pretty good.I’m surprised no one has mentioned it. ive only watched a few kdramas, among them BOF and heartstrings…the kisses were so wooden that I thought for sure there was some cultural difference in Korea that maybe open mouthed kissing was inappropriate lol

  • Hira Mushtaq

    Oh my God I so totally agree with the Playful Kiss scene! During the whole scene I was like “Ummm… is he ok? What the hell’s going on?” But it also made me laugh. It didn’t send butterflies in my stomach like a good kissing scene is suppose to but the show made up for that so I didn’t mind this awkward ‘WTF’ kissing scene :P

  • disqus_Ihupc66RXW

    I see the coffee foam kiss from Secret Garden, but the kiss at the party and after they were married were also pretty realistic and hot. Also I agree that kissing from Heartstrings was terrible.. with the eyes open very creepy. So far all the dramas I have seen Park Shin- hye in her kisses are wide eyed and arms by her side. She is in this new drama and I have yet to see the kiss scene hopefully her kissing has evolved.

  • binkbaf

    The “game over” kiss in Personal Taste was a real surprise. I had a healthy respect for Lee Min Ho after watching that toe curler. To borrow an expression from someone, it drives me batty to see the unresponsive kisses. I’m giving it excuses all the time about the culture but i’m so disappointed. I love k-dramas because it’s different from US television in the sense that it’s not seasonal and it’s not all about sex. The kisses though need work. Looking at Jan Di in BOF move like a cadaver (impossible right?) was painful.

    I have no problem with one hot kiss and then chaste kisses but show some life at least. Also i’m not sure if it’s just me but after they’ve decided they are going to be a couple why are they still so stiff with each other? They are openly dating and even after the first kiss it’s like the male has to ask for permission with the creeping in bit by bit move. Finally when he touches lips (that’s all they do) the heroine’s eyes are like saucers. Really? k-dramas i love you but the rigormortis like quality to some of the acting is disheartening. Eun Hye rocks though.That girl has sass bless her heart. Would love to see her in another romantic comedy.

  • Knel dakis

    You should watch Cha Seung Won kiss – in City Hall and The Greatest Love! His is a passionate but sweet and filled with love — kiss. :)

  • seru

    all i can say is that i don’t really think that the fact that all of the kissing scenes where park shin hye took part were “bad” isn’t a coincidence, i think she’s just a bad kisser! i wonder how it will be in her newest drama with lee min ho, i really don’t want to be disappointed, i mean it’s LMH!!! ;)

    • Maiya

      I guess we now know how the kissing in Heirs turned out. I am never again hoping for good kisses in any PSH dramas.

  • fruitroll ups

    like did u guys see the kiss in “BIG”?(with the guy gong yoo from coffee prince,YES it is,he does a fine job tooxD) or the kiss in “I MISS YOU”??? (again yoon eun hye and YES she gets the BEST kisses ever and is in fact THE QUEEN of kissing scenes!!! they always put her with a fine very fine guy who kisses well too xD like in this one,shes with micky yoochun :P)

  • jingelbells

    Goong will always be the best kiss of all time for me! Ep 23 & the street kiss! It was YeH & JJH first drama & yet they kissed like there’s no tomorrow! Loved all YEH’s kisses in CP& LTM!

    Next is Queen Inhyun’s Man kisses. YIN & JHW looked so natural together. And their kisses r so steamy!

    Last would be Operation Proposal bet YSH and PEB.. those teenagers, tsk tsk. I wonder if they would end up together in real life?

  • Maiya

    Spoilers below about Boys over flowers ending:

    I will never forget or forgive BoF for the ending where he kisses her and she just stands there like a piece of wood with her arms dangling limply at her sides, not moving or reacting at all, even though they were married and expecting a baby for god’s sake!

  • Alnnmay3

    It’s kinda sad because I can’t help but wonder if some of the bad kissing rap that these actors and actresses are getting should be pushed more toward the directors. Its rare but I have seen a couple good kiss scenes from Park Shin Hye even though she gets labeled as the deer in the headlights kisser… I think it is all in how it is directed. I think the bad kissers are the ones that you can see being all over the place. I love him to death but Lee Min Ho is not someone I would want to kiss based on what I have seen in his kissing scenes. He always looks like he is trying to eat the girls face. Yoon Si Yoon and Cha Seung Won on the other hand… two very apt kissers who can bring the feeling and the technique!

  • Meimay

    I’ve watched most of the ones you mentioned except for Flower boy…. and Goong(def gonna watch this). I haven’t seen playful kiss and after seeing this kiss which made me cringe I don’t think I will be watching. I’ve got to say the taiwanese version is the best of all, the chemistry, actors, plot and kisses; perfecto, everything on point. I think Me, too flower and Queen Inhyun’s man should be on the list of best kisses too. Going to continue watching coffee prince now :)

  • Nadia Poupkova

    I love that Yoon Eun Hye is always rank as the best kisser which is obviously the true ! But the kiss in “you’re beautiful” wasn’t that bad, the first one yes because it was a surprise, but the second was good, sure the kiss itself wasn’t very good but still better than in boys over flowers, and I loved the situation, like ‘i’m gonna punch and no i’ll kiss you’… I don’t like Park shin-hye’s constant shock eyes but in ‘you’re beautiful’ I liked it…Anyway it’s almost impossible to have a good passionate kiss in k-dramas, it’s just how they work there’s nothing we can do, it’s just a different culture…

  • Aldracious Cosmodal

    Somehow, I doubt we’ll see many kisses in the rain on Korean shows, like these in American movies. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IOlI9T-ltAs

  • Maz

    I remember when the main characters in KPOP Extreme Survival kissed. I couldn’t help myself but laugh for 10 good minutes. Each time they kissed it’d be a good laugh. It was my second K-Drama so that was the moment I realised I would probably face this problem many times. Playful Kiss’ 3rd kiss (the one in the rain) was one that caught me by surprise because I thought all K-dramas would never going to go past that “peck”. Nice surprise.