• LaLaLa

    I was always a big defender of SM buying songs, but lately, I find myself on the fence too.

    The reason that I wasn’t (and still am not) against them doing it is because they buy good and entertaining songs (…well, that’s what I think). I’ve always had a thing for the work of Scandinavian producers, so SM working with the likes of Thomas Troelsen, Remee and Cutfather has rarely dissapointed me. When I figured that f(x) was doing Monrose’s Hot Summer, I was excited (and not only because I love that song and that Monrose album). When SM buys songs, they always have their own producers put their own spin on it, and that’s a good thing to me… and sometimes, they make a song alot better (Razor –> Pinocchio being the biggest evidence to that).

    But like you say, the fact they alot of their stuff is bought screams uncreativity and it’s just cheap. And how do you want your artists to stand out when their songs (and this applies to SHINee and f(x) the most at this point) are covers? I’m getting a little annoyed with it aswell.

    • oh why

      yeah i realized they do this same thing a lot for SHINee too. its quite unfortunate because it just makes kpop seem as cheap, silly, unoriginal as everyone says it is.
      SM has a crap ton of money, and they need to invest in some new musical producers or something with at least a hint of creativity and innovation. if they continue down this path, no one will ever see their groups as real artists, just as a bunch of kids singing along to another’s song.

      • Yoona


        • Nana

          Why so angsty, people are just stating the opinions that they are entitled to.

        • nereis

          HAHAHAHA nice roleplay

        • kpopboi

          ahahaha U MAD?

        • http://sunofwisdom.net sun

          well he does have a point tho :) the majority of female western pop are dressed like prostitute.

        • http://airanimechiic.blogspot.com TSLuna

          really now? american singers at least attempt to attach a reason why they look like sluts (coff kesha, gaga).
          kpop is awesome and all that, but unfortunately, now with their whole “hallyu world takeover” attempt, it kind of degrades it. it makes kpop look bad by doing covers because it makes them seem like wannabes. and THAT *was* not what kpop was about… until like… now :( *sadface*

        • eddie

          korean music? this is not korean music. its korean imitated american music. kpop died back in 08, 09. now everyone’s playing the lets copy heavy synth techno or south drum beats time.

      • MEEEESHH


        • kpopboi

          *cough*.. samefagging.. *cough cough*..

      • Yoona

        YAY MICH ;D

        • eboy07

          @ yoona

          Screw you.

          • Yoona

            jealous much?

          • Yoona

            ahahhaha NO.
            im something called
            A FAN.
            add that to your vocabulary
            anyways nice work mich
            hey wut did u mean on fb

  • Covers are fine and are nice to listen to sometimes. To (ab)use them the way SM has been doing, however, annoys me. The idea that they used a cover of another song to promote (ie. “Pinocchio,” “Juliette”) or that they packed albums up with covers screams cheap and uncreative to me. I don’t think f(x), SHINee, etc. are going to make it far internationally if all they’re singing are cover songs. I can’t take them seriously as musicians/artists because of all this remake/cover crap. They have talent? Fine, sure, some do maybe, but it’s all a waste if there’s no originality to anything they do.

    I wonder what the group members think of it, though. Do they know that they’re singing a cover? If they do, I can imagine them getting pretty sick of it, and are probably wanting some original material themselves.

    • Not to mention there’s going to be a lot of comparison between the different versions. I don’t know how defensive fans of the other artists are, but I think it’s generally known how aggressive/demeaning the fans of K-pop idols can be.

      • Yoona

        you talk like you guys give a damn about anything
        shut the fuck up

        • The real Yoona must be embarrassed having a troll take her moniker and act like this.


        • eboy07

          Yoona calm your little ass down. Please.

