• http://twitter.com/PhanTheHotness Jenny

    i like BLUE that they had just released
    and i feel that this time their comeback will really hit the mark
    and i agree that their last comeback was missing something, a special big bang feel

    however, just by listening to BLUE, i feel this album will be great and live up to expectations

  • Anonymous

    i didn’t know that top and gd were childhood friends… i always thought it was only taeyang and gd that are childhood friends.

    As for their comeback, I love it so far! I cant wait for the next song.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ORSXPERTNAEPCKZBGEZMP7A3NU Bianca

    I think that the last album was some sort of bridge… from all their solos to their coming together as a group.  I think that the album that they were supposed to release after it was the going to be the one with the actual bang. Which is why I wonder how many of the songs in ALIVE were supposed to be in last year’s release. 

  • Anonymous

    “‘Hallyu’ Concerts: I think he means those concerts like Music Bank Paris, or Sydney K-pop Festival.
    Where several idols come together to perform for an international
    audience. I think CEO Yang feels that the purpose of these concerts is
    to gain new fans — which he doesn’t believe will work. His theory is
    that going out performing songs in front of a large crowds won’t help
    them gain new fans, and the way to get people into Big Bang is to
    produce good quality material and have a good promotional cycle. Which
    isn’t necessarily an elitist attitude, just one of ‘good music = fans’,
    which makes sense and is fair enough. ”

    I don’t think  it’s that YG doesn’t believe performing in front of huge crowds will bring new fans. I mean that’s basically what any tour is for (usually majority of fans + a minority of dates/people who become interested). It’s more about what you were talking about before with YG wanting to be in control. Hallyu Concerts are usually thrown together events where you’re part of a group of acts where that concert isn’t really your main focus other than the 1 generic song you’re promoting + maybe a special stage if you opt for it. With a tour for yourself you’re obviously going to put more focus into it and also have more time for sound checks and planning that it’s more centered around what you want without having to compromise with 10-15 other groups. You also aren’t competing to appeal to the crowd with those other groups so if you open the show you aren’t forgotten by the 4th act who puts on an amazing performance and your existence isn’t completely wiped away by closed curtain.

  • Anonymous

    I felt like their last comeback left something to be desired. They were all on point and the music was good, but I felt like something was missing. Like they were just sort of going through the motions?

    This comeback feels spot on though. They went through so much last year and I feel like their new music will have a whole new depth to it. Tonight was a little disappointing, only by Big Bang standards, and only because there seemed to be nothing of significance behind the song or video. But Blue is heartbreaking in its visual undertones and in the undercurrent of emotion that’s evident in the song. You know the boys went through a lot and you KNOW this new album was used as a sort of healing process for them. So it makes this comeback/album mean so much more to the fans.

    Sorry if this entire comment is a tangent. I haven’t fully read this SB Exchange yet, but I will. I just wanted to put in my two cents about the comeback. :)

  • http://twitter.com/doualee91 Doua

    Does Seungri still choreograph some of their dances?? 

  • Anonymous

    Love them

  • http://twitter.com/doramachan Mara

    BIGBANG is the only kpop act that I still listen to, as the disbandment of DBSK inevitably changed the characteristics of their music that I found appealing. I agree that BIGBANG’s last album lacked the cohesion of group, but was still amazing as the sum of each of the members. Tonight was fun, Daesung’s solo song was beautiful, and Cafe had me floored with an approach that seemed so unlike BIGBANG but one that worked.

    After hearing Blue (at least 20xs today) it is apparent that the trials of 2011 brought the group together. The song has a depth to it that Love Song (while beautiful and moving) lacked. I thought that they would comeback with an upbeat track, but Blue seems appropriate given the circumstances under which the members are releasing this music. You can feel the heaviness, the burden of the last year in the song. It’s an amazing song and I can’t get enough of it. Even if the next 5 tracks aren;t as good I will be happy because Blue is awesome.

    • Anonymous

      Totally agree. I’m in love with Blue. They all sound amazing in it, especially Seungri and Daesung. I’ve listened to it a good 10 or more times.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe I’m the only one, but I never felt that they lost their group dynamic, because theirs was never a traditional group. And no, being in sync as a group does not have to mean singing in unison all the time. If anything, they had been building that structure bit by bit for a long time but the first full out attempt with it through Tonight wasn’t as smooth as they had hoped. One thing we have to remember is that yes, Big Bang is a group, but at their core, they’re mostly soloists who were brought together. G Dragon rapped solo when he joined YG and he even had 2 singles under his belt before joining forces with Taeyang as GDYB. They were supposed to debut as a JinuSean 2.0 until Papa YG pulled the plug to make a group (and GD was none too happy). GD called up TOP to join and TOP was a solo rapper who was more or less underground (like Miryo pre-BEG). Daesung and Seungri are more or less the wild cards who are keeping Big Bang operating in a group sense. Daesung’s said himself that he’s still not ready to debut solo. Seungri had always been in a group setting and while he’s good, he’s not as strong a soloist as the others. His command of the stage isn’t there yet. Do they go together like pieces of a puzzle? Yes, but they’re strong as soloists. They know it and YG knows it which is why he lets the boys go off and do their own thing and doesn’t force them to do everything as a group.

