• ggoma

    I saw Shinee and SNSD. Neither were really all that wonderful. I don’t get it.
    Epik High was simply AMAZING however, but I don’t know if that qualifies as KPOP.

  • Anonymous

    I wish there’d be a Kpop concert in Washington state or Oregon! Close to Portland or even Seattle, and I’d pay the money and make the trip to go. Concerts are always fun and more interesting because they’re live. People always have different opinions on the concers, though. Like, I’ve heard people say SNSD and SHINee were more boring than they’d expected while others (coughShawolsandSONEscough) claim them to be amazing.

  • 123

    SNSD was a hot mess at the MAMA awards. i was there and oh lord… felt second hand embarrassment to watch them get crowned artist of the year after that performance

    • Anonymous

      I felt bad for SNSD. Here, they’re supposed to be the “Queens of the Hallyu Wave” and the “Best Girl Group in Asia,” but their performance at the MAMAs, a very prestigious and important event broadcasted internationally, was a mess! It was so lackluster and they were out of synch and everything. Their dance intro before “The Boys” was so basic I felt as if I could do it! And I saw a clip of Tiffany and Taeyeon acting like children, my guess after they won the award, which would’ve been cute if the girls weren’t in their twenties.

      Congrats to 2ne1, though. They got recognition from Snoop Dogg and everything. It looks like they showed up SNSD big time at the awards. Not a Blackjack, but I think they (or BEG) should’ve won “Best Female Artist of the Year” instead of SNSD…

      • aaa

        SNSD didnt step it up at all at the MAMA awards. They performed ONE really messy remix and thats it. Completely unorganized…. i was pretty disappointed.

        • Anonymous

           I think SNSD success has come way too easy because of their supportive fanbase that they don’t even have to try hard anymore.

          • Anonymous

            I don’t think its SNSD not trying hard as much as it is SME being lazy.  SME knows that Sones , like ELFs and Cassies will buy anything in support of their groups so they try to maximize profit with minimal effort on their part.  This is blatantly obvious in the decline of the the material that they give their cash cow groups especially SUJU and SNSD. Also as for the performance being a hot mess, you can blame that on their new status of being SME’s cash cow.  Ever since SME began giving them the back to back schedule that they used to give to DBSK5 back in the day the decline in their performances has been on the sharp decline. Some people can handle the schedule and some people cannot. DBSK5 was able to still perform well regardless of their killer schedule because of their ability and talent (I mean during their mirotic promotions all of them were sick with Jaejoong having the flu during a majority of the performances) which lets face it not many groups have that kind of stamina and ability.  Unfortunately for SNSD they aren’t as capable at handling the schedule while still giving top notch performances and it shows in their lackluster performances this entire year. 

          • Anonymous

            Totally agree. SME needs to give their artists a break.

            Also, DBSK are just inherently better performers than SNSD are. So, even when DBSK wasn’t at the top of their game, they were still really good. SNSD at the top of their game is equivalent to DBSK falling down sick on stage. So when SNSD is tired out and unable to perform fully… you get a hot mess like at the MAMAs.

          • jhg

            lol if you know anything about SNSD then you should know their success hasn’t come easy at all. They existed before Gee, you know.

      • Revolutions1234

        I agree with the SNSD performance. I like The Boys as a song, I think it’s catchy and quite fun to listen to, but the remix was just… bad. It made the entire performance feel rushed and there was no chance to really show any dancing capabilities that the girls had.

        It’s really sad because they’re supposed to be the most popular group, and given the vast amount of experience they have had, it’s sad to see that they still can’t establish a powerful stage performance like the other groups. 