    • heh

      because SHINee and f(x) were both fail groups, ofc SM uses recycled songs just to make look…uh… visible

  • Flick

    i quite like f(x)s songs and they are talented but i dont think they have their own style or image yet it feels a bit lost and i think this is why. they have no songs that are written specifically for them. its just songs they’ve covered. The funny thing is Hot Summer has already been covered by Rhys who was the runner up of So You Think You Can Dance Australia a few years ago (it was a one hit wonder, didnt go anywhere). And Hot Summer isn’t new anyway if they’re trying to be edgy or something different than the usual group they shouldnt cover old stuff. I dont particularly like that artists dont write their own songs in the first place anyway thats why I’m a big fan of Big Bang especially GD but i guess thats another story.
    I guess I cant really judge it until i hear it and i do like F(x) anyway but it does get annoying seeing that they dont have sufficient song writers in one of the biggest entertainment companies in korea

  • abc

    those pants do not look good on krystle >.<

    • Maddy

      agree, poor girl looks like she has a camel toe. =(

      • Yoona

        its not like you will look any better in it
        krystal looks amazing
        you guys spelled krystal wrong

        • Fem

          I think you need to chill, Yoona.

          • Jenny

            LMAO. she has her period!

          • Yoona

            LMAO. NO. FAIL :O

  • Kliks

    SM is getting predictable with this remaked songs and once again I’m disappointed… I like a lot the Monrose song since it was released so I’m a bit interested, but since is f(x), I’m getting the feeling is going to be annoying with the chimpmunk voices they make them sing… Let’s wait and see…

  • eboy07

    Consider that kpop is not original. So a remake is a good idea.

    • Lierre

      Lmao SM stan.

    • heck

      when did kpop become original anyway?

  • kc

    at least SM is being straight forward with the fact that they aren’t producing original songs- they try to go the legal way for the most part when it comes to remaking songs… key word being for the most part…
    I’ve never heard of Monrose but that song’s pretty catching- I’d like to see F(x) go with an image abit more like this and less like their last two songs… though maybe leaving the sexy dancing to Luna and Victoria, Sulli and Krystal are still in high school and Amber… well I just can’t picture it I guess…

    • J

      You know there’s nothing wrong and this is might be my personal thought but…

      It’s ironic that SME’s like, the front and center, the leading company for Korean wave and yet the songs they sing didn’t exactly originated from their in house Korean composers/producers. And then companies like JYPE or YGE get the most flak for being “westernized” when I see no difference (and at times, SME’s more guilty of being so) with what they’re doing.

      • kc

        SME is good at marketing, it knows what the public wants and is willing to give it. over time it’s quality has dropped a bit, I think because SME has gotten a bit more cocky and figures people will still stay loyal to it’s artists with out having to spend so much time on original lyrics and such- they do it legally though, that’s the big issue, while other artists get plagiarism charges SME’s smart as actually gets permission to do these songs.

        • J

          Smart I agree, but at the end of the day them buying legally doesn’t boast much nor does it make a huge bearing to make them seemingly better than the other companies compared before. Apart from the stand-out plagiarism claims in 09-10 (GD’s Heartbreaker, Lee Hyori’s H Logic, and at some point 2ne1’s IDC), most of the other claims were unfounded.

          It’s commendable that they’re doing things legally on this aspect everyone agrees, but lately the company is abusing it. That’s the bigger issue now — the fact that they seem to dwell on covers when a company as big as them could have recruited producers/composers in Korea. The more bang for a buck belief they have, while still giving good results, is starting to leave a not so bad impression on the listeners.

          • J

            *not so good

          • J

            *not so good, I mean

  • hellothere

    so so so. remake? not very original, but hopefully f(x) brings a new style to it so maybe??? haha but my real issue here is kystals almost camel toe. i know its not garish or anything, but its kind of distracting.. like in a gross way. i love her, and that dress, maybe if it was like an inch longer. its almost a shame bc the cover shot looks so hot and then smack dab in the middle…..sigh

    • clamsauce

      haha! agreed. you’re like “oh victoria looks nice…amber is kinda gangsta…krystal…wait is that a camel toe?!?! bogus…” and then its all you can see. ruinin the cover

  • Pancho

    For me, it’s like SM Ent. doesn’t even care at this point. They just want to sell, and if they need new catchy music, they just go to Europe and buy it. They’re simply trying to reduce the costs of production, and it looks like an awful practice, just like the relatively cheap production of their most popular groups’ MVs and the hectic schedules of their artists.

