• benny

    wy am i not suprised…., that girl is fugly though

  • inwe366

    so is then from when he was in I am Sam with TOP.

  • TmL

    this is gonna bother me because I can tell he had work done, I just can’t pinpoint where.

  • Crissy

    It may be my vision but other than the fact that he was a little younger in that pic. I can’t see it. Side by side please( with a cherry on top) haha

  • maldita

    I feel like Lee Minho’s one of those guys who get better looking as they age. :)

    • ngak

      super agree!!!

  • Anonymous

    Hmm. Not really feeling the difference since I am really happy with his official confirmation about dating PMY lol. 

  • http://twitter.com/MonicaDBSK Monica

    Wait, he and danji dated!?!? Danji had also since fixed up her face too btw, she looks almost completely different. And wasn’t it released a while ago during the BOF craze that he straightened out a bump on his nosebridge?

  • Gazza

    wow, he emotes pretty well for someone with a plastic face.

    • ngak

      get a life don’t take it too personal if he chooses to date PMY…he has all the right!!!

  • Anonymous

    Dumb as hell post. 

  • asianromance

    i don’t know…he was younger back then…and what horrible hair! 

    i think the really big difference in looks for k-celebs pre-huge-debut is usually their skin color.  for many of them, their skin is darker pre-debut and then when they start getting really famous, they all become snow-whites!  and that really makes their features pop. 

  • Rah

    She looks a heck of a lot older than the three year difference.  She looks like she could be his Mom. Agree with asianromance – the skin colors change so drastically.

  • lay

    Nope … it doesn’t. Lee Min Ho was and still as handsome (whatever shit the author is trying to insinuate in this article) and IMO, he is definitely a much better looking and a much better actor than the ‘two good looking leads’ in Protect the Boss.

  • Sarahar76

    Not much different. Only the hair….to be expected when this was taken years ago..

  • I love min min couple

    She’s so ugly  she looks like his mom yugggggggg

  • Elysabat

    His face is same now, the difference is in the hair.  Please, are you fan or Min Ho or not?????

  • http://twitter.com/UJjaejoong Uj

    umm he looks the same to me!
    i dunno why would a news about an actor getting plastic surgery change your opinion about the actor!
    supposedly if he was not hot in the past (in lmh’s case he already was) but is hot now so why must you fret!!

    and puhleez this is kpop! who doesnt get some work done on them! if i judged everyone on the plastic surgery criteria then i would only be left with a handful of kpop stars!

  • Anonymous

    ugh i don’t get why when stars date, their value decreases among the fans. LMH is still an amazing actor, just because he’s dating PMY, we can still fawn over him like before. and also, we all know that LMH was born with good looks. those who say he got a nose job doesn’t know that it was due to an accident he had while playing sports.

  • Jocay

    at least LMH is definitely improving from looks, acting and taste with women :D

  • imbyerna

    its still lee min ho look at the face structure and the nose nothing change, its an old pic most of us if we’re going to look at our own old pic we definitely look much better now and for the author of this “story” lee min ho is more handsome than PTB actors!

  • Anonymous

    Honestly I felt bad of the leeminho park minyoung ship not becoz of the dude, coz I actually hate leeminho . I wanted yuchun and minyoung ahahahahaaahaah lolz. But the picture is no big deal. Surgery is normal in Korea. Even my fave park minyoung admitted she had surgery

  • maji lee

    nothing will change!!!!!!!! i still love min ho!

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001281681908 Mi-ho Gumiho

    i hate that girl ..LOL’z cuz really i’m a big fan of minmin couple you know.. hahah (lee min ho and park min young ) and whatever there past it would only remain past what important is min ho and min young is happy together:)

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  • kimmy

    Youngji….. i mean no offence…but honestly….. what matters is the actors looks and acting…. and not what happened before….. and if you feel so in different…. go and drool over the eyecandis of protect your boss….and stop degrading others

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  • yiru1307

    What’s wrong with the picture? It was just the past. It’s better to look forward.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/XKG37YLSZIRRWFPBEWZIP4NICA Perlie Sanchez

    ,,,Past is past…always look forward for tomorrow coz God had always set tomorrows for us to step in,,now if you’re not fun of MinMin Couple then really dont care…

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  • http://www.facebook.com/sharanya.pv Sharanya Pv

    i still admire him…. everybody wants to look good… dont u think so?…

  • SYongL

    i actually think he’s handsome in this pic

  • angellee

    he’s just a late bloomer. ^_^ still love him sooo much!!! <3