      • Gazza

        I was most upset about the fact that they only performed one song- it didn’t even have to be Gee, they have a slew of material that they could’ve done instead of that awkward dance… and jessica randomly floating past (though I did like the effects and Sooyoung and Yuri at the beginning)

        • lol

          oh so very random to have her just float by~ aww, what a shame though, I was wondering why the camera man was staying at such wide shots but it’s probably for the best. They really were out of synch and even pieces of their costumes randomly fell off. O.O Disappointing. >_<'

      • cutiepie88

        I agree with you as well SNSD performance was a HOT MESS. That remix version *sigh* was that really the best they could do. Seriously they took an “ehh” song and made it “ugh” their performance did not keep me engage at all. Honestly I was just waiting for them to hurry up. I really don’t know whats SM problem these days but they need to get it together. 

        2NE1 onwed it at the MAMA their performance. It was amazing. Hands down for me the best performance. Oh when CL perform with BEP her English, stage presence, and charisma. You go girl!! I was very impressed I know why “I Am the Best” was Song of the Year! Awesome performance!

        SJ : I really didn’t expect much and once again you prove to me why I shouldn’t you guys *another sigh* yeah sorry for blabbering XD LOL!

        • http://twitter.com/denzelwynter アシュリ (Ashley)

          2NE1 were sloppy and out of sync.

          • Anonymous

            You must be joking.

      • jhg

        lmao acting like children, seriously? They had just won one of the most important awards that evening, and considering that they had never won a MAMA before, of course they were happy. What did you expect? Seriously, people nitpick at everything.

        MAMA is not prestigious, it’s a joke. It’s always been biased and in the previous years it completely excluded SM artists because of the beef between MNet and SM. I Don’t Care for song of the year in 2009? Seriously? Should have been either Sorry Sorry or Gee. You don’t have to be SM biased to know that. Also they have that shitty no attendance no award policy.

        2ne1 got recognition from Snoop Dogg? Well, good for them. I loved their performances (and I do think they were better than SNSD), but CL was a hot mess during the Will.I.Am collaboration. And why was she the only one on stage? They could have gotten Bom, Dara and Minzy to do something too.

        • Guest

           IU won for best vocal performance, CN Blue for best band performance, Big Bang for best video – All NO Shows. Seriously there are problems with MAMA and issues that need to be worked out in the future but they get better every year while other Korean Award shows are progressively getting worse. As long as MAMA continues improving eventually they’ll get to be known as a prestigious award show. An uphill battle is better than a downward spiral and each year they get a little better.

          • jhg

            None of those awards were broadcasted though. And no MAMA is biased as fuck, it’s always been like this. But it’s funny that people are complaining just this year. GDA was more legitimate before, but after I saw that neither TVXQ or Big Bang were nominated this year, I am not sure anymore either.

          • http://twitter.com/denzelwynter アシュリ (Ashley)


        • lay

          huh .. i’d say Sorry Sorry or Gee for song of the year in 2009 would be the best joke ever.

          • jhg

            Seriously? Those songs pretty much defined 2009. Ask anyone who was into kpop in 2009 and they’d mention either one of those two as the songs that made the biggest impact. They’re also songs that lead the Hallyu Wave as well, just ask international fans.

          • lay

            i am into kpop in 2009 .. in fact, waaaay back 2009. to me, I Don’t Care is a better song with the greatest impact and i’m pretty sure many share my view on that. anyways, this is my opinion and what you state is your opinion. to each his own. however, the fact that I Don’t Care the one that won the best song.does say something.

          • jhg

            Yes, it won mostly because of Mnet’s beef with SM prior to 2011. Is this really that hard to understand? Explain to me then why no SM artists have won anything in the past couple of years.

          • lay

            well, that’s what you think. you know what it think? i think either of them would not have won even if SM  was not having ‘a conflict’ with Mnet. and following your logic, following your logic, i could also question the winnings of any other artists whose company is not in good favour of those who give the awards then or vice versa.