  • huh

    Every freakin’ kpop song sounds like a remake of another song! Kudos to SM for actually admitting it! lol

  • hapacalgirl

    truth is if you like SME music you will still like SME music, remake or not. While I admit they are really good at marketing and I do like some of the artists from there, the weakest aspect of SM has always been its music, they have always lacked good internal producers and composers, the only difference is that nowadays they are not even trying to be creative anymore which is really sad for the artists under them. After the golden age and the legends left, nothing really good or original has come out of the company, I mean I liked groups like DBSK etc of the newer groups but even in DBSK’s case, their music in japan was heaps and bounds then what they were given in korea.

    whatever happened to the company that came out with songs like Shinhwa’s “all your dreams” and “yo” or Fly to the sky’s “Goodbye” or SES ” Show me your love”.

  • aznboy

    Mr. Taxi, Run Devil Run were also remakes. And Don’t forget Super Junior’s upcoming track Gotcha number

  • Yoona


    • Nicole

      They’re not “talking bad” about Korean idols. They’re talking about the companies that buy music and remake them for their artistes. Please read carefully before making assumptions and yelling at people. This reflects so badly on you, you know?

    • hmm

      Are you some kind of troll, Yoona? The fact that you argue against everyone who doesn’t share your opinion that ‘OMG KPOP IS THE BEST IN THE WORLD AND EVERYONE ELSE JUST PLAINS SUCKS!!!!!’ really reflects upon your maturity level. And you typing in all caps doesn’t help make your case look any better.

      Either you stop trolling, or learn to grow up, because I doubt anyone would be able to take you seriously.

      • hmmfuckyou

        another fag talking about “maturity”
        its not like you know much anyways
        you have bad grammar :o

        • FUtoo

          Yoona number 3 is that you??? defendeing Yoona number 1? how about Yoona number 2(aka MEEEESH)?? hahaha.

          • FUtoo


        • Han

          Look who’s talking about bad grammar. There’s no such word as “anyways” in English in the first place. And English is my 2nd language.

  • Fatricia Fatlegs

    It will surely sound lesbian

    • lol

      hey! haha. did you get tired in AKP?

  • xfactor

    well one good thing i see out of remake song is that from now on whenever SM announce their artists’ comeback and their title song name we can just straight away know what the song will sound like without even listening to the teaser lol

  • jyyjc

    Sm bought songs overseas even way before dbsk’s mirotic.

    • jyyjc

      zhang liyin’s timeless, csjh the grace’s my everything, dbsk’s hey girl and beautiful life are a few examples. Basically a lot of album fillers of sm artists are bought songs. Sometimes I’m so disappointed in SM.

      • ehyo

        are you serious?!?! i just thought they did that with shinee and f(x) because those are their “experimental” groups but seriously this is just out of hand.
        sm loses so many points in my book for this. its just downright lazy.
        then i found out from about that some of their japanese stuff too… how does anyone even take SM seriously?!
        this just shows how powerful and rich SM is, they don’t give a crap nugget, and yet the money just continues to magically flow all by itself into their pockets. their marketing is really good…

        • jyyjc

          Yes unfortunately.ZLY the poor girl, her debut song to her last title song were remakes.

  • ack

    I don’t mind covers because SM does quite a good job at it but I agree that it would be better if they promote and use songs from Korean musicians.

  • Pas

    All of these covers isn’t going to help SM’s long term goal of conquering the West. Who wants to listen to groups do covers of songs they already know. Westerners like to hear things they’ve never heard and see things they’ve never seen. Unfortunately, for SM they’re not that creative, so I think they’re chances of making it in the West is very slim.

    • ehyo

      its interesting that you mention this because some guy from SM just gave a lecture on how KPop was going to take over the West and hypnotize the Americans and Europeans and this is the type of unoriginality that westerns criticize and ridicule. this isn’t progress, its just imitation and thats why SM won’t be able to break into the mainstream Western market.

    • chris

      If I haven’t seen it or heard it before it’s new to me.