  • Anonymous

    when i first got started in the group, seungri was my least favorite. to be honest, i even sort of disliked him. but over the past couple of years, he has really grown on me. i first took him to be the annoying, arrogant kid brother that didn’t know when to keep his trap shut. it also appeared that within his members, he was sort of left out of the love loop. but then i saw that his over confidence was just a mask for his insecurities and every time he tried too hard to be funny, i would cringe but adore him more for it. he knows what he’s lacking compared to his member and he works darn hard not to be a drag on the group. his efforts to try and be closer to daesung makes me smile and knowing how he got drunk and cried after gdragon’s scandal really breaks my heart. what i originally took for indifference, was just the way the hyungs love to tease him. i find it surprising that i could love and respect each member in bigbang to this extent. 

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, at first I thought there was a sense of resentment among the older BB members for the maknae, especially since they seem to be annoyed with Seungri a lot during variety shows (especially since he loves to spill secrets). I’ve always wondered how he must have felt, knowing that in the back of his mind, he could have never been in BB if YG hadn’t felt like giving a second chance. But I listened to a radio recording of TOP crying about how much he loved his members and that “even the maknae teaches me things.”

      I don’t think it’s only Seungri, but even Daesung was thought by the other members (TOP/GD, I don’t know about the rest) that he was simple-minded (aka stupid haha) because when they first met, Daesung smiled a lot and didn’t talk much. So Daesung wasn’t taken well to in the beginning either. And Seungri mentioned on Come to Play that Taeyang and TOP annoy each other and get in minor squabbles sometimes. But I just think that they are acting like regular brothers – fighting like usual and picking on each other but still having an immense respect and love at the end of the day.

  • http://twitter.com/_789274500435 SNSD FAN

    looks and sounds good im really happy now!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ORSXPERTNAEPCKZBGEZMP7A3NU Bianca

    “Big Bang are the top dogs, but I am afraid that this whole exercise in exclusivity could turn into complacency that could end up leaving them irrelevant”

    You were right that they were getting a little complacent. Very distracted. Which is why they said that their renewed vigour is all due to the problems they encountered last year.

    But Big Bang and “irrelevant” in a sentence. Omona. Even their subpar album last year earned them an EMA nomination (which was more significant than the win, really). There’s no fear of that. 

    • Anonymous

      I do agree about them becoming complacent. Considering the outcome of the scandals, it would be horribly wrong and cruel to say that I think that it was good for them that it happened… but somehow, I feel that without that push, they might have not realized that they needed to get it back together.

  • Naioubie Ramroop

    Whoot whoot another Seungri fan. I love that boy but he doesn’t get enough love.
    Also a correction on your article. Its GD & Taeyang that’s childhood friends not TOP. GD only knew TOP when he came to audition for YG

    • Karla Lee

      actually they were rival rappers first,GD and TOP then GD recruited TOP to audition for YG then the rest is history

    • Anonymous

      Wikipedia states they were neighborhood friends before coming to YG. GD was actually the one that invited TOP to audition. I could be wrong, but just trying to share info.

    • Anonymous

      gd and top grew up in the same neighbourhood, but lost touch when gd moved away. when yg decided not to debut gdyb as a duo and create an idol group instead, gd was so angry he went and found the least likely person who could be an idol and that was his old pal top, who was now trying to make it in the underground. they made demos together and gd took them to yg and that’s how top got in (after hitting the gym).

      they both talk about it in star diaries with 10asia and their book “shouting to the world” as well as multiple interviews.

      the one thing the sb crew do get wrong is when they joined yg. yb was first at 12, gd was a month later. top was maybe 4 years later, when he was 15-16 and daesung and seungri came soon after. hyunseung was actually there before top, daesung and seungri. and daesung did not give up hs. his father would have had a cow. they all passed high school and they’re all in university now. top and yb graduated 2 weeks ago, actually.