      • Jae

        To be honest, I’ve always found SNSD’s recent performances as lazy, uninspired, and lethargic. It’s like they’re robots moving on stage.
        I saw some of their performances in Japan, and they were BORING. They didn’t interact with the crowds, they didn’t work the audience and the stage. No, they just stayed at their spots on the stage and didn’t maximize their presence. Their performance was so dull compared to AKB48 who knew how to put on a good performance. AKB went to the crowds, shook their hands, encouraged them to sing and dance along, etc.Now, you can say that SNSD were probably just nervous because it was Japan, after all. But even in Korean performances, they have been looking so tired. Like that performance at Jeju Island that KBS stole from JYJ and gave to SNSD. The girls were awful. They looked like they didn’t want to be there and were just going through the motions. If JYJ were there, they would have put on a better performance instead of the bland, dead performance SNSD gave.SNSD just seem burnt out at this point. They ascended to the ranks in a very quick way but it came at a price. Now SME seems to be running out of creativity when it comes to their groups, and it translates to the cheap, horrid stuff their artists have been putting out lately as well as the girls looking overworked and exhausted.

        • http://twitter.com/BbritVoting olivia ferreira

          “If JYJ were there, they would have put on a better performance instead of the bland, dead performance SNSD gave.” You sound just like a butthurt JYJ fan who is pissed cause oppars didn’t get nominated for MAMAs.

    • mika

      Totally agree and i wasn’t expecting much from them anyway because let’s face it they aren’t known to put on an epic performance like other girl group in award shows. Last year award shows was boring as well, i miss the time when idol group makes collab or special performance in award shows. It just makes it more special you know, like when Big Bang and WG and DBSK were promoting. I remember i was hyped through out the whole award shows. I feel like SNSD is too comfortable at where they are, they really need to step up. Miss A and 2ne1 were much better than SNSD in MAMA.

      • chelle

        I saw miss A’s I haven’t seen 2ne1 yet. Shout out to Jia and being the awesome that she is. JYP and YG are a step above other companies when it comes to award shows.

        Can anyone show BEG performances in any award show??

        • mika

          Yes Jia opening was amazing! I’m a fan of her now. This is one of BEG award show performances. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UP9yR9avmLg

      • Anonymous

        yeah true when i watched SNSD’s performance i somehow was embarrassed without any particular reason. i didnt even know why, im not a sone, nor having any of their songs in my ipod. but the performance and especially the remix were plain bad. 2NE1 hands down killed and owned the night. but i kinda didnt enjoy CL’s collab with will.i.am and apl.d.ap. plus the microphone problem was really annoying. i really love love love the MAMA version of Miss A’s baby goodbye, was that a remix? sorry i dont really know that much of Miss A. the martial arts concept and the dance were awesome as well. but were they lip syncing? i believe i saw suzy was a little out of sync.

        • mika

          Yes it was a remix and I think they were lip syncing in only the chorus except except for the verse and the rapping. Overall I give them prob for not lip syncing through their whole entire performance because they were doing flips and crazy moves trough out the song! 

          • Anonymous

            oh yes of course i give probs for them for doing that as well, i just feel sorry for suzy for being caught out of sync on camera. a little off topic, i just watched some of JYP idols teaser videos on utube. im more of a YG girl actually but girrrl, the Nation certainly knows how to tease!! hehe

    • frou-frou

      I agree that SNSD’s performance was all sorts of awful but I truly enjoyed that super trashy remix of ‘The Boys’ haha.

      Also, how come nobody told me that Lang Lang was performing at MAMA? When I cued up the Beast performance, the last thing I expected was to see a superstar virtuoso pianist! Seeing Lang Lang and Beast on the same stage was just surreal.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1452789711 Serra ‘Miyu’ Abak

      Really? I thought it was good. But not the SNSD I know good. I’m a hardcore SONE and I expected more of them.