      – Most westerners are very unwilling to go outside their narrow preferences. So, when I a new face gets exposure performing music and wearing styles that have been done plenty of times over, they think the person is a creative genius. Recent case in point, Lady Gaga, the woman practically admitted that everything she does is a rip off of other artists, but fans who don’t know [or have forgotten] her references think she’s fresh. No she’s recycled…which isn’t that bad if the material is well produced and entertaining.

      Western music and K-pop are in the same boat: it has ALL been done before. The entertainment world would be a lot more enjoyable if people just accepted this fact. It turns others off when the patrons don’t. We should focus on the execution, quality, and message of songs and stop expecting innovation. And K-singers not doing well in the west has mostly to do with that fact that they are not “white” nor a “minority” group (with a stereotyped image) that whites are willing to buy from – let’s be real.

      but yeah SM could try hard, they have the money

  • ALY

    if they barely sound acceptable in english, i doubt it will be good in korean. meaning if it isnt good in a language i can understand i doubt it will be much better in a different one.

  • http://ofstrangersensibilities.blogspot.com Joy

    I think they should try and bridge the gap by doing a sample instead of a downright cover. I mean why else do they even have composers in house?

  • -juujun-

    maybe it’s because monrose song was all over radio and tv that summer and i was really tired of it, f(x)’s version sounds fresh and new to me.

    but even if they did it better that monrose, it’s not right to steal songs that obviously.
    i mean, everyone who doesn’t know about k-pop that hears about this issue will think that korean music is all about stealing some ‘good’ western music and won’t see a point of looking forward.
    All these covers are bad for the image of k-pop. i can only hope that SM doen’t make enough money with that strategy and soon try to make songs themselves again.

    • Yoona

      its not called stealing. its called buying. they actually BOUGHT the song. the song is officially f(x)’s

      • zef11

        Kristine elezaj Original razor full track check it out..
        3;38 minute track. when all articles stated that no other existed girl got ripped off by big label that fact

  • Someone

    This has turned into a rather strange discussion in the comments.

    I could care less about who has the rights to what music I actually think its great groups are sharing music rights with one another. Music needs a bit of revival and revamping here and there, and collaboration is a great way to get there. Although I do agree with what many have said about the songs sometimes being less than… who should I put it.. Good? I enjoy listening to f(x) and I hope for the best for this single. As a Chinese American who has spent a lot of time looking at and listening to Chinese, Japanese, Korean, as well as American music I have to say that there are a lot of similar qualities and some aspects that are fairly unique to very specific genres of music.
    In regards to Yoona:
    There are girl k-pop groups that do have VERY provocative dress styles, dances, and lyrics that… are often overlooked when talking about girl k-pop “bubblyness.”

    Also for others.. Slutiness is in the eye of the beholder and should be approached delicately.. and with caution.

  • v

    i like the korean version both sound good but fx has a way better video. i dont know how many times shinee or fx has covered a song but as long as they have their original songs which i would like to know what they are. ppl make it seem like they never had an original. have they ever promoted an original? anyways, omg yoona ppl are allowed to have their opinions if you wish to reply back do so but dont be agressive about it. their was no need to go calling ppl names. its a shame that you are a yoona fan and use her name while your acting like this.

  • Gurl4mHawaii

    I don’t give a crap if SM continues to make cover songs… I’m still gonna love f(x) :)) cuz tbh their remake songs sounded 110% better than the originals.. I’m not even Korean & yet I’m addicted to their songs.. I’m gonna support my girls all the way ^_^


    Why do Korean entertainment companies (not just SM) think Western audiences are gonna like Korean groups more if they rip off our artists? That makes no sense. Kpop starts becoming internationally popular so Kpop artists start becoming more Western. WTF?

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  • http://twitter.com/Alilium911 Fran

    Actually, this wasn’t the first Monrose song that was covered by SM Artists. Monrose’s song “Scream” was also covered by BoA for her American debut album, and the Anyband (BoA, JYJ’s Junsu, Jin Bora, and Tablo) collaboration song “Daydream”

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