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    Madina is dead on about G-Dragon lolol Smoking and drinking are both poisonous to the body

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    woah there was a scandal concerning KARA’s contract? Well that went totally over my head… :/

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      You missed like a two weeks of craziness of epic proportions, my friend.

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    but that’s only half the report the police released about daesung’s accident. they also said they could not conclusively decide if daesung had caused the motorist’s death and sent it to the public prosecutor for further investigation. the prosecutor’s investigation concluded that daesung was not guilty and asked the parties to settle.

    but i do agree that this is the one that had the biggest consequence. to call it a scandal is to demean it imo. a life was lost, families were affected and daesung is forever changed. to even consider the impact it had on his career or bigbang seems trite when you consider the impact it had on him personally and the victim’s family.

    kang ho dong’s is shocking in how quickly his situation changed. it seemed like every single korean thought of him as a friend and then, they all turned against him.

    the most ridiculous thing about gd’s scandal was that nobody had a problem when snoop dogg, who’s never met a joint he didn’t smoke, became kpopified. 

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    honestly i don’t consider daesung accident to be a scandal. an unfortunate event in my opinion cause i have different view of what a scandal is.

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    I personally don’t think the story about Junhyung and Goo Hara dating is a scandal. I think it’s a positive development in idols being able to have human experiences just as the rest of us. I hope to hear more of them as regular human interest stories and not scandals.

    • ME

      Maybe we don’t understand their cultural enough, or maybe it’s just different, or being a K-idol means that you don’t own your personal life anymore. Can you imagine that some kindergartens wrote an open statement (well, it was not a letter anymore, if you published that to public) that JH&GH dating upset them? That’s scandalous to them.
      One K-actress stated that she would never confess or reveal her dating anyone in the future and kept the relationship just to herself, since the previous relationship she has was affected (in negative ways, maybe) by people judgement. 
      Sadly but true… We do hope that idols can show their regular human-sides, but we put them so high (as gods in Olympus) and in minuscule microscope that everything they do become big.

  • happyslip

    For that shocking kpop moment, I have to go with KARA. I don’t really follow them, but the contract dispute happened just when they’re getting some legit, big success after struggling a few years back. It felt so surreal, a girl group pulling a TVXQ (and in my mind, KARA was the last on my list if the stunt would actually happen in girl groups). Although I’m with the rest who felt happy that they were able to overcome it, I couldn’t look at they’re dynamics as a group the same way again.

    Daesung’s car accident is just way too serious. I was shocked, but so affected by it too that I can’t seem to do a lengthy talk about it anymore.

  • Mona

    Oh come on of course G-dragon’s one is not to be counted, I mean the guy has been in the industry since he was 13, some things are to be expected. Everyone knows it wasn’t just 2-3 puffs (funny how some people actually believe that), but I personally don’t really think of it a scandal since he apologized, self-reflected (a month or two, was it more?), gained some antis and then “returned” to the industry.
    Him dating a transvestite club owner was more of a scandal, and a funny one at that.

    As for the dating “scandal” .. yeah… come on seriously they are people our age. Are they expected to be single till they are 40? K-Pop is like Hollywood, everyone is dating everyone.

    I consider Daesungs accident to be the saddest event of the year and not a scandal. It’s not only the fact that a person died, but also that a person was hurt mentally. An accident like this can not be fixed, and it leaved permanent scars on him as a person and as a celebrity and on his family. It’s not something that can be fixed by self reflecting, it will cause him to have nightmares for a long time, he admitted he even thought suicide.