  • maldita

    The thing is, with the hectic schedules they have, it’s unlikely the artists would make special stages or new choreography just for one performance. Flying overseas and back with the frequency that they do is already physically draining as it is.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for pointing that out. I think that’s why all the imperfections are so forgivable, in fact are special in their own ways. In the case of B2ST, they were in Korea on 11/24 for some award show. Then flew to Las Vegas probably right after the show to perform at Kpop Masters on 11/25 and 11/26 U.S. time. Then flew to Singapore for the Mnet Awards. Wow and awww!!! They’re working them like machines!

  • Animasaurus

    I’ve seen Miss A and Shinee. Hoping one day to see infinite, they are my babies and seem like good performers.

    With Miss A, I can say that this group are great performers and deserve more love from the crowd. People never cheer as much for them but they know how to put on a show. They are so charismatic and perform like it’s their last time. Maybe it’s because they have more to prove but they also seemed genuinely happy to be on stage.

    I totally agree about Shinee, I saw them only once and the thing about them is I get the feeling that some of the members came across like they were just doing their job… like they were interacting with the fans but it was more to keep the fans satisfied rather than being sincere. They really aren’t the most exciting bunch in real life or fantastic looking (although Minho is better looking and less awkward irl) and Jonghyun’s voice is kind of grating when you hear him live. Onew and Minho seemed like really nice people… I feel bad for judging minho for so long because he seemed the happiest one to perform. Taemin and Jonghyun (especially this boy) came across as slightly full themselves and a little arrogant tbh. I think some of Taemin’s coldness was to cover up that he was shy. I’m not a shinee hater and I love Onew’s voice (and him)… this is just what me and my friends thought about them.

  • oakland

    I don’t know why people are blaming SNSD for their performance. They didn’t decide on the choreography or the song they were going to sing. Yeah they should have made it better because if you are a good artist they should be able to turn something bad into good. Also felt that 2ne1 fell short. They have great vocals in anything they do, but the performance wasn’t anything great. But I will say the best performance of the night was  CL and the black eyed peas, she killed it. All together though the performances were alright, nothing really special.

    • ggoma

      With your logic it’s not 2ne1’s fault. It’s their choreographer.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LL4QDJLVFDT2RDIZYBALSE75JE angel29

        Haha… LOL!  :))

    • http://twitter.com/denzelwynter アシュリ (Ashley)

      2NE1 were a hot mess. miss A were much better than them.

      • happyslip

        It didn’t meet your personal expectations but a hot mess? No. Most people in the crowd were jamming to them and their songs. 

        • http://twitter.com/denzelwynter アシュリ (Ashley)

          Because they always present themselves as the best, I expected the best and the best is not something I got. Minzy was out of sync, Bom forgot the steps and the only person who actually looked like she was putting any effort into le performance was CL.

          • lay


          • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LL4QDJLVFDT2RDIZYBALSE75JE angel29

            Had to check myself as well. I’m sure she meant Bom forgot the choreography to “Lonely.” ;) Peace!

          • http://twitter.com/AuNaturale_Yau MzChungai

            lmao…you are too funny.

          • http://twitter.com/AuNaturale_Yau MzChungai

            I guess I understand what you mean. They have had better performances but for that night, I think they were still the best among K-idols. Miss A did really good but I can’t say it was better then 2NE1’s.

      • lay

        LOL. 2NE1 a hot mess?

  • Gabi

    Saw 2ne1 concert in Japan by myself….my very first kpop concert i ever attented to. They really give such a powerful/upbeat stage that you can tell they loved doing their job. I was singing/screaming/dancing like a lunatic through out the whole show…i was so into the concert that it didnt bother me that i was by myself the whole time lol anyways my point is going to any YG Concert would is definitely money worth it =)

    • thunderandsmoke

      I am jealous! I wanted to see 2NE1 when they come to New York but I have finals that week T_T. I don’t know anyone else around me who likes kpop, so I would seriously just go by myself. YG needs to get with the Hallyu Wave and bring his artist stateside! Not only would he make a crap ton of cash, 2NE1 and Big Bang have so many fans here and we would all be eternal grateful…

  • jess1

    MBLAQ performs as a group. Not the best dancers, not the best singers, but they all compliment each other during performance that’s why they look comfortable and solid as a group during performance. And aren’t they just adorable when interacting with the audience?

