This week’s K-pop Indie Gem goes out to the band called Bye Bye Badman, made up of high school friends who came together with their passion for music.  Their inspiration for music came from the 90’s England music style, specifically the band Stone Roses.  In fact, the band’s name actually comes from one of Stone Roses’ songs .  Although there is no particular reason behind it, the members liked the song and agreed that they should be called “Bye Bye Badman”.

The band consists of 5 members: Jung bong-gil (Vocal & Rhythm Guitar), Go Hyung-seok (Keyboard), Kawk Min-Hyuk (Lead Guitar), Lee Ru-ri (Bass), and Jung Han-sol (Drums), and they debuted with a mini album in January of this year. Just like other indie bands, they started performing on the street of Hong-dae and continued the performance at clubs, cafes; basically anywhere and everywhere they could. The song, “She Don’t Know” received a lot of attention and helped the band to go forward with their official album which was only released recently in November. Check out the song “She Don’t Know” and their new title song, “Yellow Light.”

[youtube][youtube]Although the band is new, they won the award for Best Rookie of the Year and also carry the title of “Rising Star” and “The band to look forward”.  Given their successes so far, just imagine what they will bring in 2012!  Not much information can be found since they are just starting their career, but be sure to keep your eyes and ears open for Bye Bye Badman because they just might be a big hit!

Listen to Bye Bye Badman and be ready to fall in love with rock and roll!


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