Everyone went places last week. SNSD flew to China for the 13th annual Korea/China Music Festival, Kara and T-ara went to Japan for the Seoul/Tokyo Music Festival, and Nine Muses headed over to Abu Dhabi to represent Kpop in the 2011 Yasalam Music Festival. Let’s look at each group to see who has the best comfy-casual airport style.


Nicole wears a long grey sweater with a furry collar and cuffs, blue skinny jeans, and heeled taupe lace-up booties. The drab sweater is the only thing I see wrong with her look. Goo Hara’s grey sneakers prevent me from liking her look, as look more than a little odd with her cutesy-girly look. Seung Yeon looks fabulous with ultra-shiny hair, a blue and black checked peacoat, and skinny jeans. Ji Young also looks chic in all-black, though her striped tights may put some people off. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to locate a picture of Gyuri.


Hyomin has a cobbled-together look. She wears bright blue cloche with a baggy light grey sweater, blue skirt, tights, and grey lace-up boots. Without the jacket, her outfit would look more posh. Qri wears a leopard hoodie, black skinnies, and bright red shoes. Red shoes are a fun and easy way to spice up almost any outfit, and in Qri’s case they add some style to her otherwise boring look. Jiyeon also wears a hat to match her jacket and a patterned scarf. Unfortunately, these are the only pictures I could find of T-ARA, so I apologize for not being able to cover all the members.


The Nine Muses should change their name to Seven Muses, shouldn’t they? Anyway, the girls all look stylish in leg-revealing outfits. Euaerin is dressed in black, wearing a sheer sweater, short boots, and what looks to me like leather leggings under a black mini-skirt. This outfit is nicely put together and is my favorite of the groups’. Beside her is Minha, looking casual and cute in a drop-waisted grey dress, a leather jacket, and black boots. Next to Minha is Eun Ji in a very long striped sweater and brown boots. Though not seen in this photo, Eun Ji is wearing a skimpy white tank dress that closer resembles a nightie than a dress. In the middle is Sera in a grey tee, green parka, sparkly tights, and boots. I love sparkly tights but this outfit looks a little thrown-together, and tights don’t constitute as good replacement for pants. Lessum looks fabulous in a tan jacket, black dress, over-the-knee socks, and boots. It’s hard to see Hyemi’s outfit in this picture but I assure you that she looks very cute. She wears a cozy sweater over a printed skirt and little black boots. Last is Hyuna in a cozy-looking brown sweater, black top layered under a red black shirt, and boots. I thought for a second she wasn’t wearing pants, but it turns out that she is wearing a very short pair of denim shorts under that tank. Still, those shorts are hard to see, making Hyuna look promiscuous. I would like her outfit if she were wearing a skirt, longer shorts, or pants.


Sooyoung has been known to have great airport fashion. This time around, she has a more sporty look with Ash sneakers, black skinny jeans, a striped sweater, and a red handbag. Seohyun is the most conservative-dressing member of SNSD, often found in floor-length getups or demure dresses. However, she’s seen here in black skinnies and a black black jacket… I don’t really like her jacket but she looks cute nonetheless. Who at first I thought was Justin Bieber turns out to be Sunny in a boyish look. She looks casual but I wouldn’t call her outfit stylish. I always give Sunny a hard time for looking like Justin Bieber used to, but I actually love her new hairstyle, when it’s styled. She still looks cute and not as young as before. Yuri looks classy and feminine in a brown cape-like jacket.

Yoona wears a white cabled sweater and quilted bag. I love Tiffany’s new hairstyle, especially her bangs. Her outfit, by contrast, is OK. She’s dressed entirely in black with a long shirt cover black tights, knee-high boots, and a long fuzzy sweater. The sweater is what gets me. I can’t tell if that’s fur or rugged terry cloth. Minus the sweater and lack of pants, I like Tiffany’s look. Taeyeon’s outfit is so simplistic I can’t give her credit for style. Because she’s at the airport, I can’t say she has no style, either. In fact, she’s wearing what I probably would wear on a long flight. I could not locate Hyoyeon and Jessica’s photos.

It’s hard for me to decide which group has the best style, as they all dress incredibly similar. I’m going to go with Nine Muses because they had the highest amount of fashionable looks.

Trends I noticed: long sweaters and lace-up boots.

Which girl group do you think has the best style? Which outfit is your favorite?