    Sadly, G.Na lacks stage presence and I don’t see 4Minute’s charm during live performance.

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  • Anonymous

    I agree with your assessment 200%!  We were able to see the show on both nights and went to the red carpet. I was one of those people who screamed on the top of my lungs when B2ST came out of the limo. I had my official B2ST towel with me, held it as high as I could, hoping the group would see it. To me, B2ST was definitely one of the more charismatic groups on stage for both nights. For some reason this group just works. No, they’re not the prettiest and they may not be the best dancers, but I think they’re one of the best signing groups. Some of the other groups were kinda lazy and relied on the backing tracks. Not B2ST. I think their earnest quality comes through and people can relate to that.

    Kpop Masters has also made me a bigger fan of MBLAQ and a new fan of SHINee.  I was impressed by SHINee’s performance because I had negative impression of them going in. But, it was great to see how into them the crowd was. MBLAQ was adorable. Oh yeah!

    I’m so thankful that my husband planned this whole thing for us even though he’s not as into Kpop as I am.  We had a complete blast!  I haven’t been able to stop using every opportunity I have to tell people at work what a great time I had and these are not people who would know what Kpop is :D I was cynical, too, but now I feel like I’ve had a religious experience. It was magical. I want more! Live!

  • Guest

    i had the opposite experience. most of the kpop groups i’ve watched live have been disappointments (and not just because of the lipsynching or poor vocals) and i’ve seen almost all the current groups live. imo when you see a joint concert with multiple artists from different companies, it really underlines how similar a lot of them are. the music is quite similar, it’s all about co-ordinated dancing in similar costumes, and since their choreography doesn’t allow them to break formation, they all look like they’re going through the motions after a point. the styling is also quite similar across groups and very few of them use the stage fully. they generally stand in the middle and do exactly they would do at inki. and not all of them, even some of the biggest and most popular groups, have much charisma.

    the only ones that have really impressed me have been dbsk (who despite lipsynching occasionally have charisma to burn and when they do sing, they are generally on point), 2ne1 (who despite uneven vocals seem to have fun on stage and generally do a good job selling their concept), super junior (whose constant touring shows. kry are excellent live and their vocals and eunhyuk’s dancing mask everyone else’s mediocrity)  and bigbang (who really just own the stage. any missteps such as top forgetting his choreo or taeyang being inconsistent live are masked by the fact that onstage, it’s bigbang’s world and we just live in it. they are constantly interacting with the fans, with each other and adlibbing, so it’s never the same perf repeated in concert after concert. i thoroughly appreciate the lack of lipsynching). beg and 2am are always good vocally and beg knows how to put on a show. i can’t say much else about 2am since all kballads bore the crap outta me.

    i still enjoy going to kpop concerts/shows because one excellent performance is all it takes to make my night and it’s always fun to be in an audience that is so into the perfs. the fanchants, the screaming, the atmosphere as a whole is incredible. but ia that they really need to step up their game with their lives if they want to appeal to a larger western audience. a tv studio and audience is completely different from a concert stage and audience. so few kpop groups do regular concerts and it shows.

  • Guest

    I so agree. I was sad that B2ST was first on Kpop Masters because I didn’t have my screaming power ready yet…..I was cheering so loud though because I was afraid that the crowd was gonna be dead hahah. Yeup, first Kpop concert experience….it really is great. I so agree, it made my love for Kpop revive again….ever since Doojoon waved at our direction in the concert, I’ve become a fangirl again LOL. Seriously, you guys need to attend a kpop concert once in your life. It’s really different. For example, MBLAQ never really stood out to me but wow certain groups (like them) showcase their talents even better live while some (G.na maybe…) don’t..

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