Fashionistas on a budget rejoiced when news came this summer that retail-clothing giant H & M would be collaborating with the legendary fashion house Versace for the coming fall line.  This would mean that the Versace brand would finally be somewhere in the realm of affordability, although the pieces are priced much higher than H & M’s normal selling points.  When asked about the partnership and the New York premiere, Donatella Versace had this to say: “I know this customer. I know what they want. They follow music, fashion. For the new generation, it’s all pop culture.”   With that statement in mind, it seems only fitting that the latest issue of Vogue Korea would use a figure from Korean music and pop culture to model the collection.  Uee took part in a photo shoot featuring a number of new looks from this highly anticipated line.  The After School beauty was snapped among power tools and half-assembled cars, that give off an edgy, industrial feel to correspond with the liberal use of leather and studs in this new line.  While her curly, burgundy-red hairstyle could be described as “Little Orphan Annie on Steroids,” when added to the smokey eyes & dark nails it makes a statement that works with the overall feel of the pictorial.

Most of the items worn by Uee are from the Pelle Borchie collection, which translates from Italian, unsurprisingly, to “Leather Studs”.  Pieces from the Stampa, Frange & Bottoni Oro collections were used as well; All of the accessories are from the collaboration line also.  Uee has a chic, rocker look when wearing the heavily studded sleeveless top and skirt ensemble that is paired with a leather jacket and glitzy panther head belt; she is fierce in the leather trench and suede boot ensemble, too.  The red mini dress, with minimal shoulder studs and simple draping, looks stunning on the curvy singer.

The Frange dress, with its blue-green hues, heart print and fringed bottom looks best half covered by the leather jacket Uee wears with it, but otherwise, this dress is a definite “leave it”.  The Stampa jacket is a quilted, multi-colored leopard print mess, and it doesn’t stop there; The front of the jacket has an ornate frame design that showcases a beach scene with palm tree silhouettes.  All of these elements together is just too much going on for one little jacket.  However, she is wearing the jacket with a very cute pleated skirt that features photo corner-like embellishments at the edges of the skirt.  The pink mini dress looks almost boxy on Uee, possibly an optical illusion from the studded design on the front.


The new Versace for H & M collection will be available in select H & M stores on November 19.  Will you be lining up to get yourself a designer bargain?

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