  • http://twitter.com/dds87 dechen

    I’m singing my Blueeeeeessssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/dds87 dechen

    I’m singing my Blueeeeeessssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LL4QDJLVFDT2RDIZYBALSE75JE angel29

    Blue is beautiful in the most melancholic way.  It’s a song that wants to purge itself of the bad things that have happened… by singing the blues until they’re all gone.  Daesung’s part soars and pierces.  As a fan, I’m happy.

    Making a BigBang? 

    It happened when God said “Let there be light.”

  • http://www.twitter.com/hipployta Hipployta

    Small correction.  GD and YB were both signed at 12. TOP was in the underground rap scene as Tempo and as rival of GD’s. When they ran into each other again after a time he greeted GD first and they became friends. When YG decided to go with an idol group instead of GDYB as a duo GD contacted TOP. TOP was initially rejected due to his weight so he went and worked out for 6 months to drop the weight and came back to YG. 

    He, Seungri, and Daesung all came into YG within a few days of each other. Hyunseung would have come into YG before the three of them. 

    Daesung graduated high school…his Dad would have had a fit otherwise. They actually talked about it during the documentary and it was a big deal that his Dad came to watch them practice.

    Damn I’m a Big Bang fangirl LOL 

    • Anonymous

      thanks! fixed!

  • http://twitter.com/#!/perfumeah perfumeah

    I find Big Bang a little lacking recently with Blue; moreso than with Tonight which I actually enjoyed a lot. Hopefully their other promoted songs will have the spark…. but considering how Blue was a little on the boring side, we may end up with six flat tracks rather than say three great ones and three passable ones. But only time will tell!

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2QHQR2YLQSPOBDFGTQGLUTPY2A Pas

      I’ve been reading that a lot but I just want to point out that they couldn’t start their promotions with a fast, dance type song. They went through a lot last year and I believe this is their way of reconciling with everything that’s happened in the last year. This song is incredibly remorseful and that’s what BB needs to be right now.

      • http://twitter.com/#!/perfumeah perfumeah

        It doesn’t have to be fast or upbeat…. Love Song was slow and mournful too, but it still had the impact I’ve come to expect from Big Bang. 

    • Anonymous

       I disagree. I thought it was perfect for the comeback after everything that happened. it they came back blazing it would have been too much. I like that its mellow, chilled, and relaxed. Its like yeah we’ve been there but we’re back, CALM and ready to start again.

    • Anonymous

      wait wait 0_0

      considering what they went through last year you want to them to start dancing around?

      thanks to this song antis are actually turning go read korean blogs

    • http://twitter.com/BBMayMay May

       wait what
      Tonight made me stop being a vip. Their whole concept was really messed up, the song was like a remix and the mv was nothing special.
      And now we got blue! Flawless and amazing~ Much more mature

  • Anonymous

    Are you sure TOP was signed at 13? I know about GD and YB signing early, and there were clips of Daesung going to high school in the BB documentary. But from what I know, TOP was only a trainee for about a year, and instead of going to college after high school, he decided to sign with YG. So that would make him at least 18. This is both from Wikipedia and BB documentary sources, so where did you get the fact that he was signed so early? Just wondering for clarity’s sake :)

  • Anonymous

    i enjoyed reading the article a lot. couple of things i would add.

    – what set bb apart initially other than their hip-hop look and the fact that they were considered ugly and short, was the fact that they performed live. it was incredibly rare in 2006 to watch inki or any other music shows and see live perfs and bb was one of the few that did and is still one of the few groups that performs live regardless of where they are and how they’re feeling. the one time they didn’t perform live (though it wasn’t their song), it made the headlines.

    – yg did some interesting things in terms of releases for bb, especially with their first mini, which is, for all intents and purposes, kpop’s first-ever mini and letting them have their first concert just 4 months after their debut. but he pretty much followed the traditional forms of marketing for them otherwise. lots of varieties, radio show perfs, fan events etc. and after lies, their workload tripled. their exclusivity came much later.

    – their exclusivity makes yg billions. literally everything they touch turns to gold cf-wise and gd and top have some of the highest cf contracts for solo idols. it’s a neat way to make more money with half the work but it’s not something that can be replicated easily.

    – the most unusual thing about bigbang is that they do what traditional boy groups do i.e. sell albums like they’re going out of style, have a massive fanbase etc but they sell incredibly well digitally, which is very difficult for a boy group. and they sell their whole album digitally with little promotion, which no kpop group does.