    As for the sex tape one, well she sort of brought it on herself really. I mean everyone knows what happens to celebrity sex tapes. I ‘m not saying its completely her fault, the guy is nuts!!
    ” Invasion of privacy? I’m just trying to tell my unfortunate personal story. How is that an invasion of privacy “Really??? Her personal moments being shown to the public in not invasion of privacy? It’s not like he was the one to be ridiculed, why would he care?Finally Kang ho dong, he s a good entertainer and everything, but the guy is greedy. Of course it caused a mess, considering he was one of the best, but he s still filthy rich and probably won’t need to work again in his whole life. I think him leaving from the industry is actually not that bad. Yes he s a really good MC, but now others will work harder to make the shows better themselves instead of taking the easy way out. New entertainers will have the chance to shine, that is until he comes back (he s definitely gonna come back)Ook enough rambling

  • tegami

    I think Daesung’s car accident falls more under Tragedy than Scandal. The simple fact of the matter is that he had, for all intents and purposes, a hand in the death of another human being. A simple moment of thoughtless, reckless action ended another person’s life.  Daesung will never escape that reality and it’s just sad. And that tops any other scandal out there because Daesung will have to live with this for the rest of his life.

  • ME

    For me what was most scandalous (but the more fitted word is shocking) … was when I found out early this year that everything happened in Kpop were most probable being scripted (90% out of 100%).  After that, nothing shocked me anymore… 
    BTW, car accident wasn’t scandalous, it was a tragedy – I kind of hoping SB didn’t put this as one of items on the pooling. The affect it has on people, was too severe.

  • Guest

    Um…marijuana use by a young Korean “idol?”  Yeah that is pretty scandalous. For a continent that experienced a huge fall out and practical cultural enslavement in many countries during the height of opium use, I think it is fair to be leery of behavior altering hallucinogens.

    Car accident is a tragedy.
    Sex tape – always dumb.
    I’m kind of suspicious over the dating announcements via paparazzi stalking photos. I thought paparazzi wasn’t big in S. Korea because the crazy stalk fans do all the work and post to their own sites.

    Along with “Seo Taiji & Lee Ji-ah’s Secret Marriage,” Kang Ho-Dong evading taxes is the biggest scandal to me. He seems like a very fun, friendly guy who is loved by everyone. He works hard, is successful and everywhere like Ryan Seacrest [except not so annoying]. Why the heck isn’t he paying his taxes?

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    LOLOLOL!!! Hahahaha! I love the picture for G-Dragon’s scandal. It fits perfectly. You guys are pretty clever. xD

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    Hmmm… Seo Taji’s secret wedding hellooooooooo…. That’s the only scandal my korean friends mentioned to me.

  • Sara

    Daesung’s accident was not his fault for the most part. Although he was speeding, he did not see the motorcyclist lying down in the street. After running over the man, he crashed into the back of a taxi that was parked on the side of the highway. Daesung the proceeded to get out of his vehicle and ask if the taxi driver was okay, not knowing he had ran over anyone. When he received the news that he had ran over the motorcyclist, he was very shocked and deeply saddened. After the incident he stayed in his room and never went out for about a year. He stopped all activities with BigBang during this time period and cried almost every day over the situation. He attended the funeral of the motorcyclist and the family was angry which he thought was natural. Although they were angry after time, the aunt and brother of the man came to comfort Daesung. He was very grateful for their comfort and they told him to work harder to bring laughter and hope to lots of people. This gave him great strength as he was having suicidal thoughts. When he went to trial he was founded innocent and all that happened was that his drivers license was suspended and he was given a fine. Even today, he still does not have the courage to drive again.

    As for G-Dragon’s incident, it occurred at an after-party for a concert sometime in June. He was headed to the restroom when a stranger offered him what he thought was a cigarette.G-Dragon thought it would be rude to reject the offer so instead he accepted the cigarette and smoked it. Now, have being drunk and never exposed to marijuana before, he could not tell the difference between the two and so he thought it was like a cigar as he started to smoke it. After the incident he was interrogated by police as they had him take a urine test and a hair test. About a month later, the results for the urine test came back negative but the hair test positive for marijuana. When he saw the results he was very shocked and confused wondering how this could’ve happened. He then thought back to that date and it was concluded that’s how it all started. When he went on trial he was founded innocent with no charges as he thought it was a simple cigarette and could not classify between the two having never been exposed to marijuana in the first place.