• Lady

    What a good idea. I live in the netherland and its legal here so let g dragon come here and give a concert. In return i will show him the best coffee shop (where u can buy drugs 18+) hihihi ^_^

  • Gnattie

    It’s so interesting how a situation like this can be so completely different because of cultures. Here in the States, if a celebrity was caused smoking marijuana, it would be on the news but forgot by next week. Like, Miley Cyrus was caught on tape experimenting with salvia several months but no one cares anymore and it’s out of people’s memory. Partly because no one really takes it seriously and because I think everyone already knew Miley was heading in that direction. It really wasn’t a surprise. But in Asia, an  incident like this is so incredibly scandalous lol.

    • hkg

      I actually don’t see the reaction being so different to how it would be in America.  When the photos of Miley Cyrus came out she received a lot of negative responses just like G Dragon is getting now. And just like Miley Cyrus this whole thing will be forgotten soon.  G Dragon only got a warning and will not be blacklisted from any broadcasts.  The delay of his album is not that big a deal either.  YG is known for delaying their albums anyway so their fans should be used to this.  The scandal he had with his Heartbreaker song was a bigger scandal compared to this one and after that scandal his career was still huge.  As far as I can see nothing much has changed for G Dragon with this scandal.

    • Kamuicall45

      Then again salvia is legal.

  • http://twitter.com/RyuKokoro Ryu

    Regardless if he goes to Amsterdam to smoke it or not, if he’s caught with it in his system in SK it’ll still be the same (if not worse) reaction.  

    • JW

      don’t get caught, period.

  • braveviet Le

    I don’t think he will get much of trouble. He will get back at the same time with Daesung. 

  • caitlin

    Some clarifications, G-dragon smoked the weed in Japan and not in Korea. It’s Seoul District Prosecutor’s office which investigated him for alleged use of the drug in Japan and not Japanese authorities. The alleged drug use happened sometime in May and he was tested in July.The investigation was supposedly prompted by a tip to the office of him taking drugs. ROK has extra-territorial jurisdiction over its citizens for crimes committed in foreign soil so they have that power to have him undergo the drug test. Also, Korean entertainers who have been abroad for sometime are subject to drug testing to make sure they haven’t taken it during their time abroad. The charge against G-dragon is similar to Crown J who took the drugs while he was in the US except that in G-dragon’s case, his urine tested negative and it was only the hair follicle test that he failed. The prosecutor took his age in consideration and the fact that apparently the results of these tests meant that he wasn’t a habitual user and decided to give him a suspended indictment. He did not get criminally charged because he’s a first time offender. He would, however be subject to indictment once he repeats the same offense. Essentially they gave him a warning. The case was closed around August. 

    The news of his drug use is a big deal in Korea because of how strict their laws are for it and because it’s negatively viewed by its citizens. Perhaps to the western culture, smoking weed isn’t a big deal, but for Korea it’s the same as using hard drugs like cocaine, meth or heroine. No matter how huge or small the amount, drug use is drug use for them. As a point of reference, Joo Jihoon’s (Goong, The Devil, Antique Bakery) case in 2009 on use of ketamine and ecstasy was a big scandal and the authorities gave him a suspended sentence (no jail time on the condition of good behavior + community service). But he was dropped from the dramas he was scheduled to take and all broadcast networks black listed him. He had to go to the army to ‘repent’ before joining the rest of the Korean population again. Also, in Crown J’s case, he was given jail time because of possession and use of meth. Their careers were definitely flushed down the toilet, for that moment at least. However, Jihoon is currently signed with Keyeast and is making a comeback in November so there’s a chance to have a career revived after a drug scandal. 

    G-dragon has ducked the legal consequences of drug use and because there isn’t any ongoing case against him, the usual stuff that comes with it like banning/black listing by broadcast networks and pull-out of brands who has him as endorser didn’t happen. Also, Japan has declared that he’s not going to be denied entry into the country as there’s no legal process going on. This is something he should be very grateful for. He should also be thankful that YG has done it’s best to shield him from the consequences of his action, unlike Woolim who left Tablo to the wolves.