    – one of the reasons they have such a great balance between digital and physical sales is how their members appeal to different demographics outside of their fanbse. top and yb get the fanboys and noonas, seungri gets the tweens and teens, gd gets the teens and the noonas, and daesung gets the ahujusshis and ahjummas. each member’s popularity is very difficult to gauge, but top and gd clearly have the biggest fanbase everywhere. daesung also used to be up there. theyt’re the three who’ve done solo cfs. but after last year, where gd and daesung still stand is something that we’ll have to see but it looks good so far.

    – and finally, bb seem to be teflon. they’ve had more scandals than 10 kpop groups put together but they always seem to bounce back. why that is, idk and if and when their luck will run out, idk but i’m glad that they can do that.

  • Anonymous

    I like their new song Blue but the location of its movie is so cliche. 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/MYMZF56S6HDVZIFYWSZLPR3XWI ss

    The choreography of tonight was created by Movmentlifestyle. I think Shaun Evaristo did it. They corporate a lot with YG.

    I like Seungri and i belive that he had/has some hart time as a BigBang member. There were a lot harsh comments made by fans. 

  • http://twitter.com/Laava90 Lava

    My favorite member really is Seungri, I feel like because he’s had to prove himself time and time again, it’s helped it retain this level of humility that’s different from the other guys; even though he comes off as arrogant sometimes, I really think that’s just him being silly, I think the uncertainty of his place in the group and working hard to find it has helped him keep his feet on the ground a bit.
    Also, in King of Idols when he cried!! I wanted to jump through the screen and hug him!! 
    Seungri has a special place in my heart lol.
    Daesung is perfect also, he’s seems so genuinely kind and like a good person, and no matter that you’re portraying an image to the public, some things can’t be faked.

    Oh also, about the title of ‘best dancer’ being supposedly snatched from Seungri, I think only people seem to think that from Taeyangs solo activites, but I was under the impression that YG himself said that Seungri is definetly Bigbang’s best dancer.

  • Anonymous

    I love big bang and think the article is fair. I’m not a VIP but I dig their music and appreciate the quality of it. I appreciate that they work so hard to spruce it up. I can’t wait to see where they go
    from here. And I think I am a fan where it counts.

    I am not bashing because I love this group as well but for different reasons. But the last three hit singles from super junior sounds the same to me. Bonamana, Mr simple, acha. Feels like the same song different lyrics. I hate it. I want to see some musical variety from them. I think they can do it. I want super junior to last so I hope they get better music soon.

    But getting on track seeing bigbang come back in this industry does my heart good. I thought k-pop land to be so unforgiving they wouldn’t make it. But as for me, I always believe fans in it for the music never leave. I’m in it for the music and I hope they have a long career. As long as they keep making good music I’ll keep listening.

  • lisaVIP

    will seoulbeats be reviewing blue or waiting for the album?

  • Anonymous

    it’s actually really surprising if you put all their works through the years together and play it, because their sound is just completely changing. other than calling them idol singers (which i don’t even think they are anymore), i can’t seem to fit them into any particular genre because they are always experimenting. sure, there has been a few misses, but i value the group for taking the risk and changing it up instead of playing it safe and always singing what works.

    for me they are also one of the few groups where every member is distinct and i can remember all their names. i was looking at red carpart photos from the gaon awards yesterday, and i was shocked at how few members names i knew from the other groups because i see them together collectively and not as individuals. most of the time i point them out by their hair colour, which is not too reliable since they keep changing;)

    about their last album, i agree that it took a while to psycho myself to like some of the songs, and even then it only came after i saw their live performances. because they have such strong stage presence and personality, i realise i like the songs when i watch them being performed because they made them enjoyable, but maybe not because of the song itself. if i’m honest about how many made it into my iphone playlist from the last album, only ‘cafe’ and ‘baby don’t cry’ made it in. the rest i only listen to if i’m watching videos.

    i’m probably also one of the few who doesn’t really go gaga for ‘haru haru’ or ‘lies’ but i really love songs like ‘a good man’ and ‘tell me goodbye’. but to each his own, and i really do feel that it is this diversity in music that draws so many fans to big bang. they sing so many types of music that there is bound to be one or two songs of theirs that you end up liking, and once you start researching more about them cos of those one or two songs, you get sucked in cos of their personalities. i know i was!

  • http://twitter.com/BBMayMay May

    Top and gd were childhood friends? Im not sure about that, they met as teenagers, right?
    Gd and taeyang are the ones who are friends since they were kids :)

    • CassieElfSoneShawolExotic4LIFE

      nah, they went to the same primary school, but gd move so they lost contact

  • leesigh3

    I bet the 2012 comeback will be a total flop! Probably shout something lame like boom shakalaka. It’ll never work.