    What remains to be seen though, is how the general public will view him. It’s the people’s court that YG has to contend to now. Remember that Big Bang is G-dragon for a lot of people in Korea, not because he’s most popular, but because he’s the leader and producer of the group. Big Bang is an idol group with a national idol status – this means that they are widely recognized in the country or at the very least, in Seoul. Their music sells not only to fans but also the general public. As an idol group especially one that’s as influential as they are and as one that has lot of young fans, they are expected to keep a relatively clean image. This issue puts a big dent on the image of their group and of course G-dragon himself. K-netizens have been posting a lot of hate comments against him as they did around 2009 and Daesung’s issues are being rehashed with his. Some want him to go to the army (with the rest of Big Bang), some want him to commit suicide like with the case of Jay Park. Fans are also expressing disappointment against him though a lot still support him as an artist. Some of his label mates are also affected as netizens also question the partying habits of YG artists. Big Bang has already suffered because of Daesung’s issue back in June and this news on drug use is just another chip off their rep. 

    Considering all these, yes he’s in trouble. He’s in deep shit. Don’t expect him to be seen in broadcast anytime soon or for Big Bang or its members to release music for the rest of the year. He’s been lucky in terms of legal stuff so far but the damage on reputation and image of the group has been done. This is the one he’ll have to worry about.  But, G-dragon seems to have this remarkable ability to bounce back from huge controversies. In 2009, with his plagiarism and prosecution for supposedly lewd acts on stage, his fame and notoriety rose. Heartbreaker, his solo debut, still sells up to this day. It frequently appears in the charts of top selling albums despite being released 2 years ago. By now, most of Korea probably know him, negatively though it seems. Also, G-dragon might have disappointed some fans but the fanbase remains intact and generally supportive of him. These fans will be the ones who’ll help him rise from this controversy. 

    What YG needs to do right now is to repair his image. For Koreans, it’s all about self-reflection and show of remorse. G-dragon needs to show that the same way that Daesung is showing through his church activities. For the time being, him and Big Bang will go in hiatus/out of the public’s eye.

    • Kpopboi

      LMAO, I actually read this first before the top. This in itself is a good op. ed. 

    • springheart

      Dang, you should’ve been the one who write this article. Thank you because i’ve been so confuse on this scandal and you have answer all of my questions. I just wish people who writes articles in here or other popular Kpop sites would do more research before they write something because it just gets us all confuse. I know it’s impossible to do that since they are supposedly a breaking news kind of site but i just wish someone would clarify for us instead of us go digging the dirt ourselves. 

    • Anonymous

      Thanks a lot. I´m a Westerner so giving me a clue about how something as this is seen in Korea (which is what actually matters here) made me to understand the whole “scandal” better.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1437937269 Mikey Leafy Warmansenn

    g-dragon was never caught he came to the police

  • becky

    he he I knew that squeaky clean image was all just an act.. you go G dragon

  • kat

    It’s legal to smoke marijuana in some parts of the US too, albeit because of medical reasons… :)

  • Mq

    “Although it is widely known that Japan notoriously picky
    regarding background checks on incoming foreigners, I can’t help but to
    wonder if the charges stemmed from their eagerness to catch Korea’s
    golden boy in a scandal.”

    note sure where that came from, I don’t think Korea is too eager to catch their own golden boy in a scandal.  

  • Anonymous

    Uhm.. it’s official that he is not really that deep in trouble. Some delays to be expected, both GD and Top as well as his new album. But it’s not like he is banned from TV or anything.

    Now JYJ situation, or Joo Ji Hoon, that’s what should be called deep trouble.

  • Helio

    I expect all YG artists to smoke everything.  lol

  • Aaaaa

    If I’m not mistaken Dutch authorities have passed legislation that prohibits the sale of weed to tourists is strictly prohibited. Only Dutch citizens can buy and use weed legally now. 

  • IZ

    Well wtv it is, sadly there’s no such thing as bad controversies in entertainment business. I’m sure this scandal will just increase the album purchase of Big Bang’s comeback later on and of course their popularity.

  • Beets

    Lol you know they say this case was actually closed by July or so and the prosecutions didn’t tell this to the public or anyone cos GD’s a celebrity. So why now? Why like 3 months later? 
    Well i read from somewhere that erm, this GD news was used to cover up the scandal of Korean government officials going to the casino. Not exactly sure but have a read: http://thevulgarizm.tumblr.com/post/1Beet1120608679/a-deeper-and-more-interesting-article-about-g-dragons

  • nuburu

    Ashley sorry but your reporting sucks

  • Carly Chislett

    Talk about biased

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